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Found 10 results

  1. Hannahhhh

    Coco worm care

    I recently got a coco worm (Protula bispiralis) from my LFS. They convinced me that it’s easy to care for them and so I bought it. After doing more research I realized I really shouldn’t have bought it, as my tank is new and I’m relatively inexperienced. I’m wondering if any of you have experience caring for coco worms, specifically protula bispiralis, and if so, could you let me know? If you know anyone else who has cared for them, could you tag them in this post? I’d love to have a few people that I could contact and ask if (and when) I run into problems with my worm. My care regiment for it it has been feeding two or three times a week with either reef roids or two little fishies marine snow. I do weekly water changes, sometimes bi weekly. It seemed pretty happy for the first few days I had it, but now I find that it’s retracted about ~50% of the time that I see it (it’s possible that it’s out much more often than that, I’m just basing that number on when I walk by/look at the tank).
  2. Is this one really tux sea urchin? My LFS said it is
  3. Reefer-begginer

    Regal Angel shrimp safe?

    Hey all, so i had ordered a regal angelfish and it is supposed to come in Friday, knowing that my now 300g tank is also on its way, what would be the best way to integrate him into a 125 with shrimps without hopefully loosing them, the hermits i could care less about, just more concerned with the shrimps. Also on that note, would feeding the regal xenia/Kenya ( thats out of control in my 36g ) be good for a supplemental food?
  4. i am looking for suggestions for a 150 gallon reef tank and i would like to know what your opinion of what i should stock my only rules is they have to be reef safe or at least with caution this variety can be anything from clowns to butterflies and angels to dragonets, inverts to corals. feel free to state your opinion down below.
  5. Joevember

    What snail is this?

    I found a couple of these little guys in my sump glass and wanted to know if I should chuck them or keep them in my display. I only have nassarius snails in my display right now, and this is not one of them. As you can see they have a zig-zagging brown and white pattern on the shell.
  6. thespinningsadhu

    Anemone Warfare?

    So here's the thing - I got a maxi mini and I love it. He's very happy. Before I bought and paid for this little guy (from SaltCritters) I had my LFS order a pretty pink and white rock flower anemone. I've been researching to see if they get along because the RFA came in. I know they shouldn't touch and with the size they are right now I don't think there's a huge chance of them vying for the same spot. I know they can move and do. My MMA seems to have found his spot - he did so about three minutes after being released in the tank. The RFA could move around til it finds its spot. The thing that worries me is something I read about anemone warfare - I forget the term. Something where they both release toxins to kill each other and in the midst of that everything else in the tank is killed. Apart from this point, everything else seems to be fifty-fifty - yes you can have both; no you can't have both. One thread I read said you would need a 1000 (yes - one thousand) gallon tank to have two anemones together. Is this a valid concern? It seems that there are tanks all over the forum that have different kinds of anemones. My tank is the Fluval Sea 13.5. The MMA is about three inches by two inches they way he's situated himself. I have no idea how big the RFA is but I think it's pretty small from what I was told and the price. Thanks for any help you offer. I don't want to do any harm to any creature in the tank.
  7. Found these during a water change today. any info would be appreciated
  8. thespinningsadhu

    Sexy on the Zoas

    I was having fun with my macro lens.

    © jagadeesh owens

  9. InfamousAquatics

    Infamous' Ninja Nano Reef Tank

    Whats up Fish Tank Ninjas!?Allow me to introduce myself. I go by Infamous Aquatics, Infamous, or some people on YouTube call me Ninja. Call me whatever you want. Just as long as you....... call me? I have been in this hobby (on and off) since I finished High School in 05. It all started with a standard 4 ft 55 gallon reef tank with HOB everything. A lot of mistakes were made through the years, and a lot of lesson have been evaluated and learned from. These lessons have fallowed me through all my tank builds my 55 gallon to my 90 gallon to my 90 gallon again and again. (The 90 crashed a few times) Through all these lesson and personal development, I have learned to do water changes and be a much more proactive reefer. Preaching patience and consistency to every hopeful hobbyist.Just a fair warning I am very active on YouTube, and for that reason a majority of my updates will be video based. Now that all of that is out of the way...... WELCOME TO MY NANO TANK PROGRESS! Why I picked the the Innovated Marine over Fluval Edge: The Aquascape: How much will it take?
  10. thespinningsadhu

    big sexy

    I was having fun with my macro lens.
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