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Found 6 results

  1. Michael@Coralvue

    IceCap CO2 Scrubber and Media Now Available!!

    Have you ever struggled with low PH? Has your coral growth slowed? Have you tried a CO2 scrubber yet? They work very well I assure you! I myself have been a victim of low PH especially in the summer and winter. You see at those times of year I have to keep my home closed up from the elements. I’d love to be able to open up all my windows all the time , but that’s just not realistic or possible with brutal Midwest heat and humidity. Let’s not even discuss bone chilling winters. Not everyone has all of the seasons I do but most of us have at least one time of the year that we can’t have our humble abodes open to the fresh air. This is exactly the time that CO2 scrubber comes in handy! So let me tell you my results with my first CO2 Scrubber. I was having a hard time maintaining 7.8-8.0 Ph on a daily diurnal swing. My coral growth had slowed, my alkalinity and calcium consumption had dropped dramatically and my tank just didn’t look right. Sound familiar?? The search was on for a solution, 😂 My mind begin to work! After some online searching I found some information about CO2 scrubbers . What’s this scrubber thing you speak of? What does it do? What’s the benefits? Well a Ph scrubber is basically a chamber or reactor that holds CO2media ( calcium hydroxide) and (sodium hydroxide). When you pass air laden with Carbon Dioxide through the reactor/scrubber media, the CO2 is absorbed by the media and fresh air continues on to your aquarium. This is generally done by connecting the air intake line of your skimmer to the reactor/scrubber. As CO2 is scrubbed out before fresh air is delivered to the aquarium your PH increases because your skimmer is no longer pumping CO2 laden air into the tank. Genius!! Let me show you a few pictures of what this looks like.😊 So we’ve gone over the basics of what a scrubber is , what it does , and what it helps with. Now we need to chat about one more important thing, the media. How do you know if the media is good? How do you know when it’s bad? How long does it last?.Glad you asked !! 😂 The media is white when it is fresh and in it’s sealed container. It won’t stay that way as it absorbs CO2. The IceCap media will turn Pink in color as it absorbs CO2. Once the media has sufficiently turned Pink it should be removed and discarded. If you leave the media in the scrubber after this point it could turn back to white, but it isn’t actually working any longer.Lets take a quick look at the media when it needs to be changed. At this point you can see the media has been sufficiently used and should be discarded.The time it takes for your to turn from white to pink will vary . Every aquarium and environment is different. Now what’s the point of all this? Well the end result of adding a CO2 Scrubber can substantially help with low PH. My PH now is sustained at 8.0-8.3 during my tanks diurnal swing. That’s a nice increase and my corals are much happier and are again growing wonderfully!
  2. so I find my self wanting to add a little carbon to my Nano. in the past I have used the classic panty hose with good results. I think there are media bags out there but a lot seem low quality on the bigger side for nanos. so what Y'all using? do you like it? work it? cheers, D
  3. Hey so the day has finally come.... our tank is cycled... no ammonia after 12 hours and 0 nitrites.... did water change to being down nitrites to around 5-10ppm So basically my cycle went fairly quick so I don’t have a lot of algae (I’m sure there will be more to come lol) but as of right now I just have diatoms on my rock, some , but certainly no crazy amount.... because of that I only ordered 2x trochus snails and 2x Nassarius snails (this way I can at least feed the snails if there is no algae left right? Trochus snails will eat dried seaweed is what I got from my research and Nassarius snails will eat just about anything so I could just drop in a bit of food every now and again and it should keep them alive- this is the info I got from researching each type so I’m hoping this is right... (I got no algae at all on my sand bed or glass... rock only) I cycled at 2ppm or slightly higher (did fishless cycle with ammonia) I will be adding the 4 snails on Thursday at some point (probably around 10-11 am as that’s when then truck comes) Im guessing these 4 snails will not come close to 2ppm ammonia so I’m wondering if I will be able to add a blue-green chromis (blue, green, blue-green- which ever name you call it it’s all the same fish as far as I can tell lol) Would it be safe to add one on Friday.... it will be a little over 24hours after adding the 4 snails... I have also researched that they actually like to pick at some algae’s as well (detritus I think) so my questions.... do you think that will be too much in like 28 hours when I’ve cycled to about 2-3ppm (I also have a bottle of Bio-Spira on stand by Incase levels do increase)? And when I add just these 4 snails should I add any of my media? Or just keep it with the filter floss? (I will be using purigen and chemipure elite) I just wasn’t sure if these would be wasted on just a couple snails? also if you guys think it will be ok to add the blue Green Chromis (it will be small- just around or a bit over salable size) i should add my media before adding him/her in correct? I know that it will still be a small bioload and won’t use up the media very fast but after that I will be waiting a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to add anything else and my next fish will be a purple fire fish OR the YWG/ Shrimp combo and then finally my 2 clowns.... then that will be it.... so after the chromis what should come next.... if anyone has ideas please label them but these were my thoughts: purple fire YWG/ pistol shrimp (either Randall’s or Tiger)- going to add together at the advice of research and apparently if added at the same time it’s easier to get them to pair up 2x clowns (they will be very very small and shipped to my store together in the same bag- just the 2 of them) now please note there will be WEEKS in between these additions.... the only one I want to add close together is the 4 snails on Thursday and the blue Green Chromis on Friday (if they can get one ordered and in stock for me) I am also hoping by adding the fish close to adding the snails there may be more for them to eat without my having to supplement the snails food..... I plan on (as recommended) feeding the chromis a varied diet of NLS 0.5mm pellets and a variety of frozen but thawed mysis and brine shrimp and flakes.... I’ve been told they will eat just about anything.... but there is some conflicting info on how much... I think once a day should be enough but some others are saying twice? I think that’s a bit much as long as he gets a good meal the first time (yes I know not to over feed lol)
  4. I have a 8 Gal LPS dominated reef tank. I'm planning on building the sump. I already have the tank for the sump which is a 5 Gal tank. My question is, which protein skimmer would fit best in my sump ? https://www.tokopedia.com/aquastop/jebo-178-protein-skimmer https://www.tokopedia.com/ikansapoesapoe/jebo-protein-skimmer-180-ii https://www.tokopedia.com/ikansapoesapoe/resun-protein-skimmer-sk-300 https://www.tokopedia.com/abfaquatic/protein-skimmer-resun-sk-05-aquarium-laut P.S. I'm picking these not because they're cheap but rather because these are the only ones that can fit in my stand
  5. Have a Aquaclear 50 inTank media basket for sale. $32 shipped.
  6. I've been running this Avast Marine Spyglass Media Reactor on my Reefer 170 for a few months now and it has worked flawlessly. Planning on converting the place where it's been to a fuge so I no longer have a need for it. Looking to pass along a deal to a fellow reefer. I'm selling it with the Sicce Synchra Nano pump which is perfect for the small reactor. I'll toss in a bag of ME Coral GFO that I have leftover as well. I'll post or can PM pictures of the unit later today. Price - $100 + shipping (reactor plus sicce pump is ~$200 brand new from Avast) -Adam
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