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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, working on a modification of one of my previous builds. Essentially a whole new build. I am changing my IM25 AIO Fusion Lagoon into a 25 gal shallow with custom sump. I will be using the baffles I take out from the IM25 AIO to use as champers in my sump. The sump will be built in a AquaTop 4 gal cube. There are a number of reasons for this change, one being I was bored and wanted to change it up. Primarily though I out grew the AIO set up and am no longer a fan of the limited space for equipment. I will also say one thing that drives me absolutely nuts about Innovative Marine AIO tanks is the void spaces under the chambers that are impossible to clean. I am a little bit of a crisp clean OCD type and those dirty void spaces I could never clean also lead me to modifying my tank. Equipment as follows. Tank: IM 25 Lagoon Drilled (Two 3/4 returns, One Eshopps Overflow Box Eclipse S) Sump: AquaTop 4gal Custom sump ATO: Autoaqua Micro Smart ATO Return Pump: Jebao DCS-2000 Nano DC Pump w/ Controller 520GPH Flow: Two Ecotech MP10QD Reactors: One IM Desktop Carbon In-Sump, One AquaMaxx FR-SE GFO Hang-on Reactor Skimmer: Coral Box S150 Protein Skimmer Lighting: Nano-Box Duo (Thinking about changing to AI Hydra 26 or 52) Livestock as follows. Four Rose Bubble Tip Anemones Two Clowns One Damsel One Lawnmower Blenny Two Cleaner Shrimp Main reason of using the baffles from the IM25 AIO is so that I could continue using the IM Desktop Filter Socks seeing I have about 20 of them and still use them on my IM10 AIO Taking the acrylic out of the tank was king of a pain. Not to mention about 4" down, just below the overflows there is 1/4" glass backing. I had to use break the large piece of glass in order to save the small glass baffles. The Eshopps Eclipse S Overflow box comes with glass cutting drill bit and template. I used in conjunction with my drill guide. the reason I did not make the overflow flush with the top is I ordered a glass top to sit recessed in the tank 1/4" to slow the evaporation. When this tank was a AIO it went through 2.5 - 3 gallons/week from evaporation. NOTE: The Eshopps Eclipse boxes bulkheads are Slip. Non threaded. None of the retailers listed that info.
  2. FLNanoReefer

    IM 25 Gallon Lagoon

    After a few impromptu stops by the local fish store and being out of the reefing world for about eight years, I am jumping back in! I previously had a 46 Gallon Bow Front Reef Tank and it was a great (yet frustrating) learning experience. During the three years that the tank was running, it turned into a flourishing reef that experienced its highs and lows. After heading off to college, maintenance took a turn and it unfortunately died out. Now that I have more time, I've decided to dip my toes back in the water and set up a smaller reef tank. Most of the big purchases have been made, but I am still waiting on the stand to arrive before everything gets set up. Let the wild ride begin, and as always, any comments or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Tank Specs Tank and Stand: Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 25 AIO Aquarium w/ Black APS Stand Filtration: IM CustomCaddy Media Basket & inTank Filter Floss Holder Filter Media: Filter Floss & Chemi Pure Blue Nano Return Pump: IM MightyJet 15W/24V 326 GPH DC Return Pump w/ Controller Skimmer: IceCap K1-Nano Protein Skimmer Circulation: Ecotech Vortech MP10 Powerhead w/ Quiet Drive - Mobius Ready Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 100 Watt Aquarium Heater w/ LED Display Lighting: Ecotech Radion XR15 PRO G5 LED Light (w/ RMS Tank Mount & Diffuser) ATO System: XP Aqua Duetto ATO Auto Top Off System & Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget HydroFill Ti Auto Top Off ATO Reservoir - 5 Gallon RO/DI System: Marine Depot KleanWater 4-Stage Advanced RO/DI System - 100 GPD Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix Misc. Equipment: Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer (w/ PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid) Digital Aquarium Thermometer Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit Current Livestock 24 lbs. of CaribSea LifeRock (15 lbs. Shapes & 9 lbs. Original) 20 lbs. of CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand Fish 2 Tank Raised Black and White Ocellaris Clownfish (Added 12/15/20)
  3. RockyMountainReef

    IM 25 Lagoon, Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

    Hey everyone, I have an IM 25 lagoon, and a Kessil A80 Tuna Blue mounted light. I started with a small 10 gal and the light that I bought off of someone, then transferred the light and bio load to the new 25 Lagoon. My questions are 1. Is this light enough? 2. How high should this light be above the water line? 3. If anyone out there also has an A80 Tuna Blue, what are your cycles set at. I am not too concerned with anything, as the tank has been running great, and seems in really healthy condition (1 Ocellaris Clown, 1 canary blenny, 1 damsel, 1 conch, 1 bubble tip anemone, tons of spirorbid worms, some great corals, and a flame scallop [been alive for 6 months don't know how he's not dead]). Really, I just want to dial in the lighting now to make sure my coral growth is the best it can be. Any help would be awesome!
  4. 10001110101

    IM 25 Lagoon AIO

    Been out of the hobby since 2014, just didn't have the time for tank maintenance, previous tanks include a 20H, 20L, 40BR and a standard 55 (not in that order). Tank is Innovative Marine AIO 25g Lagoon, started cycling the display about 2-3 weeks ago, did a bleach then SW cure for rocks which were pukani leftover from my previous tank. I think the tank cycled super fast because of the curing I did with the rocks and the fact that I included a piece of aquacultured LR as well. Cycled using NLS pellets and MicroBacter7. Ammo and Nitrite are solid 0 with no spiking after even heavy feeding. Equipment: -IM Lagoon 25g AIO (includes media basket and 384gph DC return pump) -*OLD* TEK 6 Bulb T5 fixture running only 4 bulbs (some really really old KZ new generation, actinic plus, and blue plus) (I have one of the new AI Prime16HD's pre-ordered just waiting for it to ship) -Vortec MP10w (usually run it at like 60-70% Reef Crest Mode, occasionally switch to NTM to help clean up detritus) -Filter sock for mechanical filtration, carbon, and GFO. -No protein skimmer, will probably add one when bio-load increases. -Hydor 100w basic glass heater -4 Stage RO/DI -Plan to add 5g ATO, possibly premixed with kalkwasser to maintain Cal/Alk/pH Current livestock: -Pair of extreme misbar Ocellaris clowns (already showing pairing behavior) -3 Turban snails -Orange Zoas -Purple/orange Favia -Green with light green highlights Montipora Digitata -Duncan I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm nuts for putting SPS in such a new tank, but it's doing great, excellent polyp extension and aside from very, very light initial browning it's regained 90% of its full color. Also it's a montipora, in my experience most montipora are pretty easygoing compared to acropora. The favia came slightly damaged as well, didn't notice until I got it home, but it has been recovering well. I got the monti dirt cheap it will serve as a way of knowing if my parameters start to get out of line as well. Corals are always dipped and acclimated before addition to display. Current params are: Salinity: 1.025 pH: 7.9 Alk: 8.5 dKH Cal: 400 ppm Mag: 1200 ppm NO3: 5 ppm PO4: 0.04 ppm Temp: 79-82 deg F Goals for the tank (Subject to change 😉) : -Keep it simple, basic equipment and just regular water changes are going to be what keeps this tank going. -Stability above all else -No carbon dosing -LPS dominant mixed reef with some Zoas and a few hardy SPS. -Minimal fish and invertebrates. -Hopefully resist the temptation to buy every coral that catches my eye at the LFS and stick to a few really eye catching pieces that complement each other well. As you can tell I'm currently experiencing a diatom outbreak, this has happened in every single tank I've owned in the early stages and the turban snails are dealing with it. Also let me guys know what you think of the aquascape, it is very lightly glued together but can be changed if I get inspired. Just waiting on those bright white rocks to get some lovely coralline. Excuse the pictures, they were just quick snapshots taken from my iPhone so yeah, just there to give you a general idea, tank isn't that pretty right now anyways.
  5. RockyMountainReef

    1.15.2020 - Tank to this date

    IM Lagoon 25 with Kessil A80 TunaBlue, SpectralX Controller

    © Brandon G Dean

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