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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to my Red Sea Reefer 350 V3 build thread. What's the matter with me?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I said I was a die hard nano girl. I said I would never get a bigger tank. Good gosh I said I would never break the no-soaking-armpit rule. I am not new to Red Sea Tanks, my first TOTM on Nano-Reef was a RSM 130D. It was also featured on Marine Depot and Fluval was interested in using the tank on their product packaging. When I was ready to upgrade from the RSM, it was because my corals were outgrowing the tank and I was over the rounded corners. At that time they had not come out with rectangle square edged tanks and so I went with a CAD and on to my second TOTM. In the meantime Red Sea took out many new series of tanks, the reefer being one of the most popular. I was initially going to get the Reefer 250 which is a 3 footer. Not sure why or how the thought of going bigger entered my head. I was about to move apartments and dreaming of a new tank. I was over the drop-off that I had for 1.5 years. I went to a couple of LFS to see the 250 and 350 in person and opted for the 350 because it really did not look like a 4 footer tank. The height makes it optically appear stockier and therefore not as big. Of course try making RO water for a "not-so-large-looking" tank. Uh huh. I ordered the tank with some out of the ordinary requests and a lot of help from @Marine Depot. Well. It was a harrowing delivery. The company that brought it was just unprepared for a delivery of a 350 pound shipment. The truck was lower than the loading dock and the lift gate would not go all the way up. So the guys maneuvered the shipment on a manual forklift on the lift gate and lowered it to the floor. I was just cringing every second of that delivery. It was extremely stressful. So much so that I totally did not think to open the boxes and check if the contents were okay. Clearly they were not. The right side of the tank was completely smashed ๐Ÿ˜ž I wasn't just heartbroken, I was devastated. Not only was I extremely stupid about not checking the boxes, after the way they handled the delivery I should have not tipped them. Yes I tipped them. So now I was sitting with a broken shipment. If I had checked the boxes I would have refused the delivery and they would have hauled it away. Here I was sitting with two 4 foot boxes that I could not haul to the trash room. Red Sea was not only kind and gave me a taste of what awesome customer service is all about, I also got the good news that my replacement shipment was going to be the new V3 system which Red Sea had just revealed at Interzoo. V3 has a new refugium ready sump and different plumbing, also a bigger ATO. I think I am the first person in the US to get delivery of the V3 system. . The second delivery company was night and day different from the first. Whew. The tank arrived and I began building the cabinet. @Mariaface came over and helped me with it that evening. While I am talking about Maria, let me tell you how incredibly helpful she was every single day during the long week it took me to move my fragile items and the contents of the tank to a temporary 40B that I have setup in the new kitchen. I could not have done it without her help, she came over every day after work to help me. I don't even think I have thanked her enough and I hope I have not taken her for granted but, honestly, not sure I could have done it without her. Thank you Maria. Friday last week was a fish nerd kind of evening. Maria came over again and we worked on the cabinet some more. In the meantime I had made some mods to the tank and sump which I will detail in another post. My friend Michael drove all the way from Long Island to install my Nano Box ATI Retrofit to the ceiling. Unfortunately we were not prepared for the ceiling to be solid concrete! ๐Ÿ˜žNone of the mollies, or anchors I had were for a concrete application. ๐Ÿ˜ž Anyway. By the end of Friday the stand was built, tank put on the stand, sump installed, overflow was leak tested and I plumbed the return. I put the sump on line and leak tested all weekend. Got 2K+views on the pump pumping water Cycling with a catfish ๐Ÿ˜„ Thank you for following my new build. #metrokat #reeflikekat #reefer350
  2. Merry Christmas, and what a Christmas it is. Introducing the very first, and one-of-a-kind, Front Facing Starphire Drop-Off Aquarium: The METROpolitan. By MODE Aquariums. I wasn't planning on it, and then this happened. If you recall I wrote an article on MODE's drop off peninsula, a tank I sadly turned down for various reasons. MODE said we heard you don't want a tank wider than 36 inches. This is nearly the same footprint as my current tank 36X24X20 so I'm really happy that I can continue to use the light that Dave built for me. It is 2 inches taller and violates my soaking armpit rule but how could I say no to this beauty. Volume wise I believe it is 55G so a tad more than my current tank. Finding aiptasia in my current tank on all those rocks and branches that I used to create height may have been fortuitous because I am ditching nearly all the rock that doesn't have a coral on it. With the natural shelf that this tank has, the height I need is built right in. I'm still not sure how to aquascape this - it is challenging with a capital HOLY MOTHER OF CORALS! But one that I am looking forward to. I might have to try to cajole Johnny Ciotti for some advice. Were I starting from scratch with frags, I probably would have an easier time, but I have colonies - my babies that I have grown for 2 years in the current tank, and many that I have had for 4-5 years. I've been looking at the drop-offs out there and I love the cascading look. That's so easy to have happen with softies. I made that YUUGE magnet attached dong with the SPS on it - where is that doing to go?! I am going to install a Reef Octopus Modular sump instead of the one that comes with this tank. It has repositionable baffles and it's just a simple open space. I have some new equipment and things to try out and having a compartment restricts the usage. I was actually going to put the RO sump in the the current tank - after taking the fuge offline as I was planning, the custom sump became limited in it's use. Thank you to Mode Aquariums for making my Christmas.
  3. metrokat

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Thanks for stopping by. This tank is currently being upgraded to a CADlights 50L Artisan. The new thread http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/353478-kats-fabulous-upgrade-party/ Merry Christmas! How Santa got the RSM to me is a mystery, since my apartment does not have a chimney. I started my salty adventures this past summer and in 6 months have upgraded from a BioCube 14 to a 2.5 times larger Red Sea MAX 130D, 34 gallon. I'm very excited about this tank, and can see that this tank will be plenty for a long time to come. The trick is not to go to any more frag swaps with my friend KG. Welcome to my RSM thread. FTS April 2014 FTS December 2013 FTS June 2013 FTS December 2012 Thanks for following. (My thread is rather long and it becomes a party at some point, use the index below to get you to the (mostly) serious stuff.) Thread Index The 'Scape The shoe that made me famous on N-R The radio show that made me famous on N-R First look at the scape after the move from the BC Lola the homing crab First ginormous coral influx Draco the Mandarin arrives and steals my heart Adding LED's My 50 Gallon upgrade, ha! Kat pays a visit to Mr Coral, he still lives Rare fish sighting NASA flew over my thread head Crab fight episode 1 10 foot tank move and Crab Fight Episode 2 Crab Love The Yuma from hell Frag Prison Jason Fox Leptastrea resurrection Mr Coral's Hellboy Favia progression The story of Au, my Gold Maxima (given to Zeph) The makings of a zoanthid valley Inverts Stock list Zoa Collection Clamnapper Capers A for Apex T5's and LED's in the RSM hood La Sump! Purdy Fuge Geowge, the Midas Blenny Custom ATO Reservoir, only 4" wide! Bandit's Walk of Shame Tank chemistry issues Little Gnocchi, the Bangaii Cardinal Hundley the Tail Spot Blenny (returned to store) Babette, the rare Frilly Limpet, Lucapina Suffusa Dingbat rips into Big Bertha Picture dump My Tank keeps my up at night lol Alpheus ochrostriatus, the new pistol shrimp Julian Sprung himself called Progression shots Nasuta & Montipora A tale of two little clams During Hurrican Sandy After Hurrican Sandy December 2012 TOTM! Woooot! Lily, the ORA Squamosa I had to have I turned the Fuge into a miniature garden The tanks first birfday: Video I'm on ReefBuilders!
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