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Found 5 results

  1. Chris's Fishes

    5.5 Gallon Macroalgae Tank

    So, like many people, my experience with peppermint shrimp has been pretty terrible. I got this guy for free, and he ended up terrorizing my anemone and my hammer. No real damage done, but still. I caught him in a trap, threw him down into a bucket with some saltwater, a filter, and a few strands of caulerpa, and said that I'd take him to the store at some point. Well, I never made it to the store, and seeing him so dark and discolored made me feel kinda bad - I mean, it's not his fault that he's an anemone-eating menace, right? He'd probably even be great for Aiptaisia, if I had any. I ended up getting a bit bored, and wanted to get the big 5 gallon bucket out of my crowded floor. So, I set up a 3 gallon jar that takes up ALMOST as much space! Makes sense, right? This jar is just going to be a catch-all from stuff that I don't want in my 10 gallon. Caulerpa, extraneous macros, pesty inverts, whatever I happen to have too much of. It'll be receiving a 4 liter (1 gallon-ish) water change weekly, with water freshly drained from my 10 gallon. I don't feel like dosing this tank for the macros, so hopefully the "dirty" water from my main tank will help keep those fed, and it'll be cost-effective, too. I used old base rock (cleaned), with a cycled sponge in the internal filter. The jar itself is just one of the massive glass jars from Walmart - they were used pretty often in the pico contest. I set it up a while back, and quickly upgraded. Equipment list: 3 Gallon Candy Jar Top Fin Internal Filter Old 12" Finnex LED Strip (plenty for most macros) Livestock: 1x Bastard Shrimp Caulerpa Prolifera Dragon's Breath I'm running this tank without a heater (for now), because as far as I can tell, the shrimp doesn't really require one. They're found as far north as Charleston, and seawater gets below 60 in the winter - the tank runs 68 at it's lowest, and usually hovers right at 70. No issues so far, although I will add a heater if it becomes necessary. Yes - it is ugly. This was thrown together at 1 AM out of pure boredom, and a strong will not to start eating sunchips or something. I'll probably be removing that solid piece of rock in the top left, and I'll be removing the caulerpa from the straw once it starts growing a bit. I just zip-tied it onto the straw to keep it from floating and getting caught in a place where it can't get light. You can see the little piece of dragon's breath on the far right - it was trapped under a rock in the 10 gallon, and I threw it in here to see how it'd do at room temp under a planted tank fixture. The hope is to make this look better as I go, and to fiddle with this tank instead of the main one. Trying to keep disasters from happening 😂
  2. Hello! I recently received a peppermint shrimp, and a few days after placing it into my tank, I noticed that it was developing a habit of picking at my already-ailing BTA. Long story short, he got removed, and I planned to take him to the nearest store that sells saltwater fish. Until then, he'd reside in a bucket with a couple gallons of saltwater, a cycled filter, and some caulerpa. I never did make it to the store, and I started to feel sorry for the little devil - plus, I was bored and had a spare tank lying around. So, I set up a 3 gallon jar using some old base rock and a cycled sponge. I threw in the Caulerpa and the Peppermint, and kinda plan to use it to grow out macro trimmings from my main tank. I threw on an old Finnex planted tank fixture, and it seems to be doing okay, but I'll probably replace it with something a bit more powerful soon. The main question I have is whether or not peppermint shrimp can thrive in less-than-tropical temps. I've seen online that they're found as far north as Charleston, and that puts water temps down into the low 60's during the coldest months. Room temperature is at a minimum 68, and usually hovers between 70-72. So far, I haven't noticed any behavior or color difference, but if it's going to be a problem when it comes time to molt (or causes long-term immune system issues) I'll consider adding a heater or just taking the shrimp to a store. We are talking about L. Wurdemanni, here, to be clear.
  3. Floundering_Around

    Injured RFA

    As the title says, one of my new RFA is injured. A little backstory... Day1: I just got six RFA from Reefapalooza this past weekend. By the time the plane landed and I was done acclimating, it was the wee hours of the morning. I just dropped everything into the tank, holding the RFAs against the rock for a few seconds so they would stick. Didn't even think to take my historically voracious peppermint shrimp out, mistake number one. Saw the male/larger of my shrimp go after one of the nems but it was already situated in the rock so it just closed and reopened. Day 2: It's now Tuesday morning and my pink nem is not on the rock and has fallen/moved underneath it. Into the shrimp's lair. I pick it up and move it back to the top of the rock and it seems fine. Fast forward to the evening and I need to go to work. Nem is back under the rock but looks fine so I rush out to, mistake number two. Day 2 (night?): came home from work at three in the morning and I don't see the nem at all. Looking under the rock, I see the male shrimp happily picking away at something. That something happens to be the foot of MY NEM. Yank the nem out and put it in its shipping cup and stick the cup in the first chamber of the tank's sump (AIO tank). To late to do anything so obsessively check the nem about five times before going to bed Day 3/current: Woke up, tore up my tank apart, and yanked out both of the stupid shrimp. Stuck the little brats in a bucket with an air stone. Nem is still in the back of the tank. Doing a little prodding, it looks like the shrimp ate directly through the mouth and through the foot. Saw on another forum to do the good ol' sniff test to see if the nem is dying. Smells fine, still has it's color, has light from my fuge light, but is all curled up on itself. Is there anything i can or should do??? I know RFA can be pretty hardy but this is one of my favs and was a gift so I'm pretty bummed out
  4. I got home today and did my afternoon ritual of inspecting my tank and saw my peppermint on the sand just chillin'. The little bits near his mouth were moving but nothing else. I thought it was odd but I had things to do so off I went. At feeding time I checked on him again and he wasn't moving at all. I blew food on him and nothing. The bristleworm said "Thanks, Mate" and still nothing. Then I squirted him with the pipette and he righted himself so I knew he was still alive. I remembered he hasn't had a feeding response in 2 days when normally he's attacking the pipette and pushing the firefish out of the way for food. I went back an hour later and he'd moved a couple of inches, but he was still lethargic. I just checked some parameters and everything is normal for my tank. API kit: 8.2ish, pointless, 0, 5-10 (doing WC tomorrow) Fantastic investment, wish there were more: Shrimp looking normal besides the lethargy and sand: So, perhaps he's molting? I've never witnessed it happening, it's always been done before I got home from work. He hasn't molted in a while - 3 times in the weeks after he was introduced but nothing in about 4 months. I can't fathom why he'd be dying...
  5. Waylon

    3 Peppermints in 5.5?

    Need some thoughts on keeping 3 peppermint shrimp in a 5.5 gallon. Will there be any aggression or problems with my bio load (there is only 1 peppermint shrimp and 1 emerald crab)? I've been manually feeding the 1 I have in there. I also do a 50% water change a week. Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated!
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