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Found 3 results

  1. I finally feel confident to start a thread for the tank and it has been running for almost 2 months. This is my first venture into saltwater and I knew it wouldn’t be the easiest way to start. The tank and hardware: TopFin Retreat 5 gallon Koralia Nano 240 Seachem Matrix media Asta 20 Marine with broken remote Customized 2 piece lid Started with Caribsea Aragonite sand, dry rock, and Dr. Tim’s all in one The livestock: Possum wrasse Trochus snail 2 nass snails Red leg hermit Bam bams Red and blue acans Magicians Mystery zoa #1 Another mystery zoa #2 Fire and ice Yet another mystery zoa (Korean) #3 Mystery zoa #4 probably has a name Utter chaos Frogspawn Pocillapora (these and frogspawn were given to me by my neighbor to see how they do) Future plans: I’m slowing down a bit on stocking but I’m eyeballing some more zoas at lfs and in classifieds. There’ll be more acans in the future and maybe a torch or hammer. I’d like to add a shrimp or some sexies but I’m still researching. I also plan on adding an AC70 filled with media for additional bio filtration and volume. If I can’t get the remote for my light fixed or replaced, I may buy a new light entirely. My experience so far has been pretty good. I lost my first fish (Pygmy geometric hawk) a couple of days after adding it but so far everything else seems to be doing well. I feed a few times a week with mysis and reef roids. Algae is present but not very bad. I’m a little worried about the pocillapora but we’ll see if they make it. I live in California so heat may be an issue in the future. An Inkbird or other temp controller may be a good idea especially if I can get one with a cooling channel for a small fan or something. I don’t have an ATO and that may come some time in the future as well. All that defeats the simplicity usually associated with pico reefs but if it means preventing loss or crash it’ll be worth it. I’ve learned a lot in a short time and I hope that I will be successful with this tank. I may make a video about it and a how to for picos for someone with zero saltwater experience or knowledge. Pictures:
  2. For my 7 gallon cube i'm considering stocking it with only 2 fish because of the small tank foot print of 12"x12"x12". I'm aware that many in the hobby feel like this is too many fish for this footprint but I've seen here that some go outside that way of thinking. Fish would of course only be added once the tank is fully cycled and stable, and there will be at least a month between adding the 2 fish. I'm thinking of starting with the smaller fish first. I'm thinking it'll either be a green banded goby OR a 2 spot blenny, and then awhile later (at least a month preferably longer) I'm considering either a royal gramma OR a possum wrasse. I'd like some opinions on whether this idea is a poor one or not and people's experience with these individual fish. I know royal grammas can be pricks which is why that fish if I choose it would be last after all potential cleaning crew members and inverts are added. I'm torn between the wrasse and gramma because while the wrasse is so damn cute and was the first non-eel fish to capture my attention, they do tend to be reclusive and with my limited stocking options I'd hate to get a fish I end up not seeing frequently. On the flip side from what I've read royal grammas can be royal pita's because they can be bullies, and I hate the thought of putting any fish through the stress of having to be brought back to the store because of aggression issues. If anyone has alternate suggestions for stocking (that aren't a clownfish), particularly for midwater swimmers like the gramma or wrasse I'd love to hear them. Because of the small footprint here I want one small bottom hoping fish and one midwater so they aren't always up in each others business.
  3. FollyFish

    HELP - Swim bladder disorder

    Hello I have a yellow possum wrasse that I think has swim bladder disorder (this is day two since I seen the change in behaviour) - swims either tail down/nose up or on its side - stays near the sand or hidden in rocks, wont swim in the open as it did previously - on eye is significantly larger then the other (swollen) -shows stress stripes on head and body -no signs of ick or velvet on it or other fish -no signs of injury or fin nipping -fish is still eating but wont chase food Is this swim bladder disorder? and what should I do to help him? Tank is at (last water change was 5 days ago as of this post Monday - today is Friday) Cal - 25 drops /500ppm KH - 9 drops /161.1ppm Phos - 0-0.25 ppm hard to tell with kitchen lights PH - 8 Ammo- 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10 I have video but I don't know how to upload it.
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