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  1. Journal Goals: Starting this journal now in the hopes of garnering advice/opinions prior to even setting up. Really want to do this in-depth for record keeping and hopefully help out other newbies! Tank/Equipment: -Red Sea Max Nano w/stand and all included equipment (skimmer, ATO, Sock, Carbon, Pump) -Helio dual 100w heaters (went with the dual for redundancy should one fail) -1 EcoTech MP10 (pricey I know but looking ahead equipment wise honesty and believe in cry over price over cry over failure) -CaribSea Arag-Alive Sand -CaribSea Life Rock -Red Sea Coral Pro Salt -Various Red Sea Test Kits Tank Overarching Goals: The overall goal for this tank is to become an LPS and Softy tank. Really want to establish a nice little Lords garden w/a small Zoa island. Also plan to have an Elegance once the tank is established. This will be my first reef tank so I really look at this as an opportunity to learn. Mistakes will be made and I truly hope this community of experienced reefers will call me out on bad decisions as I go! Specific Stocking Goals: Fish: Once Cycled; 2x Ocellaris Clownfish After 2 week steady parameters; 1x Six-Line Wrasse 1x Small sand sifting goby Inverts: 1x Peppermint or Fire Shrimp 1 or 2 Nasarius Snails Coral: Once fish and tank are established (gauging a month or so but will base on overall parameters); Various Lords Zoas on island Elegance Tentacled Toadstool Duncan Candy coral Maybe red Xenia (will decide this at later date due to their rapid growth status) Feel free to offer other suggestions! Cycle Plan: Once aquascaped and sand/water (using Red Sea salt) added I plan to follow the Dr. Tim’s fishless cycle. Dosing ammonia and then the One and Only. Test kits will all be in, and tank will be tested regularly until initial cycle completed. Once this is done the initial fish will be introduced gradually. I also plan to dose Brightwell Clean during this period to try and prevent/combat any algae blooms that may arise (though I understand this isn’t a guaranteed way to avoid them. I am prepared for any that may come. Mainly trying this based on BRS advice). After the tank has had time to settle in I will turn the lights on, look to start adding coral after a few weeks! Additional: Tank arrives next week. Starting the journal now to garner advice before I even begin the initial set-up process. Start looking for pics of the initial aquascape soon! Please feel free to ask questions, inquire about equipment/products I might be missing etc. I’ve lurked this forum for quite a while now and am really happy to finally be joining this community and look forward to talking with you all! 10/12/2021-Initial Setup
  2. Hi, fellow reefers. I will be hosting the evolution of the tank on Instagram under the name Squid_Reef. Below are some pictures of the progress. - it's still very early days! only been up and running from yesterday, Now comes the cycling (which I won't rush), I'm only planning to grow corals with a few invertebrates. TANK SPECS Display: Ciano Cube 15 Rock: CaribSea Liferock Nano Arches Sand: CaribSea Sand Lighting: Fluval Nano Marines LED Return Pump: AquaMedic DC Runner 1.3 Heating: Aquael Ultra Heater 25w Controller: Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-308S Skimmer: None Filtration: 3 Chambers DIY Refugium: DIY chamber with Chaeto + LED light Filter Media: Floss + Red Sea Reef Spec Carbon & Seachem PhosGuard Top Off: Auto Aqua Monitoring: Seneye LIVESTOCK: INVERTS: 1x Blue hermit crabs 3x Ceriths snails 1x Sexy Schrimp CORALS: 1x Pink Tip Torch/Euphyllia 1x Black Torch/Euphyllia 1x Super Green Candy Cane 1x Purple Rim Candy Cane 1x Flamboyance Zoa 1x Ice Phantom Zoa 1x Scrambled eggs Zoa 1x Eagle Eye Zoa 1x Acan Micromussa LATEST FTS: 15/06/2022 THREAD START: Here's the pictures of the progress, I hope some of you will make the journey on Instagram to support and share tips/advice.👊 Carib sea live rock Making of the Sump. Making of the Sump. Making of the Sump. Leak test & Coral positioning. Filtration in place. Cycling has started. TBC...
  3. YHSublime

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Hey Nano-Reef's. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been through all sorts of sized reef tanks, from a 5 gallon Fluval Edge, all the way up to a 180. This time around I've decided to go with something more appropriately sized: Mr. Aqua 22 Long. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of information on them out there, or at least builds, so I hope this will at least help somebody out there make some informed decisions, and bring some enjoyment as well! Now I wanted to re-scape, as well as get all this moved out, so I could just keep one tank, here's my Biocube 14: Originally I had come across an old PicoReef III, which probably would have been fine, but I was getting bored, and didn't like the aquascape, when locally a Mr. Aqua 22 long popped up FS. I pulled the trigger, and picked it up within 24 hours. The original owner ended up getting an AIO insert installed from Ocean Box Design, and while that was a really cool idea, it took up way to much real estate for my liking. My solution? Drill, and add a sump that was bigger than the tank! But first I had to find an overflow that I wanted. I spent a lot of time looking at Glass Holes, but ended up going with an Eshopps S Eclipse overflow. Meanwhile, I had a local club member building a stand for me. I wanted something that was going to fit right by my couch, but also new I was going to run it peninsula style. I had an old piece of red oak I was doing a failed project with, filling the cracks with silicone and glow in the dark powder, so I gave it to him and told him to use it if he could. It ended up being the top of the tank, so it has a nice live edge on the wood. I just picked it up last night, doors are coming later, but here's how everything is sitting for now. The bottom is holding a Trigger Systems Ruby 36 sump, and there is a Reef Octopus 110 int setup to handle the 45 gallons of total water. I have an XHO Reefbrite that I'm going to mount over the sump for the fuge, as well as lighting in the bottom. I'll have one MP10 for flow underneath the overflow in the back. I'm anticipating a zoanthid dominated display, but will probably end up doing a mix of everything. Here is a picture of one of my small candy racks: Thanks for reading!
  4. Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister woke me up to tell me that my aquarium was flooded to the brim with water. It looks like the return pump expelled almost all the water in both its chamber and the media bag/box chambers onto the main display area. I took out the water and I took out my pump aswell to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't find anything wrong. But I did have trouble putting it back onto the same place so the tubing kinda expanded which made a bit more noise. I honestly do not know what to do and I am desperately looking for help, should i buy a new pump and tubing? Or should I return the tank as a whole to get another one which is a bigger problem because my lfs is like 30 minutes away.
  5. Hello all, Roughly about 6-8 weeks ago I started cycling my deep blue 30 frag tank. I purchased this tank about two years ago but with a new baby decided it was best to wait until I had a more time and though to dedicate to it. I have an 10gal Nuvo that has been running for 4 years now that is mixed reef, while not completely new to salt this is my first tank with a sump. My main motivation for this tank is to move my beloved blue assessor to this new tank so he can be more comfortable. He has been a great resident for about 2 years. Next in need to do for this tank is add fish. I plan to go slowly so I will start with one fish either a pink streaked wrasse or tanaka wrasse. I’ll talk to my LFS see what they can do. I also need to switch the glass heater that I am using it’s a back to probably a colbat heater. And last figure out how to proof my weirs on the overflow more so I don’t have a fish slip into the overflow. Deep Blue 30 gal Frag tank Lighting XR15 Pro Gen 4 Powerhead MP 10 Eheim Pump Tunze ATO 3155 IM Hydrofill reservoir 5 gal *Cobalt Heater *Better lid *Temp controller Live stock: 1 blue leg hermit crab (Oz) 2 trochus snail 1 cerith snail 1 nirite snail 1 shark nose goby (Xander) 1 Pom Pom crab (Buffy) Porcelain crab (Drusilla) 1 blue assessor(Oscar) was previously in 10nuvo 1 tanakas wrasse (Giles)
  6. MoxPickle

    13.5 nano bio media

    is buying an aqua clear 70-110 bio media bag be just as good as buying a small block or 2 of bio media? looking to switch out sponge that comes with the tank for more bio media
  7. Current FTS (4-29-2020): I figured I'd start this journal a little early so I can get some feedback on what I'm planning to do ahead of time and after that use it to track my tank/get help. I used to be on this site all of the time when I was about 13 years old in 2011 and had possibly the most annoying account in the history of nano-reef.com “@Basketball Prodigy“ (honestly don't look it up it was an embarrassing time of my life). When I moved to college I basically got out of the hobby except for helping out with my old tank back home over holidays for my parents. But now my girlfriend and I are getting our own place in May after sharing my room in a party house for the past year, so I figured now is a good time to get back into it since everything is calming down. Monthly full tank shots, equipment, and livestock listed below: Equipment: -IM Nuvo 10 gallon -AI Prime HD (with mount) -Sicce Silent 1.0 Return -Eheim Jager 50 Watt heater Maintenance: Hella water changes Every other day scrape glass Fish: Black Ice Clownfish Corals: Zoanthids- Goblins on Fire Circus CB Latin Lovers Rasberry Limes Utter Chaos Gonzos Lost Boys CC Pink Constellations Armor of Gods PlayBoy Bunnies Rastas Scrambled Eggs Sunny Ds Soft Corals- Neon Green Toadstool Leather Orange Ricordea Yuma LPS- Acan Lord Green Branching Hammer Meteor Shower Cyphastrea SPS- Blue Pocillopora ORA Pearlberry Pink Monti Cap Inverts: 6 blue-legged hermits Tank set up and cycling (03-22-2019) Monthly FTS (04-22-2019) FTS after move: FTS (5-19-2019): FTS (7-19-2019): FTS (8-23-2019): FTS (9/24/2019):
  8. Hi Nano-reefers, I'd like to start a journal on this build because I've gotten tons of help through these forums with great advice and perspectives, and I'm hoping that I can offer the same platform and share a bit of my journey into reefing. Traditionally, I would start these journals, stay active for a few weeks then forget about it. I'm hoping that I can keep up with the updates/entries. Does anyone have any tips/hints to keep these journal entries interesting? I guess I'll start by introducing myself! My name is Danny, and I'm 27 years old. I live on the east side of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada! I've got about seven years of freshwater experience and two months of saltwater experience. MY TANK Over the first two months, I've been tediously searching for second-hand items to start my saltwater nano reef. I have the Fluval Evo 13.5 Aquarium, and it comes with the stock light and pump. I bought dry rock and threw in some frozen shrimp as an ammonia source. I used some leftover egg crates to build a makeshift chamber media basket. I used this Polydoh Moldable Plastic to create a mini lid for the feeding hole that I'm very proud of creating. I mixed my saltwater using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix for Aquarium 55-Gallon Bucket and RODI water using Aquatic Life RO Buddie Four Stage. I aimed for 1.025 salinity but got 1.024. I believe this was caused by not heating my RODI water first. I ordered a MLW-10 Jebao from Alibaba because I wanted something with a thin profile, and I've ordered lights from 21LEDUSA with the guidance of other fellow Nano-Reef members. Two Actinic Blue 1ft bars. Built the stand using 2x4s and compressed wood board. I painted it using white spray paint. JOURNEY I then realized that I was currently experiencing what people called the "ugly" phase. Dark brown diatoms started to cover the dry rock, and the water was still cloudy. Was I in trouble? Should I start scrubbing and perform a water change? I left it. I followed the guidance from aquarist veterans and just left it. I tested the parameters and found that even three months after I started the cycle, my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates had high values (NH3: 8.0ppm, NO2: 2.0ppm, NO3: 5.0ppm). I took out the rotting shrimp and allowed my cycle to continue. One week later... I found a local reefer through Canreef, and he invited me to his garage display room. We had a great conversation, and I left with a few easy beginner corals to introduce to my aquarium. I'll list them at the end of this post. Introduction of coral in the aquarium I used a 30-minute drip acclimation method that I've done with my freshwater fish, and this seemed to do the trick. So far, the corals look happy and are opening up nicely. The wavemaker is move the water quite well at 500 gallons/hr. Things I'm working on What to feed the corals What is too much light? What is the ideal light period? Is morning moonlight a thing? How badly will the pulsing xenia or GSP grow over my rock Coral List Pulsing Xenia Toadstool Leather coral Purple Green Euphyllia Hammer Green Star Polyps Green Trumpet coral Aussie Duncan Coral Kenya Tree Coral Leaf Plate Montipora Single polyp Green mushroom rhodactics Green Euphyllia frogspawn Slipper coral - Herpolitha Palythoa Green neon montipora
  9. codacodi

    Lil Reef 14G

    After a long hiatus, I am finally restarting my nano reef journey. Started the project in the summer and then life happened. So it was all just sitting in my office space at my apartment. But while I was on a month long work exchange to Colorado, I visited the Denver aquarium. A great little aquarium. I couldn't wait to get back and continue work on the aquarium. This was always going to be a budget build setup with most things either built from scratch or bought used from CL/Local community. Stay tuned... Equipment: Tank: Aqueon 14G Cube ($19 + $30) as DIY AIO [Happy to share details for those interested] Lights: AI Prime HD ($90) Stand: DIY ($40) Pump: Sicce Syncra 1.5 ($45) [The Kedsum was a bit of a monster, would punch a hole through the glass] Kedsum 550GPH ($24) [Might switch it out for something else down the road] Flow: Jebao SW-4 ($55) Heater: Fluval E100 ($45) RODI: Aquaticlife RODI 4-stage ($57) [Also got a used one with the lights for $10, but needed replacements so new made sense] Skimmer: AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 ($35) [No plans to start out using this, but picked it up on close-out; can always sell] Salt: Instant Ocean Reef Crystals ($39) Tests: TDS ($14) + Refractometer ($18) + Hanna Alk. & Phosperous URL ($40) +TBD [Water testing; have freshwater API kit for cycling; looking to pickup used Hanna for Alk., Phos., Rea Sea etc.] Rocks: Dry LFS ($20) Sand: Cardbsea Agra-live ($15) Misc.: Glue + Paint + Hardware + Bulkheads ($50) Media: Fluval bio ceramic ($9) + Carbon (free) [Need to learn more on the carbon and understand adsorption profiles] Current Running Total: $665 Would love feedback from the more experienced members of this awesome forum!
  10. Hello, I want to try something and i can’t find much information on it or someone who tried this. Because i have not much space for a reef tank and i want to have sps again, i want to buy a waterbox peninsula 15 or 25 and put a ghl kh and ion director on it for stability. Would this be possible? Can’t find much info on someone using this equipment on small tank. Pro’s and cons? Best regards, Jens
  11. JachPot

    JachPot's Evo 13.5

    Hi all, A bit about me. I'm originally from Oklahoma where I learned about aquariums from my time working at "Wet Pets by Steve." Big shout out to them for teaching me so much and giving me a strong basis. I've been all over the map with tanks both fresh and reef. My 2 favorites have been my shrimp dominated 55 gallon planted tank and my 29 gallon reef. I had to get rid of all of my tanks before grad school due to moving in with my future wife into rental houses and apartments as we moved around. I'm finally a home owner! So I'm dipping a toe back in with a Fluval Evo 13.5 for my office. This tank is not even cycled yet, and my wife is already asking when I'm putting a "big one" in the living room. 😁 Fair warning, I've been taking pictures of absolutely everything and I have a huge photo dump coming. I own a heavily modded Ender 3 (v1) printer and I'm attempting to print most of the Evo 13.5 mods in PETG. They'll be the grey additions to the tank. I do want to give one shoutout. I was deeply inspired by @DevilDuck His 13.5 was absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to recreated some of that magic. Here we go! For post one: Here's the empty tank in all its glory, the absolutely sweet rock I found, and cat tax!
  12. Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum so I don't so I don't know if i'm posting this in the right place. But I was curious how much ammonia a juvenile clownfish is capable of producing. specifically in a 28 gallon tank. Its been cycling for 25 days and went 2 ppm of ammonia twice + whatever small amount of ammonia the shrimp produced while it was in their. I've had a light diatom bloom but left the lights off since. The plan this weekend to get 2 hermit crabs or 2 trochus snails along with a bottle of bacteria to ensure they live. And add a clown if all goes well. My tank is only going through about 0.25 ppm daily. Is that enough for a clownfish?
  13. So long story short i am currently in the midst of a second hard battle with dinos in my 32 gallon biocube. I have tried what feels like every method including my last try which was increasing tank temp to 83 degrees after seeing articles and videos of people who saw success with this method. This did not kill the dinos but did unfortunately kill my 3 fish which was hard to swallow but im living and learning as a new hobbyist. So now that my new tank has no fish I am going to replace my sandbed given that the overwhelming majority of the dinos in the tank coat the sandbed. I used caribsea arag-alive reef sand in my tank and happen to have an extra bag which is what I plan on using to replace the old stuff. I have seen a lot of people say they rinse new sand before they add it but i have also seen some people do not. I do not have an RODI system to do a thorough rinse so I am just wondering if just adding the sand to the tank slowly over a few days without it being rinsed could have a harmful affect on the tank or only 2 corals i have. Please let me know any input you have, thank you.
  14. FM's Round 2 Reef

    FM's 15g Waterbox Peninsula

    After almost a decade hiatus from the hobby, I got the itch again and decided to do things "better" this time around and correct some of the mistakes that I made my first go at this. The goal was to keep things as simple as possible, utilize a small footprint, purchase quality equipment, create an "easy" to maintain system, and stay under a $1,000 budget for all tank/equipment/rock/sand to get things started (looking back at this laughing at the thought of all this). Below is what I ended up with (I even hit my budget mark with $50 to spare!): Tank: Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15 Lighting: AI Prime 16 Controller: Neptune Systems Apex Pumps: Sicce Syncra Silent .5 Powerheads: Hygger Mini Wave Maker ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite Heater: Eheim Jager 75w (2 for redundancy) Substrate: CaribSea Special Grade (15lb) Rock: BRS Dry Rock (10lb) RODI: RO Buddy 50gpd Entire tank was setup 5/16/21 and running in about 6 hours, which was mostly just waiting for salt to mix. Live sand and dry rock clouded things up but cleared in under 12 hours (assuming I can thank the filter sock for a big part of this). Not planning to add any live stock for at least a month after cycling with the assistance of MicroBacter 7 and some live rock rubble from an established tank to seed the dry rock. No lights at all or water changes during cycling until confirmed completed. Will do a 80%-90% water change when cycle is completed to get any excess nutrients out of the tank for when the lights get to turn on to avoid any nuisance algae that can be avoided. Looking forward to seeing how things go! May 2021
  15. Lugmos12

    Fluval Evo 13.5g hood

    i'm really frustrated with the hood on my tank. it's a pain to clean since both parts of the hood have to come off at the same time. I'm wondering how much evaporation will happen if I keep the smaller portion of the hood off at all times. Any thoughts?
  16. Ok, thought I’d start a thread to share the whole process, failures and all! So far so good though. Everything reading as it should. Few changes to the setup. Swapped out the sponges for a 3D printed second chamber media basket, sicce 0.5 pump in 3rd chamber, random flow nozzle on the outlet. Also added a ‘TMC flexi Blue LED’ under the hood to supplement the stock lighting. rock arrived today so had a couple of hours getting it how I want. Held in place with ‘seachem Glue’ (hoping that’ll be enough hold). Just let it do it thing for a few weeks now 👍🏻🐟
  17. Welcome to my tank journal! I've been out of the hobby for a few years, life got in the way with living overseas and moving around quite a lot. Now that i'm staying put I've really caught the bug again! The purpose of this tank is a low maintenance, easy to care for pico tank that isn't going to bust the budget. I work away from home so time enjoying the tank is of the upmost importance. Initial set-up 10/11/2020 Latest FTS 14/03/21 : Tank and current equipment: Display: Refurbished bowl from opshop Lighting: Unbranded 12 watt Par38 (e27 fitting Bulb) with cheap desktop stand - Purchased on Ebay or Similar available on Amazon Heater: Marina beta (preset heater) - Similar available on amazon Circulation: Tetra Whisper 60 Air pump - Purchased on Ebay Top Off: Gravity fed bottle ATO - Purchased on Amazon Lid: generic acrylic lid (needs to be modified) Controller: INK bird ITC-306T temperature controller - Purchased on Amazon Salt: Natural salt water collected locally from shoreline Build Cost: AU $118 - (US $87.12 as of 29/11/20) Parameters: Temp: 25-26°C (~77-78°F) Salinity: 1.025 Lighting cycle: 6.5 hours on (2:30pm ~ 9pm) - analogue timer Current Stock: Soft corals: LPS: Macro Algae: Inverts: FTS Library: Maintenance Routine: Bi-weekly: - Scrape glass with nano magnet glass cleaner - check/refill ATO with distilled water Weekly: - 70% water changes 1-2 times weekly with natural salt water collected locally from shoreline - Top up ATO if required - Rinse airstone, wipe airline with paper towel - Wipe top of bowl with paper towel (skimmer scum build-up) - Rinse off acrylic lid - wipe external glass of salt creep/scum with warm water/white vinegar (50/50 mix) Wish list/Future Upgrades: - Lighting - AI Prime 16HD, Dymax spaceX LED, Asta 20 - Chiller/better temperature control - In tank ATO - Bottle looks a bit messy (Maybe more lines will too :P) - Black air lines (Aesthetic) - Limewood airstone - finer bubbles = lesser splash?, better skimming effect? - Dosing - as coral load increases - Controller? - (Reef-pi maybe) - Better Camera..... - Bigger tank ;) Thanks for visiting!
  18. Tetra1

    Nano Lighting

    Hey everyone, while I'm not new to reef keeping, I have been out of the hobby for a few years now. I am in need of suggestions for LED lighting on an 8 gallon nano tank that will grow corals. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  19. Innovative Marine 10 gallon. Ai Prime 16 Live rock Live sand 2 clowns 1 yellow goby Ato
  20. meanduck124

    Mandarin dragonet care.

    This might be a controversial discussion, but I'm ready to take personal opinions and learning new knowledge. I have a 30gal tank that have been running over 6 months, atm, the tank contains nothing but sand and rocks. I'm planning to use this to keep only one Dragonet, I'm still worrying that it might not be able to provide enough copepods for a Dragonet to thrive. So beside the small tank, I'm starting to culture 10gal of copepods for daily feeding. I only have couples question to ask: Can I culture copepods without live phytoplankton since it's impossible to get them from where I live? Would the small tank be better with macroalge only or maybe add some softie like Xenia that can absorb lots of nutritions from daily feeding? Had anyone succeeded in keeping Mandarin Dragonet in a small tank for a long period of time? Pardon my poor English grammar. Thank you for your time reading and hopefully lots of people wanna enlightened me 😄
  21. SaltyTanks

    SaltyTank's 40G Mixed Reef

    Hello & welcome to my new reef journal! I’m a SoCal nano-reef enthusiast that’s been in the hobby 4 years, and I’m finally committing myself to starting this journal – mostly for my benefit, not yours😊 No seriously though, I need help holding my bad habits in check and hoping you will all help me achieve my goal. My goal is that 1 year from now my 40-gallon mixed-reef tank will be a living masterpiece, and so appealing to me that I will have no impulses to stick my hands in the water to move/add anything. That said, here’s some more background and visionary objectives: SETUP: Tank: 40-Gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion (24” x 20” x 19”) Lighting: Radion XR15w Gen-4 Circulation: (1) IM stock return pump w/2 spin stream nozzles; and (2) Icecap 1k Gyre Heater: None (controlled room temp) Cooling: Desktop fan controlled by Inkbird thermostat/temp controller Mechanical Filtration: (1) Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 skimmer; (2) filter floss Bio Filtration: (1) RealReef dry rock; (2) Caribsea sand; (3) CerMedia Marinepure biofilter balls Chemi Filtration: RedSea carbon Top Off: Tunze Osmolator 3155 Dosing: manually, Brightwell Reef Code A + B & magnesium BACKGROUND: I’m a middle aged father whom loves to drink red wine while staring up-close at my fish tank excessively. I grew up by the ocean and first fell in love with tropical fish & corals when I got scuba certified in Indonesia circa 2000. Since then I’ve done many dives around the world and find myself more interested in biodiverse macro reef-scapes than shipwrecks and cageless bull shark feedings. Also, I’m a photo enthusiast and art aficionado, which I aim to incorporate into my reef keeping. My wife gifted me my first tank about 4 years ago (a 6-gallon JBJ AOI), and pretty sure it’s her biggest regret of our long-standing relationship. I'm now about 1 year into the current setup. VISION: If I were shrunk down to be a little 2 inch scuba diver and my wife threw me into my tank, I want to be surrounded by colors, contrasts, textures, movement, and dimension. I’ll want to swim down, up, around, through, under, and over copious amounts of corals, and be accompanied by a few fish friends that will join me without fearing they’ll bully or eat me. OBJECTIVES: Over the next 12 months, I’ll try to post progress updates every 1-2 weeks. Additionally, I’ll try to engage you all into helping me fill in the holes with new coral suggestions. Since I like to go to the local LFS’s frequently, maybe together we can make this an interactive team effort - although, let me try not to get ahead of myself here. So for now I’ll share some relevant pics and focus on following through with a 2nd post sometime soon. P.S. I have a lot of bad habits to work on... - hands in the tank frequently - impatiently making changes, expecting expedited results - providing poor instructions for friends to care for tank while on vacation - overfeeding and then underfeeding - vindictively taking vengeance on hungry hermits that snatch food from feeding acans
  22. My Simple & Easy Nano Reef WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! For many years, I have been enjoying my three maintenance free, heavily planted freshwater tanks; my favorite being my Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp tank that is also home to my Bamboo Shrimp, Mini Golden Rabbit Snails, and a Salt and Pepper Pygmy Cory Catfish. For the past year, the wife really wanted a nano reef tank for her classroom to be viewed by hundreds of students, their parents, and her co-teachers. Not to be out done, I then wanted a nano reef tank for the home office. And thus, the Simple & Easy Nano Reef was born on 9/10/2019. (A week later, the School Nano Reef was born on 9/17/2019.) MY PRIMARY GOALS I have 3 primary goals for this nano reef: 1. No Testing*, No Dosing, No Activated Carbon. 2. To have the Fireworks Clove Polyps, Duncan, and Hammer corals cover the majority of the foreground, the Frogspawn coral and GSP cover the majority of the back wall, and the Xenia placed everywhere else. 3. To have thriving corals, happy fish, and no visible cyanobacteria or dinoflagellates. * I do test salinity which I keep at a stable 1.025 and I always make sure my water temperature is about 75°F. MAINTENANCE ◕ Weekly 2 gallon water changes using Red Sea Salt (Blue bucket), skim surface with paper towels if needed, and filter cleaning. ◕ Top off with Distilled Water. EL CHEAPO 10 GALLON AQUEON AQUARIUM FROM PETCO FEATURES ◕ Price: $14.99 (I missed the dollar per gallon sale, but the dream must move forward!) ◕ Tank Length: 20.25" ◕ Tank Width: 10.5" ◕ Tank Height: 12.625" ◕ Material: Glass TANK HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERISTICS ⇨ Aquascape : Nature's Ocean 12-Inch Coral Base Rocks ⇨ Sand : 10 pounds of Nature's Ocean Natural White No.0 Bio-Activ Aragonite Live Sand + Coarse Aragonite Sand ⇨ Heater : Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 50 Watt ⇨ Lighting : NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light & Finnex 10" FugeRay Ultra Slim Aquarium LED Light; Current USA Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED with Bluetooth ⇨ Powerheads : Hydor Koralia Nano 240 (2) ⇨ Wave Controller : Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump Controller ⇨ Filtration : AquaClear HOB Filter; Tidal 35 ⇨ UV Sterilizer System : AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine 3 Watt ⇨ Coralline Algae Starter : Pink Fusion Strain & Purple Helix Strain Coralline Algae in a Bottle + Nitrifying Bacteria ⇨ Tank Lid: 20-Inch Aqueon Aquarium AAG29020 Versa Top ⇨ Saltwater: Red Sea Salt (Blue bucket) MY CORAL CHOICES Pom Pom Xenia I LOVE pulsing Xenia and find myself hypnotized every time I see it. I know others may hate it, but I find it as one of the coolest corals. They have no stinging tentacles and little to no toxins. It may try to colonize the tank and possibly fly around if it runs out of space on the rock it’s on, and may try to smother other corals if left unchecked, but the easy solution for that may be to just pull out any Xenia that gets too close to my other corals. I really love the Pom Pom Xenia variation and mine has a really elegant pulsing effect. Pulsing Xenia I acquired a large amount of Pulsing Xenia from a local hobbyist that really revitalized my tank. It’s one of my family’s most favorite corals of all time — just take care of it and it’ll do the rest. It’s beautiful, it pulses, it adds movement, it sways in the current, it grows relatively fast and it doesn’t release any known toxins or has any stingers. Green Star Polyps (GSP) If kept in check, it looks simply beautiful if you can get it to cover the back wall of your tank. That is the plan, a background of neon green polyps waving as the current passes through it. Fireworks Clove Polyps I really wanted this coral for the bright neon orange (and neon green) colors for when the actinic lights are only on. This coral added the finishing touch that I wanted. Rainbow Splatter Hammer Coral What I love about the Hammer coral is that it doesn't release any toxins and some hobbyists feed it either monthly or not at all and just rely on water changes and it's photosynthetic properties to nourish itself. It also adds a bit of diversity to a tank that is otherwise dominated by Xenia and GSP. Pink Tip Frogspawn Coral My 3-headed centerpiece, the infamous Frogspawn coral. I needed some eye candy to give the tank that finishing touch and the Frogspawn plays that role well. 1 Duncan Coral I bought two Duncans online and as far as I know, they may have short stingers, but they basically don’t really sting anything and are pretty safe in that department as far as I know. And they have no toxins that I’m aware of. They’re so cool looking too! I had two additional ones also, but the first one succame to Brown Jelly disease after a great fall onto the rocks and the sand. I believe its tentacles may have gotten injured and infected during this fall. The second one slowly perished from a similar fate including the occasional cyanobacteria bothering it. Candy Cane Coral (ORA) I really wanted the Neon Green Trumpet Coral, but they were sold out at the time. Hopefully, this one will turn out to be cool too. Purple Australian Big Polyp Blastomussa Coral & Red Australian Big Polyp Blastomussa Coral The Blastomussa Wellsi corals seem like the perfect addition to add to an open area that I have at the bottom of my tank. Acropora echinata Coral I received a tiny frag of what looks like Acropora echinata by accident in with my online order. I placed the small frag on the highest point of my rocks to try to give it the most light and current possible. I feed it Reef-Roids a few times a week and it seems to be quite happy so far with a multitude of polyps open most of the time. I like getting expensive corals for free! 🙂 Neon Green Trumpet Coral I almost gave up on trying to find this stunning coral, but when I least expected it, not only did I find it, but was given an offer I couldn't refuse. It was Cyber Monday, but the LFS told me that I could get the 50% Off Black Friday deal on this coral if I want it. Welcome home Neon Green Trumpet Coral -- my collection is finally complete! MACROALGAE Chaetomorpha Macroalgae One of the best, hardest working, and hardiest macroalgaes that you can find although if used for the display tank, small bits and pieces can easily get into every nook and cranny. I attempted to replace it with the much prettier looking Red Ogo Macroalgae, however that melted due to poor shipping conditions and possibly other factors. Fortunately, I kept the Chaeto on stand-by in a sealed zip lock bag and it survived without being in water for 24 hours! Red Dragon's Breath (Gracilaria Hayi) Macroalgae [Death by Mexican Turbo Snails] Simply beautiful to put into the display tank. Seems to work best if you can find a way to anchor it down. Red Ogo (Gracilaria Parvispora) Macroalgae [Death by poor shipment conditions] Normally a beautiful bright red & burgundy color and is fast growing, this macroalgae did not survive a 4-day journey through the mail in cold weather conditions to my home. The temperature inside the package felt a bit cold due to the heat pack not holding up for the entirety of the trip. Upon opening the bag, a really foul stench permeated the room. The macroalgae arrived orange and after acclimating to my tank, almost immediately began to cloud the water and became mostly transparent within 24 hours. Needless to say, I had to remove all of the Red Ogo from the tank, but I was fortunate to have kept the very hardy Chaeto on stand-by in case an emergency such as this arises. LIVESTOCK 1 Ocellaris Clownfish - "Nemo" The thing that started it all! Nemo and Marlin make their debut in our new nano reef tank that is situated between our desks in the home office. I selected the smallest ones available at the LFS and they should remain relatively small compared to other types of clownfish. I love their vibrant colors, overall peacefulness, and their wacky movements! 1 Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish - "Ninja" After Stripes disappeared, I always wanted to return back to my original 4 fish that I had in the very beginning when I first started this tank. Fortunately, Nemo has taken a liking to Ninja and vice versa so I think everything will turn out alright. 1 Tail Spot Blenny - "Alpha Blenny" A HUGE Personality stuck inside a tiny little body. Blenny is always there to stare back at me with a smile as I debate life's choices. 1 Yellow Watchman Goby - "Goby" I've read so much about this fascinating fish that I just had to experience one. Pretty, funny personality, grumpy at times which adds to the flavor, and a cool duo if you already have a blenny in the tank. I'm excited to watch all of its future antics. 1 Yellowline Goby - "Stripes" This cute little Goby reminds me of a puppy jumping all around the tank. It adds a playfulness that makes the tank even more fun. 1 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp - "Shrimpy" I love watching the shrimp hang upside down on my "rock bridge" and search the tank in the evening for leftover food. I also get to witness it cleaning the fish every now and then. I was reading that you could keep two Skunk Cleaner Shrimp in a tank, but no more than two otherwise the mated pair will kill off the others! 3 Purple Porcelain Crabs I've tried the Porcelain Anemone Crabs and I didn't like their aggressiveness toward it's own kind and I didn't realize they really need an anemone for long-term health since they eat the mucus off of it as part of their diet. As far as the Purple Porcelain Crabs, they seem to tolerate each other much better and do not require an anemone to survive. They are much smaller in size, love hiding around the rockwork, but also explore in the evening and do a good job filtering the water. 1 Porcelain Anemone Crab My fierce little Samurai that help filter and clean the water. Don't let their peaceful demeanor fool you, that one on the right (nicknamed Alpha crab) ripped off two of the legs of the other one (nicknamed Captain Hook because his one side only has 1 leg)! Although at this time, they're both doing well and are still alive. Alpha crab molted on 12/14/19 and I actually thought he killed Captain Hook, lol. Crab molts look so real! UPDATE: As far as I can tell, Alpha crab ended up killing Captain Hook. I noticed one day that Alpha crab clutched Captain Hook's claw, but I was able to quickly intervene and shoo Alpha crab away from Captain Hook. Sadly, I believe it was the next morning when I noticed Captain Hook's claw was pulled off and his corpse was upside down on the top of the large rock that he usually stays on. I didn't realize if their claw gets removed, they will die so easily. 1 Ruby Emerald Crab I read that the smaller Emerald crabs are more likely to eat Bubble Algae compared to the larger Emerald crabs. I asked my LFS to pick me out the prettiest emerald crab that was small, and he found me a Ruby Emerald Crab to adopt (first time I've seen a red Emerald crab myself). Hopefully this little guy will munch on some Bubble Algae that I noticed throughout the tank. 1 Peppermint Shrimp Although Peppermint Shrimp do not always eat Aiptasia, you can increase your chances of getting one that does by getting more than one Peppermint Shrimp, which is just what I did. I tried killing the Aiptasia manually before with some lemon juice and tweezers, but after a few months, not only did it come back in the same spot, but another popped up on the other side of the tank! Seek and destroy, my Peppermint Shrimp! 5 Scarlet Red Hermit Crabs These peaceful and vibrant red CUC really help to constantly clean the sand, rock, and leftover food in the tank. I had Blue Leg Hermit Crabs & Zebra Hermit Crabs prior and they would become overly aggressive once they became large. So much so, my original peaceful Scarlet Red Hermit Crab disappeared. Now, I intend to only keep peaceful livestock in my tank. 1 Nassarius Snail These snails remind me of zombies. They crawl out of the sand bed whenever they detect food nearby. Whether that be me feeding the tank or a tank inhabitant dying or dead. 5 Cerith & Stocky Cerith Snails These snails are hard workers and they even clean on the edge where the sand meets the glass. I hear they are usually hard to reproduce due to their eggs being eaten by fish and such. I don't mind as long as they don't reproduce out of control. 1 Banded Trochus Snail They are excellent algae eaters and do a great job cleaning the brown diatoms off the glass. They also like to keep the heater and the surrounding areas sparkling clean. 1 Zebra Turbo Snail I purchased this to get rid of some pesty green hair algae that grew after my green emerald crab passed away from an accident. I no longer have much GHA left thanks to this Zebra Turbo Snail. 1 Mexican Turbo Snail I got these snails to take care of some cotton candy algae that may have hitchhiked onto the Chaeto that I bought off eBay. I confirmed that the larger snails that are 2"+ do indeed consume the cotton candy algae. 2 Tiger Sand Conchs I got the initial conch because I read that it eats cyanobacteria and also algae & detritus. It keeps the sandbed well stirred up and doesn't deplete it of microfauna. And it's amazing to watch it hop around on its powerful foot. After observing it eating cyanobacteria at a snails pace and doing a good job at the areas it was at, I decided to get one more to keep entire sand bed looking great since my particular system could use it. 1 Feather Duster I've been fascinated by my tiny little fan worm hitchhikers found on two of my corals. I do not feed them, yet they continue to grow and thrive possibly due to me spot feeding Reef-Roids to my corals every now and then. I've been curious of the much larger feather dusters and wanted to give it a try to see if their care level is similar to the tiny hitchhiker variety. Although, I may spot feed it Reef-Roids at the same time I do my normal coral feeding just to make sure it gets some nutrition besides what is found in the water. There is also a thriving Tisbe copepod population in the tank as well. a ton of Tisbe Copepods Our unseen clean up crew behind the scenes. They sometimes sacrifice themselves as lunch for any hungry fish waiting for their next daily meal. HITCHHIKERS Barnacle One of these hitched a ride on my Hammer coral. It looks pretty neat (while it’s still small). Fan worms I have a few of these tiny little feather dusters that hitchhiked onto some corals that I purchased online from LA. I believe it adds more diversity to my tank and gives me one more interesting thing to stare at. Branching Coralline algae I first noticed this purplish, tiny twig that was attached to my Candy Cane coral when I initially added it to my tank. At first I didn't know what it was, but once I did, it's been a welcome addition to the reef. I'm happy to see it continue to grow over time. Cotton Candy Algae [Death by Mexican Turbo Snails and Mechanical Filtration] Commonly referred to as a nuisance algae, this pretty pink & fluffy algae was first seen attached to my Chaeto that I purchased off eBay. True Mexican Turbo Snails (Turbo fluctuosa) of the larger variety (2"+) can help reduce the amount of cotton candy algae within a tank. I found acquiring these snails to be more difficult than I expected. My LFS sold me some Zebra Turbo Snails that they called Mexican Turbo Snails and they did not eat any of the cotton candy algae because it's the wrong kind of snail. As the weeks go on, I've grown more fonder of the pink color that this algae exhibits and I may change my mind on how bad it may be. It helps to export excess nutrients along with the chaeto while looking more aesthetically pleasing. My only real concern is if it can cause chaeto and corals to die over time by growing over them and preventing light from getting to them. I will keep a close eye on this nuisance algae and hopefully acquire some large Mexican Turbo Snails in the future. Aiptasia anemones [Death by Peppermint Shrimp] I noticed a tiny little Aiptasia anemone on the rockwork. I don't know where it came from, but it must've hitchhiked from one of the recent corals that I added to the tank. Not wanting to wait, I blasted it with some pure lemon juice. I then dug it all out with my tweezers and siphoned out any residue. That was the very last time I've ever seen an Aiptasia anemone in any of my reef tanks. UPDATE: Months later, I noticed two additional Aiptasia anemones in the tank so this time I purchased 2 Peppermint Shrimp to see if they can deal with these scary pests. Flatworms [Death by Toilet and hungry Clownfish] I've noticed flatworms on two different occasions and only on my Xenia coral. For the longest time, I thought these little brown spots were just part of the Xenia dying or rotting away -- UNTIL I noticed it moving one day! I then took the piece of Xenia out, dipped it into tank water with Seachem Reef Dip, rinsed it off with new tank water, and flushed the flatworms out of existence. The second time I noticed it was on a different Xenia (one that I didn't dip); I was able to siphon it off the Xenia, it floated in the water and to my surprise, my Clownfish ATE it! I was both surprised and proud that my Clownfish was helping me rid the tank of this pest. So Death by Flushing and Death by Clownfish. Make your Choice. Vermetid snails I added 6 Turbo Snails a few days ago, and the 2 largest of the pack had some noticeable hitchhikers on their shells. I would've swore I saw a worm-like thing quickly enter a calcified burrow on one of the shells. As I observed more closely, I noticed a bunch of mucus strands or slime trail that floats in the water so I may also have Vermetid snails possibly (pretty possible there are multiple types of pests on the shell). When I read up on Vermetid snails and finding out that the mucus strands irritates corals and can even cause them to die, I quickly got to work and removed the 2 large snails from the tank. I took a tooth brush and used the end to try to crush the calcium burrows and remove them from the large snail shells. I rinsed with tap water and brushed the shells hoping it may aid in killing anything else on the shells. Spirorbid Worms Ever since I added the large Turbo snails, now I have countless Spirorbid Worms all over my tank. I see this as a good thing because they are peaceful filter feeders after all, however I would venture to say there are hundreds -- maybe thousands of them all over my tank. Since I do not do water changes in this tank, I wonder if the influx of tiny filter feeders (Spirorbid Worms, Vermetid snails, Pineapple Sponges) is due to the plentiful source of food floating in the water column? Perhaps this is nature's way to bring balance to my tank so everything can live in harmony. Pineapple sponges I didn't know it at the time, but there was a Pineapple sponge hiding within the Chaeto that I purchased off eBay. Fast forward to today, now there's countless Pineapple sponges all over the underside of rockwork and in dark areas of the tank such as behind the heater. Based on my research, these should decline in population over time as the food supply lessens within the water. I tend to like filter feeders overall so at this time, they're a welcome addition to the biodiversity within my tank. Bubble Algae I noticed Bubble Algae on both of the Blastomussa corals that I got from LA. After doing much research, I did not want to get an Emerald crab because based off other hobbyists' experiences, they're 50/50 on whether or not they'll even consume the Bubble Algae. And on top of that, it's 50/50 if they may pick at & eat your corals in the tank. And when they get big, they may even go after your small fish. So, no thanks. Then I was reading about hobbyists' popping the Bubble Algae with tweezers. For the ones that have, they claim the Bubble Algae never came back after they were popped and removed. On top of that, when various hobbyists watched their Emerald crabs eat the Bubble Algae, the Emerald crabs themselves pop the Bubble Algae! For the hobbyists that did not want to pop the Bubble Algae, they were scared if spores would spread. But, others mentioned it may only spread if the Bubble Algae is mature and large. Either way, I went with popping the Bubble Algae with tweezers and I will update this if I notice any coming back. UPDATE: I found out later that any of the BA skin that hid itself within the cracks or floated in the tank eventually repopulated itself. In response, I purchased a small Ruby Emerald Crab to help end this menace once and for all! PICTURES Day 16 (9/26/2019) since starting the Office Nano Reef: Day 43 (10/23/2019): Day 60 (11/9/2019): Day 81 (11/30/2019): Day 112 (12/31/2019): Day 659 (6/30/2021): Day 665 (7/6/2021): Day 692 (8/2/2021): Day 701 (8/11/2021): 9/6/2021:
  23. After lots of daydreaming disguised as careful planning I'm finally starting up something new. This is a tank I've wanted to do for many years, so I'm pretty excited to see how everything comes together! Some quick background on me: I've been keeping saltwater aquariums since ~2007 with a few hiatuses in between. I love marine bio, ecology, conservation and, especially, twilight zone (mesophotic) coral communities. Currently, I'm working as an aquarist at a large public aquarium, but haven't had a reef tank at home since a move back in mid-2019. The game-plan: The goal for this aquarium is a small nano tank populated by a few small and peaceful fish, a minimal amount of rock and substrate designed in a way that does not trap detritus due to the extremely heavy feeding it will receive, and a whole lot of non-photosynthetic organisms. The tank will be plumbed to a larger sump with an over-sized skimmer and a separate Steve Tyree-inspired cryptic zone filled with rock rubble and many varieties of sponges, tunicates etc. I'm going to be feeding really heavily (24x7) with a refrigerated auto-feeder, so I'm hoping that the large amount of filtration, water volume, and suspension-feeding organisms down below will help with dilution of metabolites and conversion of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) back into particulate organic carbon (food for the corals). Display: AquaTop low-iron 11.3 gallon cube (13.8"x13.8"x13.8") - drilled, back painted black w/ Krylon Fusion Marine Depot Depot Elite overflow box (size small), AI Nero 3 powerhead, and AI Prime 16HD dimmed down quite a bit. I'm keeping most of the rock elevated ~2" above the shallow sand bed with a 1/4" acrylic platform that I made to keep detritus from accumulating and give more hiding spaces for the fish. Filtration: 21 gallon rimless Aqueon with DIY 1/4 acrylic baffles. Right side has a black acrylic baffle with teeth I routed into it, a black acrylic lid, and is blacked out on the outside by paint. There will be a viewing window in the front that will normally be covered with a piece of black Kydex held on by magnetic tape. It'll be filled with rock and rubble, seeded with cryptic zone animals from Steve Tyree's ReefFarmer's company and some others, and fed a low volume of water from a manifold on the return pump into the bottom of the chamber under a plenum. Water will diffuse through the eggcrate plenum, flow slowly upward through the cryptic zone, and exit through the baffles at top back into the return chamber. Skimmer: SCA 301 Media reactor: AquaMaxx FR-S filled with Rox 0.8 carbon. Phosphate will be exported via lanthanum chloride... Heater: Eheim Jager 100W Return pump: Jebao DCS-1200 plumbed into a manifold 4" filter sock with CPR Sock-It holder Feeding/Dosing: DIY auto-feeder made with a Sharper Image brand peltier wine bottle chiller, A 1L plastic bottle, an airstone, and a peristaltic dosing pump. Lots of food! Modeling the feeding after Chuck Stottlemire's method and some others... Fish: Two or possibly three very small, peaceful fish. The tank is too small for a cool deepwater wrasse, anthias, or butterflyfish, so the surrogate is going to be a pink-streaked wrasse. Maybe a croucher goby, hawkfish, or possum wrasse. Still deciding on the fish at this point... Coral: I suspect this part will be slow and challenging, because it's getting harder and harder to find some of the NPS corals I'd really like to keep... Some possible coral ideas so far: Menella sp., Diodogorgia sp., Dendrophyllia sp., Tubastraea sp., Nephthyigorgia sp., Dendronephthya sp., Scleronephthya sp., I'd love Cirrhipathes spiralis if I can track one down... Invertebrates: Feather dusters, a seastar (maybe Fromia sp.), hermits, snails, NPS sponges, etc. Maybe a crinoid depending on how everything else does. Here it is so far: I have some rock and sand that has been cycling in a bucket with 2ppm per day of ammonium chloride for the last month or so that I'll be throwing into the cryptic zone and I still need to buy more rock for the display. The display rock will be epoxied together and glued to the acrylic shelf platform. As much as I wanted to avoid it, I'm starting with dry rock in order to avoid pests like aiptasia which are quite difficult to control in these sorts of systems. I'm also still waiting on some plumbing parts - so the next week will be all about gluing and waiting for epoxy and silicone to cure. Hoping to get water in by next week. Thanks for following along!
  24. Hello, I'm (finally) getting back to saltwater after a long time. Looking forward to share and discuss reef with all of you. I've just started a thread in the Pico Reef Journals. you can follow the journey on Instagram @Squid_reef. Squid.
  25. Lloydpancakes

    Pancakes’ Evo journal

    This is my first tank since leaving the hobby 10 years ago when I was in grad school and my first ever nano. I did a homemade stand built out of 1/2 plywood and 2x4s which my baby girl helped me set up. Tank was wet on 12/5/2020. 10lbs of Carib sea aragonite sand, 10 lbs of live rock. The total water volume is 10 gallons after you account for all the rock and such. Cycle was complete on 12/17 or so. Since then I’ve upgraded the setup substantially and now have a cash sink on my hands. The tank has come a long way in a short period of time. Nutrient levels stable and I’m already seeing growth on my zoos. Current equipment list: Fluval evo 13.5 AIO tank AI prime HD (running Saxby preset on acclimation right now) InTank media baskets for chamber 1 and 2 sicce silent 1.0 return pump Smart ATO micro hydor koralia 240 aqueon 100w heater No skimmer, but I’m looking into HOBs. I’m going completely open top for the time being and doing the ole finger cross hoping that my fish doesn’t jump out. Livestock: -1 ora naked clownfish. -1 black storm clownfish. -Branch frogspawn (green, purple tips) -branch hammer (purplish pink I guess) -wall hammer (little different purplish pink with whitish tips.) -red monti cap frag -forest fire digi -bubblegum digi -Idaho grape monti -fruity pebbles monti -giant piece of Jason fox monti. Idk what the name is. I think it’s the cherry tree. -Pineapple favia -clove polyps that hitched a ride on my live rock and somehow lived through the cycle -king midas zoos -orange oxide zoos -lunar eclipse zoos -Pandora zoos -Nirvana zoos -fire and ice zoos -sunny d palythoa -Aoi zoos -Ron burgundy zoos -three other types of unknown zoos. -gsp -3 astrea snails (the nassarius ate two of the astrea. -2 nassarius snails -a bit of nuisance algae that Is decreasing slowly, but surely. maintenance: 2.5 gallon weekly water changes dose calcium and carbonate weekly I’m absolutely certain that I moved a little too fast on this set up, but it’s brought me and my family a lot of enjoyment. No major set backs yet, but obviously there’s still time. I hope y’all like it. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
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