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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum so I don't so I don't know if i'm posting this in the right place. But I was curious how much ammonia a juvenile clownfish is capable of producing. specifically in a 28 gallon tank. Its been cycling for 25 days and went 2 ppm of ammonia twice + whatever small amount of ammonia the shrimp produced while it was in their. I've had a light diatom bloom but left the lights off since. The plan this weekend to get 2 hermit crabs or 2 trochus snails along with a bottle of bacteria to ensure they live. And add a clown if all goes well. My tank is only going through about 0.25 ppm daily. Is that enough for a clownfish?
  2. undertheseaquarium

    Help Ph problems

    Hey, So it's been a few weeks since I set up my RSR350. I used recycled water from my old tank, which still has its inhabitants. I REALLY want to put them in their new home especially because they're inhabiting the rocks that I want in the tank and i would like to finally get rid of it. Old tank Parameters: Ph: unknown Salinity: 1.026 Temp: 24C Ca - 480 Kh - 4.3Meq/L 12.0 dkh Mg - 1800ppm Inhabitants: 2x clowns, 2x cleaner shrimp, 1x serpent star, 1x clam, 1x cynarina, 1x sleeper goby. 5-10 zoas, 5 LPS corals New tank Parameters: Salinity: 1.026 I dont have todays Ca, Mg, Kh readings but if they're really needed for this situation, I'll gladly do a test for all 3. Should I be worried about my Ph readings. I didn't really worry about it in my nano but this new Seneye sensor is reporting a problem from 7.6- 7.7 The new tank is also getting the old cycled tank water and sand Hoping to get this situation solved bc my sps are starting to bleach, from being in the wrong spot.
  3. Def20


    Hello looking for help I recently set up my fluval evo aquarium with just dry rock and coral sand and I have no filtration set up yet as per the advice just a power head and bio media .. I added my Dr tims bacteria and 1 drop of ammonia per gallon after I tested my water parameters the following day my nitrite read 0,2 and my ammonia 3ppm, so I didn't add anymore ammonia and checked today my levels are the exssact same? My pH has also been 7 both days I understand its low but it says not to mess with pH until tank fully cycled? Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Hello everyone, I have anew 120 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump. Yesterday i added pure liquid ammonia "unscented"and by accident i put around 500ml of liquid ammonia in the tank. Does anybody know if the cycling process will still work? will it continue through time? or do i have to flush it? need some light on this problem of mine. thanks,
  5. Getting ready to start cycle in 3 weeks. Going with Red Sea Reef Mature pro. Dry 25-28 lbs reef saver dry rock Bubble Magus Curve 5 protein skimmer Carib Sea Ocean direct What have people's experiences been with RS reef mature? Advice? Things to look out for? Any info helpful
  6. lonewonderer

    Instant Beneficial Bacteria

    Hello all, I just have a quick question. I have been keeping freshwater fish for years now and it was great. Now I have my first 28 gallon jbj nano cube for saltwater. My question is that, I know that seeded media and Beneficial bacteria in a bottle are one of the fastest way to help establish the tank. Does the gunk from a protein skimmer help my new tank grow BB faster? I'm so new to saltwater and still learning. Thank you guys!
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