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Found 78 results

  1. I recently set up my new tank, Its a 29 gallon with a DIY LED setup with a 10 gallon sump. Everything turn out great and I am just cycling the tank at the moment. My question is I have 3 drivers for the LED's the drivers have Dimmers but are manual, I want to be able to set up something for it to be automatically even Wifi controllable, I was looking at the the TC421 but my problem since I am new to wiring electronics is how do I wire this thing and is it even possible to work? Or what controller do I need. Here are a few specs of the drivers If it even matters. Its 36v 700mA Output 120vAC input driver It came with Manual dimmers. The drivers are powering 10LED each, and i have 3Drivers. Its looks great but I just want to have some type of control.
  2. PAR 30 LED lighting for 5.5G

    So, I'm planning on moving my 2.5 gallon into a 5.5 gallon when I move rooms. I've been happy with the 2.5, I just want a bit more room and freedom to do what I want in the tank. I'm currently using a freshwater 12" Finnex LED strip that, for whatever reason, my zoas (and the hair algae) seem to love. It's been discontinued at this point, but it's a good little light. I've ordered one of the cheap 15W PAR 30s off of Ebay to try after seeing them used on other picos. It's got x3 10000K and x2 actinic. I know they tend to not last a terribly long time, but if I like the cheap one, I'll go for the name brand. I had been planning on covering 2-3 LEDs for my 2.5G, as I know the bulb will cook my coral if not. But for a 5.5G, would I need to do the same? Or would it not be enough for the tank? I'll be keeping mostly softies and macroalgae, although I may test the waters with a hardy LPS at some point.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently upgraded to a larger tank from my Nuvo 10 and am no longer using this light. The light is in perfect shape other than one corner of the acrylic cover over the leds. I have that shown in a picture below. The piece still tightens down and was done during cleaning. I bought the light in late August of 2016. The power supply was replaced by Dave in May of 2017 due to a buzzing sound. It has been running at 70-75% and grew anything I wanted. Fan and heat sink were just cleaned when I took it down a couple of weeks ago. Price is $170 plus shipping.
  4. Just need some help.

    I have 7's that add up to 22.22v my question is if i can use this driver, is it ok or is it going to not work and damage the led?
  5. LED drivers

    Was close to buying the ChaetoMax for a refugium in the back of my biocube 29 and then realized this was a great learning opportunity... So I'm gonna do my first LED dyi. 4 x 3w LEDs (Forward Voltage is 2.3V@700ma) I am assuming that I need a driver than can supply 700ma of current or less... at 9.2v (2.3v x 4 leds)... Less if I want to dim? This driver can't supply low enough voltage? "-Max # LEDs -7 LEDs (or combined LED voltage not exceeding 24.5V) -Minimum Voltage output - 12.5Vdc" Is there a min number of LEDs a driver can drive?
  6. I'm starting a DIY LED for a 29 tank its not bio-cube. I have all the drivers and LEDs but i have a few questions. I have 24 LEDs 3w Cree, Is that enough for a 29 gallon reef? or would i need more, I am stocking the tank with few SPS and LPS no softs (maybe just mushrooms). The other question I have is the colors I have 6 Royal blues, 6 Blues, 2 Reds, 2 greens, 2 UV, 6 Cool-whites Is that a good ratio to start ? or what would you guys suggest ? The look on the display I'm going for are more of a blue/purple/clear color.
  7. Coralife 16 gallon LED Biocube

    I just picked up a 16 gal coralife biocube led model and wondered if it had enough light for a bta. I have a few strips of extra ecoxotic led lights and I was also wondering if anyone has tried to add led’s to this hood. Seems lile it would be tight based off what I see. There is not a lot of info out there on the 16 gal led that I have found. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  8. ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    Item: Selling 24", 4 bulb ATI Powermodule (T5 + LED combo) Condition: Excellent Location: Nebraska Price: $475 (not including shipping costs) Sale preference: would prefer to sell local sale (local as in within 1-2 hour driving distance); I am also planning to do a roadtrip from Nebraska to Georgia this February, so am willing to meet someone along the way
  9. Looking to buy one of the lights for my first college reef tank (IM 20 gallon) The lights need to be in good and functional condition, would be a plus if it still has warranty!
  10. Torches losing color:(

    Hello all! I am asking for help concerning my torch corals loss of color. I have 3 branching torch corals next to each other that caught my eye at the LFS. But it seems as though the corals looked much more vibrant at the LFS and then once placed in my tank, they lose their vibrancy and start to take on a blander and more fleshy skin color. I am testing everyday for CA ALK MG as well as the ammonia nitrite nitrate ph and everything is close to perfect. I have maintained these stable water parameters so I don't believe this is the cause. I am using a kessil A80 tuna blue over this 2.6 gallon fluval spec 3 aquarium. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????? Any comments are appreciated! Thankyou!
  11. Hi everyone, here's a few first pics of my tank-swapped 20 gallon Waterbox next to my 5 gallon "floating" no-named nano tank. I'll be updating and posting new tank pics as I can on this thread, along with more info on the system as time goes on. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thinking of getting an AI Prime HD for my 15 gallon tank (16x15x15), would that be enough lights for corals? If not what are some other lights I could use?
  13. Hello, I'm selling some of my stuff that I no longer use. Very good and well maintained. I'll cover paypal fee and shipping. Please PM me if you're interested. Kessil A360we "WIDE" tuna blue with gooseneck and 90 Degree adapter $290 each I have 2 sets Current USA Marine Orbit with 2 mounts, Controller and Display module - $130 Gourmet Grazer - $15 Tunze aquarium fan -$30
  14. PAR requirements for LPS and softies

    I am planning on getting mostly softies, (zoas, mushrooms, xenia, kenya tree, etc..), with a few LPS (hammer, frogspawn, maybe blasto). I have decent par (levels in pic below), and was wondering if they are enough to sustain those corals light-wise. 400 Par @ 2" 108 Par @ 8" 50 Par @ 16" P.S ik blastos are lower light, will keep towards bottom.
  15. Hey all, I was noticing that there seems to be very little forum post about BlueAcro, so I thought I would add my two cents and share my experience with their products. I decided to take the plunge and try their led's since I've been a little dissatisfied with Par38 lights, not that they didn't grow corals, but the corals never had good color since I had to sell my AI Prime (awesome light BTW) and I never really liked the spectrum (tried CoralCompulsion and a cheap Lumentek par38 from amazon). Plus not having control over intensity is a real draw back, especially the coral compulsion 24w 22k model over my 10g tank, I almost bleached my rockflower nem, had to remove the reflectors to fix that, plus I hated the disco ball effect. Now i'm not saying that Par38 lights are junk, they did the job and they grew corals, but they didn't satisfy my needs or wants. Now onto my review of BlueAcro The Good: This Led chip is the BEST I've used so far, my corals and I love the spectrum that this led provides. I can say this confidently because they are coloring up like the used to be under the AI Prime and are super lush ( if I can use that expression ). And the shimmer from this chip, by far the best shimmer I've every seen yet from a DIY led, almost like a kessil, not quite there but close. Color blending was exceptional (except when your using the their reflector, I'll get into that in the UGLY section), the blending was crisp and there was not a hint of disco ball affect, none that my eye's could see anyway. The chip itself is very small and compact, very impressed that those tiny diodes can throw out so much light, it also fit perfectly on the a Par38 heatsink that I retro fitted the Acrostar into. I also got their 2 channel driver, that thing was also tiny and worked very well with Manually adjusting the current to the channels, plus when I got the Coralux storm controller they just worked great with each other. The Bad: I hate to add this to my review but I felt it was worth mentioning, while the products were great the customer service is lacking. When I had made my order, which was fine, I had waited two weeks and had not received my order or got a shipping confirmation. I thought they had a lot of orders and were making more chips, but I didn't hear anything from them, so I emailed them what was the status of my order. I was emailed back three days later ( 3 days is just too long) and was informed that they some how missed the order and marked it shipped in their system. They apologized and refunded my shipping, which was $4 dollars. I got my order a few days later and when I had opened the box, they forgot to send the thermal paste I had bought (its $0.50, so I was not crying over this) and they forgot to send a wire disconnect tool that their video says is shipped with all their products, now these things are not the end of the world, I modified a paperclip so I could release the wires from their chips, but I was starting to become annoyed with the mistakes. The last thing is instructions for their products, there is almost nothing online and nothing was shipped with my order. Now the chips are not complicated and led was easy to figure out, but their driver took more guess work, particularly when hooking up the storm 5v PWM controller. There are 4 input connectors on the driver: Vin, Ground, Dim 1 and Dim 2. There was no information on were to hook up the pwm Ground wire, and being a poor man in a rich mans hobby, I didn't want to hook up the brand new controller wrong and fry it. I again emailed them and they took 2 days to get back to me, in which apparently the p/s ground and pwm ground are shared. I think this would have been important to give instructions for, because every driver I've seen online that take pwm signals have a separate ground from the power supply. Now I'm not trying to bash BlueAcro, maybe they have great customer service and I got the short end of the stick, but I didn't like the short end of the stick and I hope they read this review, make needed adjustments and be great company, because they make a great products. The Ugly: There only one thing I want to add here and it is the reflector that you can buy with the chip. I bought the 1/2 Acrostar and added the reflector/ diffuser to my order, the reflector seemed like a great idea to give the light more versatility on what corals I might want to have, but when I attached it to the chip it made half of my tank blue and the other half white. Now the reflector has these pegs sticking out of it and it can only fit flush with the led chip in only two positions, I tried both position and still my tank color all over the place. It seems that for whatever reason the reflector was ruining the color blending of the chip, even when I tried the diffuser and color blending was just bad. Maybe reflector was defective, but didn't feel like emailing them and waiting again. Conclusion: blueAcro makes great led chip and I would totally order another one when I have a need, even thinking about changing my 20g long tank to these led's. customer service is lacking but to me not a deal breaker, just hope that they can make some improvements and they will be a great option to the reefing community. I don't have any pictures yet of my light setup or the tank but I will post some soon. Peace out
  16. XR 15 Pro Gen 3

    I have a Gen 3 XR15 Pro with wide and Narrow lenses and RMS mount. I really like this light but I fell in love with the NanoBox lights a while back and have decided that's the route I want to go . This light is in great condition. It has one small corner piece on the undercover that chipped off. I taped it on for a temp fix but it can be glued. Either way you cant tell hardly at all unless you look for it. Asking $360 shipped or trade for a Nanobox Duo Plus M

    Hey everyone! Been 2 weeks since I set up my tank, cycle is finished (nitrates are still around 20~) and everything is coming along nicely. I've added my clean up crew (10-13 small hermit crabs, and 2 nassarius snails) Before I add my first clown and some small zoa frags, I'd really like to know if anyone has some input or feedback for the ai prime light schedules they use. Here is the one I just created (taking into account that I'm working all day so I'd like to view my tank at night time more than during the day...) If anyone can tell me if I'm off to a good start, I'd really appreciate it, obviously I'll need to adjust as I see fit for the coral I decide to add eventually, but I do not want to bleach my corals either from the get go. Max output gets to 20 watts and I have my blues and purple as my drivers, white is on the lower end. (Lights go on at 1:30pm, ramp up until 9pm, and then ramp down and close at 12:30am (midnight, yes I sleep late) Thanks again guys, happy reefing!
  18. Best light for Nuvo 10 Gallon

    Hi there! Im looking for best lighting options for a 10 gallon nuvo fusion aquarium. Planning on having some corals in it, a leather, a few zoos, and potentially an anemone. We previously had a 100 gallon reef tank that was great and when we moved and bough our first house pretty much everything was decimated after the move. We ended up tearing the whole tank down because we were so upset about losing everything. My husband is who introduced me to saltwater aquariums and I bought him a full setup for a nano tank as he has shown a lot of interest in them. We have a hydra light that was used for our 100 gallon which I know is likely far too much for this tank. Please leave any suggestions for a good light for a first time nano tank! Thank you
  19. Hello guys, I have some stuff needs to go. I will add more items tomorrow when I get home. Kessil a160we tuna blue with gooseneck 1yr old- $180 eachKessil A80 with gooseneck 5 months old -$100Apex jr -pm1, breakout box, aqua controller, extra eb8, extra eb4, apex ATO pump "no power supply" , apex auto feeder, PH probe and temp probe - $480 oboReefkeeper lite plus with extra power pc4 $270Innovative marine custom cradle xl- $30Icecap sump cooler $120Jebao dosing pump $50Jebao DCT 15000 brand new- $120Jebao pp8 -$45Jebao sw4 - $35Jebao DC-6000 -$65Gourmet grazer and defroster -$30Reef octopus protein skimmer classic 150 int- $140 Aqua Illumination Rail 12" $20Trigger emerald sump 34” - $260 pick up only SoCal
  20. LDD Led Drivers.

    Hey all, Small question. When using LDD Drivers for your led's i know the voltage is converted but what about amps and wattage. My LED's need about 130v, 100w and 0.7mA. LDD i had in mind Does the input need to be the same wattage and amperage or does that also get converted by the LDD's or LDH's
  21. Eco-Lamps KR93 for Sale

    Hello, Not sure if this is the right place but unfortunately I am having to sell my tank and with it my Eco-Lamps KR93 It is in great condition, currently on eBay number 152795623849 let my know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer, i also have a few a few more bits from my tank on there also
  22. Selling my Kessil A150W Ocean blue (15k) fixture with goose neck hanger. I bought it off someone on here but never ended up using it. Works perfectly fine, no issues at all. I paid $150 a few years back for it, the only thing I believe is missing is the glass. Looking to get $90 shipped. PM me for any questions!
  23. So, putting together another 20 long this will b lps, softie only I have a 2 bulb t5, and a rapid led 700 Nano driver on a 1.5” wide heatsink that fits perfectly up against the t5 once mounted. The light will mount directly on tank-3-4” above water. So par is of no concern w this shallow tank. I want a blue heavy tank for lps & Zoas led is blue w 2) violet 420-430 led. T5 recommendations???
  24. Currently I have single ocean revive LED fixture over my 40 gallon breeder and I am not quite happy with the coverage. After seeing the new T5 LED hybrid that recently came out it seems like it would be easy to make the same thing. I was thinking of getting two T5 fixtures (probably 24 or 30 inch) and making a mount/holder using angle aluminum. Should be pretty easy. The other option for about the same cost would be purchasing a second ocean revive fixture to get better coverage. Any opinions on which would be better? Currently I have some zoas, green monti, green acro, hammer coral, and some basic acan frags. I want to go with whichever options allows the most variety and mixed reef options. Any thoughts?! Thanks!
  25. I have a lightly used like new Kessil a80 tuna sun fixture. It was used for about 4 months and I have decided to get out of planted tanks. Like new with the goosneck. I have the original box for the kessil. Any questions please ask. Thanks! $100 shipped via USPS. NOW $90 SHIPPED