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Found 7 results

  1. Leo_ian

    Phosphate dip

    Well my sps havent been opening up and i tested my nitrates and phosphates today. the worst came, even though my nitrates were stable, my phosphates went from 0.25-0.1. i think that is the cause, how can i raise it without dosing? fish? higher feeding? i already started on pellets since that was my suspicion, i knew i should have tested earlier. Any help would be appreciated THANK YOU!!!
  2. I'm battling stupid high phosphates (to the tune of .25). I usually test on Fridays before my Saturday maintenance to see how much RowaPhos to add. I (thought I) had it under control at the beginning of May. Boy was I wrong. When I tested the first week of June it was 36ppb, the following week (after a good portion of RowaPhos) it was cut in half so I didn't add more. Last week it tested 39ppb so I completely refreshed the RowaPhos and did a 4g water change (about 40%) to lower some nitrates and try to bring my alk up a little. I noticed a few strands of (what I think is GHA) so I went ahead and tested it tonight. Now it's at 81ppb! I have to get more water on Saturday so I'm planning to test it as soon as I get it, again on Tuesday, and again on Friday. Is it possible that my "made for potable water storage" containers are leaching phosphates into my RODI water? Ugh!
  3. TheCrockers200

    Testing kits

    Looking for opinions on best testing kits to use while cycling a new tank and thereafter. We’re planning on being pretty vigilant and patient when cycling this new tank up and are interested in what everyone else recommends. I did not realize there were so many brands ?
  4. I'll make this short. I did a water change after having phosphates crawl up to .06. My sand was looking disgusting so i stirred it up quite a bit. My phosphates AFTER the water change is reading .07. I'm hoping my newly replaced gfo will absorb some of it. I will do another water change tomorrow as well. I've left my sand alone before as I didn't want to disturb anything and cause the situation I'm having, but my sand was looking terrible. Should I just avoid this? I love the way my tank looks now with the white, fine, clean sand.
  5. lonewonderer

    Algae scrubber does it work?

    Hello, I was thinking about an algae scrubber. Does anybody know if it really works on reducing phos and Nitrates? I have a 40 gallon reef tank with a 10 gallon diy sump. Does anybody here uses algae scrubber? thanks,
  6. Long time lurker, first time poster. Getting ready to move into a new tank, and have spent some time trying top get my stuff together.. Tested for phosphates for the 1st time, and am really confused.. See below for details. Have a 14G Biocube that has been running for a couple of years. Other than some red slime issues when I started it - everything has been stable and looks good. I'd like to start a new Innovative Marine 25g lagoon tank with some SPS in addition to my current zoas. I have really never spent much time testing water other than nitrates, but in anticipation of the SPS, I decided to get some "Advanced" test kits, one of which is the Low Range Hanna 713 Phosphate checker. Needless to say, I was very surprised by the results. Tank Setup 14g Biocube, Intank media basket, filter floss, chemipure-elite, Nanobox duo +m light Ecotech MP10 powerhead (25%-75% power) MJ1200 return pump RO water, 50% water change 2 weeks ago. All top of water= RO 2 clownfish, a cleaner shrimp, various snails and other CuC. Various zoas and an obnoxious mushroom coral Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 1.024 Minimal "bad" algae; sand is clean/white (purple in picture is from camera white balance being off I guess) Thin sand bed, 1" at thickest point, 1/3 of tank is bare bottom Tank Parameters Temp - 79F Nitrates 5 ppm ph 8.2 Alkalinity 195 ppm / 11.0 dKH Calcium 432 mg/l Phosphates 1.5 ppm (WTF) I tested twice, and got similar results. Again, have not done a water change in two weeks, so would expect parameters to be as bad as they would ever be (just surprised how bad,) because it sounds like my phosphates are 300X higher than what I need to maintain SPS corals? I don't think so, but am I missing some sort of calculation conversion? Otherwise, what in the hell? Jeff Bridges
  7. fot80

    phosphate spike

    I had a recent phosphate spike. My phosphates were around .03 for a long time and now just shot up. I don't believe my gfo is exhausted since I just replaced it. A large green nudibranch went missing. I can't find it and assume it's dead. I'm not surprised since it was massive and probably quite old. Would a dead fish or invertebrate be responsible?
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