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Found 8 results

  1. This DIY is intended for a pico or small nano mixed reef tank that's around 1-6 gallons. Could also be used as a refugium light or other small scale need. I'm trying to get this DIY our there because pico tanks are super fun and they're becoming much more popular too. They also have very simple lighting requirements despite what some people might say. You don't need to spend $100+ on a pico light! Many of the commercially available lights are simply overkill for a typical mixed reef pico. On the flip side the cheap Amazon/eBay lights can have sketchy quality, bad color rendering, or low PAR. The cheap lights can also be overkill because they're so cheap that we tend to overbuy. So rather than spending a ton on a light that's overkill or buying a light that you don't know if it will even work take a look at DIY. This light has exactly the features needed for a typical mixed reef pico or small nano. Also it's super easy. I'm tempted to buy these parts again and have my 7 year old try to build it - I actually think she could with some practice soldering. FYI I'm using this light on my Fluval Spec III and it works much better than the stock light! Still to do: Design a simple mounting solution. I'll update with that video when I've made one. Materials list - total cost: $25. $5 Meanwell LDD-700 HW https://www.ledsupply.com/led-drivers/mean-well-ldd-h-series-cc-step-down-mode $8 2x Royal Blue XT-E https://www.ledsupply.com/leds/cree-xlamp-xt-e-royal-blue-leds $4 1x Neutral white (4000-5000K) https://www.ledsupply.com/leds/cree-xlamp-xt-e-white-leds $3 12-24v LED PWM dimmer https://www.amazon.com/XtraLED-Dimming-Controller-Lights-Ribbon/dp/B00H8KTXNU (can get it prime for $6) $5 12v 2A DC power supply https://www.amazon.com/Choose-Nice-TM-Switching-Regulated/dp/B00LPCX2BQ/ref=sr_1_34?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1509556333&sr=1-34&keywords=12v+power+supply includes plug adapter You'll also need some wire, thermal paste, epoxy, and an old computer heatsink or something similar. Credits: I did not come up with this idea, just modified the information found on thePlantedTank.net.
  2. I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on upgrading the LED lighting for my 26 gallon bow front in order to add some more SPS corals to the tank. Currently I’m running a Marine orbit LED strip which is only 23 total watts but I’ve had very happy corals that range from softies, LPS and SPS near the top of the tank. Dimensions are 24” L x 14.75" W x 20.8” H. I would love some suggestions and feedback for my next light upgrade- Budget is about $400. Main three options that I thought would work well for my tank- 1.Kessil 360 - $350 - 90 watts 2. 2 x AI Prime HD - $400. 55 watts each will provide 110 watts total power 3. Hydra 26 - $350 - 90 watts 4. Nanobox duo - I believe they are 60W My questions and concerns- 1. Kessil - I’ve seen a good amount of recent reviews on the Kessil’s where the fan gets clogged up, stops working and fries the light in under two years of use even with regular cleaning. The shimmer effect may be desireable for me though. 2. AI Prime HD - People have complained that the Prime creates a disco ball effect through it’s shimmer. WiFi connectivity can be an issue with the light + recommended coverage is only 18” x 18” thus I would need two lights (not sure how to hang two lights since I have HOB equipment across most of the tank wall), Benefit- I could replace just one light if it broke instead of shelling out full price. 3. Hydra 26 - WiFi connectivity can be an issue with the light + recommended coverage is only 18” x 18” thus one light may not be optimal for my 24” long tank. 4. Nanobox duo - They do have a larger spread, up to 30" x 18" which would be nice in avoiding any shadows. Is having only 60W an impactful difference compared to some of the 90W options? Please tell me your experiences with these lights or suggest other options within the same range of price. Thanks!
  3. StevieGF

    Nano Box Mini Tides

    I am making a big price adjustment from prior ad! 2 nano box mini tides sharing 1 power supply used but still awesome! Getting out of reefing due to health concerns. My price is $275 This is an really good deal
  4. Have been a avid kessil user have them all started a nano to house some stuff after taking down display originally used a a360we on a jbj 24 Nano wanted to try a radion so got one on trade a XR15w pro gen 3 just want honest opinions if someone has used both to compare kessil doesn’t have features thevradion does but it’s proven to work for me I’m running the coral lab lps program hammer just doesn’t seem as happy as it was under kessil
  5. Moorahs

    "Low light" LPS under LEDs

    Hi everyone First post after weeks of lurking - cycling a new tank and using that time to research stocking possibilities. It's an aquanano 36, so about an 8 gal display and give or take a foot cube (I'm Australian so doing my best on converting measurements to imperial!). Lighting is a 35cm LED setup, 3 rows, 29 white and 3 blue LEDs. Specs say 8w, 10000k white LED and 460nm blues. My question is, are there any LPS corals that will fare ok under that lighting? I'd much rather not set myself up for frustration, failure, etc etc. Based on what I've read, my current shortlist is blastos, acans, ricordia / rhodactis for the bottom half of the tank and frogspawn, elegance, cynarina and lobo toward the top. Thought I'd check opinions here in the lighting forum since my question isn't about any other params or considerations. thanks (PS it doesn't really look anywhere near as blue as my iPhone camera seems to think it does!)
  6. dling

    finally finished

    Added 16 more lights today giving a grand total of 86 led's . Thiis is before . All lights added are blue. This is after
  7. Stockwell85

    165w or 300w led lighting

    Hello all. I have decided to retrofit my 36 gallon bow front into a reef tank. I have heard great reviews about chinese LED lights. I'm concerned about what to get in terms of length. My tank measures 31 in long and 15in wide. The 165w sets cover tanks that are 24inx24in However, the next step up (300w) covers tanks that are 42in x 28in. Should I get the 300w set and dim it, or should I get the 165w set and just expect to have some dimmer edges for low light corals? I know I will not be upgrading this tank for many years as my current space available will not support it, so the "potential" for the bigger light is not really a factor. Thank you, in advance, to those who reply.
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