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Found 34 results

  1. Hello nano-reef community. I want to share with you my IM peninsula 20 that was set up in July 2018 when I moved to the northeast. Amazed by the IM aluminum stand that seemed to me like a genius design, I bought this tank when it first came out in 2017. I would say that it is a nice quality tank with high clarity glass, but the AIO design comes at the expense of not being able to have a sump. It is also difficult to aquascape a narrow tank such as this. Since the setup, I had battled against all the common issues a reef newbie could imagine. To my own surprises, I persisted through these challenges. I'm happy to emerge from the aiptasia takeover (thanks to two peppermint shrimps), dinoflagellate bloom(thanks to the IM UV light), hair algae disaster (thanks to countless times of manual removal), crazy alk swings (thanks to malfunctioning smart plug that isn't so "smart" after all). Now the tank is in a stable stage and all corals are growing at a desirable rate. I call it a shabby reef tank because as you can see, I don't have any showpiece corals. I don't have any single frag over $50. When I visit a LPS, I would marvel at the bounce mushrooms and the crazy looking scoly and zoas, but I know I couldn't convince myself to buy something so expensive only to watch it die in a few weeks. So I walk away with the $20 dollar frag which takes forever to grow into a decent colony. But at this stage in my life, I'm content with my choices. One day though, I will build a massive SPS tank equipped with all the bells and whistles. I used to be shy about sharing my tank on IG because I felt like I had nothing to show for. @Cannedfish actually inspired and encouraged me to start an instgram account and just document my tank with my camera. So here are some shots of my little reef. Full tank shot (September 2020) - Tank residents - Bili the tail spot blenny Mimi the melanurus wrasse The couple. Some shots of my corals - the little SPS corner
  2. NoOneLikesADryTang

    Two Tanks, One Thread - 365 New Ocean Rock

    At the end of December, I pulled off what I thought to be my greatest aquarium feat; I talked the tank keeper in to a much larger (for us) aquarium. We found someone getting out of the hobby that had an IM SR80 for sale, with all livestock and equipment. The arrangement we came to, was that the tank keeper got to restart the tank, and to get down to three tanks. With that being said, we’ve spent the better part of the last two months selling off livestock, donating corals to two school marine clubs, and planning the start of this new tank. Our goal was to get the tank broken down, by March 1st, and by golly, we made it(I didn’t account for leap year - thank goodness for the extra day!). Over the last month, with the help of many of you here, I was able to talk the tank keeper in to letting us join the AIO 365 Day Nano Reef Challenge. The tank keeper and I both like the looks of peninsula tanks, and I knew if I had a shot at joining this challenge, it’d have to be a peninsula tank I set my sights on. After a couple of discussions/begging/pleading/promising I ordered an IM NUVO 20 Peninsula, for this challenge. Today, we spent most of the day, moving the remaining livestock to holding tanks, and completely broke down, cleaned and moved the SR80. It is now back up and running, but we will not move any livestock back until we are happy with the aquascaping, and know that the tank is stable. I will be journaling both of the tanks in here, but I know that only the peninsula 20 is eligible for the competition. However, it did not stop us, from commemorating the day for us, by starting two new tanks. I present to you, Two Tanks, One Thread. An IM Nuvo SR 80, and an IM Nuvo Peninsula 20.
  3. Jackal227

    Jackal's Nuvo EXT 50 Lagoon

    I'm excited to announce my upgrade from a Biocube 16 gallon to the Nuvo EXT Lagoon 50 gallon. Tank:. Innovative Marine Nuvo EXT 50 Lagoon Sump: Trigger Saphire 26 Saltmix: Tropic Marin Pro @ 1.026 S.G. Aquascape:. CaribSea Liferock Sand: TropicEden Miniflakes Lighting:. Noopsyche K7 Pro II x 2 Powerheads: Coralbox RN-1 x 2 Heater: Finnex Titanium 300 Watt with ITC 306-A Controller Skimmer: Reef Octopus Classic 150SSS INT Return Pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 ATO: XP Aqua Duetto with Eshopps 5 gallon reservoir Chemical Filtration: Matrix Carbon Mechanical Filtration: Poly Filter The current plans for the tank include continuing the mixed reef theme from the Biocube and expanding on that theme in a larger body of water. It'll open up possibilities for additional fish and corals that I couldn't add to a smaller tank. This will be my tank of firsts. First sump, first ato, first large tank, first skimmer, first tank move, first time plumbing, etc. It's going to be a journey and I have a lot of new exciting stuff to learn along the way. I will document my journey so that hopefully others may learn from the countless mistakes that I'm about to make. Livestock: -Royal Gramma -Banggai Cardinalfish -Flasher Wrasse -Leopard Wrasse -Yellow Coris Wrasse -Longnose Hawkfish -Yellow Tail Damsels x 2 - Black Phantom and Snowflake Clownfish Inverts: -Green Speckled Bubble Tip Anemone -Nassarius Snails -Scarlett Hermits -Turbo Snails -Cerith Snails -Fighting Conch & Tiger Conch -Skunk Cleaner Shrimp -Purple Urchin Corals: -Green Star Polyps -Various Zoanthids & Palythoas -Green Duncan -War Coral & Favias -Meteor Shower Cyphastrea -Green and Purple Hammers -Leng Sy Montipora Cap -Orange Montipora Setosa -GARF Bonsai Acropora -Green Slimer -Blue Slimer -Purple & Red Blastomussa -Various Acans -Various Leptastrea -Anacropora -Forest Fire, Bubblegum Digitata -Various Chalices -Platygyra -Green Trumpets -PC Rainbow -Electric Myagi Tort -ORA Red Planet -Frogspawn -Cristata -Orange Fungia Plate -Hulk Acro 8 Months FTS: 5 Months FTS: 1 Month FTS: Aquascape:
  4. Thank you for all the years supporting us Nano-Reef Community! We want to give back by doing a giveaway! ONE NUVO Fusion 25 Gallon Lagoon Aquarium to a lucky participant. How to enter? Just subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our page Innovative-marine.com and you will be entered to win. If you have already signed up you have already been entered. Official Rules: One entrant will win an Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 25 Gallon Lagoon. $350 value. Entrants must sign up for our mailing list on Innovative-Marine.com. Entrant must make one comment on this thread. Entrants must be 18 and older to enter. Entrants must reside in the contiguous (48) United States. (Excludes AK & HI). Entrants must have a valid government issued ID for verification. Entrants must provide full name and valid email address when entering. One entry will be allowed per household. Giveaway runs from July 1st to July 31st 2020. The Winner will be announced on Nano-Reef.com and contacted via email provided on July 31st 2020. (5pm Pacific) Aquarium will be delivered to your location via UPS. No purchase necessary. We will be doing more giveaways throughout the year so keep checking back! Good Luck Nano Reefers!
  5. Thanks for taking a look at my tank journal. I've been reefing for about 10 years now; not a novice but far from knowing everything. I've always loved the simplicity of all in one tanks and my very first tank was a 29 gallon Biocube. I've had a few tanks between this Innovative Marine SR60 and my first Biocube but the contents of this tank came from my last 29 gallon Biocube I had set up for about 3 years. I added some cured liverock and moved the contents of that tank to this one in November of 2018. My goal is to incorporate all types of coral into a diverse, mixed reef and place a large emphasis on fish that are both beautiful but also serve a purpose in a peaceful community tank. My three daughters have some input as to what goes in the tank and while I don't always agree with their selections, I have been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion (Valentini Puffer...Yasha Goby, just to name a couple). This is a family tank and something that we enjoy discussing, admiring and feeding every night before bed time. Current FTS: 12/16/2019 The very first FTS after the transfer: 29g Biocube Donor Tank: Hardware: Innovative Marine Nuvo SR60 Tunze 9004 skimmer Kessil A160WE x 3 Kessil Spectral Controller Tunze 3155 ATO Sicce 1.5 return pump x 2 Neotherm Heater Livestock: Yellow Watchman Goby (R.I.P. old man) Orchid Dottyback (captured) DaVinci Clownfish x 2 Cleaner Shrimp x 2 Midas Blenny (Jumped and stepped on) Sunburst Anthias (M.I.A. presumed deceased) Melanurus Wrasse Valentini Puffer Coral Beauty Angel Yasha Hase Goby Red Scooter Blenny RBTA Exquisite Fairy Wrasse Pearly Jawfish Corals: Zoanthids Frogspawn Torch Acans Cup Coral Favia Toadstools Montipora Leptastrea Acropora Stylophora Cyphastrea Montipora Digitata Cespitularia Purple Feather Gorgonian Ricordea Florida
  6. Just a little something to track my piece of the ocean. The Goal is to experiment and just have fun with the hobby. I’ve always been amazed by fully stable nano ecosystems and this is my attempt. SYSTEM : Tank: Innovative Marine NUVO 20 Peninsula Stand: IKEA SEKTION 30x15x30 Shelf Lights: Maxspec Razor R420 Return: Mighty Jet Nano Rocks: DIY Structure with Rubble Dry Rock Sand: Caribsea Fiji Pink Media: Intank Basket running Floss and Carbon Skimmer: NUVO Ghost DCSkim Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 75W (too long) Wavemaker: Just using return for now (IceCap 1k Gyre I got has too much flow- considering Aqamai KPS) ATO: Smart ATO Micro ZeoVit Experience CAPTAIN’S LOG : 6/3/20- Just started the process and excited to see the results of an Ultra Low Nutrients (ULN) system before my eyes and scientific approach to good reefing. Dosing is literally a few drops a day but there’s a serenity and simplicity to it. 6/8/20- Just continuing with the process. Debating if ZeoVit is still the path I want to take for the tank. I’m mostly keeping softies and lps while the tank ages and they like their dirty water. Going to be fun tong feeding the elegance and goby! LIVE STOCK: Fish: Two Clownfish (Black Snowflake and Snowflake) Considering (not all lols): Yasha-Pistol pair, Snarknose Goby, Small Blue Star Wrasse, Tailspot or Lawnmower Blenny Inverts: Just a few snails as tank doesn’t have enough food for shrimps and crabs to scavenge Will for sure have a Blood Red Fire Shrimp!! Corals: Different Zoanthids Duncan Firework Cloves Favia Avelopora FULL TANK SHOTS : 6/4- Just got the IKEA stand home and built. Moved the tank from it’s cycling location to its permanent home. Started the ZeoVit method with the base package. Got a few corals from some local buddies and put them temporarily on the rocks- watching to see how they react during the starting ZeoVit process 6/8- Added Elegance, Frogspawn and Yellow Clown Goby 6/25- Kinda gone overboard with the corals but everything is loving life 😅 got two fire shrimps also. Starting to see some algae but that was from over feeding so I can see the shrimps go nuts- will dial back feeding haha 7/05- Replaced the light with two Ai Primes and very happy with how well I mounted the lights above the tank.
  7. Coopdod50

    IM 20 peninsula filtration

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on Nano-Reef and I'm in need of some opinions/advice/help. In September I bought the Innovative Marine 20 gallon Peninsula tank as a tank to keep me company and take with me to Oklahoma State in August. Right now i have just Zoas in there but I'm planning on getting some euphyllias and LPS once this quarantine is over. I feel like my filtration setup is ok but could be better and that's why I'm here. In the right chamber where the water comes in I've got the IM nano caddy with the shelves removed and Poly-fill stuffing inside acting as filter floss. In the middle chamber I've got the InTank refugium caddy filled with SeaChem Matrix for biological filtration and just the return pump in the third chamber. If any of you have suggestions or own the tank I would love some advice and feel free to drop photos of your filtration setups!
  8. DailynJ

    Which tank to choose?

    Hi all! I'm new to saltwater aquariums but not new to freshwater. I've been keeping freshwater all of my life, from 150gals to having 10 tanks at once. Now I live on the third floor of an apartment complex with a 20gal long planted tank filled with shrimp and a betta. Basically I'm trying to say I have a good amount of knowledge on basic stuff. I've been trying to decide on what aquarium I should get for saltwater reefing. I've been looking at the Coralife Biocube 32, as I found a kit that comes with an ATO, protein skimmer, and wavemaker, all for around $700. So this would still allow me to buy all the other essentials like heater and ro/di system on my budget, and possibly upgrade the light if need be. But I have been told it's not the best tank because of the curved glass, which often cracks. I've been recommended innovative marine tanks and red sea tanks. The innovative marine tank that is 30 gallons is a lot longer than what I was wanting, and it with a stand costs as much as the biocube kit. So I would still need to get the protein skimmer and all of that. Now the Red Sea Max E-170 is absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a built in protein skimmer, and comes with amazing lights. It has two filter outputs, so I don't think I would need a wavemaker. But the tank and stand is $1,365, which is WAY more than I was planning on spending for the tank alone. So my dilemma is: is the biocube good enough? Should I save up for the innovative marine or red sea tank instead? Do any of you have experience with these tanks: good or bad? I would love to hear any opinions or advice. Thank you so much, Dailyn
  9. pricewayne

    IM lagoon 50g EXT \(0.O)/

    Deliberated between Red Sea and Waterbox for weeks and I've decided to go with an Innovative Marine lagoon 50 gallon EXT. Basic reasoning was with the IM tank I'll get all 50 gallons of water volume in my display tank and the diversity to customize my setup (stand/sump) more to my specific goals. I started my first SW/reef tank in January with a Fluval Evo (fluval on a husky cart link) and am also participating in the pico contest (pynk pico journal link). I've found a lot of joy learning about reef keeping and I'm really thankful for everyone on nano-reef and excited by how much more there is for me to learn! Lots to do before the lagoon will be up and running -- am going to try my damndest to take it slow. No doubt I'll need some help, especially when it comes time for plumbing. Below is where I'm at and what's still left to think through! Tank Specs Display: Innovative Marine Lagoon 50 gallon EXT (30"x24"x16") Rock: Ordered 60lbs of dry Marco Rock Substrate: TBD Sump: Trigger Systems Triton v2 (26"x13"x15") -- 20.4g total volume, with refugium chamber (6g) & skimmer section Heater: (2) Eheim TruTemp 100W heaters Heater Controller: TBD -- I haven't tried these yet, but it seems affordable and smart ATO: XP Aqua Duetto (container is TBD) Stand: TBD & probably DIY -- I'd like to widen my stand beyond the tank and have it double as a standing desk. I really like stands with simple metal frames and am looking at T Slot aluminum for my frame if I can swing it without breaking the bank. Lighting: TBD -- am thinking either dual Nanobox Duo or Nanobox Hybrid.. @DaveFason -- look out for an email 🤳 Refugium Light: TBD Plumbing: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Return Pump: TBD -- once I know plumbing I'll calculate GPH needed for return pump Powerhead: TBD Skimmer: TBD Test Kits: API SW Master kit + Red Sea Reef Foundation kit Salt: Aquatic Life 4-stage RO/DI + AquaForest Reef salt Fish livestock is still in progress and for the most part, I'd like it to be well thought out to avoid stocking issues. I may keep my clowns and BTA in my fluval and make it a low maintenance nem setup. I'd like mixed coral stocking, but SPS dominant. Projects for this week... - Stand: if anyone has tips/experience with T Slot aluminum stands, I'd love to chat! I'm in Los Angeles area so if anyone has any contacts, please reach out as well. - Scape: my rock will deliver on Wednesday. It honestly may take me a couple of weeks just to get my scape laid out/glued and dried. - Plumbing: want to get a better general understanding of options or how-to's. - QT Tank: figure out my purchase list and setup for QT. Think that's all I've got for now... always welcome tips//thoughts or feedback.
  10. glutton4punishment

    IM Nano 10 - back in the hobby

    So after a 3 years without a tank, I decided to jump back in with a IM 10g. I had a 37g LPS tank for 6 years and a 180g mixed reef for 5 years - went all out, fairly successful but had issues come up that made the hobby unsustainable at the time. Looking to try and keep this one uncomplicated. ! It is amazing to me the advancements in the hobby just in the last couple years. Any helpful comments or suggestions greatly appreciated. Getting live rock and water tonight and will just cycle for a while before adding anything.
  11. Tigahboy

    20g FTS 8-4-19

    Added a couple gorgs and some macroalgae.
  12. The Rainy Day Aquarium

    RDA's IM Nuvo 10

    After a hot minute I finally got up and running on a new nano reef tank! I'm new to this forum but not so new to the saltwater game (but still consider myself a beginner). Being that I live in a small town with an even smaller support for the saltwater hobby, I figured I could share my build and pick up some tips and experience along the way, as well as just document how my aquarium evolves. The tank itself is an Innovative Marine Nuvo 10. I'm not running anything special, as far as equipment goes I have a Fluval Sea Marine Nano for lighting and am utilizing a Hydor Koralia nano 240 and Cobalt NeoTherm 50w for heating and circulation in the aquarium. I am running the stock return pump on the tank for now, as well as keeping it stupid simple with filtration; using a generic filter mesh and some ceramic media for my mechanical and biological along with some carbon just to help polish the water). Being such a small tank, my main source of maintaining water parameters and nutrient export will be good old fashioned water changes. My stocking list is pretty minimal given I don't have one yet 😉 I was thinking about keeping a Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse with a Flaming Prawn Goby, but the jury is still out on that one. What I do know is that after the tank is cycled I'll be adding some simple corals like zoathids or maybe a mushroom or two to kick things off. I still have some tweaking to do, but until then I can sit back and watch my fabulously clean, empty tank 🤗 Thanks for stopping by and I'll keep you posted.
  13. Open but never used! Innovative Marine "Performance Pack for Desktop Aquarium" Includes: - Ghost protein skimmer - Minimax media reactor - Caddy Media Basket, Made specifically for fusion nano 10 & 20 but can fit other aquariums as well! - Spinstream flow nozzle - AccuDrip acclimator Retails for $340 new This is new, opened but never used! Asking for $220 including shipping Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!
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