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Found 24 results

  1. Current FTS (4-29-2020): I figured I'd start this journal a little early so I can get some feedback on what I'm planning to do ahead of time and after that use it to track my tank/get help. I used to be on this site all of the time when I was about 13 years old in 2011 and had possibly the most annoying account in the history of nano-reef.com “@Basketball Prodigy“ (honestly don't look it up it was an embarrassing time of my life). When I moved to college I basically got out of the hobby except for helping out with my old tank back home over holidays for my parents. But now my girlfriend and I are getting our own place in May after sharing my room in a party house for the past year, so I figured now is a good time to get back into it since everything is calming down. Monthly full tank shots, equipment, and livestock listed below: Equipment: -IM Nuvo 10 gallon -AI Prime HD (with mount) -Sicce Silent 1.0 Return -Eheim Jager 50 Watt heater Maintenance: Hella water changes Every other day scrape glass Fish: Black Ice Clownfish Corals: Zoanthids- Goblins on Fire Circus CB Latin Lovers Rasberry Limes Utter Chaos Gonzos Lost Boys CC Pink Constellations Armor of Gods PlayBoy Bunnies Rastas Scrambled Eggs Sunny Ds Soft Corals- Neon Green Toadstool Leather Orange Ricordea Yuma LPS- Acan Lord Green Branching Hammer Meteor Shower Cyphastrea SPS- Blue Pocillopora ORA Pearlberry Pink Monti Cap Inverts: 6 blue-legged hermits Tank set up and cycling (03-22-2019) Monthly FTS (04-22-2019) FTS after move: FTS (5-19-2019): FTS (7-19-2019): FTS (8-23-2019): FTS (9/24/2019):
  2. Welcome to our small-boom-boom-sexy-time-kitchen-invertebrate-party tank! We're new to this and not entirely sure what we are doing, but by sheer luck and generous amounts of Buffalo Trace, Luxardo cherries, bitters, and ice it has somehow been somewhat and miraculously working. Basically, it's both happy and amateur hour over here. Living in an old house Uptown in the Big Easy, we were limited in both space and structural integrity, so we decided on a small Nuvo 10 that hangs out in the kitchen. Started up in late March 2017, we have been slowly adding both coral and livestock, with an overall aesthetic goal of making the tank look like the ill-advised and pom-pom crab infested underwater love child of Ashley Longshore & Lisa Frank (chew on that image). Lastly, I apologize for the less-than-profession nature of the pictures. Much like my reef keeping skills, my photography is still, very much, a work in progress. All advise and comments are welcomed and appreciated (except those critical of Blenwood, he's a sensitive soul). December 2020 November 2020 October 2020 September 2020 August 2020 July 2020 June 2020 May 2020 April 2020 January 2019 December 2018 November 2018 October 2018 September 2018 August 2018 July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 April 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017 Set-up: • Display: 10g Innovative Marine Fusion 10• Lighting: AI Prime HD (2x)• Filtration: Floss • UV Filter: IM 9W desktop UV• Heater: None• Circulation: IM MightyJet, IM Spin Stream, Jeboa Wavemaker• Skimmer: IM BioSkim • Dosing Pump: Jabao DP-4 • Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt Dosing: • KZ Acroglow • KZ Coral Vitalizer • KZ Sponge Power • KZ LPS Amino Acids • KZ Pohl's Extra • Tropic Marin All-for-reef • Aquaforest NP Pro Fish: • Tail-spot Blenny (Blenwood aka "B-Wood Cash Money Dollar Dollar!") • Tanaka Possum Wrasse (Lorp) • Red rooster pygmy waspfish Inverts: • Pom-Pom Crab • Porcelain Crab (Whiskers III) • Scarlet-leg Hermit Crabs • Blue-leg Hermit Crabs • Cerith Snails • Nassarius Snails • Turbo Snails • Fire Shrimp • Gulf Oyster SPS: Acropora: • Highlighter (UC maybe? Idk) • Bonsai • Blue echinata • Yellow indo Mille • ARC fireworks • JF fire dragon • Red Mille (CF Booger Sugar) • Vivid confetti • OG OT • RMF Diablo • JKR Rainbow • SCOP • WD • Wild Pikachu • WWC Afterparty • UC peep show • ASD Rainbow Mille Seriatopora: • ORA Green Birdsnest Montipora: • ASD Grafted Cap • Setosa • RR CrazyT • Forest Fire Digi LPS • Various acans (x5) • Walking dendro • Indo trachy • Orange psammy • Orange lepto • Acan echinata • Ultron favia • Various Blastos (x4) • Meteor shower cyphastrea • WWC Peppermint cyphastrea NPS: • Dendrophyllia • Balanophyllia • Black Sun Coral • Pink/Yellow Sun Coral Softies: • Orange Mushroom • GSP Zoas: • Rastas • WWC Twizzlers • Vietnamese Wild • SunnyD's • Blondies • Utter Chaos • Blue Hornets • Pink Zippers • King Midas • Purple Monsters • WWC AOI • CB White Zombies • GB Buttkissers • Grim Reapers
  3. Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and thought what better way to introduce myself than to start a journal for my nano! A little bit about me, I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan and will be graduating in 2019. I am originally from Chicago - hence the username! I have been in the hobby for about 10 years and have had tanks from FOWLRS to full blown reefs. I have always wanted to start a journal for one of my tanks but never really got around to it. As a graduate student this has made things a little more difficult. But I recently came across a deal I could not pass up that is perfect for my situation! The goal is to document everything in this thread. Let me introduce to you my new nano! It is an IM 10 gallon fusion with the following equipment: inTank Media basket (just made the switch from a custom IM media basket) MP10wes vortech Ghost Desktop skimmer Tunze nano ATO AI prime Cobalt heater with a finnex temp controller IM spin stream The tank currently has 2 clowns, a starry blenny and a mix of SPS and LPS. Here are a couple photos! Pardon my cell phone photos, I am working on getting a better camera.. Looking forward to meeting all of you! October 2019 - IM 25 gallon fusion: September 2018: May 2017:
  4. nanoscott22

    New Reefer 10g Build

    Hey all, I stumbled upon a used IM10g nano tank with some equipment. I have an old LED light (Skkye 18W) that works, stock return pump, 25w thermometer and another pump looking thing that I have no idea what it is (no labeling). Basically I am looking for help with starting this and want to document my journey as a complete newbie to the hobby. My plan is to try to assemble everything (it is separately and pieced out now), go visit a LFS for some water, sand and live rock and get this thing cycling as soon as possible. I have seen that there are MANY opinions on cycling and I want to take it slow and do things right. Any tips or info that you think is relevant before I take my first dive please let me know! I am trying to do as much research as possible but without any hands on experience many mistakes are in my future! See photo of the tank in it's former glory that the person I purchased the tank from sent me for reference! I plan to take everything out and do my own aquascape which from what I have read should be quite the difficult task with a tank this small! Best, Scott
  5. Noinoi24

    Adobo_reef's Nuvo 10

    After moving from CA to NJ due to mom being sick, I had to take down my Red Sea Reefer 170. Love them Anemones
  6. Hello NR! It's been awhile since I had a tank. I kept Freshwater and Reef tanks in High School and College and now I'm 40 and got hit by the reef bug again! This time it was my son's fault! He got a freshwater tank and I just had to get one! You guys have been a great inspiration throughout the process. Tank - Innovative Marine 10 Light - Prime HD Modifications - Sicce 0.5 Return Pump Tank was setup on 3/28 and I've been cycling it with Dr. Tim's Ammonia to do a fishless cycle. I'm now at the point where I can add 2ppm Ammonia and Nitrite is at 1 PPM the next day. Have a good amount of algae growing on the rock and sandbed. So I'm close but think I still have a week or two left in the cycle. I look forward to adding to this thread!
  7. ls1fst98

    Few pics of my im fision 10

    Heres a few shots of my innovative marine fusion 10. Plus a few parts ive been making along the way. 3d printed media basket.
  8. Mr.Smith

    New to Macro

    I'm looking into adding macroalgae to my first ever saltwater tank, an Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 10, and wanted to get some input from more experienced people. I use an Evo clip 3w light from Odyssea but am putting money aside for an AI Prime. Are there any traditionally beginner algae? Do I plant them in the sand or attach them to my rock work? Would my Clownfish or hermit crabs eat them? What site is the best for buying macroalgae? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey Everybody! We’ve been lurking for a couple months and decided it was about time we started a journal. Background - We had a 75G mixed reef about 15 years ago. It was a ReefReady Oceanic with a refugium/sump, skimmer, and metal halides. It was a lot of fun but eventually the maintenance didn’t fit with our schedules and we decided to get out of the hobby for a while. About 5 years ago we got back in with a 5G Ecoxotic EcoPico. It was filtered by a MarinePure ROCK and a Koralia 240. We eventually bumped up against the constraints of that system and decided to get something a little bigger with some more flexible filtration options… and here we are. The ATO, heater, fan, and temp controller came over from the EcoPico. Everything else is new. We tried the MarinePure ROCK in the new tank but it was just really boring looking so we switched to the CaribSea Life Rock and put some MarinePure spheres in the fuge basket. Equipment: IM Nuvo Fusion 10 IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Asta 20 LED NanoBox Mini Tide Plus M AI Prime 16HD IM MightyJet Desktop return pump IM Wavelink Desktop circulation pump InTank Media Basket IM AuqaShield Desktop UV InTank Fuge Basket IM NuvoSkim Desktop Eshopps Nano Skimmer Tunze Nano Osmolator ATO AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro 2.5 Gallon Aqueon as ATO reservoir Cobalt 50W Neo-Therm Arctic Breeze Mobile USB Fan Bayite Temperature Controller VCA Random Flow Generator IM Spin Stream x 2 CyberPower 1350 UPS Neptune ApexEL w/Breakout Box and homemade switch box Vertex Sensor-Mag XD Probe Holder BRS 1.1 ml Dosing Pump Dry Goods: CaribSea Life Rock Shapes CaribSea Dry Aragonite Fritz RPM Salt Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt Additives: Tropic Marin ALL-For-Reef Filtration: MarinePure Cubes (in the media basket) InTank Filter Floss (in the media basket) Chemi-Pure Blue Nano (in the media basket) Fish: Benny the Tail Spot Blenny Not-Nemo the Clown Inverts: Snails (whatever is left of the 5.5G Crew from Reef Cleaners) Blue Leg Hermits Shrimpy the Blood Red Fire Shrimp Corals: Various Mushrooms GSP Candy Cane Toadstool Leather Various Zoas Bird’s Nest Torch Duncan 10/22/2018 - Serious disco ball in this one! I really need to glue some stuff to those rocks. Overall, everything seems pretty happy. 9/30/2018 - The giant green mushroom decided to relocate itself and the bird's nest fell over. I'll try to actually get it mounted this weekend. 9/15/2018 - You can see the leather in the reflection back in the corner. The ramekin has a loose mushroom in it that I'm trying to coax into attaching to a frag disk.
  10. Greetings Nano-Reef.com - Started out with just an IM10 and quickly decided to add an IM25 Lagoon for a DT. The lagoon is a work in progress. When I bought the IM25 I purchased 10 lbs or dry rock and 20 lbs live sand. My plan is to move my 10.5 lbs of live rock from the IM10 into the IM25 after the new 10 lbs cure and cycle. I want to then convert my IM10 into a frag/qt tank using something like Seachem Matrix. I still need a light and some odds and ends for the IM25. Is it crazy to think the current A360WE will be discounted when the A360X comes out? Can hook the A360WE up to my spectral controller and i'm going to be hunting for that discount over the holidays. The IM25 will eventually sit closest to the couch and the IM10 will rest to the left from the direction of my pictures. My custom stand isn't quite done yet either. IM10 Equipment: Kessil A80 Tuna Blue w. Spectral Controller IM CustomCaddy Media Basket Sicce Syncra .5 Pump w. Spinstream Eheim Jaeger 50W Heater Tunze Nano Osmolator IM10 Filtration: Filter Floss (replaced every 2-3 days) 10 lbs Aquamaxx EcoRock .5 lbs live rock form LFS to help seed tank 10 lbs live sand Livestock: 1 Black Snowflake Clown Pistol Shrimp Blue Legged Hermit Crabs 1 Nassarius Snail IM25 Equipment: Sicce Syncra 1.5 Pump Eheim Jaeger 75W Heater Tunze Nano Osmolator Nanobox Duo Artfully Acrylic custom one-piece Lid IM25 Filtration: IM Media basket w filter pads And Seachem Matrix Chemi-pure Blue 10 lbs BRS Dry Rock 20 lbs live sand IM DC Skimmer Livestock: Bonded Pair of Extreme Helmet Picasso Clowns from Sustainable Aquatics Tailspot Blenny Trochus, Astrea and Nassarius Snails as well as Mexican red-legged Hermits *Should be adding a Yasha Goby and Pistol Shrimp withinthe next week or so Coral: Zoas, Palys, various euphyllia, acans, Duncan, fungia, scoly. More to come. FTS - 10/22/18 Built this stand myself. FTS - 9/29/18 FTS - 8/31/18 FTS - 8/19/18 7/1/19 or thereabouts:
  11. It's finally here! I just got the IM Fusion 10 AIO as my first ever reef tank! I'm really excited to get into this side of the hobby after spending a good amount of time on the freshwater side. Equipment: IM Fusion 10 EVO Clip 3W Aquarium LED Light Flex Clamp Nano Marine Fish Coral 6x 3 Watts by Odyssea Heater has not been purchased yet (Eheim Jager or Cobalt Neotherm?) ~10lbs of rock free from my uncle 20lbs of Caribsea live sand (probably overkill) Instant ocean salt Ade Advanced Optics Dual Scale 1.0 to 1.070 S.G. Salinity Refractometer for Aquarium & Seawater Stock pump If you guys have suggestions on what I could add/change please let me know 🙂 I just set up a couple different arrangements of my rock and can't decide which I prefer As for stock, I am unsure on a clean up crew, but am set on having a goby/pistol shrimp pair as well as some sexy shrimp that would host a rock flower nem. I'm also thinking of adding one more small fish like a goby or blenny or some fish that wouldn't always be perched on a rock. I don't think I will get into coral right off the bat but that hasn't stopped me from coming up with ideas and researching them. I've looked into Duncans, Acans, Candy Canes, Zoas, and Ricordia. I am going to stay away from SPS coral until I have A LOT more experience in the hobby.
  12. Reddit is once again useless (I'm being downvoted for asking a question) so I'm pasting my question here. I should really start doing that more often lol I was at my LFS today and asked them about pistol shrimp/goby pairs since I saw one (I believe it was a high-fin goby and a tiger pistol) there. They told me that tiger pistols stay small and paired the easiest with a goby whereas the candy cane/randall's pistol was not as easy to pair and stays even smaller. I wanted to ask you guys about the accuracy of that since I've been doing a lot of reading about which goby and shrimp would go best in my IM nuvo 10 that's arriving soon. Note: I would also like to keep sexy shrimp and hermits in the tank and I've read that the randall's is much more peaceful than the tiger
  13. Hi Nano Reef World! Most recent FTS: 10.20.18 Intro I have been reading and researching for over two years and am finally committing and taking the plunge! After multiple years of high tech planted tanks and I eventually found myself here looking at everyone's awesome nano reefs. The technical aspects and complexity of reefing hooked the nerdy scientist in me. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me. After purchasing a IM Fusion tank and equipment almost two years ago I sat on it knowing that life wasn't quite stable enough to set up my little tank. After breaking down my old 46 gallon planted tank and moving to PNW I am finally ready to put all the stuff that has been gathering dust to work. Plus not having a tank is starting to bum me out. Equipment Tank: -IM Nuvo Fusion 10 Stand: -Ikea metal cabinet Light: -Nanobox Tide w/ Bluefish Filtration: -8 lbs uncured rock from KP Aquatics (after much back and forth in my head) -6-8lbs of BRS's reef saver rock -inTank Media Basket -Filter floss -Carbon -Once weekly 10-20% water change Flow: -Stock return pump Syncra Silent 0.5 pump -MP10 -Cobalt Aquatics MJ400 Multi purpose pump for salt mixing Salt: -Red Sea Coral Pro Sand: -10lbs Arag-Alive Special Grade Sand Heater: -Colbalt Aquatics Neo Therm 75w Heater -Extra 75 watt heater for water changes ATO: -Tunze Osmolator nano Controller: -Apex Neptune Jr RODI system: -BRS Universal Current livestock (8/27/17) -Tailspot Blenny -Green Banded Gobies x 2 -Sexy Shrimp x 2 Have some more goodies from BRS and Amazon coming in the next week. Hoping to get the all the tanks cables managed over the coming weekend and put rock in it the following week. I am planning on doing a soft cycle with the live rock. I plan on being super patient with the whole tank and probably won't be adding much till after the new year and only if tests and conditions allow. I would love to hear suggestions on the setup and live stock goals. I am pretty set on my live rock choice but I do have 10 pounds of dry rock in my possession. I would love to hear peoples experience's and opinions on dry vs live, especially for a first time reefer. I went back and forth on the topic for months. I had a hard time with the potential risk of introducing a potentially harmful or destructive pest species into the set up. The benefits of the introducing a complex mix of bacteria, invertebrates, and algae has pretty much convinced me to go with live rock. I feel super fortunate to have found Nano Reef as a resource. I have been immensely impressed by the discourse here and everyone's love of the hobby (and of course everyone's tanks). I look forward to sharing my experience and connecting with fellow reefers here! Cheers!
  14. jparadise

    Piece of Paradise

    Hello Everyone, Background: I have kept multiple tanks over the years. Started small and worked up to a 300 gallon FOWLR tank that was recently torn down due to selling my house. For the time being, I am renting a small town house until we build a new house. The wife said I could have a small tank....Game On. I've always kept FOWLR tanks and have been really wanting to set up Reef Tank. I have a feeling I will have a bunch of questions pertaining to reef keeping. Now on to the good stuff. Delivery is scheduled for today or tomorrow . Plan is to get everything set up over the weekend. Tank: IM Nuvo Fusion 10 Lighting: Ecotech Radion XR15w G4 Mount: RMS Single Radion Tank Mount Circulation: Vortech MP10wQD; Innovative Marine Spin stream Nozzle Auto Top Off: Tunze Osmolator Nano Heater: Jager TruTemp 50w heater Sand: 8-10 lbs Hawaiian Black Sand Rock: 10-12 lbs Live Rock Other Goodies Reeflink WiFi Controller Vortech Battery Backup IM Custom Caddy for Chemi Pure, Filter FLoss and Purigen Future inhabitants Mated pair of Black ICE Clownfish Red Banded Pistol Shrimp Hi FIn Red Banded Goby Cleanup crew (snails and crabs) Corals: Mixture of SPS along the top rock work MIxture of LPS through the middle Mixture of Soft Corals, mushrooms and Zoas along the bottom. Day 1 9/01/18
  15. SaltyBuddha

    SaltyBuddha's IM10 Fusion

    SaltyBuddha's IM10 Fusion with Fuge Mod First off, shout out to all the guys and gals on this forum who help newbies out. Looking forward to being a part of this community. I did a lot of research in preparation for my first saltwater tank. I love a challenge, and creating an ocean in a 10 gallon tank seems like a very rewarding endeavor. At first, I wanted to build my own tank, but acrylic is harder than I thought to work with. Ended up with a decent amount of acrylic, and bought an IM10 fusion. At least I have acrylic for random projects. Frag racks, tank dividers, etc. I upgraded the rear pump to a .5 sicce with a Hydro rotating deflector. Using a LOOP controller with the Current USA lights and wavemaker. The LEDS are not the best, but should be enough for the softies and LPS that I want to keep. The LOOP controller has some awesome features and I am expecting it to work out well. Equipment Tank - IM10 Fusion Light - Current USA IC LED 18"-24" Powerhead - Current USA e-flux with wave maker Tempertaure - Neotherm 50W & Coolmax Microchiller with Iceprobe controller Return pump - Sicce .5 ATO- Smart Aqua Micro Substrate - 15lbs live sand & 7.5 lbs dry rock DIY Stand - made this because I have a cat who gets into anything in reach. Was also fun while my dry rocks were curing. FTS 5/27/17- 2 Month Anniversary! FTS 3/27/17 3/27/17 - First day of cycle Fuge Mod
  16. CinnamonTorch

    Reef Glass protein skimmer!!

    Hello all! I just installed my reef glass protein skimmer last night on my one month old Nuvo 10G i wanted to know if this is how much the bubbles should rise up to the stopper, i heard the further away from the stopper, the dryer the skimmate, and the closer to the stopper, the wetter the skimmate(what reef glass suggests). i wanted a mix or balance if you will of both. Here is where the bubbles rise up to now, they dont really touch the stopper, but they get near it let me know your inputs and what works best for you guys!! This little reefglass is epic!!!
  17. CinnamonTorch

    I.D this clownfish!

    Hello everyone, attached is my brand new clownfish i picked up today at my LFS. My LFS doesnt have names for the clownfish they sell, they have several types, but they dont name them.. i picked him up for 65$ (Canadian dollars) if you take a look, he doesnt have that "true" orange that all regular ocellaris clowns have. This one has a very deep black colour on top and towards the tail, vibrant orange, and clear white! i'd like to say its a regular ocellaris but its not, anyone know what this type is called? At my lfs they had these one in a different tank than the regular ocellaris! Thanks
  18. CinnamonTorch


    Hey everyone! Been 2 weeks since I set up my tank, cycle is finished (nitrates are still around 20~) and everything is coming along nicely. I've added my clean up crew (10-13 small hermit crabs, and 2 nassarius snails) Before I add my first clown and some small zoa frags, I'd really like to know if anyone has some input or feedback for the ai prime light schedules they use. Here is the one I just created (taking into account that I'm working all day so I'd like to view my tank at night time more than during the day...) If anyone can tell me if I'm off to a good start, I'd really appreciate it, obviously I'll need to adjust as I see fit for the coral I decide to add eventually, but I do not want to bleach my corals either from the get go. Max output gets to 20 watts and I have my blues and purple as my drivers, white is on the lower end. (Lights go on at 1:30pm, ramp up until 9pm, and then ramp down and close at 12:30am (midnight, yes I sleep late) Thanks again guys, happy reefing!
  19. TheBig053

    SKYYE LED 18?

    Does anyone have any experience with this light? Its being sold with an IM 10 fusion that I am going to purchase locally. Just reading the specs, it doesnt seem like it would be powerful enough for SPS and I cant find a whole lot about it online. Was wondering if anyone can share their firsthand experience with this light. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/skkye-led-light-18-watt-clamp-innovative-marine/?utm_medium=googleshopping&utm_source=bc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsav_tMCp1gIVlFuGCh0U_wUHEAQYAiABEgJsvvD_BwE Thanks!
  20. TheBig053

    AIO Frag Tank Filtration?

    I'm going to set up a frag tank in an IM fusion 10. I do plan on putting a few small pieces of live rock in, but I don't want to overcrowd it with rock so I can fit a few good size racks in there. Any good ideas on supplemental biofiltration that is space conscious? Tank will be bare bottom also. thanks!
  21. SaltyBuddha

    Salty Buddha's IM10 Fuge Mod

    SaltyBuddha's IM10 Fuge Mod Currently cycling an IM10 fusion, and I added a little fuge mod the the rear chambers. My plan for the tank is to keep it as natural as possible. I don't want to run too many chemicals or any kind of skimmer. Although, I will be using Renew from seachem to help with water clarity. I opted for this instead of carbon due to any phosphate leak possibilities. Basically, the second chamber that has the fuge option was pretty small. Anything that I have seen recommends to have at least 20% of the DT area for the fuge. I ended up removing the wall between the 3rd and 2nd chamber and moved it closer to the 1st chamber. Opening up more room for the 3rd chamber. Biggest issue now, is that I am keeping chaeto in the same area as the return pump. I could have made the 2nd chamber larger, but the IM10 has that weird bottom chamber to increase the volume size of the 3rd chamber. I initially wanted to get rid of that bottom chamber, but it would have been pretty difficult to remove that glass panel. I opted to create an acrylic divider between my chaeto, liverock, and sicce .5 pump as seen in the picture below. The Sicce .5 was bigger than I thought. It is yet to be tested, but I think it should work pretty well. I have a small waterproof 6700k LED that can be attached with suction cups that I plan to use to grow the chaeto. I will update this when I have results. First Chamber Polyfil Seachem Renew Any other chemicals on a need to use basis Second Chamber Heater Third Chamber Chaeto Liverock rubble Removing Glass Chamber Dividers I found that removing the divider between the 2nd and 3rd chamber was more difficult than I though. I tried using a razor blade and that was a lot of work. It was hard to get between the glass panels to remove the silicone adhesive. Then, I stumbled upon something from google. A guitar string can be used to slip between the panels and scrape off the acrylic at the same time. Luckily I had a few from one of my guitars laying around. It was way easier. Hardest part was holding onto the string with tools while inside the small rear chambers. BUT I did break the glass divider. I was a little impatient and tried to wiggle it out before removing all the silicone. It ended up breaking in half, but luckily it did not hurt anything else in the chamber. I ended up using some acrylic (from a failed DIY tank attempt) to replace that divider. I left just enough room in the 2nd chamber for sufficient flow and my heater. The heater is working well in that area with no issues. Flow - I have a a chiller in the 3rd chamber as well. This provides about 100 GPH of flow running from the top down to the bottom where the return pump is. The sicce .5 provides a constant 185 down flow. I am hoping this will be sufficient for the chaeto. If not, I have a few ideas in mind, but it will limit the amount of space. Update 5/7 - New light and updates I saw almost NO growth with the light from Amazon. It kept the chaeto alive but that was about it. Switches to a JBJ NanoGlo and the chaeto has doubled in size in less than a week. Way better. I've also changed to putting a micron bag over the pump. This is almost like a filter sock. For a nutrient exporter I would have to clean it every 3 to 4 days. Way to much of a pain to do that, but I'll do it every 2 weeks no problem. It is working well to keep chaeto and other stuff out of the DT. All in all it is doing a great job. Im down 5ppm of nitrates in 2 days with the upgrade to the JBJ nano glo.
  22. RandyX

    Nano Reef X august

    A lot of great additions to the reef this month here's some shots
  23. TheKernel

    TheKernel's IM10 Reef

    Greetings, I'm TheKernel and this is my first marine tank, let alone reef tank. I previously owned a 35 gal hex freshwater planted. Wonderful tank. I had to move a bunch so I left it with a friend. Who eventually took it down. So now I'm ready for a marine tank, been wanting to for a while. I didn't have enough room to do a large tank, so I'm doing a 10 gal for now as it's what I have space for. I'm super new so I'll appreciate any suggestions and help I can take! I'll try to keep this post updated with the latest. Established: 6/3/2017 Latest Image (album) Equipment IM10 Custom Caddy 20 (Live rock rubble + media balls + fine white sand) Kessil A160 IM Desktop Skimmer Carbon Bag + (right now media balls, but looking to switch to floss, not sure the best setup for the media tray) Custom Media Holder (course sand + Cheto and red stuff) Custom cut glass top (Soon Robo-Tank shipped today 6/8) Atlas Scientific pH probe (Does ORP help? I've read you can determine ammonia levels with it) Robo Tank (probably switch to Reef-Pi once I help get some hardware to work) Tank Elements Substrate: Black Hawaiian Local marine shop cured live rock Coral Purple/Green stuff (Thanks Ranjib!) Flowery looking thing (Same as above) Fish Green Chromis Invertebrates (other than coral) Blue something Hermit Crab Burrowing Snail (haven't seen him since I threw him in)
  24. FTS - August 2, 2017 FTS - May 6, 2017 Hello All! So... here we go! I've been a member since 06 when I was a teenager living in the US. Had a 12g Nano Cube back then. Got it all up and running for 7-8 months and then crashed due to my lack of patience (slow and steady shall win the race this time). During my extremely long hiatus I've been lurking, learning and admiring all your amazing tanks. Shout out to @teenyreef whose beautiful 10g IM inspired me to start this journey once again. I'm now settled and working in Singapore and seeing as it's my birthday this month, I figured now is as good a time to start as any This weekend I popped into a highly recommended local LFS and picked up a package deal with the following: My Tank Specs Display: Innovative Marine 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion Nano all-in-one aquarium, 12" x 15" x 13" Lighting: Innovative Marine 18x Skkye Light Clamp LED Light Heater: None I live in Singapore it's 90+ Degrees all the time Chiller: 1000 W Cooling fan running on back of tank Circulation: Stock NUVO Fusion return pump, SICCE Voyager Nano 1000 Skimmer: Innovative Marine Protein Skimmer Desktop Size Filtration: Innovative Marine Custom Caddy Fusion 20 Media Basket Filter Media: Prodac Filter Wool (Cut to Size), BOYD Chemi Pure, Top Off: Manual for now .... will consider if necessary Once I got back from the LFS to my Apartment, I went galavanting around Singapore looking for a proper stand for this thing. After a couple phone calls I managed to find a nice dark wooden cabinet with glass doors that fit the bill. Getting it home was a bit of an adventure. Was ALOT heavier than expected. Lugging it down 2 flights of stairs didn't help either Once outside I Booked 3 Ubers...none of which the cabinet could fit inside. However, lucky Uber number 4 was large enough for it fit inside. Total cost $45 SGD ($30ish USD) including transport and a free workout...not bad. Now...after all this rambling I'm sure you'd like to see some photos! So please see below: Questions Is my back chamber water level too high? (See photos below) Skimmer -- I've never used one before. Should It be running during the cycle? White hair like tentacles sticking out of LR - Friend or Foe? (see photos below) Live Sand In...The cabinet looks good. Time for some Aquascaping Going for a small tunnel effect..may need more LR we shall see Light on and filled up with saltwater and no leaks Water level in back of tank with the skimmer...too high? View from the pump side for water level reference Scary looking white tentacle things...a few patches on the same rock another photo for reference
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