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  1. Hello All I am so excited to join this contest. Since this is my first tank journal I want to try new things. This will be my smallest salt water tank ever, the first time I have used a HOB filter on one and my first bare bottom tank, and yes I do live on Tybee Island. I got this tank wet on April 2nd and just got the nerve up to start my first personal thread on nano reef. Before we added water we took the janky tanky for a photo shoot. EQUIPMENT LIST 2.5 topfin tank AC 50 HOB Asta 20 LED Aqueon small heater Marina thermometer Do you think the two clowns will be to big for this tank? I plan to keep this tank up long term. I have a 75 reef as well but have to depend on my husband for most maintenance due to limited use of my left arm and hand. With a tank this small and a solo cup I will be able to add and change water whenever I want. After I added salt water I tried to glue and reef putty some of the rocks together and make a floating rock structure. I was not successful at it so I will make do with this rock-scape. I plan to add zoas, acans, and mushrooms at this point and let it develop from there. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques please let me know. I am really enjoying looking at all of the contest tanks and can't wait to see what directions they will take.
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