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Found 22 results

  1. Hey whoever’s reading, I decided to start a little journal on my up coming tank build to track its progress and to share my journey with all of you. I’m prettt new into the hobby, just under a year. I currently have a Fluval Evo and when I saw this tank for sale I couldn’t pass on the price and decided to start up a second tank. I finally finalized my scape and am just waiting on some live sand (CaribSea Special Grade Reef Sand 20lbs) before I can get her wet. I went with 4 CaribSea LifeRock Nano Arches and a couple other LifeRock pieces from my LFS. I plan on housing mostly softies and LPS with a little dabble into the world of sticks. Still can’t decide which bio media I want to use between Seachem Matrix, MarinePure Bio Balls or Brightwell XSport Cubes, feel free to chime in. Equipment: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Pro Pump: Stock Mighty Jet DC Pump Light: EcoTech Radion XR15 Blue with RMS Mount Wave Maker: EcoTech MP10w QD Protein Skimmer: IM NuvoSkim Desktop Heater: Cobalt NeoTherm 50W 2x InTank Media Baskets InTank Refugium Basket (just for extra bio media) Fish Ideas: Tailspot Blenny ✅ Bengai Cardinal ✅ Royal Gramma ✅ Red Dragonet ✅ Helfrichi Firefish ✅
  2. UPDATE: Most Recent FTS 11/12/19 (***The following description was back in July 2015) Hey guys so I've had my nuvo fusion for about 4 months now (3/15/15 start date), and things look pretty good so far from what I can tell. (Besides a Cyano problem, a little bit of bubble algae, and my nano tunze ATO flood malfunction) I work as an electrician during the day (11 years now) and a fish hobbyist at night. I have been into fishkeeping for over 10 years now and I've always wanted a nice nano salt tank. So about 4 months ago I decided to upgrade my small crappy 5 gallon salt tank to a nice AIO. I chose the nuvo fusion and I am VERY happy with it so far, here's what I'm working with.... Setup: (current as if 3/17/18) -Innovative marine nuvo Fusion 10 gallon -Kessil a160we (with gooseneck and 90 degree attachment... with the spectral controller) -Tunze Silence 1073.008 pump (used as an upgrade rather than using the weak stock pump) -Hydor Koralia 425 (powerhead) -Hydor Koralia Smart Wave (powerhead controller) -Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) 2.2 gallon kalkwasser mix -IM Spin Stream attachment -IM Ghost skimmer (protein skimmer) -Finnex 50 watt titanium heater -Cobalt neo therm 50 watt back up heat -Tunze Mini pump 5024.040_A (very nice tiny poverhead type pump for caves or bottom flow) -Power center by coralife (makes things so much easier to unplug...it's like my power controller center) -Custom caddy with chemi-pure blue nano, purgen and phosguard -10 lbs of live sand -8Lbs of dry rock Livestock: (Livestock has been updated as of 3/17/18) Tail spot blenny 1 Barnacle blenny 2 Royal Gramma 1 false clown 1 dwarf zebra hermits 5 turbo snails 2 blue legged hermit 1 nassarius snails 2 cleaner shrimp1 Corals: (corals have been updated as of 3/17/18) zoas acans blasto palys hammer candy cane duncan Favia Ricorida mushrooms Yuma mushroom Rhodactis mushroom Gsp Montiporas
  3. I have a Red Sea Max Nano 20 Gallon tank. I have minimal space in the back. It comes equipped with a protein skimmer and a small ATO unit in the back overflow chamber. If I replace the ATO unit, I have a small 3x3x3.5 space, right before the return pump, (after the Filter Sock & protein skimmer) where I could possibly put a Fuge basket with a light to help with nutrient export. Has anyone had success with this (possibly pictures). And yes, I do 25% water changes weekly, and I am about 2.5 months into this thank. - Is this an effective nutrient export method (given limited actual space)? - Is there another nutrient export method that would be better given the details above?
  4. TR1CKYR33F3R

    New Fluval Evo 5 tank

    This is my new Fluval Evo 5 tank. I'm a first time saltwater tanker as I've only had freshwater in the past. I want to get advice from experienced reefers and others who have used this tank before. I have 3 inhabitants in my tank. My first question is water flow. Is my circulation pump in a good spot? Also please feel free to give feedback/advice on my setup as I like to learn and gain more experience. Thanks in advance community!
  5. Biocube 14 Livestock: Sexy Shrimp - 4 Emerald Crab Firefish Snow Flake Clown Mandarin Filtration: Pump - Cobolt Aquatics MJ900 Filter Basket by InTank Filter Media - poly fill, charcoal Chaeto reactor (Installed 1/27/18) Water Maintenance: Hydrofill ATO TI Aquatic Life RO/DI refill and ATO water Substrate: 20 lbs Gulf live sand from Gulfliverock Live Rock: 17 lbs Premium live rock from Gulfliverock.com Salt: Fritz PRO RPM salt Heater: Cobolt Aquatics Neo-therm 50 watt Additional Water Movement: Aquamai KPS Dosing: Kalkwasser (3/4 tsp in 1 gallon ATO refilled weekly) 2.5 ml phytoplankton daily Lighting: Nano Box Mini M lighting cycle: **updated 1-6-18 Morning - start at 6:30, length - 150 minutes, morning ramp 90 minutes Royal blue - 60% White/lime - 5% Violet - 70% Cyan/blue - 60% moonlight 0 Fan 86 Midday - ramp 90 minutes Royal blue -85% White/lime - 38% Violet - 90% Cyan/Blue - 80% moonlight 0 Fan 86 Evening - length 180 minutes, evening ramp 90 minutes Royal blue - 60% White/lime - 15% Violet - 60% Cyan/blue - 55% moonlight - 3 Fan 85 Night - start at 7:30, ramp 60 minutes Royal blue - 4% White/lime - 0% Violet - 0% Cyan/blue - 0% moonlight -1 Fan 0
  6. NanoOceanio

    Nano Reef Tank

    Hello all reef keepers, I have just made the transfer from freshwater to saltwater by purchasing the Fluval EVO 12 gal. aquarium tank and I can not tell you all how excited how I am to add some livestock. I am looking for a pair of clowns, a watchmen goby and pistol shrimp, also would really love a royal gramma but do not know if the tank is big enough for one. And of course a cleaner crew, but unsure if I should wait until after I get fish. I am honestly more intrigued about the coral life and would love to hear your opinions on how I should establish/stock my aquarium. The whole setup is stock, and I will not be using that clear tube as my output flow do not worry I have ordered the dual output flow nozzle because for some odd reason that piece was missing from the kit. Anyway, I needed an opinion on my aquascape. Is there too much live rock? Also, if any of can share any beginner coral recommendations and placement ideas for the aquascape it will be greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am open to others and would much appreciate any tips, feedback, or advice that any of you can share. Thanks!
  7. Redreidy

    RedReidys 16Gal Tank

    Hi, I hope you don't mind me posting here I am looking for some sound advice. Quick background, usual story, used to be an expereinced freshwater keeper moved house, always wanted to keep salt, have a baby on the way but regardless decided to give it a go. Long story short to keep costs down I have gone for a smaller tank, despite everything I have read about it being harder etc. I have made a start but, the advice on the wider internet/youtube seems to be so diverse I decide maybe speaking to people would be a more sound way to progress. I have engaged my local fish store, who are relatively well stocked, but don't seem all that knowledgable (seem to just want to sell things). So what I have managed so far...... First off I bought a 60 litre (13.19 imperial gal, 15.85 US Gal) tank made by Tetra. This wasn't my first option but I have a cat who is an avid predator and this model offered the most robust lid for my price point. The tank came with an internal filter which found a new home, a T5 bulb and a basic heater. The heater and the light are currently being utilised in the tank. Acquisitions made so far include two large pieces of Dry rock with funky purple colouration, Red Sea Coral Live Sand and an All Pond Solutions 1000EF Aquarium External Filter. I know some people don't like canisters but I have essentially stuffed it full of Bio Balls at the moment and a single layer of fine filter floss. My thinking behind this is to add a tiny bit of mechanical filtration and a lot more biological filtration. I do have some Chemipure blue that I may add into the canister at a later date. I will be conducting maintenance on the canister monthly to avoid any build but waste. The tank is currently in the process of cycling and I'm testing PH, Amonia, Nitrite, Nitrate every other day using an API test kit. I'm not big on corals at the moment so in the first instance this is likely to be a fish/cleanup crew tank). I am willing to invest in the tank further within reason. Short term I'm looking at a powerhead to improve flow and a replacement heater (don't like the look of the one I have). Longer term I will be looking at retrofitting a LED light into the hood to replace the T5, adding an auto top off and potentially a heater monitoring system and potentially some form of skimmer if I can jerry rig it in somewhere. I am conscious that this is a small tank however and I want the fish to be the highlight of the tank not all the devices hanging off the top of it. Now the interesting part, for those of you who are so obliging, questions: Firstly what am I doing right/wrong? I'm new to this and willing to learn. Once the cycling is complete, I will be looking to add a clean up crew, what would you recommend for this tank. What are your thoughts on chemical filtration in marine tanks? I had a lot of success using it in freshwater and I was wondering if that translates to marine. What additional test kits to I need beyond PH and nitrogen cycle stuff, any recommendations? I have read a rule about 1/2 in of fish for every Gallon of tank, is this US gallon or rest of the world gallon? Finally what fish would you stock this tank with? I apologise fo the long rambling post! But I would appreciate any advice you would be willing to give. Thank you in advance! PS. the tank looks a tad murky because I was just trying (and failing) to even out the sand.
  8. Need some help/advice, guys. Have been running my tank for about 2.5 months now (20L), no fish but a few corals that seem to be doing well. My nitrates have been super high around 50ppm. Just did a huge water change, hoping that will help. I had a nuvo dc skimmer from IM that seems to have burned out. So I have an empty chamber currently and am considering setting up a little fuge. I also was thinking about maybe squeezing a slim skimmer and/or media reactor. I don't know if that is even an option, just a thought. Any advice on what I should do? My current setup is Chamber 1: filter sock. Chamber 2: skimmer. Chamber 3: Heater, return pump, ATO return. Thanks in advance!
  9. I was inspired by Totm winners on nano reef forum and that drive my desire to set up a nano tank. On the other hand, I dont want to spend a ton of money. So I decide to go cheap by doing some diy. I bought an ADA knockoff tank made by Yiding, a chinese manufacturer rumored to be OEM of ADA tanks in the past. The tank dimension is 45cmx 30cmx27cm which approximately hold 34 liter of water. Here is the current tank info. I will keep on editing this as the tank develop. Tank – Yi Ding curve glass ( 45x27x30 ) cm around 8.5 gallons ( Net volume – 7 gallons) with DIY compartments and loc -line return nozzle. Return Pump – SOBO 600L/hr Light – DIY LED ( Cree XTE 12000k x 6, Cree XTE 450 nm x 4 ) driven at 650ma & (Philips Rebel 470nm x 6, Cree XPE 450nm x 5 ) driven at 300ma Skimmer – Bubble Magus NAC QQ Wavemaker – Jebao RW-4 Refractometer – BRS refractometer TDS Meter – HM TDS-3 TDS meter Salt – Marinium Reef Sea salt Salinity – 1.025 @ 28 C Temperature – 27-28 C Top off - manual 300ml daily Soft Corals Pulsing Xenia Zoas ( Zoanthus sp ) Toadstool Coral ( Sarcophyton ) Discosoma Mushroom Rhodactis Mushroom Green Star Polys ( Pachyclavularia sp. ) LPS Brain Coral ( Lobophyllia ) Button Coral ( Cynarina ) Torch Coral ( Euphilia Glabrescens) Flowerpot Coral ( Goniopora sp. ) SPS Forest Fire Digi ( Montipora Digitata ) Pink Birdnest ( Seriatopora Hystix) Radioactive green Birdnest ( Seriatopora sp. ) Cauliflower ( Pocillopora Damicornis ) Fish & Invertebrates Bangaii Cardinal x1 Tailspot Blenny x1 Trochus Snail x2 Full tank shot ( 6 Dec 2017)
  10. Hg23

    Pico Reef

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting a Pico Reef project, but I'm missing information about this type of project, I'd like you to help me with this work by answering my questions: 1- Is it possible to create a totally natural saltwater aquarium? (without heater, mechanical filter, etc.) 2 - Is it possible to make a natural aquarium in these proposals with less than 1 gallon? 3 - Would you like to make an aquarium in these terms only for resistant corals? what do you think?
  11. KeithsReef

    New 24g Nano Set Up

    Couple months in and finally added some things!
  12. sotsreef

    John’s 8G Pico Cube

    John’s 8g Pico Cube Hey everyone! Just to give you a little backstory before I get into the tank. My name is John, I am 15 years old, and I live in Georgia. I got into this hobby a year ago by watching tanks on YouTube and seeing them on the forums. I recently moved to Georgia from NewYork and my parents agreed to let me have my first saltwater tank YAY! I have read lots and lots of information online and have educated myself with as much stuff as I could. I purchased used equipment and some new things from my lfs. Tank Specifications: 7.5 gallon Deep Blue Professional rimless glass cube tank Kessil A80 tuna blue led light with gooseneck mount and spectral controller Aquaclear 50 HOB Filter Koralia Hydor nano pump Finnex Marine 2 Refugium Light Chaeto algae from my lfs Acurel poly fiber media pad pack Pro Clean sand cleaner and water siphon kit by Python Sybon Refractometer DrTim’s Tank cycling bottle Walmart Turkey baster JBJ nano ato system Preset 78.5 degree 50 watt Aqueon Heater Digital Aquarium thermometer Old piece of furniture for tank stand Dry rock from my local reef club CaribSea Dry aragonite sand 15 lbs bag AquaStik Stone Grey rock epoxy Innovative Marine glass cleaner Premixed salt water and RO water from my lfs BioCube nano protein skimmer with woodblock air stone 1 Bucket from Home Depot to be used for my ato reservoir Livestock I’m planning on adding: x1 goby and pistol shrimp x1 Snails x2 hermit crab x?- a few corals I hope you all follow along with me on this journey! You an check out weekly update videos on my youtube channel at Yogi’s Reef by clicking the link [HERE] I’m also on Instagram @Yogis_Reef
  13. FTS: 5th May 2018 Hi all 😁 Thought I'd start a thread to share the progress of my nsw IM fusion 20 reef tank. I've recently upgraded from a aqua one nanoreef 35 that had been running for 3+yrs. This is my progress so far : Equipment: Stock return pump (will be upgraded in the future but working well for now) Jebao sw-2 wave maker eheim 150watt heater Two im 18w skkyelights 1 Asta full spectrum nano light 20lb caribsea live sand Live stock: Two ocellaris tank bred clown fish. One red fire fish. Corals: Mettalic green star polyps Assorted zoas Pink hystrix/birdsnest Yellow bottle brush acapora Orange plating montipora Yellow and green montipora hirsuta blue discosoma Green striped discsosoma Red rainbow acan Blood eyed favia Cuc: one blue black legged hermit crab One true peppermint shrimp Various snails Pics 😁🌊 Picked up the tank from Innovation Aquatics in Southampton 🤩 Cabinet. Storage inside cabinet for fishy stuff Filling it up 18hrs later all cleared. Over next 24hrs everything was moved across FTS : 2nd May 2018
  14. Hey everyone so I've posted on here before it's been a full month since I cycled my tank with a clown fish so two and a half months. Just added a cuc a cleaner shrimp four nassarius snails and four Mexican turbo snails. My big question is what is going on with the snails. At first they all seemed fine went to some part of the tank the Nas. Went under the sand kept there little organs out. After a few days and two feedings the shrimp molted he seems to hide most of the time only comes out to eat and at night occasionally just coming out for no reason and two turbo snails keep sticking to the top of the tank one even comes out of the water on and off. The turbos just don't seem to be moving very much and one Nas snail looks dead but the rest haven't come to eat it so maybe it's just dying ? I read online snails can just be crazy and not make sense. Tested the water yesterday before water change everything was good temp stays from 77.4 to 77.8 pH 8.2 a little low I keep using a buffer in 8.4 in my sump. Nitrite 0 nitrates 0 ammonia .25 I'm guessing idk .25 and .5 are super close in color to me. Any advice from seasoned experienced fish enthusiasts would be greatly appreciated. If your not very knowledgeable please don't respond or at least let me no so I don't take advice from someone who thinks they can help ,😂 thank you pictures are the questionable dead Nas snail. The turbo snails hiding at the top and just general pics of the current tank for better help
  15. 805NanoReef

    Moving white specs/bugs??

    I noticed these little bugs I guess u can say or organisms on my glass.. I’ve never seen them before but they’re all over my glass. On of my fishes died the day before so idk if these are good or not
  16. HELLO everyone! This is my first post, and i'm genuinely curious to hear what you guys have to say about my 6 line wrasse.So currently I have a 10G FOWLR tank on my desk at work that's been cycling since October-ish, stocked with a royal gramma (Krang), 3 Stripe Damsel (Ruckus), Ocellaris clown (Juice) and a 6 line wrasse (Cream Corn). Krang has been in there for a month, everyone else has been in there for 2ish weeks. Before you rag on me for having 4 fish in a 10G tank, bear in mind that everyone gets along (except Krang, who gets a little territorial), and if **** should hit the fan or if anyone starts to get a little too big for the tank (they're all around an 1 inch big right now), I have a 280G waiting for them.Now back to the issue. Cream Corn the 6 line is by far my favourite fish. When I first introduced him to the tank, I was actually surprised to see him eat both pellets and frozen mysis immediately. But over the past few days, I've not seen him eat anything that I put in the tank. Mind you, my tank has very little algae and I'm currently running copper (it's a FOWLR so I honestly don't mind putting copper in the DT) and I have an ceramic aquascape rock instead of LR, so I doubt that there are any hitchhikers like flatworms or bristleworms. He's acting perfectly normal, zooming around and coming up to the glass and I can see zero signs of parasites on anyone. In fact, he's looking around and picking at stuff on the rock sculpture. The thing is, if he hasn't eaten anything at all since I got him, I'd understand that I have a sick/picky fish. However, I've seen him eat both the mysis and the pellets before, but now he's stopped and is scoping out stuff on the rock sculpture and gnawing at it. I've tried frozen mysis, brine shrimp and pellets. He's not fat, but he's definitely not starving either. All of them are super active. I'm just not sure what he's eating, and I want to make sure that he doesn't starve. At this point, I'm almost tempted to buy live tigger pods just to make sure that he's ok and I get some peace of mind. Is this normal? Do 6 line wrasses pick at diatom algae? Because I've definitely noticed that my diatom bloom has all but disappeared in my tank since he's been in here, and the only remaining bits that I can see are the ones that are in the direct path of my fan where none of the fish can reach. That's my only reasoning right now. Let me know if i'm doing anything wrong or if you have suggestions for irresistible 6 line food. I've included my parameters below juuuust in case. pH: 7.7 (stabilized at this level for 3 weeks. not going to raise this until I've finished running copper because I don't want to risk complications)dKH: 8Alkalinity: 2.85Nitrates: 5Phosphates: 010% water changes every 5-7 days. I'd also appreciate any suggestions on how to naturally raise my pH without using chemicals. I have plenty of surface movement, and if an airstone'll help, I'm open to getting one. Attached is a (terrible) photo of Cream Corn investigating my camera while Juice lurks in the background lmao.
  17. CinnamonTorch

    Reef Glass protein skimmer!!

    Hello all! I just installed my reef glass protein skimmer last night on my one month old Nuvo 10G i wanted to know if this is how much the bubbles should rise up to the stopper, i heard the further away from the stopper, the dryer the skimmate, and the closer to the stopper, the wetter the skimmate(what reef glass suggests). i wanted a mix or balance if you will of both. Here is where the bubbles rise up to now, they dont really touch the stopper, but they get near it let me know your inputs and what works best for you guys!! This little reefglass is epic!!!
  18. So I have entered the big challenge for 2018 for us nano reefers. So I figured to put my build up on the forum since I've been trying to find a build where someone was mostly if not only focused on using leather corals. Yes they are pretty simple but, with the right combination I think I can create a pretty good display. Keeping it simple: Heater AI Prime 12x12x12 cube Minimal sand 6lbs of rock Powerhead And NO FILTER Simply a water change once to every two weeks should be fine since leathers prefer little dirty water. My bio load will also be minimal with two tiny super tiny bullethole clown fish. Will post pics very soon! P.s. this is my first topic... wish me luck ?
  19. My 20 gallon nano reef!!! Check it out!!!!! Please and thank you! I will be doing updates on this tank as well as product reviews, showing some coral I pick up along the way of building this tank fully, and also answering questions if I could! so stay tuned for more...
  20. REEFERzz24

    First Tank Update

    Okay, so heres my first tank update in my fluval m60. It has been going for close to 2 months now and i have finally got it stocked up with a few up the things in want to add to my tank. The hardware i have running is my return pump and 1 wave maker. I'm not sure what ones they are but from the first time I set up this tank(what a failure ) were the correct flow rate for what i wanted to keep once I got all the things I wanted to keep(anemone and sps/maybe lps around the 1 year+ mark). Tunze 9001 skimmer and using it as a surface skimmer. Media reactor(again don't know what kind but correct size for the tank) running gfo with a media bag sitting on top of where it pushes the water out from with carbon. Then 2 filter media or whatever there called before the return pump. I have the maxspect razor r420r 130w. Oh and i have some kinda rock i got from the lfs that wasn't live rock but still held a lot of bacteria So in the display has about 25-30 pounds of live rock and 20 pounds of live sand. I first bought 5 blue legged hermit with one dying. they helped clean some algae towards the end of my cycle. Once cycled I bought a pair of flurry clownfish that love playing together. Been going great. This past weekend I bought a fire shrimp and 2 small zoanthid colonies( not sure the names ill post pictures and a video tomorrow if you guys could help when i figure out how to post them). The fire shrimp does hide a lot but when i put my hand in my tank today to shift my rocks around a tiny bit he actually came out and starting to clean my hand. After i hand fed him some pellets (only went for 2 small ones) Thought that was super cool and the zoanthids seem to be doing good, so right now I'm very happy where my tank has came in this period of time and watching it grow into a tiny piece of the ocean.Thanks for reading and ill get pictures and a video up later.
  21. CAD-Aqua

    Tank Sale!

    Time for a Nano Sale! ALL of our AIO Nano tanks and Zen series tanks are 20% off!! SALE ends 10/1/17 Features: 5mm Low iron ultra clear glass with hand-curved corners Includes plumbing and pump Clean and clear silicone seams Comes with a single panel glass cover Specifications Dimensions: (16" x 16" x 17") 250 GPH return pump Cell cast acrylic filter wall Multi-habitat aquatic filtration system (Marine, Reef, or Freshwater)
  22. Selling my IM Fusion 20, all livestock and equipment. I'm keeping one light and my pair of clowns with their nem and my MP10. I'm downsizing to a 9 gallon cube. Alright gang, $280 and it's yours. Local pickup in NY only. Tank, stand, AI Prime, IM Skimmer, IM media reactor, Bubble Magus doser, remaining 2 part solution, test kits, and 9w UV. 2 red firefish 1 Pistol shrimp/goby paired up 1 Pom Pom Crab 1 Spotted Mandarin 1 Lyretail Anthias Various hermits and snails Corals vary. Loads of palys and zoas, some high end stuff randomly in there. Also various SPS. The big blue mushrooms are sold, as is the rock flower anemone. Equipment I'm running on is AI Prime non-HD, the Aqua Gadget spinstream and the Aqua Gadget Skimmer. The original skimmer, not the ghost. I also have a deep blue 9w UV, the aqua gadget reactor, and a Bubble Magus doser that needs a little cleaning. It also includes the 3 tier media baskets and the inTank regium basket.
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