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Found 17 results

  1. Introducing the new GLO™ CoralOne™ Magnetic Solo Frag Racks (Infinity Pack). Oceanbox Designs® CoralOne™ "GLO Edition" is the perfect solo frag rack for acclimating (or separating) a single coral frag, mini colony grow out, or capturing that perfect macro shot. It is versatile and easy to move around in your tank without disturbing any other frags or rockscape. We took our original design to the next level with the "GLO Edition" with a few small changes that make a big difference. The GLO™ CoralOne™ featured a textured top, all new sleek contour aesthetic, fluorescent highlighter, and all "waterproof" ABS injection molded magnets for submersible. Pre-order special is 20% off first 25 orders only. Current price reflect active discount (no coupon needed). https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-coralone-magnetic-solo-frag-racks-infinity-pack-oceanbox-designs/
  2. Hey Nano-Reefers! Please join me in welcoming our newest family member, baby Bella! Born 12/9 at 5lbs-15oz. We said no more sales this year however we can't help to celebrate our new bundle of joy with the reef community and Bella approved!!! Use code "BABYBELLA10" for 10% off entire OBD products line through Christmas day, Dec. 25th. *Discount may NOT be applied to existing/previous orders. Super excited to share this early blessing with everyone! Happy Holidays and stay safe from our family to yours!
  3. The GLO™ Magnetic Frag Racks Limited Edition are here! New sleeker aesthetic and improved design to spotlight your prized frags. Available in limited color run: Tequila Sunrise and Mango Margarita in single and duo from 6 to 16 frags mount. Let the Coral Party begin!! 🍸⠀ https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-limited-edition-oceanbox-designs/ https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-duo-limited-edition-oceanbox-designs/
  4. Forgot to post this yesterday so we'll be extending sale through Monday 6/24. For those attending RAP NJ this weekend, what a blast for you!! 🙌 But if you’re chilling in spirit, enjoy this 10% blast OFF!! Good on select OBD products. Keep cool and keep on reefing! 🤙🍻
  5. We all know precision dosing is the key to reefing success, with the majority of current dosing tubes holder on the market being cumbersome with thumb screws design, we proud to introduce the new GLO™ 4P (4 Parts) Magnetic Tubes Holder. The OBD GLO™ 4P (4 Parts) Magnetic Tubes Holder may be the world first screw-less angled outlet design that's also coupled with our super strong and reliable successor Dual Plastic Sealed "Waterproof" Magnets Mounting System. Thanks to our "food grade" barb fittings design, no more fiddling with the thumb screws pinching on your tubes or frustration to match your 2-part dosing due to the varying pressure of each pinched tube. The angled outlet keeps liquid away from wall and splashes down. Best of all, magnetic mount means it will work on any rimless or rimmed tank or sump filter. Features: Super sleek and screw-less design barb fittings. Compact design with fluorescent tension locking plate for extreme aesthetic. 30 degree angled outlet keeps liquid away from wall and splashes down. Dual waterproof magnets mounting system. Fits 1/8″ ID or 3/16″ ID dosing tubes. Hold up to 3/8″ thick glass. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-4p-magnetic-dosing-tube-holder-oceanbox-designs/
  6. Hey Nano-Reefers! I thought I'd put together this thread for updates of our Instagram posts, stories, etc. There will be posts of product updates, product demos, random reef stuff, tank build, and reef related odd and ends that I can just quickly post an update without having to create a whole new thread. Hopefully this will roll into a nice blog with many inspiration for our Nano-Reef community.  First update is a new ATO container I just shipped out today to a reefer in New Jersey. This one came out very nice and sleek! I've added the square knob to make it easy to remove the lid. I wanted to keep it simple, functional, yet still sleek and aesthetic. My new solid lid design with the underside anti-warp bracing so it won't warp due to heat and moisture over time, as appose to a sub-par container with only a flat acrylic lid.   Â
  7. What’s that? Frag racks are unsightly you say? If we can’t hide it, why not show it more beautifully? Oceanbox Designs® GLO™ Magnetic Mini Frag Racks has taken a new turn in innovation with our fluorescent highlight frags mount. The fluorescent highlight will glow under a mixture of blue and purple spectrum from your reef light giving it an awesome radioactive appearance, under full actinic will be at its most intense glowing. The streamlined sleek design is perfect for mounting in narrow area, back wall, AIO wall, or overflow box. Available in 6 and 8 frags mount with dual “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets for up to 1/2″ thick glass. Order yours here: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/glo-magnetic-mini-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/
  8. Oceanbox Designs

    New Product - Locking Magnetic Frag Racks

    These frag racks will knock your socks off, but NOT your frags! Oceanbox Designs® has proudly collaborated with Building An Obsession™ to bringing you one of the most innovative and best frags mount on the market. Our new Locking Magnetic Frag Racks are your superior coral frags mount incorporated with BAO unique locking feature designed to lock down your frag plugs. Snails, crabs, and even massive ocean waves will not be able to knock your frags off. Available in 10, 12, and 15 frags mount with dual “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets for up to 1/2″ thick glass. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/locking-magnetic-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/
  9. Oceanbox Designs

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    To our Nano Reefers and Friends, We are so grateful to have your business throughout the year! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year! Celebrate the Holidays with us with 10% OFF your order in these categories: Accessories, T-Shirt, Frag Racks, Nem's Box, Sump Baffles Kits with code "HOLIDAYS2017" at checkout. Good through Jan. 2nd, 2018. Some products are excluded. *May not apply to previous orders, one application per order. Best wishes from our small family team at Oceanbox Designs.
  10. Hello Nano Reefers! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has given me your support from the start by coming to me for custom project for your reef tank, I really enjoyed working with you and really appreciated your support! I'm making a few changes for the better at Oceanbox Designs for 2018. First announcement: I will no longer be accepting any one-off custom project from this point forth since we've shifted focus to retail and wholesales only. That said, it doesn't mean I will turn you away at every which way, I still want to help a fellow reefer fulfilling your passion for the hobby so if you need custom works done I still have good friends in the industry I can recommend if it's not something I can do at times. On the other hand, we still do allow customization with dims/color on some of our products such as ATO and dosing containers. This was a difficult decision for me however it will allow me to focus on production instead, that means you'll be able to see more products in stock vs built-to-order which can sometime take 4-6 weeks to ship such as an AIO aquarium. Second announcement: Since we're going retail and wholesales, we are increasing production on some of our popular products such as Magnetic Frag Racks, Magnetic Nem's Den, Frag Tanks, and AIO Aquariums. You'll start seeing some of our products on your beloved retail stores such as MarineDepot.com, now carrying our CoralOne™ Magnetic Solo Frag Rack. We're now accepting limited accounts on wholesales from retail B/M and online stores, if you're interested in applying, please contact us with your business details: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/contact/. Looking forward to making 2018 the greatest year yet for Nano-Reef! Happy Reefing as always!
  11. Marine Depot

    We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT

    We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT The Second Day of Fishmas
  12. Here is a details walk-through from Brew Frag Fest 2nd Annual in 4K HD. We had a blast day full of corals festivities, collaboration, reef talks, and beers!! Event like this is what I always look forward to doing again. Hope you guys enjoy it and if you haven't subscribed to my channel, please do! Also lots of new announcements next week so stay tuned!
  13. The moment when I feel happy that I've accomplished something but in reality it will always be a work in progress because there are those who wanted me to fail and prying on my hard earned work, but thank god I'm still here and forth going stronger than ever because of good faith, goodness, and supporting friends and families. Thank you all and god bless the USA! Special thanks to Nano-Reef.com and members who have been giving me your support from the get go and even those who hasn't order anything but have been following me! Let me know if you think I should keep going!
  14. Oceanbox Designs

    New Product: NEO SP™ Coral Frag Racks

    Introducing our NEW and RIVALED suction powered frag racks series! Created to bringing you more value for your money with the quality and sleek design of Oceanbox Designs® https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/neo-sp-coral-frag-racks-oceanbox-designs/ Oceanbox Designs® NEO SP™ Coral Frag Racks is the new rivaled suction powered (SP) coral frag racks. Featuring ultra thin sleek profile and replaceable quad rubber suction cups mounting system. The rubber based suction cups ensure longer integrity life while maintaining holding power in saltwater vs clear plastic suction cups which can get harden much faster and fall off. Replacement suction brackets are available for a low cost making it very cost effective to keep your NEO SP Coral Frag Racks in perfect working order at all time. The NEO SP™ series frag racks are available in 10, 16, or 20 frags mount and will hold to any thickness of glass.
  15. Oceanbox Designs

    New design in the work!

    I'm very excited working on a brand new design. I've looked all over and choices are either inferior Chinese or DIY. What is it? Feel free to take your best reef educated guess!
  16. Oceanbox Designs™ Magnetic Anemone’s Den is typically used to acclimate and nurture new anemones before releasing them into the display tank. For soft corals such as mushroom, xenia, and leather corals, it’s a neat way to allow them to attach to a piece of rubble rock before gluing them into your reef scape. There are a few optional uses for this acclimation box including defrosting of frozen food, nursing baby anemones (bubble tips, rock flower), or temporarily separate a small aggressive fish. It’s easy to install or remove in seconds with our waterproof magnets mounting system that will hold firmly up to a thickness of 3/8″ glass. Features: Quad “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets hold firmly up to 3/8″ thick glass/acrylic. Wave shape slits to allow more natural pass-through flow but won’t allow the animal to escape. Allows you to add a thin layer of sandbed. CNC laser cut from high quality cast acrylic. Available size: MICRO – 3″x3″x3″, MINI- 4″x4″x4″ Hand-built in Texas, USA. Order yours here: https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/magnetic-anemones-den/
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