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Found 3 results

  1. Current FTS (5/29/19) TANK- UNS 3N Rimless LIGHT- Fluval Sea Nano Marine LED Light mount- gooseneck tablet stand HOB- Aquaclear 50 With DIY surface skimmer POWERHEAD- Current USA eFlux 660 HEATER- Tetra 50 watt LID- Cut Plexiglass SALT- Red Sea Coral Pro CORALS- Florida ricordea St Thomas mushrooms Acans Candy Cane Pink palys Zoas- Armor of God Rastas Blue Lightning Fruit Loops Butterfly Nebulas Sunny Delight Scrambled Eggs Spaceman Paly Orange Speckles INVERTS- Porcelain crab Rock Flower Anemones Hi there, it's been a little bit! I took a break from the hobby, but I can't help but get excited again with everyone's reef inspiration! After a few years of being away from Nano-Reef I decided on April 2nd to take a peek & see what I've been missing out on... Now I just have to jump in & get my feet wet (literally)! I love reading about people's reefs & seeing all the cool photos, but haven't been one to comment much. Hopefully getting involved with this old school pico reef contest will give me a boost to engage with you all more. I'm excited! I'm using a tablet stand holder to mount my light & it's working great!
  2. FTS 11/1/17 Figured I would try and take a stab at this contest. I really wanted to try something different that I hadn't necessarily seen before. This may fail horribly but it should be fun trying. I still haven't found the exact jar I want to use but will most likely go with one of the par lights, a small heater, and a little powerhead to keep the bottom clean. The only other thing I am worried about with this design is the lack of biological filtration due to the lack of sand and rock. Again this is more of a fun experiment though so we will see. The idea is to glue a single piece of tonga to the jars lid and attach the corals to that. Maintenance will consist of lifting the lid with the rock/corals on it, dumping out the old water, and adding clean water. The light will sit inside a small cabinet and shine from the bottom up. I think it should create an interesting little desk lamp as well. I plan on going out this weekend to find a jar and a cabinet for it to sit on :-) . Just wanted a bit of feedback on the design. The plan: Sorta what I have in mind: The tank! The tanks view :-p
  3. So I just threw this together to help raise awareness of Nano-Reef.com's newest pico contest: I hope lots of people decide to join in the fun.
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