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Found 9 results

  1. Leo_ian

    Phosphate dip

    Well my sps havent been opening up and i tested my nitrates and phosphates today. the worst came, even though my nitrates were stable, my phosphates went from 0.25-0.1. i think that is the cause, how can i raise it without dosing? fish? higher feeding? i already started on pellets since that was my suspicion, i knew i should have tested earlier. Any help would be appreciated THANK YOU!!!
  2. Leo_ian

    phosphates and nitrates

    so i have a 20 gallon cube... once a week i feed copepods, the rest of the time i split a cube of mysis between my three tanks...i feed once a day... my phosphates are at 1, no not 0.01 its literally 1ppm, my nitrates are 10ppm, how do i lower them? i will be creating an in tank refugium later today. I have five fish, a chromis(will be giving her away), a spriger's damsel, lubbock's fairy, royal gramma and a red stripe cardinal(i will be moving this guy to another tank after my exams)
  3. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    🐙 Win a Reef Octopus Light Reactor! 🌿

    If you've been wanting to get your tentacles on the new Reef Octopus Light Reactor, here's your chance! 🐙 1 lucky winner will be selected on 9/5/19 to receive a Light Reactor in the size of their choice! 🌿 ENTER NOW: https://mailchi.mp/coralvue/reef-octopus-light-reactor-giveaway
  4. I picked up two bins of dry, old live rock that I want to start prepping for the future. I already have a batch of rock cycled for the 40g breeder I am building now. But I imagine I will want to upgrade even bigger in a year or so. I'd like to do everything right so I'm taking my plan to the forums before enacting it. 1st Stage - Cleaning 2nd - Phosphate Removal 3rd - Cycling 4th - Coralline Growth 1st: Cleaning will involve washing the rock off and scrubbing any old life that I can find. Bleach or vinegar solutions seem to be a common choice. 2nd: I am already using Lanthanum Chloride to remove phosphates on my cycled rock, I believe I will use this to remove it from this new batch. So far it has been working well. And it seems to be the most efficient method, combined with large water changes. 3rd: I prefer to do Cycling fishless, so I will be using a janitor's solution to provide ammonia to the bacteria. I want to get it heavily seeded and will dose ammonia multiple times to build up the bacteria 4th: Coralline Growth, what may be the hardest stage. If I could do everything I want, I would culture some coralline in its own aquarium first in order to get a clean sample. Probably won't have the resources to do that and will just scrape some from one of my tanks. I will also be adding a CUC to manage other algae during this ~1year process of growing out the coralline. The algae starter and CUC will be the first possible entrances of pests and something I would like to work on. Did I mess any secret techniques or is this a pretty solid plan?
  5. do not smoke the reef(er)

    Rowaphos dosage

    Hey everyone Using Rowaphos for the first time. What is the proper calculation to use? How much should I use for my aquarium ? Wanted to get phosphate down a little bit. Used my Hanna checker and it currently reads at 0.05 ppm. I have a 20 gallon tank (18 gallon including rock, sand,equipment) Dirextions on container were not too clear. Any helps appreciate. Thanks in advance everyone!
  6. Hanna Checker for phosphate, PPM version, includes 3 reagents and everything else as new. $35 shipped.
  7. lonewonderer

    Algae Scrubber DIY

    I just want to share my DIY algae scrubber. Algae growth in 2 days using a 12w par38 led light. I took the baffle from my sump and made it as a waterfall slide style scrubber. Meah can be removed by sliding it up.
  8. I'm struggling to keep phosphate in range (0.02-0.09). Problem is that as soon as I add PhosGuard to my external filter, it quickly strips all the phosphate out of the water and I start getting coral problems. I also tried carbon dosing (vinegar) but it just stripped all the nitrate out and barely touched the phosphate. If I don't control phosphate, it gradually rises and I get browning on my corals and green algae problems. Any suggestions? Tank setup: 85L with external filter (fluval 306), tunze 9004 skimmer Thanks
  9. Hi everyone So I have recently set up a saltwater tank and have a few beginners guestions regarding phosphate. I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 with the PS2 mini skimmer. There's roughly 5kg of live rock in it and quite a deep aragonite sand bed. It's been established for 3 months now with no fish or coral and all my paramteres seem good except my phosphate. It's roughly 0.25 ppm according to two different tests (API and Salifert). I do roughly 25% water exchanges each week using RO/DI water. Whilst setting up my tank I made the rookie error of rinsing the sand with tap water and initially filling it up with tap water. Has the sand and rock absorbed the phosphate from the tap water and is now leeching into my tank and if so what are some steps to help reduce the level of PO4 in my tank I have quite a bit of algae growing in my tank which I clean every week and I'm assuming it's the phosphate that's causing it. Nitrate is undetectable. Thanks in advance Rob The picture is my tank when I first set it up ?
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