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Found 5 results

  1. Caught this in British Columbia, off Vancouver Island. Didn't sting me and when I move it in the water looks like the same movement of a Moon Jelly. However I've been observing it for a couple hours and it has shown no movement on it's own.
  2. Hey community! First post here, looking to document my latest venture into exotic animal care. I had seen a post on another social site weeks ago with an Upside Down Jellyfish and never thought about housing them as I am aware Jellyfish are generally very sensitive and hard to care for. This species however, might be more easy to work with as they generally keep to one spot (against the glass or on the sand bed). In this interest, I happened to find someone who had some in inventory and I've taken up the challenge of caring for this little creature. I just set it up yesterday, I'm going to attempt to house it in a filterless pico rimless tank which means extremely frequent water changes (easy for the size of the tank). Tank: Aqueon Edgelit Cube Aquarium, size 1. ~1 gal. Lighting: Currently natural light from the window and white LEDs coming from the base to illuminate the glass. I've got a HOB spectrum LED coming in the mail sometime today/tomorrow which I'll use to suppliment. Heating: I have a 5w flat heater on the back of the tank which keeps the tank ~80F. Food Supply: I've got it near my window for some natural light to help feed the zooxanthellae living within it's tentacles, and am setting up a "sea-monkey" home to raise some live brine shrimp to feed it periodically as well.
  3. I have now been keeping jellyfish for 6 months and love the little guys, I find them extremely relaxing and super easy to care for. My YouTube channel recently hit 1k Subscribers and I'm giving away a JellyFish Art desktop nano tank as a way to say thank you to my followers. This giveaway has sparked up an idea to do a How-to jellyfish series where I walk through all the needed information to successfully setup and keep jellyfish. I'll be updating this thread as I produce more content in the How-To JellyFish series and add tips along the way of what has worked for me! If you guys have any experiences with Jellyfish or question feel free to chime in as we go! I always appreciate sharing knowledge and learning something new. Episode 1: Setup and Cycling your Jellyfish tank. -It's extremely important to fully cycle your tank before adding jellyfish. Many companies recommend waiting 2 weeks, however, I would advise you wait closer to 4 weeks to be safe. - Adding extra ceramic media goes a long way into adding surface area into for beneficial bacteria to go -Using bacteria in bottle such as JellyBio Start, Dr Tims or Bio-Spira are highly recommended to jump start your bacteria cycle
  4. Well everyone, It's time I finally get some jellyfish going, I've gotten some polyps of cold water moon jellyfish and have begun setting up a polyp culture. The polyps are acclimating at the moment and we'll see how this goes. I'm still figuring out posting images, so bear with me. This thread will follow any progress I make and tips or tricks for these gelatinous critters are much appreciated.
  5. Last week we took a wonderful vacation to Vancouver Island in Canada. One of our day trips was to Campbell River and the Discovery Passage Aquarium, where we got an informative personal tour. I took lots of pictures. Originally I condensed them down to 10 pretty amazing pics; but then I decided to include most of the pictures I took, to provide a more complete impression of the aquarium. Sorry, it's a bit long. They are a non-profit, catch and release aquarium, which means they collect local specimens in the spring and release them back into the wild in the fall. Livestock is collected from local piers, tide pools, and by local divers; and the tanks are fed a continuous supply of water right from the ocean. In addition to the display tanks, they have an impressive touch tank that lets visitors interact with many of the native species in the area. The aquarium had been setting up a jellyfish tank, but they hadn't collected any specimens yet. After visiting the aquarium we took a walk along the pier, where we noticed a strange bloom of pods (edit: later determined to be crab larvae) and hundreds of jellyfish. I thought it was neat, so I went back to tell them about the jellies. They said that the jellyfish bloom was unusual so they took a look and decided to collect some specimens for their display. I helped collect the jellies and carry them back to the aquarium. I couldn't have had more fun.
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