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Found 3 results

  1. Daniel92481

    1/2 gallon micro reef

    Hey reefers, just wanted to share a fun project here. I’ve had my pico set up for a while now and decided to set up a tiny 1/2 gallon micro tank using the light spill from the 360X. I found this cool shaped bowl sitting on a little piece of carved wood and thought it would be perfect for this project. Super basic build using 10watt heater with an air stone for water circulation. I added a couple of zoa frags, ricordea, and a rhodactis mushroom. I quickly went from two to three tanks that I’m maintaining. I have a nano, pico, and micro now. Here’s a few pics.
  2. To add to the Tank Keepers total and complete frustration, I’ve decided I want to start my own little tank, that will eventually become my office tank. (Once we are back in the office, and not working from home, due to the Corona virus.) My goal is to learn from the Tank Keeper about husbandry, so I can help more with the other four tanks we currently have up and running. Also, it’d be a snowballs chance in hell, that I’d be able to talk her in to another tank to manage, so if I wanted it, I’d have to be responsible for it. I am beyond honored to have gotten the prototype from @Micro-Reefs Aquariums midnight series 4.7 gallon aquarium. Equipment : Cobalt NeoTherm 25w Heater Inkbird ITC308s (to control the heater, and fans if needed) NanoBox Duo WuyouChy Aquarium ATO System The tank arrived Monday, and all though UPS did their best to damage the tank on the way, the box was so well packed, that it arrived unscathed. All of the frag racks and the media rack were inside the tank, under the packing popcorn. I set the tank up, and a guy in our local reef club had ordered too much ocean rock from Gulf Live Rock. The Tank Keeper has an affinity for live rock, and went with me to pick out a couple pieces. We put a really nice piece in to this tank, and picked out a second piece for our 365 day challenge tank. I think that I’m going to put an invert in this tank. I’m leaning towards a pistol shrimp, and maybe a small goby... But I’m definitely open to suggestions, since a tank this small is new to both of us. I also don’t want to put a fish in this tank, if it’s too small for it. As far as corals go, I’m thinking maybe a nice piece of euphyllia and a zoa garden. I’d like to keep it fairly simple, since husbandry is mostly new to me. All though, I read a lot, and enjoy learning. I am above average at fragging (the tank keeper doesn’t like to frag at all, so that’s a responsibility that’s been given to me.) Please feel free to offer suggestions, as being responsible for a tank of my own is a first for me.
  3. So... after being inspired by @jbb_00 and @WV Reefer I decided that I'd turn my newly bought Mini Complete tank into my first ever reef aquarium. I've done some research and am sticking with hardy corals such as Zoas and Mushrooms. You've all been super helpful and reading your threads have just been an immense amount of information and knowledge. I know that getting into this hobby with such a small tank (the Mini Complete is less than a gallon) is a daunting task but I'm going to take it slow and make this a learning experience. I've had the tank now for a week but all I've done is fill it up and check its temperature. I realized the heater that came with the tank wasn't going to do it, it never got the water temp above 70F, with @jbb_00 help i got the heater he had and for the last couple days now its been stable at 78F. Next thing I did was find a really small but passionate frag store in Toronto (where I live) and was hoping they could help me out. I found FrabBox and decided to bring the tank with me... they blew all my expectations. The owner saw the tank fell in love and started making the hardscape right there and then because he was just amazed at how such a small All in one tank could exist. He supplied me with live rock, live sand, and a bag of his water which was more than enough to fill it up and then do a water change. He basically said I got a transplant of his 1400 gallon system for his frag store. Anyone in Toronto should really check it out. I was excited when he told me the rocks had already a couple of mushroom corals on it and i promised him I'd come back next week for some Zoas. But needless to say I've spent over a few hours just watching the small tank and I've seen so many creatures now. Hoping some of you guys can confirm my IDs or help me figure out what they are. Here are some photos of the set up first, and then the creatures in question in the next post. I'll keep you guys updated as I progress but thank you so much for all of your advice and in advance for all of your help and guidance! Live Rock Live Sand - store gave me from an open bag they had of Carrib Sea.
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