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Found 6 results

  1. FTS: 08/25/2020 FTS: 08/06/2020 FTS: 08/04/2020 FTS: 07/19/2020 FTS: 07/09/2020 FTS: 06/29/2020 FTS: 06/26/2020 FTS: 06/04/2020 FTS 05/22/2020 FTS 04/09/2020 FTS 02/27/2020 Top Down 02/27/2020 Actinic FTS 02/15/2020 FTS 02/04/2020 FTS 01/04/2020 Top Down 12/04/2020 FTS 12/17/2019 FTS: 12/02/2019 Top Down: 12/02/2019 FTS:11/17/2019 Top Down 11/11/2019 Well here it is. I picked this bad boi up for a whopping $25! Had calcium all over so needed a good scrub. Bought a nice entertainment center, restructured it a little to make sure it can hold weight and custom made light hanger built from local reefer. The Goods: IM Nuvo 40 Stock media basket with filter pads, carbon, Purigen, and a mini refugium with chaeto IM AQUA Gadget 2-1 Chaetomax LED IM MightyJet 538gph w/ 1x Spin Stream IM Medium Size Nuvo Skimmer AI Nero 5 EcoTech MP10 ATI SunPower 4x Bulb 3x Blue + and 1 Coral + while running 2x Actinic LED ProLumen Strips Tunze Nano ATO ATO Reservoir 5g Soy Sauce Bucket 300 Watt Ceramic Heater Externally Controlled w/Finnix Thermostat The Wet Goods: Lighting Maroon Clown Pair & Rainbow BTA Yellow Tail Goby & Pistol Tiger Shrimp Pair Flame Angel Purple Dottyback Cleaner Shrimp Harlequin Shrimp Pair Mix Reef (lobos, scolys, btas, favias, zoas, palys, pavonas, torches, shrooms) CUC (trochus, turbos, nerites, red/blue legged hermits)
  2. Tank: Tank: 22 gallon Reef Savvy 20”x16”x16”H Stand: Custom Heater: Ehiem Jagar 100w Lighting: Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue w/ Mounting Arm Filtration: AquaClear 70 w/ Sponge and Biomedia (Temporary) Sump: (Not Currently Operating) - Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 (old model) - Return: Tunze 1073.050 Circulation: Vortech MP10 Sand: Unknown Large Grain Size Rock: Unknown Likely Caribsea Life Rock Water: BRS 6 Stage RODI System Salt: LiveAquaria Dosing: Not Currently Testing: Refractometer ReaSea Nitrate HI736 Ultra Low Phosphorus HI775 Alkalinity Salifert Calcium Salifert Magnesium Fish: - Lightening Maroon Clownfish - Khole Tang - Pajama Cardinalfish Invertebrates: - Thin Strip Hermit - 2x Blue Legged Hermit - Scarlet Hermit - Feather Duster - Various Snails Corals: Soft - Grube's gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava) - Orange Ricordea florida - Orange & Blue Rhodactis - Orange & Blue Zoanthids - Yellow & Blue Zoanthids - Green Zoanthids - Red Zoanthids LPS - Goniopora SPS - Birdsnest - Montipora
  3. So about a week ago i noticed my clownfish was laying on his side on my mushroom coral and at firat i thought he was just sleeping(i think he is a 'he') but about 2 or 3 days ago i noticed he has gotten a little but thinner, it looks like one side of his has been scratched or something and there is a long string coming from him... I'm not sure exa tly what kind of clownfish he is...he is maroon and friendly to our other clown and other fish. At first i thought the female had layed eggs but now i don't think so. He looks sick or something. He is eating fine and whenever i get close to the tank he swims around for a minute and goes back to the same spot on the rock, laying on the same side. Please help... Also, if i should quarantine him, can i use a 1 gallon and what should i do? All other fish in the same tank are perfectly fine..
  4. Hello!I also asked this on reef central but have received no responses... I have a 54gal corner tank currently stocked with a snowflake moray eel, a green chromis (tried a small school- bought 5 and hoped for 2/3 to make it but as chromis do, just the one seemed to be the victor. Alas, he seems content), and two new young maroon clownfish- a lightning maroon and a gold nugget x lightning maroon. I ordered both of the maroons off of ORA and the GNXLM is probably about 1.5” in length and the LM is a bit smaller, about 1-1.25” in length. I’ve had them for about a week. The GNXLM is clearly the more dominant of the two and seems to keep the LM sort of corralled near the heater and will charge him if he gets too far away. They of course had their expected “sizing up” and a bit of wrestling the first couple of days but both seem completely unharmed. The GNXLM seems very confident and content, as I recognize in all of the false percs I’ve had and “she” surprisingly leaves my chromis alone. The LM on the other hand seems very anxious and orients himself at an angle and hoovers by the heater or sometimes goes and hangs out in the rock pile with the eel (who is easily 14-16” in length but very well fed so leaves my fish alone besides curiously looking sometimes). My question is, this behavior has persisted over a week. Do you think the maroons have a chance of “pairing” and becoming BFFs? They weren’t exactly cheap so I don’t want either of them to get hurt or die from stress but I don’t want to step in and prevent a potential pairing just because I’m nervous about it myself. I do have a spare 10gal that I can get set up if need be and would probably just keep the LM in there by himself, but I feel like if I do that then he will definitely become a female as well and I will have to keep them separated indefinitely and eventually have to get a second larger tank as he grows. I would rather prevent all of that - I got them in hopes to have a nice pair lol. Any words of advise
  5. I have a 40b with a maroon clown and a watchman goby. The last two fish I had were a damsel (lasted 3 days) and a six line (lasted 3 weeks). After looking at every option on what is going wrong with newly introduced fish my best guess is the clownfish attacked. The symptoms of both fish were gasping for air and they both died within a day of the symptoms. My clown attacks my hands but I’ve never seen aggression towards other fish, the clown and sixline literally swam together All day long like they were friends. I had no major parameter problems and my clown and watchman are complely Fine which makes me think there was no parameter issue or disease. The wrasse was bigger and faster than the clown I don’t see why it would have gotten attacked. Is my clown being bad when I’m not looking?? Why I didn’t see any visible marks frock attacks, why would there be gasping for air? Please help me get to the bottom of this! picture of wrasse in final moments
  6. Hey! Anyone in the Milwaukee area looking for some healthy livestock check out my craigslist. I'm in college right now and Im about to intern out of country for a conservation project an cannot take care of these fellas. Just need a good home for them. Im asking 180 but Im willing to work with the right respectful buyer Also here is a video I shot of the tank on 1/11/18 for some more views of the livestock. Thanks! https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/for/d/looking-for-home-for-corals/6446016679.html
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