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Found 7 results

  1. Dang it! Why am I starting back into this hobby again?! Haven't I learned my lesson? UGH!! Its expensive, its heart breaking, its frustrating, its time consuming, its, its.... so dang awesome!! Man, I can't help myself saltwater is the best. Yeah it makes no common sense to keep a tank, but dang its just so cool! Let's spend hundreds of dollars to do the impossible and keep a tiny section of the gigantic ocean in our moderately stable electrified homes with all the variables of life to throw challenges at us. Aren't we adults? We are supposed to make educated smart decisions with our money and choices. Put our time and money in stable proven safe investments, drive a Honda, eat organic salad, workout everyday, and go to bed by 10pm... right? Meh, screw it lets do this! So here's the short back story: Ive kept fish since I was a kid, typical 20gal community freshwater tanks... college age I move to the notorious 55 gallon and Oscars... transitioned shortly form African Cichlids to... aggressive Saltwater FOWLR tank... upgraded to a 90 gallon and had that for about 10 years (loved my Clown Trigger, Harlequin Tang, and 3foot Snowflake Eel).... got married, dog, kids, no tank for about 10 years... my 6yr old really wants a fish (he's talking to the right guy)... pondering it for a while... digging the new AIO's... decide to pull the trigger on a tiny tank because I'm sick of 10-20 gallon water changes and I figure why not try something new! So with this build I'm trying to do it right from the start, I've served my time in the hobby and know it pays to pay up front for quality equipment. So I've spent the coin on a nice tank and light. I'm new to this whole Auto-top-off world so I'm learning there. I'll post a list of current/future equipment later. But for now I just wanted to get my build thread started and say Hi to all you expert nano keepers out there. You don't know it but you've already helped me a ton with your build threads and advice, hopefully I can share some tips along the way. Oh of course why The Goby/Pistol Project? Well my son loves diggers and construction (what 6yr old boy doesn't) and I was pondering what to stock the tank with. Well why not the coolest construction crew in the ocean? I showed him a couple videos of goby/pistol shrimp pairs and he was hooked. I like it too as they will provide entertainment as well as be beautiful to look at. Also I'm gonna attempt this corral thing, thats a whole scary new world for me as I've just done the aggressive fish route. But I think if I can get the equipment dialed in and weekly water changes it should be fine, right? Here goes nothing!!
  2. choconut74

    LF: Kessil A80

    Hey y’all, looking to grab A80s used but in good condition, or brand new. Depending on the price, I’m considering getting 2 of them maybe with mounts and maybe with a controller. Please let me know if you have any of those things! Thanks!
  3. Good morning! I've made a quick introduction video to my office pico tank. This little tank has quickly become my favorite. Only, because I don't get to see my home tank (28 gallon JBJ nanocube) as often! I'm starting this thread as a foundation for future updates and a place to request guidance/assistance. Thank you for stopping by! Here's the video: And here's some quick stats: Set up in middle of February 2017 Back in the hobby after getting out in 2009. Still learning, taking it slower, being patient, bigger budget to do this correctly Fluval Spec III, 2.6-gallon (freshwater) leaked, replaced by Imagitarium Pro 3.7 gallon in February 2018. Kessil A80 with controller - never used stock lighting - tried to use ABI Tuna Blue 12w Par38 bulb Rio Plus 180 (120 GPH) return pump – cut small holes in return line to promote circulation Cobalt Neo-Therm 25 watt, temp set to 78 InTank media basket – filter floss – poly filter pad – BioMax bio rings – ChemiPure Blue 6.5 oz Feed – Reef Roids, once a week – frozen brine shrimp, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Water changes – daily, heavy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, small amounts on Tuesday and Thursday 80% weekly changes No interaction on the weekend and holidays Use Aquarimate (on iOS) to track special incidents, livestock additions, parameters, and completed tasks Rarely test parameters (other than salinity)
  4. Hey guys I'm new to reefing, I would like to know whether the Kessil A80 Tuna Blue is sufficient enough when considering the lighting requirements of Rose bubble tip anemone? What I feel by doing some research on peoples experiences is that when it is supplied with moderate flow and the correct lighting it tends to keep its tentacles bubbles instead of stretching out, therefore trying to give it the ideal lighting conditions. Looking forward to know your experiences and suggestions, thanks. Cheers, DIno
  5. So I made the biggest mistake ever, please help. It’s actually a couple of mistakes. So I recently upgraded my fluval evo 13.5 stock light to a kessil a80 tuna blue. I had no idea what settings I should do, I had the intensity at around 60% and color at 40%. Then an lfs employee said I should start at the dimmest setting and gradually go up from there but for almost a day the intensity was way up and my corals did not like it and we’re semi closed up. I then got a timer for the light that same night which works fine however I accidentally unplugged my heater and didn’t notice because it was around night time, I went to bed and woke up to the tank being at 70 degrees. I immediately turned the heater back on and added another small 10w heater to help turn the temp up faster but it took about 6 hours for the temp to go back to 78%. During the day my corals got worse and worse and now they’re completely closed up and looking horrible. My firefish was swimming really low in the afternoon then I came home from work in the evening and saw my emerald crab eating him, R.I.P. My nasaurius snail is now hanging out on top of a rock instead of in the sand bed. I’m not sure if the sandbed got really cold and affected the firefish and the nasarius snail. I’m not sure what to do now, should I just wait it out? Is the new light maybe upsetting the corals? I’m worried this mistake is now causing my tank to completely crash to the point of no return. btw I checked all my water parameters and they’re fine salinity: 1.024 ammonia: 0 nitrites: 0 nitrates: 5 ppm (just did a water change 2 days ago.) ph: 7.8 phosphates: 0 calcium: 420 if you have any advice please leave a comment. And before anyone comments saying I should have a controller for everything. I’m on a college budget which is all spent on my tank. I wish I can afford all that good stuff but I’m working with what I got. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, Long time fish keeper, first time reefer. Just bought a Nuvo14 Peninsula and a Kessil A80 with hopes of starting a reef tank. After 2 days I've already decided I'm going to get a bigger cube tank. My question is; if I go with a 16"x16"x16" cube, will the A80 work to support SPS? Also if anybody is interested in a 2 day old Nuvo 14, let me know. Thanks!
  7. Kessil A80 Dawn to dusk lighting setup using reef-pi, the opensource raspberry pi based controller.
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