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  1. Current FTS: December 2018 Past FTS: April 2018 Upgraded to this tank from my first reef in a 17g Aqua Japan Feb 2018. My old tank was running for a little over a year and I quickly realized I wanted something a little bigger and better build quality. I love the long shallow look of the Nuvo 30l. The upgrade went surprisingly smooth as I was able to set the tanks up side by side and just swapped over every thing but the sand in just a few hours. Most of the corals I’ve grown from small frags which I’m pretty proud of. Looking forward to some of them having more room to grow out now. Equipment: Tank: IM Nuvo 30L Lighting: 2x Ai Prime HDs Filtration: 2x IM Floss Holders Eshoppes Nano Skimmer DIY Cheato Reactor Pump: Jeabo DCS2000 Powerhead: Jeabo SW-2 IM SpinStream on one side Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w ATO: Tunze Osmolater 3152 Livestock: Fish and Inverts: Allardi Clown Sixline Wrasse Azure Damsel 2x Chalk Bass passed away:( Orange spotted Goby Tiger Pistol Shrimp Conch Snail Cleaner Shrimp Hermits Trochus and Nassarius Snails Durasa Clam RBTA Tuxedo Urchin Corals: Frogspawn Hammer Green and Striped Candy Canes Fungia GSP Pocillopora Birdsnest Open Brain Coral Cabbage Coral Lobophylia Kenya Tree Long Tentacle Green Toadstool Various Zoanthids and Palys Varioua Mushrooms Maintence: Weekly 5g water change Change filter floss Clean Skimmer Cup I occasionally dose ESV Bionic 2 part when my calcium dips and alk dip, generally towards the end of the week Remove cheato from the reactor as needed.
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