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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys!!!! I'm back!!!! After a 3 year hiatus, I have a reef tank again. A little background on me: I've been in the hobby for too many years LOL. Started with a 35g, downsized to a Biocube 14 (my first tank journal on NR way way way back when). Switched to a NanoCube 12. Upgraded to a 28g. Upgraded to a 45g Cube. Downsized to a 20L. Lateral move to a 20g Drop-off. Upgraded to a 25g. Downsized to a NUVO Fusion 10. Which was the last tank I had before shutting down. There were other tanks in there too. I've had picos, pico jars, macro tanks, standard 10s. I've basically had a bunch of tanks LOL. My last tank, the IM10, was a great tank and I knew if I got back in, that's what I really wanted. BUT.....I sold EVERYTHING!!! I would have to start out completely fresh. And the $$$$ to do so really turned me off. But I looked on FB Marketplace and there it was. The exact setup I wanted to get, at a fraction of the cost. In my city. 10min. from my house! So I made an offer (bargain basement). He refused LOL. Then I asked him what's the lowest he would take? And we agreed. And now here I am with another reef tank in my house. And I'm soooo thrilled to be back in the game again. The tank: NUVO Fusion 10. It came with a media basket which is nice. I think those are standard now with these tanks. Mine didn't have that at the time. I had to buy a custom made from InTank. InTank's is much nicer, btw LOL. The water outlet has a previous owner's DIY spray bar which is cool. Really gives a lot of surface agitation which I like. The light: Came with a Maxspect RAZOR R240R LED. I used to have the larger version of this on my 45g Cube and my 20L and really loved the light. This one does have a couple of pucks? burned out which I didn't even notice when I went to look at it. You really can't even tell unless you look up at the light. So I'm not sure how long I'll be able to use this light, but it's my light until it's no longer usable. Hopefully it lasts! If not, I'll go to what I had before, an AI Prime, in white. The stand: DIY Ikea stand. Modified for an aquarium. It's VERY nice! I'm not sure what model it is. Looks sharp with the tank. That's pretty much it. It came with everything he had so there are some miscellaneous supplies that all reefers have in their reef cabinets/closets. Livestock: Came with rock, sand, one clownfish, one toadstool leather, and 2 snails. This system was running for 6 years with the previous owner. He had it in his office at work. Then pandemic happened and the tank came home. I got the impression that his wife wasn't liking the tank. Plus he wasn't really into it anymore. So he sold it. Future plans: I'm going to make this a mostly softy tank. Leathers, mushrooms, clove polyps, maybe some zoas. The only LPS I want to add is turquoise trumpets, if I can find them. This will be similar to my 20L tank. Not sure if I will add more fish. Right now there is just the one clownfish. If I do add another fish, it would be another clownfish. And if I add more after that, it would be a pink streaked wrasse and a Green banded goby. So I know what fish I would get, but I'm still up in the air on if I want to add more or not. I did just grudgingly place an order with BRS for things I absolutely need for this tank. An ATO $$$ (evaporation is insane out here in Colorado), New salt. He gave me a big box of Reef Crystals which I had every intention of using, but it's compromised. It's wet. And after 24 hours of mixing, the calcium has precipitated out of the mix water. I think the salt is 6 years old. So I ordered my standard RSCP. Always been happy with that one. And then some miscellaneous items....a specimen container, a new heater, Chemipure, some pipettes. I think that's all. So that's where we stand now. I had a minor bump in ammonia the first and second day and now it's not registering any ammonia so I think I'm out of the woods on this tank re-cycling. The move was only 10min. and everything was kept in water the whole time. I was worried about the 6 year old sandbed getting disturbed, but I think it's ok. In a couple of weeks I'm going to syphon the heck out of it. Right now I just want to let the tank get established again before messing with things. I'll get some photos up here ASAP. I do have one on IG right now. My IG is @thepinktrellis. But I want to find a photo hosting site for my photos of this tank. I used to hate seeing the same photos here as what can be seen on IG. Too redundant for me. So we'll see what I can do. If you made it this far, thanks for checking my new tank journal out. I'm looking forward to doing this again! ~Gena
  2. Trevor_tc

    Nuvo 10 Bedroom tank

    Hi, I'm new to this site, but I have a 125 gallon in the living room. I've always wanted a tank in my bedroom but couldn't decide on the right one. I saw an innovative marine fusion 10 at a new LFS and decided this is the one. The only problem is I couldn't find a stand that fits it and matches the furniture in the room. I decided to build one. I used composite board as it was 49 by 16 at Home Depot. Here are some pictures of the build. I also wanted a nice door for the front.
  3. Hi all, I have been following TeenyReef's Nuvo Fusion 10 and I see that he has a very thriving mixed reef. All while only dosing Reef Energy A/B and No Pox, so that being said my fusion 10 is nowhere nearly as stocked as his tank. Currently I have an Acan Frag with 4 heads, Hammer coral, GSP and a rather large monitpora plate. The only thing I am doing right now is just dosing No Pox, using red sea pro coral salt and that's it. My future stock plans to have a few softies such as Zoa's and Mushrooms, maybe a few more LPS and a couple SPS. So that being said, should I worry about dosing trace elements? Jack
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