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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted on this forum as I transitioned back to freshwater for some years due to work and lack of time. I have grown quite bored of my freshwater cubes and I’m planning to get back on the saltwater hobby taking baby steps. Free time is still in short supply. I want a simple cube with a clownfish pair (tank bred percula 2-4cm at the time of purchase). The tank will be FOWLR at first but I know I’ll want to graduate to corals at some point. I have attached pictures of the equipment I’m going to use. I’d really like your input on the light fixture (the larger model). Do you think it will suffice for softies? As you can see in the pics I chose somewhat low flow. During my past experience (20g with 2300 l/h) I saw my small clownfish struggling to keep up. They’d stay on the same spot in a corner. When I turned off the pumps though, it was a different story. During the FOWLR period, would you suggest I keep the salinity at a lower level, let’s say 1023, to allow room for error and save some money? Would you go any lower? The set up will be minimal with a few pieces of rock and Aragonite sand just enough to hide the glass. So here’s a list of what I want to achieve with this tank. Any tips are appreciated 1. The least maintenance possible 2. The least ALGAE possible after the diatom bloom 3. Choose an affordable light that will allow growing softies in the future. Thanks! EDIT: I eventually picked up Versamax 2 for filtration and circulation, which adds about 0.5 gallons of water volume and is rated at 800 l/h PS. Here’s my old tank!
  2. So, I currently have a freshwater shrimp tank that is mostly self-sustaining (walstad method) and I was hoping to recreate something similar that's saltwater. My end goal: 3 gallon tank (same size as my freshwater, for aesthetic purposes) Filled with Macros (I don't expect/want a large variety, 3-4 types at most.) Little maintance (Specifically glass cleaning & water changes. I know that I'll need to dose, trim, and top off.) Low tech? (Would love to just need a light. I know something that generates flow may be necessary.) Some fauna (Maybe like asterina starfish, not expecting to be able to support much.) Little testing (Hopefully once everything is stable I'll be able to do everything on a schedule and only test once in a while.) I already have some Macros. Specifically Gracilaria Hayi, and Red Ogo (I think, the store laballed it as Gracilaria Hawaii). I also know that dosing will be necessary in the long run (trace, iron, calcium). I have a few questions for the community to help me get started and hopefully I'll be posting some long term updates/data from my tank. Are there any current posts/websites that go in depth with Macro tanks? (I know tigahboy.h2o on instagram runs lovely macro tanks and responds on there, but I'm hoping to find some other sources.) What is the role of flow in relation to macroalgae? (Why do some need higher flow than others? Can some grow without any?) What are some easy macros that would pair well with what I already have? (ie What grows in similar conditions to Gracilaria Hayi?) What are the best micro fauna for such a setup? (I do mean micro, I'm down for brittle stars, isopods, and the such. I prefer inverts over fish.) How much does the ph in macro tank swing at night? And what would this affect?
  3. Broseff

    FW vs SW

    I'm not like new new, but I definetly haven't been doing SW long enough. I've noticed in my general findings, research, and experience (only like 1-2 years of SW) that SW tanks are much harder to maintain in general than FW. And I do mean this in a general sense, so like FW vs SW in general (I don't mean FOWL FW tanks vs SW tanks with coral specifically, incase anyone thought that). It seems like SW tanks battle with nuissance algae a lot more than FW tanks. I've seen plenty of FW tanks with just spongefilters running and little to no problems with algae, but I can't say the same for SW. Is there any particular reason for this? Do SW tanks just have a more complex mix of nutrients than FW (which make it harder to balance/maintain things)?
  4. mynewtank

    New Torch coral ??!!!

    It took me 58 years to be able to afford a saltwater aquarium. I have exactly 6 months experience with my saltwater tank. I've managed to kill a clownfish, yellow tang, one bubble anemone and a frog spawn. I've been spending a small fortune having a guy come over to service the tank - The place I bought my 35 gal. tank from sold me a freshwater filter and 3K later stopped answering my calls. I found another place and they've been helpful but I need to learn how to handle this tank. I really don't mind putting the work into it. I just don't have a clue. Yesterday I added a torch coral and it doesn't seem to be opened the way it was at the store. I'm thinking I may be the grim reaper of saltwater aquariums. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. MrsK

    Rusty Aqamai?!?!

    While cleaning my Aqamai KPM today I noticed a rusty colored substance in the impeller chamber. Does it look like rust to anyone else??
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