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Found 6 results

  1. So I recently had a bit of a tank crash, during this crash most of my sps rtn'd or started to stn pretty aggressively. During this time I noticed a bit of an oddity with my springers damselfish, it actively attacked and ate any flesh which was loose. In the aftermath one of the euphyllia I had ended up with brown-jelly and sure enough it was eating the polyps of that animal as well. During this time I've also seen it nip at, but leave visually-undamaged the surviving montipora, haven't noticed it going after the remaining, healthier euphyllia either. Leading up to the crash I did notice that a stylophora was missing polyps, never saw the fish go after them and assumed it was stress from having Dino's in the tank, now I'm not as certain. My question is, will most carnivorous fish go after dying coral flesh if they have the opportunity? Or is this behavior something to be concerned about, potentially warranting the capture and removal of the fish as a cause of stress and possible predator of the corals in the tank?
  2. Azure Phoenix Reefing

    Montipora Digitata polyp extension question

    I recently got my first SPS frag, a blueish Montipora Digitata. Now, with my other corals, I could get a decent enough idea if they were happy or not concerning flow and lighting for example, because their response was quite obvious and quick (Euphyllia and Rhodactis for example). However, this being my first SPS, I am not so sure, so I figured I'd make a small thread, hoping you guys and girls could help me out. As for my parameters, I measured these this morning and the frag is in my system for about a week; Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: ~3ppm Phosphate test kit is on its way PH: 8.2 dKH: 11.3 Calcium: 475 Lighting: AI Prime HD on a somewhat customized AB+ schedule and on an acclimation period until February 23 Flow: return nozzle and Aqamai KPS Left side view right side view Close up (crop) where the polyps seem to extend the most I am not entirely sure yet about the placement, because I see a lot of shading/dark sides on the frag, which is a result of the shape as well. I am also wondering if I could accidentally burn it, having it so high up on the rocks, that's why I put the Prime on an acclimation period though. Last but not least, my apologies for the quality of the images. They were made with my phone, yet I am looking to buy a filter and magnifier soon, because I really enjoy taking pictures of the frags and how they're evolving/growing. What do you guys and girls think? Polyp extension alright, or no? Anything I could or should change, any feedback is much appreciated! Bonus question, is it normal to tweak that much in the early stages of having a reef aquarium? I just can't seem to let it be, instead, I am wondering if the light schedule is alright, what about the placement of the frags....Flow, wondering if the return nozzle is aimed alright and the KPS schedule is decent enough....Oooh, how about the turnover rate? 🤦‍♂️ (I am really enjoying it though, don't get me wrong, haha!)
  3. Noonan


  4. JoeMan02

    red digi polyps retracted

    SPS Issues strike again! Any idea what this could be? The polyps on my digitata are retracted and have been all day. Im worried about it, but that could just be because one of my acros just died from tissue necrosis. Water tests fine, I cant test my alk because i ran out of tests. i moved it to less light. It was pretty high up in the tank but my lighting isnt SUPER powerful. HELP!
  5. Hello Reefers, I need help identifying this polyp like takeover. It is all over my.rocks and I've searched for weeks with no luck..attached is a photo...Thank you in advance. Happy reefing.
  6. So, I originally posted a similar thread on a different forum. I am in need of some help. I'm not sure what is going on with a few specific acroporas in my tank. Seemingly without changing anything about my reef, poly extension has been slowly degrading on a handful of acros. I'm not sure what has caused it. I've checked for pests, even at night with a flashlight. No bite marks or any sign of irritation of the tissue. The zooxanthellae is dense in all of the affected corals. Before we go any further, here is the obvious stuff: Display - 120 gallon Lighting - T5s (4 Blue+, 1 Coral+, 1 Purple+; 2 Blue+ are on for 10 hours - 2 Blue+, 1 Purple+, 1 Coral+ are on for 5 hours) Bulb order front to back is 2 Blue+, 1 Coral+, 1 Purple+, 2 Blue+ Flow - Two MP40s on anti-sync Reef Crest at 100% (24/7), return is a Vectra M1 on 75% Skimmer - Vertex Omega 150 (24/7) Refugium - Live rock, MarinePure block with chaeto lit opposite display lights Mechanical - 2 filter socks changed every 3-5 days Fish - 6 small fish Parameters from Tuesday (5/23)- Alkalinity - 8.4dKH- Calcium - 450ppm- PO4 - 0.00ppm- NO3 - less than 3ppm- Water temperature - 77.6F- Salinity - 1.026SG/35pptHere is my original thread with others' replies and more information that I might have over looked here in this post: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/sudden-rise-in-calcium-inhibit-polyp-extension.304677/#post-3776996 Please help. Even if its something super obvious or something you don't feel is worth posting, please post it. I really need advice as I am running out of ideas myself. Thanks, Evan
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