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Found 5 results

  1. Aloha!!! Well, it seems that there was enough interest to make an official Lifegard Aquatics Crystal (All-in-one) Aquarium thread! The purpose of this thread is for all of us to come together, discuss, modify and just collaborate in general about our awesome, yet underrated Aquariums. LIFEGARD Aquatics has been around for quite some time, and while their main focus is on Commercial Aquaculture, they were cool enough to make nano-tanks for the hobby! I will also create links directly to everyone's personal tank journals as well! Even though I just ordered the 24.09 AIO, I'm going to begin to link people's tanks and get this party started! I know some of you have expressed your frustrations with lack of options for modifications, custom caddies, etc. I will be personally reaching out to INTANK about making many of the mods and gadgets they make for all the other brands, for us as well! First things first. The following is a breakdown of the (AIO) tanks that Lifegard Aquatics currently makes for the hobby ; The "Peninsula" (AlO) Style 3.8 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Side Filter (#R460003) by Lifegard Aquatics 7.43 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Side Filter (#R460002) by Lifegard Aquatics 14.26 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Side Filter (#R460001) by Lifegard Aquatics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Standard" (AIO) Style 4.14 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Back Filter (#R460007) by Lifegard Aquatics 9.98 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Back Filter (#R460006) by Lifegard Aquatics 24.09 Gallon CRYSTAL Aquarium with Built-In Back Filter (#R460005) by Lifegard Aquatics
  2. Hello folks! Back in 2013, I had a complete tank disaster. I had a Solana 34 cube running for five years. It had its ups and downs (the downs were when I got busy with life and didn't maintain it well). One day, in the middle of the night, I awoke to the sound of water. The tank had burst a leak in one of the seams. Much effort went into getting the livestock in containers to keep everything alive but I had a huge mess on my hands to clean up. In the midst of the chaotic scramble to manage the tank catastrophe, my wife came out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test (after trying for quite a while). "This is the best day of my life" I said amongst the buckets of salt water, rocks, and towels. Fast forward to Christmas 2018. My now five year old son loves animals and science and I thought that this would be the year to get back into the hobby- making this a great father-son type activity to do together. I am prepping what I can to have everything ready, but ultimately on Christmas morning the empty tank will be wrapped on a stand in the living room, ready for us to learn how to set it up together. I am planning to make a brochure type thing with the steps spelled out over the coming weeks so he can see and understand the process (Ex: day 1: fill tank with sand, rock, and saltwater, day 2: test water parameters and temp, etc) EDIT- Current FTS: On to the tank and equipment: Build goals: Mixed reef (lots of Zoas and soft corals) Mix of inverts and fish Clean crisp aquascape and display Modern overall design to compliment mid-century decor Keep it simple equipment wise, but go for quality when I can Be able to leave this for a couple of days out of town without someone checking on it Any suggestions on how to do this worry-free? Tank: Lifegard Crystal 24.09 gallon low iron glass 45 degree mitered corners All Glass. The wall separating the back chamber from display is dark tinted glass, the back is covered in black vinyl. This was the largest tank I could fit in the intended location within my budget goals (got for $150 on black friday sale) I could find hardly any information on this tank, it seems like a poorly marketed recent release, but the quality looks great! More info here: https://www.marineandreef.com/Lifegard_Aquatics_24_09_Gallon_Crystal_Aquarium_p/RRL31942.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIssHTxJei3wIVF1mGCh17CgXcEAQYAyABEgKEk_D_BwE Lighting Kessil a160we blue tuna Gooseneck mount Kessil controller I really love the shimmer effect and the overall aesthetic of this light Other: Dry rock (found a 40lb box on amazon for $1/lb) Fiji Pink Live sand Cobalt aquatics 100w heater XP Aqua Duetta ATO (I have read lots of good about the Tunze, but This was almost half the price, and both sensors are optical vs the float backup on the Tunze, though I like the smaller pump and tubing in the Tunze) Back chamber: ??? I have no idea on how to set this up! I am thinking about making an in-filter style acrylic filter basket for intake chamber Basic set up plan: Plan aquascape and rinse rocks in fresh water Mix saltwater in plastic tubs, add rinsed rocks and bio-spira to jump start cycle (one week before christmas) Christmas: add sand and rocks, add water, set up light and back chamber (run polishing filter pad to help with sand debris) ?? Eventually, I may add a skimmer or some sort of fuge depending on how things go. I may also make an acrylic top for this depending on evaporation and livestock. For now, I will start simple! I would love your thoughts/feedback/advice on the questions below: EDIT: Moved the following questions to a post in beginners forum. Feel free to comment here or ignore my questions in this thread, since the journal is meant more for documentation. Any advice on setting up the back chamber? (see pics below) Do I plug the hole on the intake down near the bottom, or use the included intake thing? Are the intake grates too small? What do? The return doesn't have any sort of end on it to direct the flow, any suggestions? What basic setup plan should I follow after christmas day? I have never done a set up with only dry rock, life sand, and bio spira... is that enough to start the cycle and eventually turn my rock into LR? When can I add first Basic Zoanthids, inverts, or fish? Any suggestions on a book or internet guide that spells out all the reef keeping (better if nano-reef focused?) so I can use that as a guide to learn this together with my son? Any complaints, criticism, insults, or generally tomfoolery are appreciated! I want to get this right and have some fun doing it 🙂 On to the pics of the tank (I could find no good pics of this tank online anywhere, maybe this will be helpful for someone!)
  3. *Clears Throat* Hello. Never thought that I would be here with another build, but alas, here we are. Over the past few months I have all but gotten out of the hobby. Between renovating our living room, and then overhauling the yard I have had no time to take care of a tank, let alone think about them. I guess like a lot of things in life this hobby ebbs and flows for me and balancing reef tanks with a few other interests has proven difficult if not impossible recently. To add insult to injury I have had to sell off most of my hobby things to help fund the ever hungry academic adventure that I am apart of. With the end of summer on the horizon, though, things have started to slow down a little and it was my wife who mentioned that a particular bookshelf would look nice with a reef tank to fill the space. Haha I think she missed having a reef tank more than I did. Well, I have to admit I didn't sell ALL of my reefing stuff (come on now 😉), and I soon found myself pulling out a gently used Lifegard Aquatics 6 gallon bookshelf aquarium out of storage. It took some work with a razor to scrape off all of the old crusties from once upon a time when it was a planted aquarium, but it cleaned up pretty nice. In a perfect world I wouldn't mind hanging some high end lighting and really going to town on this little tank, wouldn't we all, but in the process of paying for school I had to sell my wallet as well, so I guess we're going for broke with this one. I did however have a few pieces here and there and a hardscape took shape. I usually use Aquamaxx's (RIP MarineDepot) reef welder to glue rocks together, but given the delicate nature of the scape I was trying to achieve it really looked tacky so I switched to just plain old superglue which worked well still. I decided to only add a minimal* layer of "standard grade" Caribsea sand (*all I had). I want to go pretty minimalistic on equipment as well as looks with this tank so between a light, a heater and small wavemaker that will be the only tech powering this tank. I placed an order for an inexpensive Nicrew LED. Since this tank is so shallow, I figured I can get away with a less powerful lighting setup (and save some coin too). Filtration will be taken care of by the rock and sand as well as water changes. I do expect some hiccups in trying to find a groove with this tank, given how low tech it will be, but it shouldn't be too hard to upkeep (<famous last words ha!). I have a few housekeeping things to do; wire management and hanging the light when it arrives. And as per tradition, a mixed reef seems proper here. We also had a friend open a new shop just a few blocks away so some perusing might occur soon. Thanks for stopping by and happy reefing! 😁 Equipment: Tank: Lifegard Aquatics 6 Gallon Long Lighting: Nicrew Marine LED Heater: Hitop 50w Wavemaker: Jebao SOW-3 Corals: Soft: Lilo & Stich Zoas Scrambled Egg Zoas Pink Zipper Zoas Deepwater Zoas Magician Palys GSP Golden Plume Gorgonian LPS: Duncan (×2) Rainbow Acan Misc. Orange Acan Watermelon Acan Purple Tipped Hammer Golden Hammer Green Purple Tentacle Fungia SPS: Purple Pocilloproa Neon Green Seriatopora Yellow Millepora Blue/Green Millepora Green/Pink Tenuis Purple/Yellow Tenuis Neon Green Tenuis Red Setosa Macro Algae: Codium Inverts: Blue Legged Hermit Crabs Fish: TBD FTS 8/07/2021: FTS 9/22/2021 FTS 10/21/2021 FTS 11/17/2021
  4. After 5 years of living in the Bay Area I have finally convinced my now husband to let me start another reef after the holiday season. (Why is it now a theme on Nano-Reef that we have to convince people to let us have tanks that we buy and we take care of?) I had planned to start a simple pico with a HOB filter similar to my old 10 gallon tank which I had for 3 years. while getting tipsy in my back yard in SF and researching tanks I saw the 365 day challenge and thought well hell, this will work. Within an hour I ordered the Lifegard Aquatics 4.1 gallon AIO online! Odell Easy Street Hot Sauce I generally prefer external filters so I can clean them out in the sink, but I will say this tank is SLICK! Kev (the husband/non-reef keeper/spending discourager) and I went to Komodo for part of our honeymoon and I would LOVE to do a Komodo-Flores biotope in this tank. Soon I will post the amazing photos from Komodo Resort's house reef that will serve as inspiration. Equipment Lifegard Aquatics 4.1 gallon AIO (display is like 2.9) Nanobox Tidebox (still being made) Colbalt Neo-Therm (still shipping) Stock pump - will have to replace Stock media - will also have to replace ADA lid- also will need to be replaced because it is a bit too big In the Tank 3 LBS of Real Reef live rock (I have a serious phobia of bristle worms, so much so I still have nightmares about them from past tanks) Samoa pink live sand Set up Feb 15th !!!! Going to be cycling a while Pictured with our cat's betta fish Spots' tank More to come soon! Xx
  5. theeasterbunny

    TheEasterBunny's Fullview 7G

    Current FTS - August 5th Lifegard Fullview 7G + Aquamaxx Prism 24w 2x Orange Spotted Filefish ------------------ Original Post Hey Guys! Look what I got! Decided to do a thread about the process as they're pretty new and I'm sure at least some of you are curious. I jumped on it as soon as I saw it. We'll see how it goes. Going to get the scape put together in the next few days. Waiting for a few more things. Bonus pics of my bengal being jealous of attention directed at something other than her.
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