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Found 6 results

  1. How can I start a culture if I can't access to live phytoplankton? Is there any commercial product that can help? Thanks.
  2. EasyReefs EasyBooster Phytoplankton Gel PRODUCT LINKS: https://blog.coralvue.com/easyreefs-easybooster/ In nature, there is one key organism that stands alone as the base of the marine ecosystem. Without this small giant, life in the ocean would be impossible.Phytoplankton or marine microalgae are microscopic vegetable cells that can be found dispersed in the sea. Marine phytoplankton is considered a superfood containing vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and bioactive compounds involved in the metabolic activities of all living marine organisms.EasyBooster from EasyReefs makes feeding your aquarium beneficial phytoplankton simple to manage. It is a super-concentrated phytoplankton liquid gel for our reef tanks. Best of all, it DOES NOT NEED REFRIGERATION!!! You heard it right; EasyBooster can be preserved at room temperature for over 18months without any form of refrigeration.EasyBooster is available in convenient one-shot blister packs or a larger 250ml pouch for a simple hands-off approach when used in conjunction with a dosing pump. Connect the Easy Booster 25 to a liquid doser and have it automatically add phytoplankton to your system once, twice, six, twelve, or even twenty-four times a day. Whatever you decide!Start dosing a small amount on a daily basis and work your way up as the weeks go by. On a 250 gal system, we recommend starting with 2ml daily the first week and then increase the dosage by 2ml every week until you reach 8 ml a day.
  3. Im wating to start culturing live phytoplankton. Looking for advice from people that do it. I would like to see your setup and what your process is. All the info I'm finding is from years ago. Looking for places to buy from to get started. Where do you buying your fertilizer and other stuff. Thanks in advance.
  4. Index: Phase 1 of 4 (looking for phyto in water bottles) - p1 Phase 2 of 4 (culturing bird bath phyto) - p1 Phase 3 of 4 (capturing algae spores, porch phyto) - p3 Phase 4 of 4 (saltwater porch phyto) - p4 Phase 1 of 4 (looking for phyto in water bottles) While doing some research on culturing phytoplankton, I ran across this: - Wilkerson, Joyce D.. Clownfishes (Kindle Locations 3934-3939). Microcosm Ltd.. Kindle Edition. I thought I'd give it a try (with slight modifications). Who knows, maybe nothing will come from it, but I thought it'd be interesting. I'm going to use: two 16.9oz clear water bottles w/ caps for saltwater one 16.9oz clear, unopened bottle of filtered drinking water (as a pseudo control) saltwater mixed to 1.016 using dechlorinated tap water 1 drop Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food per bottle of saltwater 1 drop Kent Essential Elements per bottle of saltwater The caps will prevent evaporation, rain, mosquito larvae, and other contaminates. The saltwater will eliminate the need to acclimate the algae to a higher specific gravity. And the nutrients and elements should help to feed the algae. Note: Even though I rinsed the mixing container thoroughly, there is still a possibility of contamination from Nannochloropsis oculata (which I culture), or its spores. Obviously the freshwater bottle would be free of this contamination. If I can get a green tint within a month, I'll strain the water and attempt to culture the phytoplankton. If the control bottle develops a green tint, I'll use that one. Regular updates will be provided. And so it begins. I put a S on the saltwater caps, and a F on the drinking water cap. I also thought that placing the bottles horizontally would make them less likely to blow over, give them more sun, and provide a little more surface area.
  5. Pod Your Reef

    Week 2 Giveaway, Pods and Phyto!

    Thanks to all those who participated in last weeks giveaway. We're excited to be here and pretty stoked to start sharing our build thread with y'all. We haven't decided which direction we're going to take it. But it'll be a fun journey. With that said, let's move onto the fun part. Prize: 1 Phyto + 1 Tisbe Swag Pack + Free Shipping How do I win? Post your most embarrassing, I can't believe I did that reefing moment. The post with the most reactions wins. This will be fun. We'll pick the on August 12 at 7:00 PM Central. Contest terms: Winner must be in the United States. One entry per person. You can only win one time per month. Good Luck!!!
  6. Your browser does not support the video tag. Hello Nano-Reefers! We are super excited to join Nano-Reef.com and get to know you and your tanks! We’ll tell you a bit about us then we would love to hear your story! We are a small family owned and operated business in San Antonio, Texas. We got our start when we adopted a Mandarin fish from a fellow reefer who was moving. We soon realized that she not only loved copepods but she thrived on them. It is her natural instinct to hunt and consume them and it was really important to us to respect the natural habits of this beautiful creature. So, in 2015 we founded Pod Your Reef. First and foremost, we strive to provide you with excellent products and we stand behind those products 100%. Second, we value our customers and hope you feel like our friend because that’s how we think of you in this tight-knit reefing community. We know your names, we know your tanks, and when we see your orders go out we think about you and hope you’re doing well. Check out our About Us page for more details on us: https://www.podyourreef.com/pages/about-us When it comes to our products, we are committed to providing the densest pods at a reasonable price. We guarantee ‘live on arrival’ and we offer discounts to new customers as well as free shipping with an order of $60.00 or more. Providing the most natural reef environment is our responsibility as reef parents. Check out our FAQ page for more info or shoot us a message! https://www.podyourreef.com/apps/help-center GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! Now for the fun part! We're going to give away a box of phyto and tisbes each week in August. Post a self-taken photo of your tank, your favorite fish or coral, anything that displays your passion in the reef world and each Sunday in August we will draw a randon winner. The lucky winner will receive one bag of phyto and two bags of tisbe pods shipped to their door. Start posting in this thread now because we will draw the first winner on August 5th! Cut off time for posting is 7:00 PM Central. Look for a new thread for posting pictures each Sunday! Contest terms: Winner must be in the United States. One entry per person. You can only win one time per month. Good Luck!!!
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