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Found 5 results

  1. I'm upgrading my 20G mixed reef to a 60G. I've decided to start a journal a bit ahead of time - the tank has already been paid for, and is currently being built by my LFS. Specifications: 2'ft x 2'ft x 2'ft cube tank = ~60G 10mm Crystal White Glass Rimless 20" x 18" x 15" sump = ~23.37G Total system volume = ~83G+ Equipment: 3000l/Hr Return Pump Jebao OW-25 Wavemaker 1x AI Prime HD (55W) 1x InLed R60 (85W) *Skimmerless Livestock Plans: More focused on Softies and Shrooms. *Might have a few LPS in the future. Fish: 1x Green Clown Goby (Goblin) - 30/09/2018 1x Female B/W Occy Clownfish (Nero) - 07/12/2018 1x Male Reg. Occy Clownfish (Sushi) - 09/06/2019 1x Zebra Barred Dartfish (Tic) - 13/06/2019 1x Steinitz Goby (Odin) - 06/11/2019 1x Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse (Bo) - 27/11/2019 1x Leopard Wrasse (Leopold) - 08/12/2019 1x Christmas Wrasse (Bullet) - 21/11/2020 1x Yellow Foxface (Foxy) - 25/06/2021 1x Singapore Angelfish (Charlie) - 20/09/2021 My Little Dragons of the Reef (Dragonets) : 1x Male Spotted Mandarin Dragonet (Poseidon) - 31/01/2020 1x Male Scooter Dragonet (Illaron) - 21/02/2020 1x Male Ruby Dragonet (Mercury) - 30/07/2021 Inverts: 1x Fire Shrimp (Pyro) - 23/11/2019 3x Nassarius Snails 1x Purple Rock Urchin (Mr. Prickles) - 10/12/2018 1x Halloween Urchin (Monty) - 05/11/2020 1x Sandsifting Starfish (Patrick) - 20/02/2021 6x Turban Snails Corals: Red Discosoma Mushroom Yellow Yuma Multi-colored Yuma (*Rainbow) Brown Rhodactis Mushroom Green Hairy Mushroom Macroalgae: Fern Caulerpa Grape Caulerpa Blade Caulerpa Serrated Caulerpa Galaxaura Red Bubble Algae Dragon's Breath Red Cotton Candy Green Hair Algae (GHA) Chaeto *TBA: Fish & Inverts: x4 Snails x1 Abalone 1x Aiptasia filefish 1x Starry Blenny x1 Cleaner Shrimp *Stocking plans might change as I move along, but I don't plan on doing any tangs, triggers, rabbitfish etc. I might look into dwarf angels though like a flameback, coral beauty or flame. I'll also be adding various types of macro to the fuge in the sump, as well as slowly stock up on corals as I go. Otherwise, this will mostly be a TT from a 20G to a 60G. I currently have ~10kg of LR in my 20G. I'll be adding an extra 20kg LR to the 60G (split between DT & sump) - I've already been cycling some dry rock for nearly 2 months in a storage bin in preparation of the upgrade. All the equipment except the return pump is now with me - that will come when they deliver the tank to my house. Here's a basic sketch design of how the DT & sump looks like: This is a pic of how the cabinet will be (as texted by my LFS manager to me this afternoon): The color of the cabinet will be black matte: And this was the two of us discussing and adjusting the sump design repeatedly over the past few days: I left the sump design up to my LFS manager to decide. I'm not confident in designing my own sump, tbh, and he's more experienced than I am, so he'll be getting to it. The salt used will be Fritz RPM. I'll be mixing the salt a day ahead of the tank's arrival so that we can quickly scape the system and get it filled up and running as soon as possible. This whole setup did cost me a lot of time, effort, planning and money, but I think it's worth it. The main reason behind this upgrade is because my 20G is cracking, and the crack is angling towards the bottom panel of the glass - it's just a matter of time before the tank collapses. The secondary reason is because my Starry Blenny is too large and I think he'll appreciate a larger tank. The whole system will be set up in my bedroom, and no fans or chillers will be used since my room is quite cool enough, especially when I turn both the fan and A/C on at night. Will update when the tank arrives. Stay tuned! 🙂
  2. AquaristShelle

    Will your Mandarin eat Repashy?

    So, will your dragonet eat Repashy? How about a diy gel food? I saw on the official dragonet show off post how a few people were raving about repashy, but I want to go in depth on this. I understand the most difficult part of keeping a dragonet is getting him to accept a food, and having that food always available. A chunk of gel food like Repashy seems like the ideal supplement for them. It sinks, remains stable in the aquarium for so long, and it's super dense in nutrition. You could even slather it on rock and it sets up like a jell-o around it. Once trained to accept it, the mandy could just perch beside the Repashy, peck it every two seconds, and have suplemental food all day from one feeding. What do you think? Has anyone tried this? I don't have a mandarin (yet) or I'd try it myself. I'm also curious about other foods your mandy accepts. Fish roe is a popular one, but will yours eat decapsulated brine shrimp eggs? Have you tried black or white worms? Microworms? Daphnia? Moina? I'm peeking over from the freshwater side of the hobby, so I have all these cultures of live foods I'm interested in trying. Also, I've been a longtime lurker but this is my first post, so, hello 🙂
  3. Since late last week my 6-month-old Mandarin has been trying to jump out when my blues go off at 930pm. It's not every night but most. I can hear him splashing and hitting the glass cover. I'm not afraid of him jumping out but more worried he'll injure himself as it sounds pretty loud. Anyone experience this or have thoughts as to why he's doing it? If I have to turn my blues off directly instead of them fading out my firefish will freak out because he's unable to find his sleeping hole and that's understandable. He's a pushover but my citron goby is a little pushy. He usually calms down after dinner though.
  4. HingleMcCringleberry

    Mandarin fish that eats flake food?

    I really want to add a mandarin fish to my tank but I don't have a tank large enough for a sustainable supply of copepods. I've heard some captive bred mandarins will eat flake food. Is this true and where can I buy one?
  5. Hold onto your britches, I would like to propose keeping a single Mandarin Dragonet in my 13.5 Fluval EVO. Not now, not next month but potentially next year. I had a mated pair for 4 years in a 150gal tank until having to tear down the tank and rehoming them. (Sadly they didn't take well and died a few months later) I added them when the tank was 2 years old. I had a 20gal sump and a massive colony of pods. Soooo, I'm seriously considering getting one again. My plan: 1.) fumble my way through setting up a 10gal sump (you'd be surprised how inept I am at this. Many gallons of saltwater on the floor and pleading with the LFS guy to come help was how I set up the first one). 2.) seed the sump with pods. 3.) let pods grow and flourish and become superpods. 4.) Obtain prized, coveted and beautiful Mandarin Dragonet. 5.) Name my new friend 6.) Keep new friend fat and happy forever and ever 7.) laugh maniacally because I did it. Thoughts?
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