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Found 3 results

  1. incoherentmunkey

    First Reef Tank - JBJ RF-25 AIO

    Hello All, I've been part of the nano-reef community for a couple years doing research and planning until I was able to free up time and resources to dedicate to reefing. I had multiple freshwater tanks during my teenager and college years but life and work has kept me out of the hobby until now! I've decided to go with an AIO instead of a full setup (Red Sea 170 or 200) for my first reef tank, and may upgrade to a full system later on. But for now here is what I have planned so far: Tank & Stand - JBJ RF-25 AIO with Stand Light - Radion XR30 G5 Blue Pump - Stock pump (for now) Heater - Eheim JAGER 100W Power Heads - (2) ReefBreeders RPM V2 Powerheads Filtration / Filter Media - Chamber 1 - InTank Media Basket with Floss, - Chamber 2 - Bioballs and/or extra live rock Rock - 15-20lbs CaribSea LifeRock Dry Live Rock Sand - 15-20lbs CaribSea Special Grade Arag-Alive Live Stock List 5 Fish - combination of list below - (2) Clownfish - Ocellaris - (1) Yellow Watchman Goby - (2) Pajama Cardinals or Kaudern's Cardinals - (1) Purple Firefish - (1) Damselfish or Anthias - (1) Tiger Shrimp Corals - Mostly Palys/Zoas & LPS (Acans) - Kenya Trees - Gorgonians Clean-up Crew (standard?) - Nassarius Snails - Tonga Snails - Cerith Snails - Various Hermit Crabs - Money Cowries - Peppermint Shrimp - Emerald Crab I do have a couple questions and would really appreciate any advice on the list above and these questions: - Should I run a skimmer (Tunze 9004) in Chamber 2 or run another InTank media basket. If another media basket, what to run in it? - Pump - leave stock for now but upgrade to?? Looking forward to getting this all set up and going. I'll start a journal once all the parts start arriving soon!
  2. What’s up everybody! This is my first shot at a reef tank. When I set up this I originally wasn’t planning on posting it online or anything so I don’t have two many shots of the build and progress along the way. Started the tank a little under a year ago, but just last week I drained it, salvaged what livestock I could, put in new sand bed and aquascaping, and reconfigured my AIO filtration method. Been through a lot of trials and tribulations so far Equipment list: Tank: JBJ rimless 10-gallon AIO aquarium and stand Light: Nicrew 30W reef LED aquarium light 1st 1st filtration chamber: filter floss, chemipure blue, GFO 2nd chamber: (originally started out as a refugium) marine pure ceramic bioballs seeded with Micobacter7 3rd chamber: cheap heater I bought off Amazon, and the return pump that came with the JBJ tank (return pump intake set to ~50%) Live stock: hammers zoas mushrooms acans duncan blasto lobo favia clown pair Modifications: Added a random flow generator nozzle - best $20 I’ve spent on the tank! Let me know if you guys have any questions/advice! Much appreciated!
  3. Hi All - I am rehabbing a JBJ 30gallon AIO and I wanted to know if there is any particular reason, other than design, that there is a baffle at the bottom of each chamber. It seems like a waste of space. That's space, if easily accessible, could be used for additional bio media. Before I remove it, please share your thoughts. Also - why the extra pane of glass on the left and right. Seems unnecessary...especially if I use inTank media baskets, which do not hang.
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