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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I am fairly new to this hobby and have had my reef tank up and running for just short of 2 months. About a month in I began adding my first corals to the tank. One of the corals I recently added was a purple hammer coral - this is not my first hammer, I already have a green one thriving in my tank. I positioned this hammer not too far away from the existing green one, and from day one it just never opened up the same way my green one does. It would open up a fair bit, but looking at it today, it really doesn't look too healthy at all. My parameters are the following: Salinity: 1.026 PH: 8.1 Nitrate: 5ppm Any advice on what I could do to fix this issue would be much appreciated. Considering that my green hammer is doing so well I suspect it may be a placement issue rather than a parameters issue but any advice would be great. 🙂 I have attached some pics below of both the thriving green hammer and the struggling purple one. Thanks, Will
  2. https://conta.cc/3leDCEd https://youtu.be/H7uemK1I08Q
  3. Rincoperson

    Stocking ideas

    Hello everyone my name is Terinco. I had a 10 gallon nano reef for about a year and a half before upgrading to a 17.1 gallon aquamaxx. It’s a mixed reef including sps, lps, mushroom, and other softies. I’m looking for some livestock suggestions to compliment my current inhabitants in which I will list below. Thank you in advance I’m happy to be a part of this group. LIVESTOCK: 1 Wyoming white clownfish (Bully) 1 yellow tail damsel (Bullied) 1 Astrea 1 Trochus 1 Mexican Turbo a lot of dwarf ceriths 3 nassarius snails 1 peppermint shrimp
  4. Recently i bought a clown for a nano 8 gallon aquarium i made, but recently i have seen some little spots on him, i have it for 2 days now, ammonia is on 0, nitrate 0, and nitrite 0 too, he is on 24-25 Celsius, and he hasnt eat too much yet, he just eat some frozen brine shrimp, im not that afraid of the eating issue, i had a pair that eat on the 5th day i got them, but im really worried about this spots i saw on him, i try to take a photo, this is the best ones i got. Im new to the hobby, i just got one 20 gallon FOWLR tank with 2 clowns and a firefish, and i didnt have these issues with them. Thank you in advance for the help 😞
  5. Hannahhhh

    Reef safe puffers?

    I am looking to add a puffer to my tank. I know that none of them are guaranteed reef safe, but I would love to hear about any experiences you guys have had with them in a reef tank. I’m primary looking at a spotted puffer, a saddle puffer, a leopard puffer, or a blue spotted puffer (in that order). If any of you have kept any of these guys or any other puffers, could you let me know about your experiences, good or bad? I would appreciate any advice! Thanks so much!
  6. Hey reefers! After many successful years in the freshwater hobby, I've decided to jump ship into reefing. My current system is a 23~ gallon display (I can't remember exact numbers since I use the metric system) with a sump (8 gallons?) with a skimmer, wavemaker ect. I purchased the tank already cycled and with coral from a local reefer 2 weeks ago, and have since added a happy pair of captive bred ocelaris clowns. I was wondering what other options I have in terms of livestock, but with a twist. I want my reef to have as little impact on the real ones as possible, so I'm looking for fish suggestions who are regularly available captive bred. I know this limits my options quite a lot, but I'm hoping you guys have my back. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  7. Hello everyone, I’ve been on the freshwater side of the hobby for a long time and have decided to turn this 20 gal tall tank I had lying around into my first reef tank. So far, I’ve set it up with approximately 18 lbs of dry rock that I’ve been curing for the past 3 months and about an inch and a half of live sand. I have several questions and would be very grateful if you folks could help me out. I really need help in choosing what corals and fish I should stock the tank with. What are some good beginner corals to start out with? Should I add corals first or fish first? Does this matter a lot? I was defiantly wanting to keep an ocellaris clownfish, possibly a pair of them, and was also interested in a firefish, royal gramma and a yellow watchmen goby. Are these fish compatible with each other? Any suggestions on possible combinations of them would be appreciated. Was wanting to keep a shrimp or crab in the tank as well. Any suggestions on these? Was hoping I could do a combo of 3 of the fish I listed and one invertebrate. If you guys have any other species you think I should consider other than the ones I listed please let me know, all advice is appreciated!
  8. i got a 55g tank with 30 pounds of Live Rock and i knew it was not enough so i plan to go get more to put in my tank but i have living thing in it like anemones, coral frags, A school of Chromis, Damselfish,tomato clown, 2 Saddleback clowns, 2 emerald crabs, 8 Blue legged hermits, a cleaner wrasse, a bi-color Blenny, a fire shrimp and skunk cleaner shrimp i don't want to risk killing anything so i want to know if i'ts safe to put live rock directly in the tank with my livestock in it i know it comes with the risk of falling rocks but i'm being extra careful on handling and them into the water is there any warnings/tips i might want to know before doing this?
  9. Liambawden

    AquaOne 120L Stocking???

    In this tank I have a 3 inch Vlamingii Tang (Who got very distressed when I put her in my 450L reef) so she will be staying put until she gets a bit larger. I also have a Red Scooter Blenny, alongside a Paddlefin Blenny. I have lots of coral, ranging from Wall Hammers, Branching Hammers, Torches, Cornets, Duncans & Aussie Duncans. Kenya Trres & Colt Corals, Toadstool Corals, GSP & Glove Polyps. And my all time favourite Goniopora! There are a couple small mushrooms and my FeatherDuster garden too! What would people recommend trying to add to this tank as the only fish who does any swimming is my tang! The other two seem to stay closer to the sand bed or the rock work and aren't as active throughout the day as expected. Any advice or opinions are appreciated.
  10. Liambawden

    AquaOne Nano 40 Stocking???

    So, Recently my 6 line wrasse unfortunately died thanks to a spike in my nitrates... This has all been sorted now and many more precautions have been taken to ensure that this is not something that is likely to happen again at all. However, I now have no idea on what I actually want to stock this tank with? I am not a new hobbyist, and I have been keeping marine fish for about 4 years now, with many different tanks.. So I am rather stumped on what to add to this tank... So far I have some Xenia, Hammers, Duncans, A Featherduster & some leathers (Kenya Trees & Toadstools). I am looking to add quite a bit more coral wise to make the tank look like a little reef. But don't know what fish to add! Any advice or comments are appreciated.
  11. So, I'm in the process of setting up a 29 gal tank (currently cycling), feel free to check my build thread. I did some research and came up with a stocking plan, but as this is my first saltwater tank, figured I may ask for some advice. Here are the fish / inverts I plan on keeping: CUC: 2 Hermit crabs 3 Turbo snails 2 Trochus snails Inverts: 1 Skarlet skunk shrimp 1 Pistol shrimp Fish: 1 Firefish goby 1 Yellow watchman goby 2 Bangai cardinals Those are listed in the order I plan to add them in. I'm hoping that the hermits won't murder the snails, but from what I read so far it seems that it really depends on the hermits' mood. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  12. Hello NR community, I am reaching the end of my dry-rock cycle and starting to put thought on how I introduce livestock into my tank. My goal is a low-maintenance reef tank as far as algae and other unwanted growth. I have a 16gallon biocube. As my rock is not fully mature yet, how have you all been successful introducing livestock into your tanks that maintained biological filtration, and not to overwhelm the system. I know fish will introduce the most consistent ammonia source, but also want to consider a slower approach to introduce livestock. I am thinking 1-2 snails that can find some glass algae that has been accumulating on my tank. My gut is telling me I will end up adding a snail, or snail + hermit to get something live started. At the same time, there is not too much algae growth, so considering a hermit crab that I can spot feed more easily. - Fish first? - Snails first? - Hermits first ? - Spot feeding pellets? Any thoughts?
  13. Hello all, today i I added in my last edition to my Fluval sea evo 13.5 gallon. The first fish was a royal gramma, followed by a black ice clown, and today I added an azure damsel and blood shrimp. I added the azure last as I know it was the most likely to be aggressive.. I have had 0 issues with aggression from the damsel/clown, but the gramma seems to be a bully. My aquacape is set up with 2 large stacked rock caves on each end, with open space in the middle. My gramma occupys the left cave and the damsel has been in the right cave.. however my gramma is coming out of the cave, across the tank to the damsel and opening its mouth. Should I relocate the gramma? I have a 32 gal biocube I could put it in.. or will the territories be settled and things will calm down in the days ahead? Also I would like to ask if this tank is overstocked. I have had the clown and gramma together for a week and have 0 nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. I could either: 1.) keep the 3 together 2.) have 2 damsels with the clown 3.) have 2 clowns with the new damsel any help would be appreciated!
  14. t_fins

    Stocking Timeframes

    So my Biocube 29 has been up and running for about a month. Cycle has completed. Current parameters are 1.026, 0 amm 0 nitrite >10 nitrate. Diatom bloom is over. I do 25% water change weekly. Removed bioballs and replaced with DIY media basket(filter floss and chemipure) I currently have 2 maroon clowns(received as Father's Day gift and I know they will have to be rehomed to larger tank soon) a small CUC (3 turbos, 2 astera snails, 4 hermits) and one Frogspawn frag(2 heads) My question: I know I need to go slow with fish (want to add 1-2 more small fish) and I should probably wait at least 2-3 months for invertebrates and 9+ months for an anemone. But how slow do I need to go with coral? Can I add frags weekly? Monthly? More than one at a time? I'm primarily stocking with softies and LPS as I haven't upgraded from stock lighting yet.
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