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Found 28 results

  1. Gravity

    ID: Ball Anemone

    Found a few of these throughout my tank. They look like an anemone or some sort of mushroom. Any ideas?
  2. Hi everybody, I’ve recently started my very first saltwater tank and purchased live rock through KP Aquatics. So far I’ve been very happy with the rock’s shape and the amount of life that came on the rock. However, during a water change I spotted what seems to be a cirolanid isopod alive and well on the filter sock. Although this is the only one I’ve seen, I want to assume there is more of them in the tank to be on the safe side. At the moment I have added 0 livestock to the tank as it’s still cycling (added live rock and sand 4 days ago), so I’m thinking I could starve them out if I wait quite a while to add any livestock (longer than the cycle)...? I’m wondering if anyone has any experience in this situation, how long starving them out would take (if possible) or if they feed off anything else in the tank that would sustain them even if there’s no fish in the tank. Also wondering if I’d be safe adding members of a cleanup crew once the tank is finished cycling or if these would feed of all snails or hermit crabs? Thanks everyone.
  3. undertheseaquarium

    Vermatid snail(s)???

    For the past couple of weeks, I noticed this thing on my coral that seems to have gotten bigger. When I first got it, I thought it was apart of the coral. I'm guessing this is a vermatid snail with possibly another. Could anyone confirm this, so I can begin the removal process.
  4. Hay reefers! Can anyone help identify this? I know it's a bristleworm but can't tell if it's a goodie or a baddie? Second is should I remove it, it doesn't seem to be causing any damage to corals or tank mates. I ask as some of the other BW's in the tank look similar but not as red/pink?
  5. RebeccaAnnBaselice

    Ball or Ghost anemone/coral? Tiny!!

    So at first I thought aptasia, but upon more research, this may be a tiny coral or ball/ghost anemone....IDK. When I say small, this thing is about 1/8” in diameter. Any thoughts? I don’t want to kill it if it’s harmless. 😑
  6. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  7. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  8. Saw this thing in my tank today, does anyone know what it is and should I be concerned...... also found a couple of aptasias on my sand bed😵🤬
  9. photofemme5

    Unknown invert in zoa

    I am a new reefer as of December 2018. I have a 16 gal BioCube that was cycled with live rock, live sand, and some crabs. I now have assorted softies, LPS and two seahorses. In the live rock I have seen a bristleworm (yuck!), I think a mini brittle star, and a few snails. I bought the zoa 2 weeks ago. About one week ago the zoa closed up never to reopen. At the same time I started to see little leg-like hairs coming from the zoa. After a week it looks like this! (See photo) I have done much research and finally found what it may be...aiptasia! What do you think. I have read horrible things about this guy (pest). Please advise.
  10. CoralStorm

    Bristle Worm or fire worm?

    i found this worm its really tiny about less than 2 inches which is too small right now to cause much harm so i will ask now i uploaded a photo its mostly grey-black with a bit of a grey-orange stripe what is it? should i remove it? and what should i do if i need to remove it? and is it safe with inverts?
  11. Anyone know what this could be? It looks like some kind of shrimp and I see 4 of them in my tank. They are super small and I first noticed them months ago when I would turn off all my pumps and they would just be floating on the surface until I poked at them. I do have a cleaner shrimp in my tank but I’m not sure if these could be the babies or something else. Hope it’s not a bunch of mantis shrimp.
  12. M*ther F**ki*g G*d D**Mit! abjkfdsakjf! MEN are is the worst. I have a montipora eating nudibranch infestation which I have been battling for over a month. I am losing the war. First they ruined a white polyp monti, but now they are attacking my prized center piece red shelving monti. Its been with me since I started my tank a year ago :( I thought I was safe when I removed the invested white polyp, but alas, they spread. For you experience reefs are monti eating nudis the herpes of reefing? Are they forever? If i strip ALL my montis out of the tank and dispose of them, how long will I have to wait to starve these F@@kers out? Do their eggs last forever? It seems little is known about there life cycle other than dips don't kill eggs.
  13. What the HECK is this thing? Is it nice? Is it mean? What do I do!? Bristle wrongs are no big but I have never seen anything like this guy, though I am very new to this community! Please help a girl out!
  14. Was able to get a decent shot of this tiny creature on my glass using a magnifying glass. Anyone seen one of those or know what it is? Looks like it has a bunch of legs
  15. Horsey_Cat

    WTB: Aiptasia Mutabilis

    Im interested to see if anyone has any "pest" or hardy anemones that will stay small and be suitable for a pico. I came across this video and it looks like exactly what Im looking for. Apparently its a Aiptasia Mutabilis but when you look it up, they don't look nearly as good as it does in that video. I won't be ready to purchase one immediately, Im just interested to see if anyone has anemones they are willing to sell that look similar to the one in the video and/or are equally as hardy and beautiful. Thanks Edit: or Aiptasia Pallida Bartholomea annulata Arachnanthus nocturnus
  16. MultipleTankSyndrome

    Pest Identification

    I have been noticing these small worms the size of copepods but longer..... Should I be worried or hold off on adding livestock? Thank you in advance for any information or advice :)
  17. Hi my tanks been up for about 3 months. Today I noticed these little spots on my rocks. Anybody know what they are
  18. coryscritch

    what is this little thing?

    hi guys. i found this tiny guy in my refugium just now. i sucked him up with a dropper, not sure what he is
  19. coryscritch

    pest polyps

    hi all i was just wondering if anybody could tell me if the green polyp is a pest polyp or not. thanks!
  20. tgrover35

    Something bad in my tank?

    I have a tank that is a couple months old. So far I have added some soft/lps corals, emerald crabs, snails, dwarf hermits, and a week ago, a Randall’s Goby and red banded pistol. The two immediately built themselves a cave and lived there for four days until suddenly they abandoned it. There are no other fish in the tank. I also noticed a couple weeks ago one of my emeralds was missing legs. Additionally, my hermits seem to always be doing weird things hiding in their shells. Yesterday I decided to try out a rock flower anemone and it seems to be doing well so far. The problem is that my goby was found dead this morning being eaten by an emerald. He had been eating and healthy since he’s been in the tank. What could be the cause of this all? I understand that rock flower nems don’t really pose a threat to fish. Is something “bad” hiding in the old goby/shrimp cave that is causing the terror?
  21. lehaneya

    Duncan coral brown slime?

    Hello, A couple of days ago i noticed a whitish slime around one of my duncan heads and it was closed up. There was a snail hanging around there so i thought it was some snail slime. I blew it off with a turkey baster but today it is back. I did some Googling and found out about brown slime desiese. Can anyone confirm that is what this is? If so i guess i need to remove that head?
  22. Hello everyone I have a bitter sweet problem, I was given three green mushrooms about a year ago from my lps. Initially I thought of propagation due to wanting more. However I watched videos on YouTube stating to wait and when the time is right they will multiply on there own. Well they did and now they won’t stop, in a month I went from three to 15, now there’s about 30-40. They are even getting to the point where they are falling off the rock and floating to locations I didn’t intend them to be. Has anyone experienced this problem?, if so what did you do?
  23. Ello ya'll, I noticed a bunch of little tiny bug-like things crawling on the tank glass. Are these things harmful in any way? sorry that the picture is so blurry, they're really small! p.s. they move really fast as well
  24. JoeMan02

    pest anemone?

    Ello ya'll, I saw this anemone-like thing on my live rock and I'm wondering if it is a pest. Thanks in advance! -Joe
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