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Found 5 results

  1. Saltwater scrub

    Mushroom ultra green

    So I had an ultra green mushroom coral in my nano. Was doing great than the mushroom started pulling over it’s self. I had a fuzzy mushroom that was going threw a splitting process the prior week, so I let the green mushroom do it’s thing. I don’t like moving my corals or really bugging them at all once placed. Turns out it was slimming of the shell it was fragged too. Sooo he floated to the bottom of the sand bed I had some shells around for him to potentially match on too everything looked ok, as ok as it could anyway. Today I went and really looked and it almost looked like he was falling into the sand so I went to pick him up and there was pretty much nothing left to this coral. I thought they were pretty well impossible to kill soo figured he’d be ok 😞. He is now up on the rock work. Anyone know if he’ll come back from this? He didn’t smell dead that is for sure. Should I have not had him directly on the sand?? Why whyyyy didn’t I put my hand in sooner I feel sooooo bad 😫😫😖😖
  2. Broseff

    What Happened?

    It's me again, in a what some would say appalling situation. I had to break down my tank, but wanted to salvage what I could to potentially rebuild. I'm kinda hoping some of this could work long term. Anyways, I ended up with 4 containers that I've had up for 1-2 weeks. Container #1 1/2 gallon - Tall & Narrow Emerald Crab Zoa Xmass Tree Macro Nerite Snails (2) Cerith snail The cerith died, it fell from the top and was on it's back for a while without moving. The zoa was pretty unhappy, the emerald was sitting on it (I removed it, before it notably died). The emerald just stopped moving one day (it was pregnant too, if that means anything) and is confirmed dead. The nerites are fine, same with macros. Just saw some kind of worm that's chillin. Did a massive water change, gonna keep a close eye on it to make sure the nerites and macros make it. Container #2 1/4 gallon - Wide & Short Pompom Crab Small Feather Duster Nerite Snail Everything is alive and well, no issues. I have no idea how it's doing so well. Container #3 Old Gelato Cup Hairy Mushroom Coral Brittle Starfish Asterina Starfish Cerith Snail The mushroom seems a little unhappy (it's shrinking up), but also looks like it's trying to split. Everything else is fine. Container #4 - Not pictured Old Gelato Cup Halimeda Brittle Starfish Spaghetti Worm The Spaghetti worm passed away, couldn't find the starfish (it's probably in the Halimeda?). The whole thing smells rancid. I did a massive water change and have my eye out for the starfish. I've been dosing Bacteria into all the containers (in very small amounts) and have done partial water changes. Any ideas why some of containers are doing so well? and why some are doing awful? I really thought containers #2 & #3 were going to be problamatic, very surprised by how poorly containers #1 & #4 did.
  3. antigonus

    Green Mushroom coral retracted?

    This morning I saw that my green mushroom corals were sort of oddly closed up. The only thing that has changed recently was the introduction of a Lobophyllia brain coral, which is pretty far away from the mushrooms. Ammonia is 0, Nitrite 0, nitrate 2-4, Ph. 8.2, temp 78 f. They still readily ate Mysis shrimp when I fed them, so they seem to be doing okay, I'll post a picture of what they looked like when fully opened up. Do you think there's reason to be worried?
  4. Good day Over the last few days I've noticed that three of my mushrooms seem to be in a bad shape, I've heard they are very hard to kill.. One detached from the rock and the other two seem to be disintegrating with white flesh around the mouth and in bouth cases the flesh is just hanging on.. I received them on a rock with a collany of about 10 to 15 with various sizes but all the other mushrooms seem fine. I recently added a sea hare and a scopas tang about a week ago, would these new tank members hurt my corals? I also have two hermits and a sea urchin, could they have maybe punctured the flesh of the corals? All my parameters are fine as I tested them yesterday after the one coral detected from te rock Does anyone know what might be wrong, as you can see below the one is in wors state then the other
  5. Hello people, I have a Red Sea Max Nano with the AI Prime HD LED. I currently have some rock flower anemones and mushrooms. I went with the recommended light settings, but have been reading that RFA's and Mushrooms like less light. For this reason, I have set the light to acclimate mode for the time being. Just interested to see if anyone can help me make this tank a long term success... Only other coral I really plan on adding would be a frogspawn or Hammer Coral. Also have 2 Frostbite Frozen Clowns. Thanks for any help you can provide. P.
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