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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all. So yesterday ( I would think ) I somehow introduced ick into my 125g saltwater tank. I just noticed it today on my coral beauty and emperor angel ( coral beauty is covered in it, while the emperor has small dots here and there ). My current treatment as I dont have a QT tank atm is kordon herbal Ick-attack and raising my temp up to 84°. About how long does ick normally last on fish during medication periods + high heat?. ( note this tank has shrimps and starfish in it atm and I don't want to dose copper into the tank to ruin my chances of keeping them in the future ). Also what would be some ways I can help the fish out if I feed them twice a day ( all fish eat currently none are refusing to eat etc ). As well as should i remove my filter floss in the tank? I dont know if that removes the chemicals within it and I don't know exactly how long to be using the medication on the tank ( as im sure my raccoon butterfly and foxface probally have ick as well ). The only thing is I have to turn my skimmer off so if theirs anything else you can suggest to me please let me know
  2. xofish

    Clown fish with Ick?

    I have two clowns in a tank, no live rock no corals. Only my fish and a few decorations for them. I noticed two tiny white spots on the smaller fish. He's acting normal, not scratching and eating very well. The other fish doesn't seem to be effected. I did a couple water changes recently since I had gone on vacation and my ammonia was high as a result. The other clown fish bullies him a bit as well. Do you think these things are stressing him out? What should I do? Is this even Ick?
  3. So my 20g tank just finished cycling a few days ago. On Sunday I went and got a pair of clownfish. Monday morning I noticed small white spots on both. Needless to say, i believe it's ich. I didnt QT them (i dont even have a QT tank, but I definitely will in the future), just acclimated and dropped em in. I'm reading about running the tank fallow for 76 days, but my question is what should be my course of action? Is that best with a small tank? I only have a hermit and snail in the tank, no coral yet. Most likely I will have 4-5 total fish, so what would you do??
  4. HingleMcCringleberry

    How often can I dip a fish?

    Hi all. I know there’s lots of literature on how to dip your fish to get rid of parasites. But I want to know how often you can dip a fish and I haven’t been able to find any answers when scanning the forums and web at large. I have a fish that’s gotten to be covered in ich. Very visibly so with large dots. I know dipping won’t eliminate the problem with the parasite still living in my tank. But I dipped my fish this morning in fresh water for 5 mins and watched the majority of the ich fall off or seem to disappear after returning the fish to the tank. I don have a quarantine tank or I would be using it. And I don’t want to treat the whole tank with chemicals if I can avoid it. Currently the fish is behaving as if it were healthy with somewhat elevated breathing but still eating well and swimming normally. In any case. The dip didn’t knock all the white spots off the fish but I was encouraged by the results. Assuming this infection is going to continue to persist to some degree after dipping the fish I am hoping that repeated dips might slowly allow the infection to lessen and the fish to have a chance to fight it off. (Yes it will live on in my tank but it could starve off in time if all the fish are healthy enough to avoid infection no?) bottom line. I do plan to dip this fish again as needed to prevent it from ever reaching a point of no return but I’d like to be as aggressive as I’m able. How often can I dip my fish? Twice a day? Every couple days? Every couple weeks? Etc.
  5. Hi guys, Over the last couple days I noticed my Blue Damsel was actual not his usual self and saw a few white marks on him, so started my white spot treatment, got home yesterday and he had already succumbed and now my tomato clown is covered. Is this White Spot, Velvet or something else and what's best to treat. He is the only fish in the tank now along with 3 coral (Kenya Tree, Pulsing Xenia and Trachyphyllia), 3 small Red Legged Crabs and several various snail species. Aquaone Nanoreef 35, parameters as tested last night. SG - 1.025 Temp - 25.5 Phos - 0 Ammonia - >0.25 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5>10 KH - 11 These levels have been constant for a long as I can remember and no signs of stress that I've seen, the fish got along together other than squabbling at feed time. Only changed in last 3 weeks have been — Oct 31st Trachy added. Nov 7th 2 x Banded and 3 x White Trochus added. Fingers crossed the little fella is still with us when I get home. Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated. Tony.
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