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Found 29 results

  1. antigonus

    Setting up my Biocube 32

    Hello, I plan on setting up my first salt water tank hopefully this coming weekend, and just wanted some advice. First of all, obviously i'll have to have all the equipment assembled and in place first, the main thing i'm unsure about is what order to add the rock, sand and water. My plan is to put a few pieces of dry rock down first to act as a base layer, then add live rock stacked on top, then live sand around it, and then the water. Would this work? I'm curious how other people have done it. Also, I had a few more miscellaneous questions. 1. Are there any general tips of aquascaping for a beginner? 2. I plan on adding corals eventually, so is there a specific way to arrange the rock to make that easier? 3. What is the best way to start the cycling process? Iv'e heard that some people put part of a raw shrimp in the tank, or is ghost feeding enough?
  2. i got a 55g tank with 30 pounds of Live Rock and i knew it was not enough so i plan to go get more to put in my tank but i have living thing in it like anemones, coral frags, A school of Chromis, Damselfish,tomato clown, 2 Saddleback clowns, 2 emerald crabs, 8 Blue legged hermits, a cleaner wrasse, a bi-color Blenny, a fire shrimp and skunk cleaner shrimp i don't want to risk killing anything so i want to know if i'ts safe to put live rock directly in the tank with my livestock in it i know it comes with the risk of falling rocks but i'm being extra careful on handling and them into the water is there any warnings/tips i might want to know before doing this?
  3. ThatReefGuy718

    Premium Haitian Live Rock?????

    Ok so I'm trying to pick out some live rock online or possibly at my local fish store they have really beautiful Purple Fiji live rock. Its a little pricey so I found this Haitian Live rock on Top shelf aquatics. have any of you herd of this rock?? Has anyone ordered from them??? And what are some other good web sites for live rock ,coral ,Etc ??
  4. Hi guys, I have 2 month old Fluval Evo with live rock, live sand, CUC and a couple of clowns (literally and metaphorically). I was taking a look at the tank this morning and spotted something I hadn't seen before. It appears to be in a tiny white spiral like shell or body with a red 'head' protruding with lots of small appendages. When any of the crabs come near it he will retract then emerge again a minute later. The head almost looks a little feather duster like to me but he appears to be rooted to the live rock. I've added a couple of pictures, one retracted and another when he's out. I apologize for the poor quality of the 'out' picture but it's pretty far back in the tank and this thing is tiny (Biro tip sized) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Amandaew

    Help! What is this?

    I have two of these in my tank. Unfortunetly, I was unable to upload a video I had taken but, I’ll try to explain it best I can. a dark mouth comes out of the white and casts a web. It looks like it “reels” in the web with its mouth. I’m assuming it does this to catch food in the water. The white seems to be just a shell. It never moves and seems like it’s the same size. Although, it was not there when I first got my live rock. Any ideas on what it could be?
  6. Amandaew

    What is this?

    I have two of these in my tank. Unfortunetly, I was unable to upload a video I had taken but, I’ll try to explain it best I can. a dark mouth comes out of the white and casts a web. It looks like it “reels” in the web with its mouth. I’m assuming it does this to catch food in the water. The white seems to be just a shell. It never moves and seems like it’s the same size. Although, it was not there when I first got my live rock. Any ideas on what it could be?
  7. Stevejvan2138

    Live Rock Online

    Has anyone had a really good experience ordering live rock from an online vendor? I found a few in Florida that ship Gulf rock, but I’m nervous ordering sight unseen. I’ve been very unimpressed with the selection in the few fish shops local to me.
  8. anniebanana267

    Help choosing substrate?

    Hello everyone, I’m upgrading from my 15 gallon column tank to a 36 gallon. In my 15 gallon I had live aragonite sand, but I could never clean the sand correctly and it got orange and brown and truly disgusting looking. It was really difficult to clean. I’ve decided I think I’m going to try the crushed coral this time but I need some help with my decision. #1, I need to know if I’m making the right decision by getting the crushed coral instead of the sand. If im making a bad decision by switching to crushed coral, is there an easier way to clean the sand without it going absolutely everywhere, clouding your tank, and hiding in between the rock? I tried a siphoner, I tried a net, I even tried grabbing it with my bare hands. Nothing seemed to work. The pellets just stayed there or hid deeper into the sand. They’re 1mm sinking pellets if that helps. #2, I’m wondering which of these crushed corals are better, regardless of their price or value for the price. Just quality. First Option // Second Option #3 Any advice for switching and upgrading is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  9. Hey guys, I'm getting ready to start my first nano reef. It's been slow goings but I'm finally getting to the point where I can start adding water. I went to petco over the weekend and purchased a piece of their aquacultured live rock from one of their fish tanks. I'm using all reefcleaners dry rock for my build and thought in addition to Caribsea Live sand and Bio-Spira to start my bio-filter I'd use a small piece to seed my dry rock for bio-diversity and onnhe off chance it could help jump start coralline algea. Well I didn't don't get my tank ready when I expected I would. Stupid things like having doubts about tank placement and removing the egg crate after getting my aqua-scape exactly how I wanted it and then placing eggcrate just below where there's rock delayed my efforts. In that time (I got it Saturday) it has sat in a petco fish bag. Is this rock useless for that purpose now? Today I moved it to a small bucket of freshly made saltwater and a powerhead. But worried that it's too little too late? I don't want to sabotage my new tank in an effort to jumpstart it. So if it's useless for seeding now, I'll just let it dry out. The rock looks cool with different shades of coralline. It doesn't really smell like any thing now or when I got it. any help or insight is greatly appreciated. I'm just learning all this stuff.
  10. Hello, I’m cycling my tank and I had 3 pieces of dry rock in it before, but i decided to swap those out for about 16 pounds live reef rock yesterday. My ammonia was at 2 ppm yesterday and I’m testing it today and it’s giving me results of 4-8 ppm. I’m freaking out because I have 2 stomatella snails in there that came as hitchhikers on my rock, but I’ve grown to love them already and I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Can adding live reef rock increase the ammonia? Will my snails be okay? I thought adding the live rock that already had the bacteria would decrease the ammonia faster. Please help!! Picture of my tank for reference. (p.s I do have some rock residue on the bottom from them slightly chipping while I was arranging them. Might sound dumb but could it be that that's increasing the ammonia?)
  11. Hi guys, I just bought my first set of live rock and when I got home I realized I got some hitchhikers. I have no idea what they are and I can’t find them on google. Can someone tell me if they’ve ever seen them before, what they’re called, what they eat, etc? Anything would help. I actually love the little guys and I want to make sure they’re safe. Also, I’m actually in the process of cycling my tank. Ammonia’s currently at 2 ppm, and salinity is at 1.022. Is this okay for them? Included picture and here’s a link to a video I took (https://streamable.com/83shb). Thanks in advance.
  12. So I just started a new saltwater tank. 32 gallon Biocube. I purchased live rock yesterday and this morning I can down and saw a “growth” coming from a cavity on the rock. It seems alive and retreats like a turtle head when scared. I can’t figure out what it is. Can anyone help please?????
  13. RyanShore

    Fast Rock ?

    I am starting out my first nano "reef" and want to know what type of rock would be ideal for a quicker setup. Obviously the tank still needs to cycle; however, I would like a rock that will not need to be cured for a long time. I don't plan on putting coral into the tank initially, FOWLR to begin. Having the rock be dry would be fine by me. The options I have seen are the following: Reef saver rock from BRS, Life rock from CaribSea, and Walt Smith Pukani Live Rock - Cured / Cleaned from Premium aquatics. I also was looking at basic caribsea base rock as an option. I just want to be able to set up the tank as fast and hassle free as possible. With the live sand helping a lot in getting bacteria to begin in the tank. I also will use bio spira to help kickstart the tank as well. So far I will be setting it up in a 20 gallon hex tank. Using ocean direct live sand, a hob filter I have laying around (rated for 40g), and some cheap pumps. I plan on stocking with: 2 clowns, a clown goby, and a firefish (and some snails and hermits)
  14. 805NanoReef

    What is this?

    Is this considered algea? Its almost like a branch and thicker than normal algea im use to... and how can I get rid of it.
  15. I upgraded my Fluval 13.5 to a used RSM 130. I used dried live rock and actually spent time creating my rockscape this time. I had two pieces of LR that I brought over from my Fluval 13.5. One is a 5 lb piece that started as dry rock. The other is a 3-4 lb piece covered in sponges and other awesome stuff straight from the Gulf of Mexico. I want to get rid of the 5 lb piece that I brought over because it is extremely large and does not fit with the new rock scape. I changed everything over to the RSM 130 on 01/16/18. Parameters have been great since then except for one tiny cycle. My question for you guys is: How long do I need to leave that 5lb piece in the new tank? I want to leave it until the new rockscape is successfully seeded. Any recommendations?
  16. tgrover35

    Dry Live Rock Question

    There is a guy nearby selling dry live rock that he approximates is 30 lbs for $30. He says he has never treated it with copper and it has been dry out of the tank for about a year now. What do you think? I have ordered some base rock from reef cleaners and will get a little cured rock from my lfs but this is a great deal and I probably could use a little more for my new biocube 32 setup
  17. I picked up two bins of dry, old live rock that I want to start prepping for the future. I already have a batch of rock cycled for the 40g breeder I am building now. But I imagine I will want to upgrade even bigger in a year or so. I'd like to do everything right so I'm taking my plan to the forums before enacting it. 1st Stage - Cleaning 2nd - Phosphate Removal 3rd - Cycling 4th - Coralline Growth 1st: Cleaning will involve washing the rock off and scrubbing any old life that I can find. Bleach or vinegar solutions seem to be a common choice. 2nd: I am already using Lanthanum Chloride to remove phosphates on my cycled rock, I believe I will use this to remove it from this new batch. So far it has been working well. And it seems to be the most efficient method, combined with large water changes. 3rd: I prefer to do Cycling fishless, so I will be using a janitor's solution to provide ammonia to the bacteria. I want to get it heavily seeded and will dose ammonia multiple times to build up the bacteria 4th: Coralline Growth, what may be the hardest stage. If I could do everything I want, I would culture some coralline in its own aquarium first in order to get a clean sample. Probably won't have the resources to do that and will just scrape some from one of my tanks. I will also be adding a CUC to manage other algae during this ~1year process of growing out the coralline. The algae starter and CUC will be the first possible entrances of pests and something I would like to work on. Did I mess any secret techniques or is this a pretty solid plan?
  18. So I have a Fluval 13.5 gallon tank running since August of this year. I have this scape but ended up not holding due to it not being glued. So I had to take out at least 70% of LR. In my sump, has 2 bags of Matrix which has been there since the set-up. Today my dry rock arrived and I did a scape and put them on the tank where the 30% of LR was. The plan is to totally get rid of the old rock and start with the new one. Now the question is, will it be safe for my 5 fishes and corals if I take the live rock put the new dry scape in there at the same time? I have Matrix and live sand. Will it be okay? Original Scape No Scape New Scape
  19. New to the hobby, Found an old red sea max 130d for a good price, did my readings for a moths now and now about to start here is what i have done and what i am planning to do any advise and is greatly appreciated 1) Disassembled and cleaned up the old tank with vinegar x2 then washed and rinsed and then once with hydrogen peroxide and rinsed it again 2) I threw the stock skimmer and got the inTank media basket and tune 9001 skimmer washed the old power head and old pumps ( marineland nj900 and marinalnd400) got rid of the tubing cz they were nasty, 3) bought 40 pounds of Arag-alive live sand/ 20 pounds of marco dry rock, now my questions are 1.should i use the pumps/heater/ wave maker? 2. the guys who sold me the tank gave me about 15 lb of live rock in saltwater in a plastic bucket, should i use it? 3. I am planning to add sand and the rock ( still not decided on whether i use the live rock mixed with my new dry rock or not) then add the water and salt in the tank with the wave maker till i reach good salinity then add the cuc then add the floss and purigen and chemo-pure or should i add it from the get go? also should i leave the light on or off during the cycle? i am planing to get 2 common clowns and a blenny to start then maybe add a another fish then planning to get starter corals after i upgrade the light. any comments is greatly appreciated
  20. Hey guys, can you give me your inputs as to what glue or coral epoxy you guys use to stick your coral to the live rock? i need something that will stick very well but at the same time something that will be able to be removed incase i decide to rescape my setup! thanks again guys
  21. Hello all, new here. I looked around and couldn't find a definitive answer on the forums so far (maybe I overlooked something, forgive me in advance) but I was wondering if I were to take a few rocks from the local waterfront what I would need to do in order to clean them/disinfect them before using them in my own tank? I say clean/disinfect because I imagine without looking it wouldn't be wise to just take a piece of live rock out of nature and put it directly into my tank. PS - Forgive me as well if this isn't proper etiquette in the hobby world, I am still new and haven't had much time to research as much as I would like. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season thus far! -Sneeqie
  22. Hello, fello reefers I am looking for some advise from some experienced reef keepers. So I am starting my first as tank and I haunt slacked in my research but the problem is conflicting arguments and different variables so I figured I ask about my particular sinario. I aquasscaped about 28 to 30 lbs of dry rock, got my temp right, salinity, and good flow going, I let the tank run for 3 days and just added a 3 lb price of live rock and plan on adding sand from an established tank to help ad a variety of good bacteria. My main question is that the rock was said to have been curing for a year, the rock went strait into the tank only being out of water for 5 min. So I guessing minimal die off. I want great biodiversity and am not in a hurry at all I want a stable long term system. So instead of asking should I do "this or "That" I'll ask what should be my next step be? All levels are still zero but it has only been 10 hours since the live rock went in. Thank you in advance.
  23. Marine Depot

    It's time for Rocktoberfest!

    It's time for Rocktoberfest! Build the perfect aquascape with AquaMaxx!
  24. Hey yall so I finally got my innovative marine 20g and I moved all the stuff from my old 20L to the new one. Problem is all the rock that I have in there is already cycled and I have fish and corals. I really want to change the aqua scape and the current rock I have in there is not achieving the look I want. So question is is what should I do? Try and buy live rock from my local shop( already has coralline algae on it) and put it in? my best option in my head right now is to buy coralife rock and try to cycle them in a bucket? If i I went with the live rock, I would transport in some salt water but would I need to cure them further or would they be ok to put in?
  25. I'm just new to this so I don't know if I've done this right please forgive me if I haven't. I have just setup a nano saltwater Aquarium and have added live rock. Aswell as this I added some marine gammarus to add some movement to the tank in the short term. I noticed they were all feeding on the live rock and after doing research I found they may eat corals. I was wondering if this is correct and if they could damage anything growing off the live rock besides the algae. Thanks in advance