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Found 5 results

  1. Hello my name is Ben and this is my build thread. I live in the Vancouver area and this Nano is going to be my third tank. I am starting my build thread for the IM FUSION PRO PENINSULA AQUARIUM from innovative marine, I am hopping that I will be able to gain information and ideas from the Nano reef community and be able to inspire you.
  2. Snow_Phoenix

    Pipefish ID

    I visited the LFS, saw a few interesting things. Among one of them was this gigantic pipefish. Each specimen is around 12"++ long, 1" wide around the thickest part of the body, heavily armored and I presume a sort of grayish-brown in color (it's hard to tell because of the stock lighting my LFS has). Here are some pics: Does anyone on here know what type of pipes are these? They were split among several coral display tanks because they were too large to be grouped into one tank. Other fish with them include dragonets and other more common pipes like banded and dragonface. I've never seen pipefish like these, so I was wondering what species they are (I wish to read up more on them, for curiosity sake).
  3. I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I started keeping fish back in 1963 or 64; I don't remember which, it was so long ago. Back in those days FW was the only option, especially for a little kid. I was quite the entrepreneur, selling livebearer fry to Woolworth's and the local fish store for pennies apiece. It was enough to keep me well supplied with candy I continued to keep a tank or two going off and on (mostly on) right up until the present. When I started seeing marine tanks appear on the scene, I knew that I would eventually set one up, but it took me a while. Life in the military and the constant moving, often with almost no notice, isn't exactly conducive to the marine hobby. When I made my final military move back in 2007, I decided to make the switch to salt water. I had planned on going fish only, but after seeing the display tanks at the LFS my wife had other ideas. In the past 10 years, I have had a number of reef tanks - a 30G (for 1 year), a 75G (for 6 years), a 3G (for 5 years), a DIY 10G AIO (for 2 years), a 120G (for 2 1/2 years) and now my latest - a CADLIGHTS 28G bowfront AIO that has been running for a month and a half or so. I started the tank using about 20lbs of well established LR that I took from the sump of the 120G. I also snagged about a litre of Siporax from the sump and placed it into one of the chambers of the 28G. I used mostly new sand, but added a few cups of sand from the other tank to help things along. The cycle was virtually non-existent. I have a number of sponges in the 120 sump that I rotate through the back chambers to help with the pod population. I picked up two used AI Primes for lighting (one older version and one HD) and am currently running the Saxby low power schedule. I have a Tunze 9001 skimmer in the back, a Jebao SW-4 for additional flow, and a DIY dual float ATO. I've decided to make this a zoa/paly/pipefish tank. Thanks to a local fellow reefer (Sharbuckle here on Nano-Reef) and a recent frag swap, I managed to add quite a few specimens to the meager collection that I moved over from the other tank. As far as fish go, I have a Rainford's Goby, a Wheeler's Goby, a m/f pair of bluestripe pipefish, 2 male dragonface pipefish, and as of yesterday a garden eel. I created a pretty deep sandbed on one side of the tank for the eel, but of course it wants to be front and centre in 1 1/2 inches of sand. Go figure. Yes, I know that I'm moving fast and nothing good happens quickly in this hobby, but what can I say? I'm 60 years old and who knows how much longer I'll be around, so I plan on enjoying things while I can. I've always fed my tanks a lot, and this one is no different - it gets live bbs daily as well as probably 4 or 5 other feedings of various frozen and bottled foods. They're not huge portions, but I figure that in the wild fish are generally eating, sleeping, pooping, and making whoopie, so I do my best to make them feel like they are in the wild. Except for the 1 1/2 heads of Rastas, I don't know the names of the zoas or palys. I just pick ones that look nice. I know that this thread is useless without pictures, so here are a few for you. I am probably the world's worst aquarium photographer, so please be prepared to use your imagination. Jerry
  4. Yesterday I brought home a pipefish for my 30 liter tank and I was a little worried because I already have a strawberry dottyback so I didn't know how they would get along. After acclimating I put the pipefish in one corner to kind of keep him hidden at first, but in true dottyback fashion he decided to give some punches to his new tank mate. Well I wasn't having that so I sat next to the tank and whenever the dotty would get too close to the pipefish I would point my finger at him and scare him. After 20 min things seemed to calm down so I decided to give them some space. I kept a really close eye on them and it's now the next day. They are best buds lol they hang out in the same places together and there is no fighting. Both look happy and healthy.
  5. Spencer7

    Micro Pipefish Species?

    Are there any other blueline-pipe-type options out there? Dragonface pipes are the only one I can think of (in the trade) that are close... Bluelines are so unique and one of my fav fish and I would love to expand on this niche that I rarely hear about. Thanks, S
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