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Found 13 results

  1. Dave MN Nano

    Help with Nitrates

    Hi, This is my first saltwater tank. It's been up and running about 8 months. Not exactly sure if I am doing anything right. I wonder if I should be worried about nitrates??? Here is my setup: 20 gallon long tank HOB Aqueon filter HOB refugium with chaeto Aqueon No skimmer Current USA Marine Orbit IC LED dual lights set on 14k color (par should be from 50 - 175 where my coral are) Fish: 2 oscellarus clowns, firefish goby, yellow watchman goby. Bengai cardinal Inverts: pistol shrimp, skunk cleaner shrimp, 5 hermit crabs Corals: zoas, palys, 1 hammer, 1 xenia, GSP, bubble coral, duncans, Ricordia mushroom, candy cane, toadstool leather, 1 acan, 1 favia, 1 clove polyp water test: amonia = nitrite = nitrate = 0, calcium = 420 and dkh = 9 (API test), phosphate = 0.03 ,(Red Sea test), salt = 1.025 Fish all look good. YWM Goby and pistol shrimp paired (very fun). My xenia has really gone downhill since I got it (my first coral about 3 months ago) looks bad now. Shrinking and moving less and less. I know these should grow like weeds. Zoas and Palys and hammer and gsp and toadstool and candy cane have grown. Not much change in any of the others. Question: Should I worry about my low nitrates? Is my xenia doing bad because of this or something else? Would my coral grow faster if my nitrates were 5-10? I think this is a full load of fish for this tank and even after a month without a water change, maybe my phosphates get up to 0.05 and nitrates still 0!!!! I have turned my refugium light down to 5 hours a day. I feed more dry food and less brine (supposed to increase nitrates more than phosphates says BRSTV), still no luck. Should I stick with what I am doing and call this relatively successful, so far, or do something different to get nitrates up????
  2. Leo_ian

    phosphates and nitrates

    so i have a 20 gallon cube... once a week i feed copepods, the rest of the time i split a cube of mysis between my three tanks...i feed once a day... my phosphates are at 1, no not 0.01 its literally 1ppm, my nitrates are 10ppm, how do i lower them? i will be creating an in tank refugium later today. I have five fish, a chromis(will be giving her away), a spriger's damsel, lubbock's fairy, royal gramma and a red stripe cardinal(i will be moving this guy to another tank after my exams)
  3. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/pre-order-hi781-saltwater-nitrate-low-range-checker-hanna-intruments/ I didn't believe it either, but I was shopping for some good bacteria to help maintain microbe diversity ever since my dino bloom, and then I stumbled upon the banner on the website just before check out. Now uh...someone buy this for my birthday in a few months.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm currently in the cycling process of my Red Sea Reefer 170. This is my third tank. I started this tank with BRS Dry Rock, and live sand from BRS. I added a shrimp 3-4 days ago. It's beginning to disintegrate in my filter sock, still no ammonia readings. I added a small live rock and some chaeto yesterday. Before adding shrimp I began with Red Sea Mature Pro cycling kit however my readings using API & Salifert show to be 0 on everything Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite. This is after seven days... 77.3 *F 8.17 ph 34.2 salt 233 ORP Visually, the tank looks clean. No signs of diatoms. Where the $#%* is my ammonia haha?! Either this tank is cycling very efficiently and it's undetectable or Red Sea's Mature Pro cycling kit is pure snake oil. Prove me wrong. What to do next... Edit: I added the live sand and dry rock one week before beginning the cycling product from Red Sea.
  5. Hello, iv'e had a Biocube 32 running for nine days now, two days ago I added Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride and Fritzzyme bacteria. Yesterday my results were 2 ppm for ammonia, and 0.2 ppm for nitrites. Today however, my ammonia still seemed to be around 2 ppm, but my nitrite was seemingly 0.0 ppm, and my nitrates were 5-10 ppm. What might be an explanation for this? Is there any way it could be a false reading somehow? I'm using the Red Sea marine test kit which the guy at my LFS recommended.
  6. My tank is a 16 G cube, and I want to avoid having a giant pile of rock right in the middle of the cube, so the fish will be behind the rockwork 50% of the time. Is it advisable to create a rock wall, by cutting each dry rock piece into two halves and cementing several halves together, each piece being stacked on the top of the other? The wall would then be made to lean against the back glass of the tank. The weight would be supported by the bottom of the tank though. I'm afraid the tiny cavity wall between the back glass and the rock wall might get dirty over time and become a source of nitrates. My idea would be to achieve something looking like the image below, using CaribSea Life Rock. Obviously my tank is much smaller than the one in the image.
  7. Lugmos12

    10ppm nitrates

    I'm pretty sure I overfed with reef chili this week; just tested nitrates at 10ppm. My water changes is tomorrow. Is it safe to wait? It's a 13.5G fluval.
  8. TheCrockers200

    Testing kits

    Looking for opinions on best testing kits to use while cycling a new tank and thereafter. We’re planning on being pretty vigilant and patient when cycling this new tank up and are interested in what everyone else recommends. I did not realize there were so many brands ?
  9. My tank has now been set up for 6 weeks but for the past four my nitrates and nitrites have been unbelievably high. I have tried everything from cyclinv bacteria to daily water changes, any suggestions?
  10. Hello, I'm just want your honest advanced opinion. I have a 40 gallon reef tank and I did vodka dosing on it and the Phos went down to 0ppm and nitrates are gradually coming down that started from 40ppm down to 15ppm. Now my question is I'm building a 120 gallon fish only tank with no LR and no substrate. My filtration is a 30 gallon sump with some mech media, bio ring, activated carbon, chemi pure blue, ASM G4 PS up to 400 gal capacity. Can vodka dosing be beneficial with FO tank to remove nitrates? it worked on my 40 gallon reef. will it work on my 120 gallon since i have a 4x over protein skimmer for it?
  11. lonewonderer

    Algae Scrubber DIY

    I just want to share my DIY algae scrubber. Algae growth in 2 days using a 12w par38 led light. I took the baffle from my sump and made it as a waterfall slide style scrubber. Meah can be removed by sliding it up.
  12. lonewonderer

    best way to remove detritus?

    Hello, i'm new to the hobby. I have a bare bottom 40 gallon with a 10 gallon diy sump, skimmer, HOB, 40 pounds LR and 10 small fishes. What is the best way to remove detritus beside water changes? thank you
  13. lonewonderer

    Algae scrubber does it work?

    Hello, I was thinking about an algae scrubber. Does anybody know if it really works on reducing phos and Nitrates? I have a 40 gallon reef tank with a 10 gallon diy sump. Does anybody here uses algae scrubber? thanks,
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