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Found 13 results

  1. With social distancing having no foreseeable end in sight, my significant other gave me the green light on a pico/Nano bookshelf build. My Waterbox 70:2 will also appreciate this as I have been messing with it too much as of late. The tank will go where my pico contest tank Was previously. I will also use most of the equipment I used on my pico contest tank. I have decided on the Lifeguard Aquatics Crystal 7.3 gallon peninsula. Tank: Lifeguard Aquatics Crystal 7.4 gal peninsula. Light: Nanobox Tide Return: Sicce Micra Skimmer: Reef glass Skimmer Heater: 50w neotherm Flow: Hygger Eco-slim ATO: XP Aqua Heater: Viaqua 50w, Inkbird controller Filter Media: 250ml seachem matrix Sand: 5lbs live sand Rock: KP Aquatics live rock Dosing: DIY Kalk reactor powered by Kamoer x1 doser Livestock: mantis shrimp (Neogonodactylus curacaoensis) Blue Eyed Cardinalfish Coral/inverts: SPS: Red planet, Infected green Stag, Red monti cap, green monti cap... LPS: candycane, orange lepto Softies: ricordia Yuma, ricordia Florida, red mushroom, orange jawbreaker mushroom, forest fire rhodactis Anemone: “Black widow” bubble tip anemone, Red mini carpet anemone
  2. Ratvan

    Mantis Murder Manor

    Hello again all, So, my luck with tanks has not been the best to say the least, so I managed to swap my TMC Cube for a boxed but used Evo 13.5G, along with a 4 Stage RODI and a bit of cash. I kept a good amount of the sand and my favourite rock (I know favourite rock 🙄), I still have a 50W Heater, Inkbird 308S (with silicone probe) i'm just currently lacking a stand and salt mix at the moment. So far I have rinsed the tank out a few times, got rid of a few light scratches, dumped out the filter foam but have kept the carbon. Set everything up and wrapped the cables so it looks more tidy. I plan to get a stand similar to the one below so that I can also keep my 2.5G Betta Tank on the shelf below The Plan: Livestock So for a long while now I have wanted to do a species tank/biotope, it is something that has always interested me trying to design and maintain a habitat for a creature as close as possible to the natural habitat, I am on a mailing list for my LFS and have seen a couple of specimens that really interest me. One especially ever since I saw @billygoat add the pearly jawfish to his then 18G. The Pearly Jawfish. So I have sourced, cleaned and roughed up a section of 3/4" PVC that I have placed underneath the rock I will putty this into position to ensure that any excavation works. Before adding this to the tank I made sure that I drilled a series of holes within the pipework so that any water inside will not become stagnant. The PVC pipework is in a square shape and I have made sure that there are two entrances, these are located at the front and the rear of the rockwork so that the jawfish can use either the left side or the right side of the rock as its entrance/exit. Currently I have sanded these entrances smooth and have left them bare slightly under the substrate level. The depth of the sand at the moment is a little over 3" all around, I am aware that I need some rock rubble and currently it is on the purchase list, I will most likely scatter this aimlessly around the tank and make the little jawfish work for its materials. The Plan: Corals, Macroalgae and Gorgonians The Current plans for the Corals, Gorgonians and Macroalgae is going to be easy to keep, low light and low flow corals as I plan on keeping this tank stock for as long as possible. Tank Details Tank: Fluval Evo Sea 52L/13.5G Heater: 50W Submersible Heater on Inkbird Controller Flow: Stock Fluval Pump (132GPH) Light: Stock Fluval Lighting on plug in timer switch Rock: 10Lbs Dry Rock Sand: 15Lbs Dry Sand (Samoa Pink) I have other stocking options in mind in case the jawfish is not suitable for the tank or obtaining one becomes an issue. (Leaf Fish, Mantis Shrimp, Wartskin Angler. Each would become a biotope tank)
  3. Ten things about this discussion forum on care and lifestyle of a smithii, (Purple Spot Mantis Shrimp, Gonodactylus smithii) 1: Myself and many of us are new to reef tanks (not all of us) 2: Myself and many of us will be new to mantis shrimps (not all of us) 3: We have all made some mistakes in the past and will likely make some more 4: Lets be open to all ideas, info and discussion, and endeavour to obtain a viewpoint based on consensus and verification 5: Our focus is on the health and well being of our smithii, if that means something like low light, then so be it, if that means no corals then so be it etc etc (these are not set in stone and may not work for everyone) 6: We will continue to research until we know heaps and then will continue some more 7: Please keep discussion respectful and kind, no one here wants to harm their smithii 8: Please share photos and videos to support your question and or answer if possible 9: If you have experience, good or bad, don't be afraid to share it here, you will not be judged unless your intent is malicious 10: There is no ten, as this discussion will evolve organically, I want to offer no rules other than the obvious guidelines above. Introducing Shrimpy, my smithii... I have only had Shrimpy for about 3 weeks, we don't know his age or sex. The aquarium we got him from did not brief us on care etc etc so my wife and I are learning as we go... I will ask many questions in the coming weeks and I truly appreciate all replies. First up; When you have a smithii and his or her lair is not large, about the size of a large closed fist (see reef rock above) would you limit light to assist in the process of molting? If so how dark and for how long? Thanks in advance team nano-reef! (original discussion on Shrimpy occurred here: Please check the above forum also for ideas related to smithii Mantis Shrimps 🙂
  4. This story begins way back at Christmas 2018... As it was our first Christmas together, I decided she deserved a second ADA 60P. This where the addiction truly began for me... EQUIPMENT: ADA-60P Vortech MP-10 Cobalt Neo-therm 100 watt heater Aquaclear 70 Hang on Back Filter Mame Design Skimmer AI Hydra HD 26 w/HMS Mount Inkbird Controller (controls heater and clip on fan in the summer) This tank was designed for a dual purpose. The tank keeper wanted a mantis (G Smithii was at the top of the list), and I wanted a rock flower garden. We decided to compromise, like all good couples and do both. We spent the next few weeks designing and building this tank out. We wanted to make a box that would be a den, for the mantis with dual entrances, made out of PVC, but would be sturdy enough to hold 30-40 pounds of rock. We cut out our pieces of acrylic and glued them together with Weldon 16. We wanted something fun, to fill the box with, when the tank keeper suggested Gummy Bears, I knew that’d be a perfect match for rock flowers. Roughly 30 pounds of gummy bears later, our box was filled and sealed. Unbeknownst to us, that wasn’t enough weight to keep the box from floating... Once our box was made, we set out to make a rock wall for the rock flower anemones. The wall was also meant to hide our equipment. What we didn’t expect, was for the the box of gummy bears to float. So, we had to get enough rock, to weigh it down. We also had to tweak our original plan, to now make the rock wall one solid piece. The idea was that it would be heavy enough to keep mantis den from floating in the tank, or being able to push rocks out of the tank. We used Marco and Stax rock to complete our rock wall. It’s got space for the AquaClear 70 intake tube, and room for our skimmer. Our heater is also hidden below the AquaClear, and behind the rock wall. Throughout the last year, I found rock flowers are really, really, really dirty in a small water volume. I’ve also found that zoas LOVE the filth of rock flowers. So I’ve set up the base of this tank as my zoa grow out to help support my addiction to buying new corals and additional rock flowers. Also - I found the best time to get the tank keeper on board with larger rock flower purchases is when she’s had one too many craft beers and is falling asleep on the bar. (Note this is at home, not at an actual bar. She’s usually my DD when we go out.) Here’s a few shots from the tank this evening.
  5. I need some suggestions as to what to feed my mantis shrimp. I just got him and I've seen him eating some crabs but I wanted to see him hunt. Please write some suggestions
  6. Hi, I'm posting for a friend. He's got a 40 gallon breeder tank and has various SPS in it and it's doing really well. The problem is that he has now lost 3 pairs of clowns, 2 firefish, and 3 wrasses since the beginning of the year. Nothing else is dying (lookin at you hermit crabs) and the corals aren't bleaching, but growing rather nicely. The mysterious part is that when a fish goes missing it is always: 1. very early in the morning - he goes to sleep around 2am or 3am as he works on his tank late at night some nights 2. no body floating around - you would think that if a fish died from disease, stress, water params, etc that it would be floating around or stuck in a rock or something, but there's no sign of it anywhere, not even bones I have concluded that there must be a mantis shrimp that has hitchhiked in from who knows where and it is eating the fish. Thoughts? He is going to set up a trap tonight, but I don't know what kind of trap. We have looked everywhere for the mantis shrimp or other offender that looks out of place and cannot find anything (including moving all the rocks). What types of traps work for mantis shrimp (besides spearing it because we can't find exactly where it is)? add a goby to that, forgot about him 😢 he was the first disappearance, but we figured he was shy and scared and died from not eating
  7. I found a mantis shrimp in my tank about 2 weeks ago. It must've come in as a hitchhiker when I got live rock from Florida last summer. My tentative ID is O. havanensis and she is bright red and only about 2 inches long. I've decided to keep her. Now I need a name... Help with get some ideas by telling me what you named yours?
  8. I can't believe how lucky I am. After the death of my G. platysoma, Morpheus, I was 110% convinced I'd never get a chance to keep another mantis anytime soon and my 10G chugged along at a dull pace with routine feeding of my two leftover fish. Today I walked into my LFS to pick up some dry items, when I spotted a lone mantis shrimp on sale. It was listed as a Peacock mantis shrimp, but judging by the markings, I knew it was something different. I initially suspected this shrimp to be a G. chiragra. It was very difficult to tell what type it was at the store, especially with the dim lighting, but I sexed it as female, and well, I brought her home with me immediately. 1. Here she was, at the store this morning: 2. She has this strong golden-orange carapace and a very bright red telson. I couldn't see much at the store and I didn't realize she was different until I brought her home. 3. I spent over an hour on Roy's website to find a match, but she didn't link up to any of the smashers on there. I kept her isolate in a mini plastic tank within the 10G so that she could get used to her surroundings, and my present fish could get used to her. It was only when I went to feed the fish, I took a closer look and ta-da! She doesn't have smashers - but spearers! Holy pretzel - I've owned 3 smasher-type mantises before, but spearers were a different league entirely. 4. I immediately knew I had to switch tactics. My concept for this tank was originally 'sticks and weeds' a.k.a. SPS and macroalgae under a PAR 38 LED or AI Prime (to come). I originally wanted to retain both my clownfish and hawkfish in this tank, but that's not possible with a 3"+ spearer mantis. Plus, I needed to thicken my sandbed, or throw in some small PVC piping under the LR as a substitute burrow. (Lesson learnt: Always check 'type' of mantis shrimp, before bringing home said mantis shrimp). Now came the hardest part - IDing her! I went online and nothing matched her markings (exactly), except this one photography website that had a similar pic, but with wrong labelling as a 'Hemisquilla ensigera californiensis'. <---This mantis looks completely different from the one that I have, but I kept googling. The closest I could find is Pseudosquillopsis marmorata. Given the strange 'bilobed' eye markings which match this species, and the body-pattern-match, I'd say this is most likely it. On the off-chance that it isn't a P. marmorata, then it might be a color-variant of the more common P. ciliata (rainbow mantis shrimp), which is more commonly found throughout the ocean. My LFS shipment this week was a mix of Indo-Pacific and Red Sea, so I'm not sure where exactly my mantis shrimp came from. Anyhow, here's a new thread and new build committed to keeping this new critter alive and sated under my care. There's very little info on keeping spearer mantis shrimps in reef tanks, and even fewer threads on them (I couldn't find any non-P. ciliata/Lysiosquilla sp. ones). Whatever it is, I'm beyond happy and proud to have her. I named her Zephyra, due to her 'skin' tone. P.S. I'm moving both my fish out to a larger (and safer system). The only critter I'm keeping with the mantis will be a tuxedo urchin for now. In the meantime, I'll be stocking up on various types of macro (Caulerpa sp. mostly) and let it grow out in the tank. I'll probably give the mantis feeder mollies as a food source every now and then, and otherwise placate it with frozen shrimp. P.P.S. She's a mean b*tch. Tough as nails, with a KA-POW 'I-will-kill-you' stare. You should have seen her backflip out of the net at the LFS (several times!) when one of the workers was trying to catch her. I think this is going to be my feistiest mantis yet!
  9. Hey everyone. Been a long time since I was active on this site - I miss it, but RL takes precedence and I haven't had the actually chance to share anything. Well, here's one of my marine tanks - a tank that was recently moved from one house to another as I shifted. I acquired a G. platysoma mantis - a beautiful boy which I named Morpheus (Morph). Morph was QTed for 3 weeks and released into his new home around a week ago. He's approximately 3.5" and very, very interactive. Among all the mantises I've kept over the years, his personality is so far the best to date. Morph currently shares the 10G display with my 1-year-old juvi Clarkii clownfish and a 6-month-old sixline wrasse. The 10G is sumped, but it took me a while to realize that the tank is quite small to accomodate Morph - so I'm planning on transferring him to either a 16G or 30G in the upcoming weeks. Because of the nature of our move from one house to another, things have been very chaotic. I've already lost $2000 worth of livestock during the move - and one of my tanks (a discus/spiny eel tank) is still left behind in the old house for now, because my fish were getting stressed to the point of getting sick. Some of the specimens I have are more than 2-years-old and I raised them from 1.5" to 7.5". Each discus fish loss cost me RM 1280, and I lost around 5 of them in the past few weeks. It was a big blow, and I'm still trying to get my older marine tanks settled in. Anyhow, here are several pics of Morph in his temporary home:
  10. MainelyReefer

    Hugo Stiglitz the Mantis Shrimp

    Recently I purchased some beautiful rocks off KP Aquatics(epic Gorgonians and rocks) and had mentioned that I hoped a mantis shrimp would hitchhike its way to the granite state. Sure enough within minutes of unpacking I noticed Hugo Stiglitz slipping through the rocks being a creature of the black lagoon. Having not fully thought about the rocks then housing a villanous murderer I realized the rocks he resided in where permanently his and he would need his own tank. He was already in an IM10 I was using to QT the rocks and cycle them but the depth between the panes allows him too much hiding space for decent viewing. So I bought the Mr.Aqua serene 3 gallon tank. The tank is seriously my favorite tank ever! At 17.7"x 5.5" x 7.1" the dimensions on this thing are a dream! I want a nice clean look so I am going with a toothless overflow, tempted to call it a coast to coast but is that only on tanks that crest over the length of the aquarium not the width? Always wanted a white back wall but never found one for sale so I will be fulfilling that dream too. In this thread I plan on chronicling the build process of the tank and also Hugo, Who I hope turns out to be half as cool as another murderous sea wench nanoreef knew so well. It's my first time working acrylic and designing my own AIO insert, and also my first predator tank. Also would love to have some comments that could even make the guys in lawns lounge blush so speak freely. And I will copy one of the other posters who make such nice first posts showcasing equipment and such, at the Chris Marks guy that yells at me for being political can we maybe get a template so I don't have to spend time figuring it out? I have included a picture of a cardboard mockup of my simple plan.
  11. I thought this was a great episode on an invert that a lot of us keep: http://www.radiolab.org/story/rippin-the-rainbow-an-even-newer-one/ After all the water changes and struggles I often forget how awesome and valuable the life is in our tanks and just thought I'd share
  12. Snow_Phoenix

    Mantis Shrimp Tank Planning

    I admit I haven't been on here for a while. I'm no stranger to marine tanks or mantis shrimp in general, having kept a G. smithii few years ago. I picked up a gorgeous G. platysoma last week. I sexed it - it's a male, and he's gorgeous. Very strong too - I could hear his thwacks from across the hall as he took down a small hermit that I fed him. Currently he's in a QT tank. Here's the deal. I currently have 2 nano SW tanks. I'm in the midst of shifting houses, so even though these tanks have been operating for months - if not years, I had to 'reset' the tanks when I moved them to my new house. Which means I cleaned them out, used fresh LS and some dry rock. Both tanks are still in the middle of a cycle, and have no critters. I have a 1-year-old clownfish, a 6-month-old sixline wrasse and a 3-month-old segmented sailfin blenny with me, also in QT, alongside a few hermits. These are the specifics of the two tanks: Tank #1: 14G long with skimmer & HOB filter (new light to arrive sometime next week) - still trying to find a suitable-sized wavemaker for this tank Tank #2: 10G *sumped* cube with no skimmer & LED light - small wavemaker *might be added Now, I was originally planning on putting all 2 of my fish (the wrasse and blenny) & hermits in the 14G long, and giving the 10G to my clownfish & mantis. Here's my problem. My mantis is very active, and very, VERY big. He's almost 4" (almost max. size). <--- This is why I'm reconsidering adding any fish with him. I used to keep my G. smithii with an azure damsel, but the damsel was quick, and the mantis was only around 2.5". I haven't kept the platysoma long enough to gage his temperament, and I do NOT want to put any of my animals at risk, especially my clownfish - which I have kept for almost a year. So what do you guys suggest? Shall I do this: Tank #1: 14G - home for all 3 fish Tank #2: 10G - home for mantis shrimp OR Tank #1: 14G - home for 2 fish (sixline & blenny) Tank #2: 10G - home for clownfish & mantis...........? I still have another two or three weeks before I will transfer my fish to the relevant tanks (will test the stability of either tank by tossing in a hermit first and observe it for a week). Which fish should go where? That's my dilemma. Oh, and both tanks will be FOWLRs for now, because I'm travelling frequently for the time being and can't tend to coral. Once everything settles down, only then I'll consider going back down the coral route. Any good pointers is appreciated. P.S. I have test kits, but some of them are quite old and on the brink of expiry, so I'm picking up new Salifert kits next week. Honestly, I'm having a big headache shifting. I've already lost 80% of my tropical freshwater fish stock last week when I tried to move them. And these were fish that I've kept for 2-years, and raised from babies/juvis to thriving adults. It was painful. I'm just glad all my marine animals made it through ok and are now doing well in QT in the new house.
  13. CWood

    Roxy the Mantis Shrimp

    Pictures of my mantis shrimp. Her name is Roxy.
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