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  1. Hello, my friends.Hope you are all okay My reef tank (125L / 33 gallon Cube of 50x50x50cm/19.6x19.6x19.6") is running, almost one month of cycling. I will have only beginner corals, most softs, and a BBT Rainbow Anemone (maaaaybe a torch in the future). What do you think about the Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 Blue? Seems good to me, to my purpose... I'm currently with a AI Prime borrowed from a friend while cycling, but the WiFi Control is not 100% functional. Here's a link of my reef tank: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXmC23vL_lj/ Thank you very much. Best wishes to all of you!
  2. I just started a reef tank recently, made a DIY Led light. Because my light is DIY, I have no idea how much par I have. Apogee par meter is way too expensive for me. I am not happy about the price. So I start to look for a way to make it myself. Every par meter on the market is so expensive there is a very cheap way(use TCS34725) but requires a par meter to celebrate. Then I found a par sensor, advertise to have +-1% accuracy,0-2600 mol/s range,400-700nm Spectral Measurement Range. At ~60$ price. This is an acceptable price for me. Already order one and arrive tomorrow. Then I am thinking of design a case for this, use 3d print case, OLED screen,18650 battery, Arduino, or stm32 chip. Will anyone want this? Thinking of selling this for around 150$. Please let me know what you think about this thing. By the way, if you want to save even more money, you can buy this sensor from the seller. Not sure if they ship overseas. Here are pics of the led light I made
  3. I just got a reef about 3-4 weeks ago everything's been going great I got some easy lps and softies all doing and looking great some even noticeably growing new heads! I also got a bubble tip anemone it looks great and healthy but ive been told that my light isn't good enough and that it will die what should I do?
  4. hippie_gambino

    Reef Lighting 60g tall

    Hello, I am new to reef tanks and I bought a 60 gallon tall tank to start my reef tank. I am looking for suggestions for lights that will grow coral. Also I am having trouble figuring out a filter, I have heard that hang on back overflow boxes are dangerous, while canister filters sound like the way to go, My tank is not drilled. The dimensions for my tank are 48.5 in W x 12.75 in D x 25 in H. I'm really excited to start this tank. I really need help with a strong enough light for how deep the tank is and that is somewhat budget friendly.
  5. I have a 22" tank and I used to have only led light, then I added T5, at fisrt everything in the tank liked it, corals loved it, but after 4-5 months later only the anemones are starting to act weird, as I turn on the T5s some start to shrivel, not right away but within hours, I also notice that some zooxanthellae is release (at least i think that's what it is) they used to poop normal pieces but now is brown see-through tissue, everything else in the tank is ok, I do waterchanges every week (i mean it). I also wanted to add a Gyre XF330 that I bought but I feel like it's too strong the slowest setting is 20% and that was upsetting the anemones as well so I took it off the same day I got it, kind of sad since it did help to lift off the food debri from the sand and hiding places. Also sometimes while deflating the anemones open their mouth and sometimes release food eaten a day before (feed once a week). The magnifica since to be doing better it had a bad time for a while but I set it up on top of rocks and it likes it, seems to be the only one to be fine with or without lighting. The bta in middle used to be bigger and very bubbly. ANY HELP WILL BE EXTREMELY APPRECIATED. Tank species: Anemones; magnifica, 4 bta, 2 torch, 1 hammer, 2 galaxia, zooas, 4 gorgonians, 2 leather, 2 polyps, Duncan, mushrooms, sponges, pulsing x, and 3 mantiporas. Clean up crew: emerald crabs, anemone crab, sand starfish, clams, bumblebee snail, and blue legged crab. Refugium: pods, chaeto micro and gracilaria.
  6. I have just set up my second nano tank (first tank was 2 months old, moved to a bigger tank with internal weir). The tank holds 36lt, has about 1kg of live rock. The tank is 50cm x 30cm x 26cm. I am running a chiller, gfo reactor with carbon in the top and some filter pad in the weir. I do 10% water changes twice weekly with NSW. Parameters are: Nitrate: between 5 and 10ppm Phosphate: 0.2ppm Temp: 23-24 degrees C. Inhabitants: Fish and inverts Two black clowns A turbo snail Corals: Green polyp leather 2 green ricordea 2 blue ricordea 5 morphs (red, purple and green) 1 green rhodactis 5 zoas I feed the corals Reef Revolutions Polyp Feast and the fish Vitalis marine pellets I have two questions. Firstly, I have just upgraded from an eBay LED special to a Dymax Space-X Reef LED light. First off, the difference in lighting is huge. I am running the Dymax at 40% daylight and 55% blue. I still feel this is significantly stronger that what the eBay LED light was. The corals seem to be handling the change well and I am planning on increasing the light to 60% daylight and 75% blue. Is this an appropriate amount of light to go up to over the course of a month? Secondly, everything looks health and happy, however the leather is only extending its polyps half way. Is this because it has been shocked by the light? It has double its size just not extending its polyps fully. I also have a Xenia that is melting away to nothing. It lost a head the other day and the last remaining head is shrivelled up and does not extend. From my research my parameters are all somewhat normal (nitrates are higher than I would like), however my green ricordea has just split and 1 of the the blue ricordea has developed a new mouth and I have an extra 2 zoas. This has happened over the course of a month.
  7. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Reproducing Reefled 50 spectrum to AI Prime 16HD

    Hi all, Maybe a more advanced question, but does anyone know if its possible to reproduce the redsea reefled spectrum for 15, 20 and 23000 Kelvin to an AI prime 16HD? The app suggest 15000 Kelvin (100% blue and 100% white)... (what does this mean if we bring this over to the AI light settings? Same for 20 and 23000K What intensity for white, royalblue, red, green, UV, etc....? Huge thanks if anyone might know this ✌️
  8. Hi all, I have some questions about lighting. I started my 32 G Biocube in October and everything has gone decently well so far. I've never had any aquarium before. I feel that I've grasped most concepts regarding reef keeping, however lighting is an area I can't seem to wrap my head around. Recently our brain coral has been pretty closed (ever since my husband decreased the # of hours the lights are on). It got me thinking the light schedule must be wrong. I've read to keep all 3 lights on for about 10 hours/day with a ramp up/down of the LC2 (sunrise/sunset) channel and ending with the LC3 (blue) for a few more hours before total darkness. This is not what I've been doing. I had my 2 white lights on for about 8-10hr/day then blue on for another 5 or so at night. If anyone has personal experience with their 32 gallon Biocube, which has the 3 different light stages (blue/moonlight, bright white, and color enhancing) LEDs, please share your light schedule if you feel you've had success with coral growth and survival. It would be nice to have a few opinions. I've been scanning the web for hours and can't seem to find any useful information. Thanks! Ashley
  9. Hello everybody! I am often reading forum posts on this website and decided to make an account myself, so maybe somebody can help me with my little problem. I have an around 60g tank (47 inch long, 21 inch high, 17 inch wide). The tank is nearly 2 years old. Currently I have cheap LEDs that I bought from amazon. They are okay, Softies grow slowly, but nothing grows as I want it to and of course I would love to go for SPS so my tank really needs an upgrade. I cant decide what lights to get for my tank. I hear a lot of good things about T5, as they are supposed to be the best "plug and play" methode for growing LPS and SPS. I would go for an ATI 6x54w fixture. It would fit nicely over my whole tank. The downside of this is my budget. I cant go over 1000 dollars and the running costs for T5 are insane (change bulbs every 6 months, expensive electricity bill) which really is a tough one for me. The other option would be LEDs. However there are so many brands that I am completly lost on what to get. An Ecotech Radion is out of the question as it would cost way to much. Another option would be two AI Hydra 32HD. It would bring me up to around 800 Dollars. More expensive then an ATI fixture, but way less in the long term. Now my question is would two AI Hydra 32HDs be enough for my tank? Will they be able to grow every coral ranging from Euphyllia to Acropora? (Yes I know there are more factors you have to look at when growing corals, but lets just focus on light). Are there any other options? What would be the best one? Maybe for a personal note I am not a huge fan of shimmers. I like my tank to be lit and having a disco ball effect just irritates me. I am happy to read your replies and I hope you can help me those 🙂
  10. For sale this light with ballasts and bulbs. Iridium Spectra (SE) / T5 2 x Metal Halide / 4 x 39w T5 (900mm) 36“ Length with two digital ballasts IceCap 400w Selectable and x2 Radium Bulbs. Original price around $1700 Selling for $900 Mint Condition (Shipping not included in the price) Local pick up possible in Raleigh, NC areas.
  11. Pickup Only, Manchester NH 4 Bulb 36” $100 Have a bunch of bulbs with it w little use. Used them to try combos. not dimmable no hanging kit. Had it suspended over tank on mounting poles
  12. ggabrielcc

    Is My Light Good Enough?

    Hi, I recently got a Giesemann teszla light second hand for my 10 gallon tank, I was just wandering if it would work well for corals and if it could possibly grow sps, what concerns me about it is that I don't see any red LEDs, only white and blues. Also the fact that it is 6 years old and that the technology wasn't as good back then. I'm considering selling it and just buying a kessil or an AI prime but I don't want to waste my money if this light is good enough. Thanks for any help
  13. Hi, this is my first marine tank and I have a Fluval Evo with an Eheim compact 1000 pump (upgraded to 1000 litres/hour instead of 500) with the Fluval PS2 Protein Skimmer and I have the normal Fluval Evo light. My tank has live sand and live rock with no fish or coral at the moment and has been cycling for around 2 weeks. I have been turning my white light on in the late morning (10-11am) and turn it off into the blue light in the evening (10pm-midnight) but I do not turn the light off. I just told my friend who doesn't have a marine tank and he said that it is really bad to keep a light on for that long. Sorry for the long message, i'm new to this and I have no idea what information you may need so it's better to give it now 🙂 Thanks for your help.
  14. Reefanatic24/7

    WTB light for Pico

    Looking for a light for my 5g pico in the $50 range. Looking to grow zoas and LPS. I would love it if it had some controllability too. Located in Utah.
  15. Spark326

    Light for 10g tank

    Are these specs ok for a 10g tank with a small polythoa coral frag?I would also really love to get a bubble tip anemone for my clownfish..Are there other cheaper alternatives to T5 and the other well known lights? Anything under $40?
  16. jldesign


  17. Bab65


    Hi Everyone I’ve been searching and I understood that LED lights are not enough for a reef tank but I’m a bit tight budget so what do your Recommend for a high-quality lightning but with a reasonable price thank you for helping.
  18. Hi all, I was wondering would this light (link at bottom) be suitable for a soft coral reef my tank is 80cm x 40cm x 45cm (36 gallons) Light - DDSGG Aquarium Lamp, Aquarium, Lawn Cylinder Lamp, LED Full Spectrum Lamp, Mini Nano, Decoration/Blue/Moonlight Blue Per Fish/Coral/Plants,White,A801 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TXVRG4N/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_7H4iDbSKTSR96 Thanks 👍
  19. Hannahhhh

    Is my coral happy?

    I just got my first coral, it’s spotted mushroom from live aquaria. I’ve read their instructions on placement and water flow, but I’m wondering, how do I know if these corals are happy/doing well? How do I know if I should move them to a different place in the tank?
  20. So I have had my evo since they first came out back in the middle of 2016 and recently I noticed some of my lights went out. Contacted fluval and they sent me a new light under warranty. It appears to be slightly different and the led’s seem to be better protected...... problem was that the freaking new light wouldn’t even turn on 😒. Fluval is sending me another one that should arrive today so hopefully that one actually works. But wanted to share some pics of the new light. The old one is on the right, new one on the left. Also the connectors are better and have a tighter fit
  21. HingleMcCringleberry

    Lighting questions and acrylic lid

    Hi all, First, a huge thank you to everyone on this forum that has been so helpful to me with all the posts I’ve made. Your advice has been crucial as I have been learning more about this hobby. I want ant to ask about lighting. A month ago I picked up someone’s used 32 gallon biocube that they had modified. They removed the canopy and replaced it with a mounted vivaspectra led light and a mesh cover. Recently ive been looking to change that setup since evaporation has been requiring me to add fresh water to the tank twice daily to maintain salinity. It’s impractical to have to use the RODI machine that often and so I built myself an acrylic cover to replace the mesh lid. I want ant to know if this will affect the light that reaches the tank. Does anyone have experience/ is it a good idea to run light through an acrylic panel and still grow healthy corals? aditionally the light is adjustable and can dim the 10k whites and actinic lights independently and im trying to decide what ratio of the two will be best for growing my corals. A few montipora, some acans, a couple chalices, and Zoas are the corals I’m currently growing. Assuming I have the right placement for each what spectrum of light is ideal to help them grow? More blue or more white? Will the acrylic lid affect how this ratio reaches the corals? any advice is deeply appreciated!
  22. HingleMcCringleberry

    Acan Echinata: How fast does it grow?

    Thinking of buying a decent sized colony of Acan Echinata on sale at my LFS. Does anyone know how fast this coral grows? With/without feeding? Is it hard to care for? Basically any advice? Is it ok for someone with beginner to moderate experience with corals? (I’ve been keeping Monty Cap trumpets and frogspawn successfully for a few months)
  23. I started my 14 gallon Coralife BioCUBE on 26 Feb 18. I have two types of Frogspawn, a Kenya Tree with several frags, a Devil's Hand, and a colony of Zoanthids. I am thinking about adding one SPS. Has anyone removed their hood and replaced their lighting?
  24. I decided I’m going to replace the stock lights on my evo. Considering the AI prime HD but I just saw Aqamai has a new model called the LRS coming out. Anyone have any experiences with the LRM?
  25. Hey all, got a quick question, would this light work for a pico to nano tank ranging from 3 gallons to 10 gallons? ABI Aquarium light
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