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Found 6 results

  1. (I posted this same post in the corals forum) Hi. I'M new to the forum and was hoping some experienced reefers could offer some advice on my coral health! I have a 20 gallon DIY mixed reef tank that has been running for about 6 months. I have about 1 year experience running a 75 gallon reef tank that I took down about 6 years ago when I left for college. Everything I have added (soft corals, LPS, fish, inverts, nem) seems healthy and has been a pleasure to watch. Up until now I have never tried any SPS corals. 5 days ago I decided to venture into some "beginner" SPS. I don't have very accurate water testing kits so I am not looking to advance any further with difficult corals until I can at least better monitor my water parameters. I have a very large amount of live rock for the tank size and two hang-off-the-back filters (in case one ever fails). My heater is a decently stable and my digital thermometer always reads 78.4-78.8. My lighting is not very strong: Marineland LEDs rated at about 100 par at 12 inches and 6000K. It is also not diffuse at all and has almost spotlights of higher intensity throughout the tank. (yes, I plan to upgrade my lighting when I have the funds in about a month). I bought two montipora frags 5 days ago, one large orange monti cap and one small sunset monti. Both came from my LFS and were not shipped (at least not any time recently). To compensate for my low lighting I placed them about 5 inches down in the water directly under the "spotlights" from my LEDs. I really don't know enough to tell if they're doing ok or not. given that my situation is atypical bordering on stupid (I know it sounds bad) I want to make sure Im not killing the frags. I have a friend with a very successful SPS tank who will take them if I'm hurting them and I just don't want to see them die! I think they might be doing ok. I'll be watching for long term signs of health but I just wanted to ask if there are any issues visibly indicating immediate shock from new/bad tank conditions. Please don't be too hard on me. I know you'll want to know my water parameters and more details than I can probably measure. I don't want advice on keeping them alive as much as advice on how to tell if they're healthy (although all input is appreciated). If they aren't healthy I will rehome them at the first clear sign they're declining. I have attached pictures.
  2. M*ther F**ki*g G*d D**Mit! abjkfdsakjf! MEN are is the worst. I have a montipora eating nudibranch infestation which I have been battling for over a month. I am losing the war. First they ruined a white polyp monti, but now they are attacking my prized center piece red shelving monti. Its been with me since I started my tank a year ago :( I thought I was safe when I removed the invested white polyp, but alas, they spread. For you experience reefs are monti eating nudis the herpes of reefing? Are they forever? If i strip ALL my montis out of the tank and dispose of them, how long will I have to wait to starve these F@@kers out? Do their eggs last forever? It seems little is known about there life cycle other than dips don't kill eggs.
  3. I've been on the periphery of the hobby for over a year now. As soon as I stumbled into it I was hooked. The combination of science, art, and living pets inspired me deeply. I instantly went from not even knowing about the hobby to suddenly wanting to know everything! To make sure I didn't jump into anything to hastily I gave myself a solid year to seriously contemplate things and do my homework. I mean seriously doing my research, not just masturbating to coral porn. Build a 10g Nano Reef for JUST $275 Then a few months ago I saw a YouTube video from Marine Depot that was something like, "Build a Nano Reef for just $275." They built a bare-bones system with an IM Fusion 10 that would probably be fine for the easiest softies. I don't care for softies. I know everyone starts with them, but I'm just not even interested in bothering. My favorite corals are Montipora (digitata) and Acropora (vermiculata, tenuis). I like a lot of LPS too. Zoas are the closest thing to soft corals that I have any interest in, but even they would languish under their light. But this Marine Depot build got me thinking about getting off the fence. I loved the form factor of the Nuvo 10, since that would fit perfectly next to my desk. So let's do it right, and start by adding a zero to the budget. Build a 10g Nano Reef for JUST $2,750 I despise conspicuous consumption so please do not take me for some rich kid showing off. I'm a grown man who will make rational investments for personal edification. See that shit? I just used "edification" correctly in a sentence. Grown man! If I want to learn to keep SPS, I need to make the investment in keeping these critters alive and healthy. So forget all that piddly nonsense Marine Depot was trying to sling, here is the package I put together: Hardware Tank: IM Fusion Nano 10 Lighting: Kessil A80 (I was tempted by the Nanobox Lights popular here, but this needs to be a silent build!) Skimmer: IM Ghost Skimmer Return: Sicce Syncra Silent Main Powerheaad: Aqamai KPS Controller: Neptune Apex 2016 Hardware Regrets The IM SpinStream nozzle was hugely unnecessary in this tank with a powerhead. And ****ING LOUD! Hardware Extravagances I wrestled for a solid week on whether or not I should get the Apex 2016; or any of the much cheaper options. I think it is over-priced by about $300, and I hate getting bilked. I want to keep this all as stress-free as possible, so I ultimately decided it would be an insurance policy for the tank and a sleep aid for me. The ORP is probably the only thing on here I won't use. I'm comfortable with coding and was instantly coming up with my own schemes in the controller. I also really like the features in the upgraded EB832 powerbar. With such a small water volume I need to know the second something fails. I really want to keep this hobby as stress free as possible. First Month I'm primarily going to be documenting my experiences on my YouTube channel, but I'll use this thread for supplemental stuff. If you like what you see, please subscribe! I'm nearing 5,000 subs and want to hit that milestone! Let's find out if a newbie can just show up and pull off a SPS Nano Tank if he's done his homework! August 2017 Update: I finally got to add corals to the tank this month! There were a lot of ups and downs along the way, but I'm still engaged in the hobby! September 2017 Update: Despite having no fish in my fish tank, I had a very eventful September in reefing! This video also includes reviews for the Aqamai KPS powerhead (an affordable programmable powerhead) as well the Seneye Reef ammonia & pH monitor. October 2017 Update: Things are doing great in the tank this month! No coral deaths! I didn't even lose a single Zoa polyp! My parameters are all stabilizing nicely. In this month's video I complete my review for the Seneye Reef Monitor, and talk about how I supplement with Kalkwasser and Vodka. November Update It's happening! It's all finally coming together for me. I've got the water chemistry stabilized to the point that I think I can start adding Acros to the tank! January 2018: The tank has been going for 6 months, and has managed to keep fish alive for the last 2 of those! I'm now out of the woods yet though and continue to have some challenges keeping the water chemistry stable in this 10 Gallon Nano!
  4. Biocubelife

    Monti has some algae growth

    I’m noticing some browning or algae growth on my monti. It’s been there since squirted a little reef roids on it. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi reefers, Can you guys/girls help with the balling method please? Im on my last lot salt as Ave been doing water changes weekly since my tank started in May, everything is stable nutrient wise, I’d like to go over to no water changes, now my understanding of the balling method is, Do water change, test for cal, alk ,mag? Correct? Now my my questions are.. how often do I test? Every day? And how long for? 1 week? And how do I calculate wat dosages I need daily? Many thanks
  6. TripleTrouble

    Green Monti Cap Stressing Me Out

    Hey everyone...my tank is now ~5 months old About six weeks ago, I fell in love with this month cap at my lfs, so I bought it and since then it's been the bain of my existence. For two weeks it did well. Was nice and dark green with good polyp extension. After that, it was all down hill. I've been doing tons and tons of research of everything that could be wrong...lighting, nudi branches, poor flow, water params, etc. Before I get into the details, at this point I think I narrowed it down to either 1) potential phosphate "poisoning" due to over feeding my tank (which I've since corrected ~ 2 weeks ago) and/or 2) high salinity which I've since reduced and am still reducing (* below). Lighting: I have a kessil A80. I acclimated the monti to the lighting for a week. My lfs runs Kessil too. I run a 12 hour dawn til disk and my light doesn't go above 80%. The piece is towards the top of the tank about 20 inches from the light. Schedule: 6:00 AM 5/5 9:00 AM 15/15 1:00 PM 50/60 3:00 PM 50/80 5:00 PM 30/30 6:00 PM lights out Flow: upgraded return pump and a Hydor Koralia nano. Current water params: nitrate: 0 ammonia: 0 phosphate: 0.25 (just got phosphate kit so not sure what it was when I was over feeding) dkh: 8 Mag: 1500 calcium: 420 Ph: 7.8 salinity: 1.027* (was at one point 1.029) Currently have been dosing a few drops of Acropower 2x per week. My lps (hammers, torches, acans, Candy cane, mushroom and zoa) all have been doing fine with great extension. That said, there's a colony of orange zoa that haven't been opening as much as they were when I first got them (around the same time as the Monti). Also, one colony of GSP had expelled its zooxanthellae and "bleached" to almost pure white, but since I've been more careful w the feeding and have been doing weekly 1/2 water changes, the color has been coming back. I included a few pics below of the monti. Open to any advice you may have. Do you think it's a gonner or should I still give it a shot to nurse it back? I can still see some pale green color and small polyp extension here and there. Any advice to help the process along? Also, open to advice on lighting schedule for anyone w a Kessil A80. Picked up another monti frag (red) last weekend to see how my current reduced feeding regiment is working for sps. Thanks
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