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Found 23 results

  1. so my beloved royal gramma of nearly 4 years is probably on her deathbed. she has always lived with ich but ate well. today, she stopped being interested in food and ate less and less, her slime coat started fading and she became emacicated, this started a few days ago, i thought she might bounce back from her starvation. pics will be posted later as she is hiding
  2. Reefer-begginer

    Ich treatment not working

    Hey. So for the past 3 weeks ( pretty much 4 now ) I have been dosing my DT with kordon Herbal Ich attack. As I dont have a QT to help with this that would fit all my fish, I need something else thats more potent that won't kill my invertebrates in my 125g that can also help kill and rid ich from my tank. I was thinking of doing a full water change ( 125g worth and just letting it sit for 3 hours full of freshwater to kill any ich that is sitting in the water column but I know what won't help with my fish having ich issues. I want to do something but I have no idea what else to do. I do have fritz ichattack ( i think is its name ) but I'd have to remove my cleaner shirmps and peppermint shrimps to use them and they aren't the easiest things to catch in a big tank
  3. I apologize in advance for the photo quality. I have a clownfish and a chromis in a 20 gallon. I’ve had both fish for 6 months and no new fish have been added. However, I did add a few new corals frags and 2 red scarlet crabs about a week ago. Today, I noticed that the chromis developed a white bump on it’s head. The bump looks slightly elevated. Can anyone ID what this is and what I should do? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
  4. TalonlV

    Ich prevention

    I have a disease free Biocube 32 gal freshwater setup. Can someone or hopefully many of you weigh in on my idea to use Cupramine as a prophylaxis to prevent ich entering my aquarium along with a new arrival. I understand well the ich cycle and feel there can be no downside to treating for ich as I introduce new fish. After the treatment period I would add activated carbon to filter to remove the copper. If you believe this is not a good idea please tell me why and please be specific. Thank You
  5. My LFS doesn't have fish on the invert tanks like for hermits and snails. However all the water running through all their tanks is one system. What are the chances of transferring ich to my DT (has fish) if I buy inverts from one of their inverts only tanks?
  6. Recently i bought a clown for a nano 8 gallon aquarium i made, but recently i have seen some little spots on him, i have it for 2 days now, ammonia is on 0, nitrate 0, and nitrite 0 too, he is on 24-25 Celsius, and he hasnt eat too much yet, he just eat some frozen brine shrimp, im not that afraid of the eating issue, i had a pair that eat on the 5th day i got them, but im really worried about this spots i saw on him, i try to take a photo, this is the best ones i got. Im new to the hobby, i just got one 20 gallon FOWLR tank with 2 clowns and a firefish, and i didnt have these issues with them. Thank you in advance for the help 😞
  7. So my 20g tank just finished cycling a few days ago. On Sunday I went and got a pair of clownfish. Monday morning I noticed small white spots on both. Needless to say, i believe it's ich. I didnt QT them (i dont even have a QT tank, but I definitely will in the future), just acclimated and dropped em in. I'm reading about running the tank fallow for 76 days, but my question is what should be my course of action? Is that best with a small tank? I only have a hermit and snail in the tank, no coral yet. Most likely I will have 4-5 total fish, so what would you do??
  8. HingleMcCringleberry

    Quarantining questions

    I had velvet in my tank so I took all the fish out and am quarantining them in copper. I know you’re supposed to let the parasite starve by leaving fish out of the tank for like 6 weeks. But how long until the fish themselves have no parasites. Shouldn’t the copper kill off the velvet quickly. At least within one lifecycle at most I would think. I don’t want to keep my fish in copper any longer than I have to. There’s a few fish that I know are particularly sensitive and stressed by it. So how long until the copper has definitely killed the parasite. Just ich or velvet. Idk about any other parasites.
  9. HingleMcCringleberry

    Curious about how copper works

    Hi all, Been dealing with ich and velvet but not really asking about treatment this time. There’s one part of the treatment that confuses me. So the lice cycle of ich and velvet says they’re not attached to the fish itself for all that long. Just a few days at most. And copper kills any ich or velvet in the swimming stage. So a fish in copper can’t get any new ich or velvet attached to it once it’s in. No? So why should you wait so long to keep the fish in copper? After the first few days all that was on the fish has dropped off and you know nothing new has attached. So why can’t you call the fish cured and move it straight to an observation tank?
  10. HingleMcCringleberry

    Need Help! Cupramine not working?

    Hi all. I've really been struggling recently. If you get angry reading this you probably should be. many mistakes were made that WILL NOT be repeated. FOR A DETAILED EXPLANATION READ THE WHOLE POST IF YOU HATE READING AND JUST WANT A SYNOPSIS JUST READ THE BOTTOM PARAGRAPH AND CONCLUSION I have been running two tanks, a 20 gallon and a 30 gallon bio cube. First mistake: I didnt quarantine a rabbitfish. Now the 30 gallon has ich and I cant undo it. For now, the infection is under control and my fish are not symptomatic, but I know my tank will have ich until I go FALLOW. I am tentatively content to rest that issue while I deal with a more pressing matter... my 20 gallon disaster. Second mistake: I bought a fish at Petco AND didnt quarantine. That got me MARINE VELVET. I only mention the ich in the 30 gallon because the one benefit it gave me was helping confirm my diagnosis in the 20 gallon tank. So here is the story. I had just arranged to buy a 75 gallon tank to replace my 20 gallon. I got so excited and went out and bought a tiny blue hippo from petco and put him straight in the 20 gallon. I thought it would be fine because the bigger tank transition was just a few days away (new tank came already cycled). But the tang didnt last two days after breaking out in tons of tiny white spots and eventually looking cloudy right before it died. Soon my coral beauty took ill with the same symptoms and i knew i needed to act fast. I did a lot of research and decided it was probably velvet. I ran to the only pet store still open (look at Petco profiting from their booby-trapped fish) and picked up a 20 gallon long, a bubbler, a heater, a power head, a tiny hang off filter, and cupramine and FINALLY set up a quarantine tank. I removed the filter material that came with the filter and added an empty sponge bag to hopefully grow some good bacteria. I used some of that instant cycle stuff to add a little of that good bacteria off the bat. Finally I added some pieces of PVC pipe for the fish to hide in. I did not buy a copper test kit (they didnt have one). I followed the instructions on the cupramine bottle and added the first dose. Then I caught the angelfish (who wasnt too far gone because he put up quite a fight) and added him to the hospital tank. The coral beauty quickly lost its spots over the next few days. I did not remove the rest of my fish because they weren't showing symptoms and I would have to destroy my rockwork and knock over all my corals and nems to even have a chance of catching all of them. Fast forward a week and all the fish in the 20 gallon still appear and behave as if they are completely healthy but the coral beauty has broken out in white dots again! I dosed the copper exactly as instructed on the days it told me to. I added a total of 40 drops over several days which is half what the bottle told me would reach a therapeutic dose. I had been told that the recommendations on the bottle were overkill but clearly, I needed the full dose so I added the other 40 drops to the quarantine tank. That didn't help, and two days later the coral beauty looked even worse. I figured maybe I was wrong to diagnose velvet and perhaps it was not a parasite but a fungus or a bacteria. I had some Ruby Reef "Rally" lying around and so I dosed the quarantine tank with that too. Sure enough, the spots went away again. I knew if it was indeed velvet and I had just botched the treatment then the velvet was still living in the 20 gallon. So when I finally upgraded to the 75 gallon tank I moved all the rock, sand, and inverts, but added all the fish from the 20 gallon to the quarantine tank. Then I started the timer for 6 weeks until the potential velvet starved in the fish free 75 gallon tank. Mistake 3: I bought more new fish. Undeterred from my past mistakes I picked up a new baby hippo tang from a reputable store as well as a dottyback and added them to the quarantine too. I figured as long as the quarantine tank had to be up and running I might as well take the opportunity to add the new fish I needed to quarantine anyways. Well the velvet came back and the dottyback and baby hippo #2 died in 2 days. Mistake 4?: More fish Well its been 2 weeks since the dottyback and 2nd hippo died. that makes 3 weeks of no fish if you add the days that the 20 gallon had no fish and the days since the 75 has been up and running. I have done 8 50% water changes on the quarantine tank in that time. I make sure to add back the copper I remove each time. The copper should now be at 1.5 times the recommended dose. Everything has been looking healthy so two days ago I went to the LFS and bought a small hippo tang. Today it has some tiny white spots. SYNOPSIS: I didnt quarantine my new fish and introduced marine velvet to my tank. I have seen ich before and this was much smaller and more numerous dots and killed very quickly. I set up a hospital tank and dosed 50% recommended of cupermine. A week later the velvet came back and more fish died so I dosed 100% the recommended dose. The velvet still came back and more fish died again so I upped to 150% dose. I had two weeks without symptoms and I added a new fish and two days later it has velvet. I have been doing proper water changes, I removed all carbon and other filters that arent mechanical, I have no skimmer or UV sterilizer. I am so sure its velvet based on how it looks, how the fish behave, and how quickly it kills. CONCLUSION: What am I doing wrong? Other than the unintended torturing of so many innocent fish. Every time I think I've killed the parasite with cupramine it comes back. I'm at 150% recommended dose for crying out loud. Nothing should be able to survive long enough in the swimming stage to infect a fish. Can anyone tell me what's going on? And why are half my fish totally immune while others die within 48 hours of introduction?
  11. HingleMcCringleberry

    Living with ich: Can/Should it be done?

    Hi all, I’m looking for opinions on wether it is worth trying to cure my ich. I have ich ich in my 30 gallon reef tank. It broke out about 2 months ago and all the fish made it. I bought some reef safe medicine that claimed it would cure ich knowing it wouldn’t cure it. I do credit the medicine with lessening the burden on my fish and allowing them to fight through it. My my understanding is that ich is definitely still alive in my tank. Just not in plague proportions. I’ve heard fish start to build a degree of immunity to a particular strain of ich after they fight off the initial infection. So there’s just a small amount of ich feeding on my fish in low enough numbers that my fish maintain their immune systems and appear asymptomatic. And I guess I could be ok with that. It feels precarious. If the ich ever reaches critical mass then it will start to tax the immune system of the fish. The stress of fighting it off weakens their immune system and it snowballs into another outbreak. That’s my understanding. But can I avoid giving ich that foothold? My fish get along great. My parameters are stable. And I don’t plan on adding any more fish. So all the biggest triggers to stress a fish and start an outbreak are mostly neutralized? in the meantime, as my fish continue to fight the daily battle of enduring a handful of ich bites, they are slowly building more immunity. Like a cruel vaccine? Maybe? ive also heard from someone that ich can only reproduce and undergo its lifecycle a finite number of times (many years worth). But still. If all my fish hang on, and nothing new is added, could it be possible to make it to the finish line and beat ich by running out the clock? there are tons of encrusting corals that cover a maze of mat holes and crevices in the tank. I could only remove the fish by tearing it all down and sacrificing a lot of coral die off. Can I live with ich? Has anyone done it? Is it really worth tearing down my tank to kill it?
  12. Display tank has ich. One fish host bought 4 small tanks to quarantine all fish Will ich transfer to quarantine tank if I transfer bio filter from my display to help cycle my tank? what I mean is after my transfer tank method in the period that I have to keep my display tank fishless, can I transfer biomedia from my display tank to cycle my quarantine tank without the possibility of ich being in the bio filter?
  13. HingleMcCringleberry

    How often can I dip a fish?

    Hi all. I know there’s lots of literature on how to dip your fish to get rid of parasites. But I want to know how often you can dip a fish and I haven’t been able to find any answers when scanning the forums and web at large. I have a fish that’s gotten to be covered in ich. Very visibly so with large dots. I know dipping won’t eliminate the problem with the parasite still living in my tank. But I dipped my fish this morning in fresh water for 5 mins and watched the majority of the ich fall off or seem to disappear after returning the fish to the tank. I don have a quarantine tank or I would be using it. And I don’t want to treat the whole tank with chemicals if I can avoid it. Currently the fish is behaving as if it were healthy with somewhat elevated breathing but still eating well and swimming normally. In any case. The dip didn’t knock all the white spots off the fish but I was encouraged by the results. Assuming this infection is going to continue to persist to some degree after dipping the fish I am hoping that repeated dips might slowly allow the infection to lessen and the fish to have a chance to fight it off. (Yes it will live on in my tank but it could starve off in time if all the fish are healthy enough to avoid infection no?) bottom line. I do plan to dip this fish again as needed to prevent it from ever reaching a point of no return but I’d like to be as aggressive as I’m able. How often can I dip my fish? Twice a day? Every couple days? Every couple weeks? Etc.
  14. There are a few bumps on his first stripe and the gills on his left side are open. I bought a pair yesterday from a local fish store. There is a small white dot on the others pectoral fin and a similar dot on the potentially sick ones body. The store has pretty good reviews, although i am worried it may be ich. Maybe simply a birth defect? Tank has been running for 6 weeks. Parameters are good and shrimp, snail, and crabs have been doing good for a couple weeks. Please help
  15. I got my first fish, a royal Gramma, almost three weeks ago. Other than being being a bit shy at first, it ate readily and seemed to be doing well. Several days ago though I noticed some white spots, at first I wasn't too alarmed because I hadn't been able to get a close look and thought it could just be sand particles or something, but shortly afterwards, I realized it was obviously ich. Eventually I was able to get it transferred to a hospital tank with medication, but less than 48 hours later it was dead. Needless to say i'm pretty bummed to lose my first ever salt water fish, especially because with the exception of a hair algae problem which has now largely died down, everything else seems to be going relatively well. It will be at least a few weeks until I will be able to add fish again, so this is the first really bad thing that has happened thus far.
  16. antigonus

    Royal Gramma has ich, what to do?

    I got my first fish, a Royal Gramma around two weeks ago. He/she/it seemed shy but otherwise healthy for the first week and a half for so, often hiding but eating regularly. A few days ago I noticed it had some white spots, I bought ich treatment and have a 10 gallon hospital tank set up, but my problem now is that I can't actually catch the fish. Every time I try it dashes back to a hole in the rock in a split second. Is there any way I could trap it? What would people recomend I do? I can't treat the tank directly because that would kill all the invertebrates in it.
  17. Hi, my citron goby appears to have ich but is showing absolutely no symptoms of it aside from the white spots. It’s readily eating the food I offer it, it’s fins are moving normally and seems to have no problems with breathing. Should I do something or just let the fish fight it off?
  18. Hi guys, Over the last couple days I noticed my Blue Damsel was actual not his usual self and saw a few white marks on him, so started my white spot treatment, got home yesterday and he had already succumbed and now my tomato clown is covered. Is this White Spot, Velvet or something else and what's best to treat. He is the only fish in the tank now along with 3 coral (Kenya Tree, Pulsing Xenia and Trachyphyllia), 3 small Red Legged Crabs and several various snail species. Aquaone Nanoreef 35, parameters as tested last night. SG - 1.025 Temp - 25.5 Phos - 0 Ammonia - >0.25 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5>10 KH - 11 These levels have been constant for a long as I can remember and no signs of stress that I've seen, the fish got along together other than squabbling at feed time. Only changed in last 3 weeks have been — Oct 31st Trachy added. Nov 7th 2 x Banded and 3 x White Trochus added. Fingers crossed the little fella is still with us when I get home. Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated. Tony.
  19. I have had everything in my tank that’s in for about 3 months now, setup’s been up for 9. Flame angel was most recent addition 3 months ago. Everything has been good aside a diatom bloom and a few temp fluctuations. I woke up this morning and lo and behold, my flame angel is covered in ich. I don’t have a QT and I have corals so I can’t drop salinity or any treatments. I also have a Clarkii clown, a blue damsel and a yellow watchman goby. Suggestions?
  20. Jake6193

    What is this on my yellow tang??

    I’ve had my yellow tang for about 4 months and he’s been doing great. We have a kole tang, tomato clown, and two small clownfish and of course our yellow tang. We’ve recently moved out 90 gallon tank from upstairs to downstairs and put all of them in a tank to keep them there until we put them back in the 90. The 90 is all set up and everything is good, but I’ve noticed some extremely small brown spots near my yellow tangs eyes, going down his head. It’s not white, or black so I don’t know what this could be!! If someone could please respond I would greatly appreciate it!!!
  21. Hi everyone! Kind of a long story, but I’ll try to be as brief as possible. Please stay with me! Lol i set set up my 37gal tank back in May. Started the tank with 2 clowns, dragon goby, yellow tailed damsel, blue sided fairy wrasse, and a neon dottyback. Not all at the same time. Live rock, live sand. The wrasse was sold to me sick and didn’t make it. Had to get rid of the dottyback because, well, he was a jerk and no one told me! Everyone else has been fine. I added a tang recently. The Tang caught what I and my LFS think is ich. Little white specks all over him. But he was still eating like a champ and swimming just fine. Yesterday, I noticed he had some dark purple/black blotches on him. Weird thing is they were going away and reappearing other places on him within minutes. I’d walk away, check on him 20 minutes later and the blotches would be in totally different spots. I called my LFS and they said it’s probably just a secondary infection from the ich and as long as he was still eating and swimming, not to do anything different. Well today he’s been laying on his side next to a rock almost all day. He came out to eat, but I don’t think he got more than one or two pieces in his mouth. And now my Goby has been laying in his den all day and his color is weird. He came out to eat and swim around a bit, but not as much as usual. I don’t see any spots on him. LFS is closed today, so I’m going to be there as soon as they open tomorrow. Just thought I’d ask here to see if anyone had any opinions. All my water parameters have have been perfect, even salinity. Also, this may be completely unrelated but I’ve noticed a bunch of little brown logs on top of my sand. I’ll attach a pic, but it’s hard to see. Not sure if it’s some sort of parasite or just someone’s weird poos! Lol any help will will be appreciated!
  22. I got home today to find my Wyoming White fish with a white speck near its mouth. I sat there and examined the rest of its body to trey to detect any other speck since its mostly white it’s a little hard to tell but it seems that the one near his mouth is the only one. I have another clownfish that shows no signs of ich as well as a yellow watchman goby. I do have a 10 gallon tank but have no equipment for it. Not even a light. At the moment I can’t afford to buy the equipment so my question is, is there a good way to test him without a quarantine tank. What I’m thinking is soaking the fish pallets with garlic and seeing if it’ll ride out on its own with the fish gaining a stronger immune system. I also heard vitamin C would help too but don’t know how people soak the pallets with that, if you can give me some tips on that too I would grately appreciate it. I just tested the water and have been testing frequently and my levels are all fine, I do regular water changes. The clownish is eating very well, as a matter of fact he’s the first to go For the food. He doesn’t seem to be rubbing himself or anything other than the white speck he’s demonstrating normal healthy behavior. If the garlic doesn’t work I will try to gather the funds for a quarantine tank as soon as I can to treat with copper but don’t know how long that will be. I’ve also been reading about freshwater dips but I’m not sure if they’re too risky. Does anyone have any experience with that?? Please help with any advice you can give!!!
  23. Hello, I'm looking around for an Ich or velvet treatment for my FOWLR tank. I have a 10 gallon quarantine but all 1/2 of the fishes in the DT have ich. Do you have any suggestions which medication really works beside dosing copper on my DT. My fishes are quite big and putting them in that 10 gallon QT is not a good idea. Please help.
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