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  1. FTS: 08/25/2020 FTS: 08/06/2020 FTS: 08/04/2020 FTS: 07/19/2020 FTS: 07/09/2020 FTS: 06/29/2020 FTS: 06/26/2020 FTS: 06/04/2020 FTS 05/22/2020 FTS 04/09/2020 FTS 02/27/2020 Top Down 02/27/2020 Actinic FTS 02/15/2020 FTS 02/04/2020 FTS 01/04/2020 Top Down 12/04/2020 FTS 12/17/2019 FTS: 12/02/2019 Top Down: 12/02/2019 FTS:11/17/2019 Top Down 11/11/2019 Well here it is. I picked this bad boi up for a whopping $25! Had calcium all over so needed a good scrub. Bought a nice entertainment center, restructured it a little to make sure it can hold weight and custom made light hanger built from local reefer. The Goods: IM Nuvo 40 Stock media basket with filter pads, carbon, Purigen, and a mini refugium with chaeto IM AQUA Gadget 2-1 Chaetomax LED IM MightyJet 538gph w/ 1x Spin Stream IM Medium Size Nuvo Skimmer AI Nero 5 EcoTech MP10 ATI SunPower 4x Bulb 3x Blue + and 1 Coral + while running 2x Actinic LED ProLumen Strips Tunze Nano ATO ATO Reservoir 5g Soy Sauce Bucket 300 Watt Ceramic Heater Externally Controlled w/Finnix Thermostat The Wet Goods: Lighting Maroon Clown Pair & Rainbow BTA Yellow Tail Goby & Pistol Tiger Shrimp Pair Flame Angel Purple Dottyback Cleaner Shrimp Harlequin Shrimp Pair Mix Reef (lobos, scolys, btas, favias, zoas, palys, pavonas, torches, shrooms) CUC (trochus, turbos, nerites, red/blue legged hermits)
  2. December 2020 FTS: November 2020 FTS: October 2020 FTS: September 2020 FTS: September 2020 Setup FTS: It's been a while since I posted. Back in January 2020 I purchased a used 13.5 Evo, and 5 months later I upgraded to a IM20. In the middle of it all, my wife and I found out we are expecting. With that news and the new tank, and covid-19, and being crazy busy with work, there wasn't much time to update the journal. Fast-forward a few more months, and I may have sourced an IM40 from a somewhat local reefer here in Maryland. Well, 3 hours away from Baltimore, but still MD. So I plan on doing it right this time. Regular updates, not rushing the build, etc. My IM20 is running fine. Not great. Still young, still has algae issues, and I can't keep any new fish alive if my life depended on it. BUT the corals are looking quite nice. I have so many now that the sand bed has almost no free space. Plans: Tank - IM 40 Used Skimmer - TBD. Need to research having a skimmer in chamber 1. I have a Tunze 9001 on my 20 that I love, but it's in the return section and goes nuts if I stick my hand in the tank from the water level rising. Possibly a Tunze 9004, or the NuvoSkim DC in chamber 2. Settled on the NuvoSkim DC, mainly because it's made for this tank and I don't have to worry about the water level at all. It's pulling a nice wet skim. Running it 14 hours a day for now, as I had a theory my chaeto was dying due to over-skimming. Filtration - Floss, chaeto right chamber 1. Floss, purigen, GFO as needed, carbon left chamber 1. Refugium - Honestly my current fuge (Chaetomax light and inTank fuge) isn't doing well. Chaeto doesn't really grow. Maybe a larger tank will help with that? UPDATE 10/2020 - Fuge is thriving. Nice work. Return - Right now I run 2 - Tunze 1073.008's on the IM 20. It seems like most people are just running 1 return on the IM40. Will two not fit? Would love the redundancy of 2 return pumps. Any advice would be helpful. Light - Kessil AP9X. Beast mode. Powerhead - Nero 5. Controller - Apex Classic with all the goodies. DOS, DDR, all probes, leak detection, etc. ATO - SmartATO Micro. Currently running. Have a Neptune ATK that I could use too. 2.5g reservoir. Heaters - Two Cobalt NeoTherm 100w, one as a backup. Sand - Yes! Love the look Livestock - Royal Gramma (Grammy), 2x Wisconsin Snowflake Clowns (Brienne and Tormund), YWG (added 3 days ago, unnamed), Tiger Pistol, Cleaner shrimp. 7 RFA's (Bashful, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey) These are all in the IM20 and will make their way to the cozy IM40. No plans for more at the moment. Tomini Tang added for now. Will rehome when too large. Melanurus Wrasse added 11/22/2020 Corals - A lot. Too many to go in to much detail. Pics to come. Biggest are an elegance coral, a cynarina, and possibly my favorite, an acan garden with 8 varieties and counting. Some beginner SPS (cheap green acro, green and red monti cap, forest fire digitata, reverse superman monti, birdsnest, pavona, JF Barny), a few torch (nothing fancy), frogspawn, hammer, some fun blastos and mushrooms, etc. Dosing - Tropic Marin All-For-Reef DIY. Easy. Salt - Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Am I forgetting anything in this plan? The hope is that I can slowly figure it all out and make the "in-place" upgrade go smoothly. Last time I did this it took 4 hours and the fish/corals did not love me. No losses, but I cannot imagine the stress I put everyone through. It would be easier if I was using a different stand, but the IM40 will be going on the same stand as the IM20 is currently sitting. Here we go!
  3. Hello Everyone! After a little more than 1 year with a successful reef on a second hand Fluval Evo 13.5 I have decided to go bigger! I have been on the aqua hobby since I was 6 yrs old with FreshWater tank. I got to the point that Aquascaping and Plants got to easy and not so challenging for me. But I always had the interest on going into reef tanks but the cost wasn't doable for me. Things got better and finally I am able to get started on it. I have decided to replace my main planted tank 40cm cube for a IM Mini 40 AIO. I like how the AIO system works easy and cheap. So I waited the right offer and I got a used IM 40G. The tank was offered to me with EcoTech Marine Radion XR30w G2 + Blackwater 529 GPH Pump + Skimmer. Currently on first stage of cycling the tank. I have used some spare rocks donnated to me, a Fluval CP4 and 1 bag of CaribSea Arag-Alive 20lbs. For the stand, I have build one myself using the old wood that I have removed while rebuilding the deck on my backyard. I hope it hold the load. I expect to keep the bio load low for the initial 6 months but nothing can understimate my impulses!!! I have added seachem bio media and may include as well a Green Killing Machine UV as I have one sitting on my junk box doing nothing. I am currently waiting to receive by mail the Duetto ATO which I will be using one of my empty reef salt bucket as reservoir. Hopefully I can learn more about a bigger thank on a KISS (Keep it Simply Stupid) basis ;). Let's have a good time
  4. MainelyReefer

    2 years old! 40g Mixed reef

    Tank is two years old today! All corals bought as frags
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