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Found 6 results

  1. Artemis75

    New tank

    Hi I’m looking to start a new tank that is 55 gallons. We were looking to go mostly inverts with maybe a couple cardinals this is what I was thinking but I don’t know how much or how little to add. I was also wondering if these even go well together. Red knobbed sea star Tuxedo urchin (maybe 2) Cleaner shrimp (x2) Halloween hermit Electric blue hermit Maybe 3 bangai cardinals Mandarin dragonet please let me know if you have any advice or can help adjust my quantities. Thanks :)
  2. D_Brinker


    Im restarting my 10g tank and im wondering what are some fish that would be good for it
  3. New to saltwater. I have a 75gal been set up for a little over a month. I put 3 damsels and a snail in about a week ago.. all basic levels are good . Just switched to a better light today and doing a water change as we speak. But I wanted to know what the brown hairy stuff is it’s over my live rock . My snail seems to enjoy it witch I’ll show ..just what is it bad / good / part of it .. and how to react accordingly thanks
  4. What the HECK is this thing? Is it nice? Is it mean? What do I do!? Bristle wrongs are no big but I have never seen anything like this guy, though I am very new to this community! Please help a girl out!
  5. Hi, this is my first post and my first reef tank. Its been running for 3 weeks and all is good and well. I found some interesting critter living in my rock. I've been unable to identify ot on my own but maybe some wiser person might be able to help. What I know about it's behaviour: It looks like it hides by covering itself with a stoney looking plug. It has one long feeler that seems to just sway in the water column. Not much more. Thanks for your help!😁
  6. OCNcheffy

    MicroBacter7 Question

    So I'm going to be starting the cycle on my 60g cube build this weekend and I had decided to give this product a try after hearing some positive results on the product. My understanding is this product introduces bacteria to break down ammonia into nitrite and nitrate, but does this product also introduce an ammonia source to feed the bacteria? Or do I still have to provide some source of ammonia separately? The tank has Caribsea Live sand, and new dry marco rock. I don't believe that on it's own, it would start a cycle, unless the live sand would kick start it. I had even thought about adding a couple chunks of frozen mysis with the MicroBacter7 to help it along as well.
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