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Found 16 results

  1. Welcome to our small-boom-boom-sexy-time-kitchen-invertebrate-party tank! We're new to this and not entirely sure what we are doing, but by sheer luck and generous amounts of Buffalo Trace, Luxardo cherries, bitters, and ice it has somehow been somewhat and miraculously working. Basically, it's both happy and amateur hour over here. Living in an old house Uptown in the Big Easy, we were limited in both space and structural integrity, so we decided on a small Nuvo 10 that hangs out in the kitchen. Started up in late March 2017, we have been slowly adding both coral and livestock, with an overall aesthetic goal of making the tank look like the ill-advised and pom-pom crab infested underwater love child of Ashley Longshore & Lisa Frank (chew on that image). Lastly, I apologize for the less-than-profession nature of the pictures. Much like my reef keeping skills, my photography is still, very much, a work in progress. All advise and comments are welcomed and appreciated (except those critical of Blenwood, he's a sensitive soul). October 2018 September 2018 August 2018 July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 April 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017 Set-up: • Display: 10g Innovative Marine Fusion 10• Lighting: AI Prime HD (2x)• Filtration: floss, carbon, Phosguard, Purigen• Heater: Eheim Jager 50w• Circulation: Eheim 600 return pump, IM Spin Stream, Aqamai KPS• Skimmer: Aqua Euro Nano II • Dosing Pump: Jabao DP-4 • Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt Dosing: • KZ Acroglow • KZ Coral Vitalizer • KZ Sponge Power • KZ LPS Amino Acids • KZ Pohl's Extra • Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7 • ESP 2-part Fish: • Tail-spot Blenny (Blenwood aka "B-Wood Cash Money Dollar Dollar!") • Tanaka Possum Wrasse (Lorp) Inverts: • Pom-Pom Crab • Porcelain Crab (Whiskers III) • Sexy Shrimp • Scarlet-leg Hermit Crabs • Blue-leg Hermit Crabs • Cerith Snails • Nassarius Snails • Turbo Snails SPS: Acropora: • WWC After Party • SC Orange Passion • TCK Pikachu • Cornbred's Maleficent • RR Pink Floyd • Jason Fox Foxflame • Oregon Tort • JKR Rainbow • Upscales Microlados • WWC Plum Passion • Cali Tort • Red Dragon • Sunset Milli • Pink Milli • Hawkins Blue • WWC Slimball • Strawberry Shortcake • Bali Green Slimer • ECE Green Table • ASD Rose Acro • ECE Red Milli • ASD Green Milli • Pink Dragonscale • Tri-Color Tenius • Blue Tip Stag • Bali Unknown Seriatopora: • ORA Hyacinth Birdsnest • ORA Green Birdsnest Montipora: • Jedi Mind Trick Monti • Rainbow Monti • Toxic Green Monti • Superman Digi • Red Setosa LPS • Orange Lepto • Purple/Green Plate • Multi Color Lobo • Assorted Acan Lords • Walking Dendro • Assorted Button Scolys • WWC Peppermint Cyphastrea • Assorted Cyphastrea • SF Blue/Orange Chalice • Tri-Color Pectinia • Orange Psammo • Assorted Acan Echinata NPS: • Dendrophyllia • Balanophyllia • Black Sun Coral • Pink/Yellow Sun Coral Softies: Zoas: • Eagle Eye • Gorilla Nipple • Pink Hallucinations • Blue Hornets • Red People Eaters • WWC Twizzlers Others : • Green Star Polyps • Blue Clove Polyps
  2. MrJDanP

    MrJDanP's Nano Reef Build

    This is my third tank! Started the cycle for the tank on June 22nd. Will be moving at the end of July so won't be adding any livestock to the tank until August. Using Indo-Pacific live sand, BRS Reef Saver rock, and Red Sea Coral Pro salt. Just added the light on July 8th. Diatoms are beginning to grow! Equipment List stock pump (slight noise doesn't bother me) - after breaking in the noise is equivalent to a quiet fan IM custom caddy with filter floss - chemi-pure blue, and live rock rubble Kessil A80 Tuna blue with gooseneck Kessil A series spectral controller Cobalt Neotherm 50w heater AutoAqua smart ATO micro
  3. Sunday

    Sunday's 10G Journal

    Hi everyone and welcome to my tank's journal! **Project Presentation** Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by corals. Long story short, the aim of this tank will be to maintain SPS corals along with a few specimens of LPS. I am not yet too sure about the fish population as I want to limit excessive bioload. **Equipements** Tank - The "infamous" Nuvo Fusion 10 Lighthing - Maxspect RSX Nano 50W (I am in love with it 😍) DC pump - MightyJet DC Desktop w/ RFG from VCA Heating - EHEIM 50 Watts ATO/AWC – AUTOAQUA Touch Kit Homemade R/O water using ATI Absolute Ocean "Liquid" Salt 7lbs Dry rock, bare bottom **Maintenance** I am planning on doing small, daily WC using the AUTOAQUA AWC function to export nutrients and maintain water parameters. In the sump I will probably use filter floss and Purigen. The tank has been running for 10 days now and is still cycling. Here's a picture for you guys :
  4. Hunter Lang

    My Nuvo 10 build!

    Not sure how this whole journal thing works but thought I would keep this journal for me (and others to keep up with) I am on day 32 of my tank build. my equipment -Kessil A80 Tuna Blue -stock return pump (soon replacing with sicce 0.5) -heater (Petco brand not sure exact one) Not sure if I should get a nano protein skimmer?? My LFS said it’s probably not necessary but I’m gonna do more research my live stock has built up quite a bit and here’s what it’s loaded with -2 occe clowns -2 hermits -1 conch -2 snails -1 pink torch coral branching 3 heads -candy cane colony (15 heads) - green hammer coral branching 1 head -2 orange/gray acan -3 ricordea -1 gsp -1 two head red mushroom - 1 cabbage coral -1 zoa 6 heads ( eagle eye) -1 Kenya tree Plan on getting some frogspawn, more zoas and torches. Also want one more small fish but not sure if I will have enough room Since I’m already a month late on posting this I’m going to post from the day water was put in my tank to my pics I took tonight Note I have been very indecisive and have changed my aquascape, arrangement of corals, and my actual live rocks a lot in just this month 😂 hope you guys will enjoy following along!! Many input is appreciated greatly! Day one Day 3 added my live rock Week 2 cycle complete time for fishies and some corals week 3 more corals! Week 3 1/2 did not like the top arm so removed it and made more flat simplistic look Week 4 got two new ricordia sand 2 acan!!! Week 4!!! just got a new candy cane colony, torch, and center price covered in coraline! Can’t wait to see how this turns out in a year from now!!!
  5. Just the last two days I’ve come hone to see an odd buildup of salt creep along the outside bottom edge of the tank (Nuvo 10). I’ve had the issue before where the clips caused water to rub down the outside and make a small buildup of salt creep before, but this seems different - I don’t see a streak where the water is running doesn’t the glass. It appears as if it’s just building up from the very bottom of the tank. Could this be the early signs of a leak?? The buildup in the photos was over only 24 hrs or so. Thanks for any any thoughts or suggestions!!
  6. TANK SPECS: I.M Nuvo 10 Kessil A160we with spectral controller Tunze Nano osmolator Ghost Protein skimmer Reef Glass protein skimmer Sicce silent 0.5 Cobalt slim heater I.M Glass ATO 5 gallon I.M caddy upgrade Ikea Sektion wall cabinet as stand (reinforced the back with 3 2x4's cut to fit so you don't see them. It's rock solid) BRS RO/DI unit 4 stage Vortech MP10 QD APEX Classic System Chill solutions Chiller FTS 6/22/18
  7. So I'm jumping back into the hobby after a few years, sorta. My first nano was a Fluval Edge 12g. Let me just say it was a learning experience and PITA to maintain. A couple of years after breaking that one down I got a JBJ Cubey 3g. Also a PITA but I managed to have it last up until now with 2 rock nems and a small frogspawn that survived. After 2 horrible tanks to maintain as reef tanks I am here again now. I started the cycle on 4/29/18. Here's my equipment list: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 10 Stand: Ikea Sektion Wall Cabinet Filter & flow: InTank Media Basket. Using Filter Floss, Chemi-Pure Blue Nano, and Seachem Matrix. 10lbs of MarcoRocks Key Largo Dry Rock 6-8lbs of CaribSea Ocean Direct Natural Live Sand Added a bag of Bio Pellets that was in my JBJ Cubey Hydor Aqamai KPS Power Head Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget Spin Stream - Return Nozzle Sicce Syncra 0.5 Return Pump InTank Universal Aquarium Surface Skimmer Reef Glass Skimmer w/ AP-3 Air Pump Auto Top-Off: Smart ATO Micro One Gallon Beverage Dispenser Reservoir Lighting: MicMol Aqua Mini G3 Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Aquarium Heater 75w LIVESTOCK Fish: 2 or 1 Ocellaris Clown Fish (Planned) Wheeler's Shrimp Goby & Tiger Pistol Shrimp Pair (Planned) Tailspot Blenny or Pygmy Possum Wrasse or Pink Striped Wrasse or Blue Striped Gobies (Planning, still have no idea yet) Inverts: 1 Bubble Tip Anemone (Planned) 2 Rock Flower Anemones (transplanted from my JBJ Cubey) 3 Sexy Shrimp (Planned) 1 Cleaner Shrimp (Planned) 1 Porcelain Crab (Planned) Snails: 4 Nerite Snails 6 Florida Cerith Snails 10 Dwarf Cerith Snails 3 Nassarius Snails Corals: Various Softies, LPS, and some hardy SPS (Planned) Branching Hammer (transplanted from my JBJ Cubey) Branching Hammer Frog Spawn Candy Cane Acan GSP (transplanted from my JBJ Cubey) Duncan Zoas Macro Algae: Shaving Brush Mermaids Fan Halimeda 4/29 FTS 5/31/18 FTS
  8. Elizabeth94

    Nuvo Fusion SOLD SOLD

    Located in Warren, RI. Pickup only please. ****** EVERYTHING SOLD ****** Includes:- Acrylic screen top- Original Pump that came with the tank- Upgraded Media Basket- InTank Surface Skimmer I may have some more reef stuff I will part with but I have a Nuvo 20 I am having a hard time to selling. Never know when the bug will bite again LOL. Extras: - MP 10w with a new wet side ($100) - AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro ($30) (Trying to find one magnet that holds the tube in place)
  9. Hey everyone, I got the SpinStream for my Nuvo 10 and it seems to be making WAY too much noise (tank is in my bedroom).. will this eventually break in and make less sound? because the flow is amazing, I just can't stand the gear noises it makes. I heard if I leave it on for a week or so, it will develop some sort of slime coat and the noise will go away, any truth to this or should I try getting a replacement spin stream and testing that one? Thanks
  10. Hello all, i'm running a IM Nuvo 10 and i finished my cycle. The tank has been set up for 3 and a half weeks now, live rock, live sand, and established water was used from my lfs. The cycle was extremely quick, and didnt have much of a cycle because nothing really died off.. the only thing i've been lowering is my Nitrates, currently they stay at around 10-15. i'm ready to start adding things slowly, however i really wanted to put an RBTA in this tank. Knowing that its going to move around, i wanted to place it first, so when it does find its place, i can add my euphylia all around it.. (yes i know rbta can move at any time) however, is it correct or acceptable if i put the rbta now? Will it thrive with the nitrates at 10ppm? lighting will not be an issue, i'm runing Ai Prime Hd. And return pump has been upgraded to 210gph. Everything seems to be doing great in my tank, i have around 10 hermit crabs and they are doing just fine. Is it time to add my anemone? Or do i stick with small frags such as zoas, torch and frogspawns. thanks fam! happy reefing
  11. RandyX

    Nuvo X reef

  12. RandyX


  13. RandyX

    Nano Reef X august

    A lot of great additions to the reef this month here's some shots
  14. Hi everybody, Has anyone ever tried to use a kessil mounting arm on a im fusion 10 or 20? Would the a160 be way off center? Thx in advance. Rory
  15. RandyX

    im nuvo 10 build

    Build thread of my nuvo 10 gallon all in one reef He's pics of live sand and dry rock not sure my approach on cycling this tank yet Water is in thoughts on a quick start additive and a clown fish? I know it's not proper I have ran a 65 gallon mixed reef cube for the last 3 years parted ways so I'm not new to the hobby but wanted to hear some options
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