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Found 13 results

  1. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty 365 acroholic fuge

    So here is the start of the build, just five pieces of acrylic 1@20”x20“ (base) 2@20”x11”(front/back) 2@19.5”x11“(sides) I haven’t put something edible in it but it’s a “literal” start first things first! I have got to build the stand the stand is a 24x24X32 which will have a one inch top all of which is made out of scratch resistant lexan now I will have to start building the tank!
  2. sotsreef

    Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all,My name is John (Aka Slice of the Sea Reef) and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the tank:Tank: IM 25 Gallon Lagoon no standLight: AI prime non hd black with mountSand: Carib Sea Aragonite Rock: Misc dry rockFiltration: -IM filter caddy with filter balls, gfo, and carbon.-Filter sock-Reef Matrix Media-JBJ Nano Glo 4-LED Refugium light(for chaeto) with christmas tree timer-100w main heater and 50w backup heater-Wavemaker return pump with duckbill nozzles-Hydor koralia powerhead 425gph-IM cleaning magnet-standard aquarium thermometerLivestock future plans:I was hoping to get a pair of clownfish and a goby and pistol shrimp. I also am looking at getting a few hermits and snails as well.I will likely try and update this minimum weekly with at least a FTS if nothing else. Stay tuned!Here is some of my inspiration for the tank:
  3. Hi all, I've been out of the hobby for several years, but I'm now planning a nano aio lagoon, sps dominated, minimal-fish build for a new apartment. For parameter consistency, there will be an ato system where I also plan to dose. Mangroves have always appealed to me, but I find they look out of place in the reef. I am envisioning instead a mangrove growing in a separate display-tank-made-ATO-reservoir adjacent the nano reef. The ATO would itself be topped off with RO as needed (I see the irony here). My understanding is these in fact grow better in freshwater than salt. The ATO tank would only have a powerhead for circulation and crushed coral over a soil or live-mud bed for rooting. Exact location is tbd, but I plan for a grow light supplemented by a window. All this was inspired by ewelch's Micro Mangrove Build which operates as a closed saltwater system. Some concerns: 1. Unwanted nutrient leach from the freshwater ATO mud concentrating in the reef 2. Impacts of dosing in the ATO on mangrove health I can't seem to find any examples of people stacking uses of their ATO's, certainly not with plants. There may well be good reason for this and that's why i'd like to hear from some of you.
  4. MangroveMaster

    Black Mangrove Help

    Hello all. I want to preface this by telling you what I’m needing help with; -How to save my black mangrove -How to care for the plant in the future -How to grow the black mangrove propagule(seed) that is healthy I collected my black mangroves from a chain of islands in Florida. The first mangrove was planted in the sand submerged. This was because it was high tide. It had 2 leaves, the original 4 propagule leaves, and a healthy root system. I would say it was around 5 inches tall. The other mangrove was floating in the water and had no roots, stems, and was completely closed up. I took both of these mangroves and put them into plastic bottles filled with the seawater from the area I collected them. I was on vacation at this time, so I brought both mangroves back to my home in the North(Hardiness zone 5b and near Lake Michigan). The mangroves were healthy and doing okay, but their state was slowly declining. The seed had started to spread out its leaves, but still no roots or stem. I had swapped out the water multiple times with tap water and added kitchen salt. I put the seedling into an aquarium with sand, soil, rocks, and saltwater. The seedling could not hold itself straight so I gave some support in the form of a skewer stick. This did not work out, so I put it into a plastic bottle and near a grow light. It was declining in state, but 2 more small leaves formed in the middle of the original 2 leaves. The seed was doing fine. The seedling stem was looking dried out, but the roots looked great. The plant stayed like this until I put it into the hydroponic grow light system with nothing but water. I also encased the whole system in a large plastic bag and plastic wrap. This was to keep the humidity and temperature at a good level. I was also spraying it multiple times a day. This setup was working out, but when I sprayed it one day, the plant collected a large water droplet on the top leaves, which made it bend down. This plant stayed in this position for a while, and I thought it would heal itself. Around this time, the outer two propagule leaves fell off. I also added soil, sand, and rocks to the hydroponic system(I know this defeats the whole point of a hydroponic system, but I thought it was a good idea). I supported the weeping stem by putting a small cup under it, which pushed it into a straight position. The plant wasn’t improving, but it didn’t seem to get worse. I then moved back into the aquarium with the same soil(but muddy), sand, rocks, and freshwater. The second pair of propagule leaves fell off while I was moving it, which left the top two leaves and the little buds. The top stem is very dried, but the bottom stem and roots look good and are even growing. That was around last week. Throughout this whole time, the seed has been floating in saltwater, and has grown a stem and small roots. The leaves have also spread out. WTL:DR(Way too long; didn’t read): I took mangroves from a place in Florida and they live with me in a hardiness level 4b area. The seedling has a very dried-out top stem, but the bottom stem and roots are looking okay(Look at pictures for more info)The seed is doing great. I need help to revive the seedling and allow both plants to thrive. First of all, thank you for reading this; I know it was very long, but I hope it gave insight into my journey with the mangroves. Secondly, what do you recommend for my way to save the seedling? I have found many resources for growing mangroves, but it seems that many people grow red mangroves instead of black mangroves in aquariums. I know a couple of things about how to grow black mangroves from these resources, but I want to get advice from others who are more experienced. My goal is to be able to grow black mangroves and reproduce them so I can help coastal environments. Thank you for any help that you give me. P.s. I posted pictures of both mangroves and the habitat that the seedling is in.
  5. Hello. This thread is not directly related to reefing but this forum is a place of inspiration for this project. I am putting together this thread to catalog my experience with growing out Red Mangrove propagules. I purchased eight Red Mangrove propagules from a fellow in Mississauga, Ontario on 2018-02-10 for $30. It was a pretty good deal considering stores want easily $15 to $20 each. My long term goal is to eventually use some of these in an aquarium. I was thinking a planted tank design either freshwater or saltwater. I really like the idea of a macro tank with an angler in it. 2018-02-16: At this point, I was just keeping the roots covered. I have a small circulation pump which I am using to heat the water and provide some surface agitation for gas exchange. I have them in a 2 gallon bucket from Home Depot and am using water from my reef tank. I am misting the propagules twice a day with RODI water from the sprayer in this photo. 2018-02-20: I had seen some people try and use pool noodles to stabilize the propagules whilst floating them in a bucket or tank. This only works if you can get your centre of gravity properly setup. I started with the elastic bands shown below but eventually moved to zip ties to keep the pool noodle friction fit to the propagules. 2018-03-03: I had been reading about how Red Mangroves are really only salt tolerant and that they grow slower in saltwater because they have to process the sodium in the water and how this process takes energy away from growing. I decided to take the propagule with the smallest root ball and plant it in humus based potting soil saturated with aged freshwater. I figured that there is likely no need to acclimate going from saltwater to freshwater so I did nothing to acclimate the plant to this mixture. I included some slow release fertilizer in the soil and used a clear orchid pot in hopes to be able to inspect root growth. My plan is to always keep the soil saturated with water. I have a number of succulents which I feed using a liquid fertilizer called Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro (9-3-6). For the succulents, I mix it to a quarter strength and water with it every third or fourth watering. I plan to try this fertilizer with the propagule in soil as well. It has N-P-K in a 3-1-2 ratio which is ideal for vegetative growth as well as trace elements and micronutrients. One pint makes around 768 gallons at a quarter strength so this bottle is likely a lifetime supply. 2018-03-03: In the first photo there is a propagule which already has it's first leaves. This photo is new root growth in the saltwater. At this point I am using tank water at 1.024 SG. 2018-03-07: I decided to add aeration to both the freshwater and saltwater growing chambers. Here is a photo of the soil pot with aeration; I don't really have a good example photograph of how I did it with the saltwater growing system right now but I will upload one later. My thinking on this is related to my experience with aeroponics. This isn't really the same thing as that is more splashing the roots with aerated water without submerging them. More to come.
  6. I am adding few mangroves to my shallow tank and since there the LED (maxspect r420r 70w) that I have is on the other end of the tank I wanted to figure a way to make sure the mangroves are not going to be starved for light. Since ecstatic is sort of important as we put the tank in the living room I need to make sure the light we add for the mangrove is pleasing to eyes, otherwise the SO may prefer the tank not to be in the living room and be moved. I looked around and found few plant growth lamps and none of them look really pleasing or that they are hard to attach, assemble around the tank. So now I am looking for an absolutely minimalistic floor lamp to put next the the aquarium bench and put a philips hue in it. I wonder if a Philips Hue, 9w lamp with 2200 K – 6500 K temperature range and about 900 lumen (max) would be good enough to help with the mangroves growth. in the same area that the mangroves are going to float (or be fixed in a sand hill) there will be some macro algae too which I hope this light help with their growth. Any recommendation or advice on this desing? Thank you.
  7. Trying to clear up some space in the garage. I am in the Orlando area, local pickup only, PM for details.5 large red mangroves: the oldest is over 2 years old and the other 4 are around 1.5 years old. Two of the mangroves have branches. They are in mud that is watered with fresh water. Asking 100$ OBO for all five of them.2 Eshopps Acrylic sumps: One never used and the other was used for only a couple of months. They measure 36" by 14" by 16" (L x W x H) and there is about 21" of space for skimmers and reactors etc. 50$ eachSkimz SM 251 Monzter: it is about 5-6 years old but used only for 1 year. There was a chip in the white collar of the skimmer but it was repaired with acrylic bond. Pumps work great and skimmer is clean. 60$
  8. RockyMountainReef

    IM 25 Lagoon, Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

    Hey everyone, I have an IM 25 lagoon, and a Kessil A80 Tuna Blue mounted light. I started with a small 10 gal and the light that I bought off of someone, then transferred the light and bio load to the new 25 Lagoon. My questions are 1. Is this light enough? 2. How high should this light be above the water line? 3. If anyone out there also has an A80 Tuna Blue, what are your cycles set at. I am not too concerned with anything, as the tank has been running great, and seems in really healthy condition (1 Ocellaris Clown, 1 canary blenny, 1 damsel, 1 conch, 1 bubble tip anemone, tons of spirorbid worms, some great corals, and a flame scallop [been alive for 6 months don't know how he's not dead]). Really, I just want to dial in the lighting now to make sure my coral growth is the best it can be. Any help would be awesome!
  9. @banasophia recommended I should create a journal on here. So… here we go! 😊 Hello! My name is Tyler (aka inland_reef). The ‘Tale of Three Tanks’ began with the purchase of a used 28 gallon Nanocube on April 9, 2018 (Just rounded out the 1 year mark!). Like everyone else on this forum, I got addicted to saltwater aquariums 😂 This journal will talk about the evolution of my tanks, their setup specs and my ideas for future plans. While you're here, enjoy some eye candy of my current setups below. Ill try to make this a picture heavy journal, but you can see more pictures of my tanks on my Instagram page @inland_reef . I post daily updates there.
  10. Hello, I have been interested in growing a mangrove in an aquarium, specially after seeing this, this and this. So, a couple months ago I got myself a decent size mangrove to attempt to, eventually, incorporate into an aquarium. In the meantime, I have been interested in determining if it is possible to induce the growth of prop roots on mangroves. I found this paper describing how branching of prop roots happen after the tip gets damaged or injured. It also mentions how "lateral roots can be induced in the arches by cutting into them." I was wondering if anyone has attempted anything to try to induce prop root growth or has found any further research on it. I would think common air-layering methods might work on something like this. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. billerbong

    Jawfish Nuvo 30L Build

    I am a FL native and moved to Boston for school so naturally it made sense to start a FL tank I am a big fan of jawfish so decided to get this tank going for them -- initially I was going to do a pair of blue spots but decided against it as I can't keep them alive for more than a year. Here I go with pearlies!! I had a make shift lid for a few weeks while I waited for my artfully acrylics lid which just came and is great, I highly recommend them! I managed to get the feeding door to work for my mangrove. Here is the tank with my new lid Next up is cleaning off the shelves above it and re-arrange the wires. I have a novo 10 below and would love to connect them but can't decide if I want to risk using an HOB overflow -- thoughts? More pictures to come.
  12. Thunder Goose

    Mangrove Manor - a Femto tank

    That's right folks! A FEMTO tank. Smaller than a pico! Just for the bragging rights. I was cleaning out the lab and found an old TLC developing chamber. TLs is Thin Layer Chromatography. It's a technique used to separate (usually for identification) molecules in a solution. This chamber holds just about 1 gallon of water if it's full to the brim. I didn't have plans for it (just thought it was neat) until TB Saltwater sent me a free Mangrove. Well, I don't have a good, lighted, spot for one. So I sat it in a cup of brackish water to start rooting. It did so I set up some substrate in the TLC and placed the Mangrove in it. Well, one Mangrove does not a manor make so, since I was placing an order I ordered a few more. We'll see what happens. It's totally unheated. I might put some sturdy coral or a hermit crab (probably Dexter, who living in the sump after killing half my snails). It's an interesting experiment anyway.
  13. I want to add a mangrove or two to my 5 gallon pico. I saw Julian Sprung do it in this video. I don't anticipate a problem with trimming the leaves. I am wondering about keeping the trunk of the plant down. Is it possible to trim the root of the tree or would I just have to replace the mangrove once it become a certain size? Any suggestions would be great. )
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