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Found 12 results

  1. Display tank has ich. One fish host bought 4 small tanks to quarantine all fish Will ich transfer to quarantine tank if I transfer bio filter from my display to help cycle my tank? what I mean is after my transfer tank method in the period that I have to keep my display tank fishless, can I transfer biomedia from my display tank to cycle my quarantine tank without the possibility of ich being in the bio filter?
  2. Hi all. I know there’s lots of literature on how to dip your fish to get rid of parasites. But I want to know how often you can dip a fish and I haven’t been able to find any answers when scanning the forums and web at large. I have a fish that’s gotten to be covered in ich. Very visibly so with large dots. I know dipping won’t eliminate the problem with the parasite still living in my tank. But I dipped my fish this morning in fresh water for 5 mins and watched the majority of the ich fall off or seem to disappear after returning the fish to the tank. I don have a quarantine tank or I would be using it. And I don’t want to treat the whole tank with chemicals if I can avoid it. Currently the fish is behaving as if it were healthy with somewhat elevated breathing but still eating well and swimming normally. In any case. The dip didn’t knock all the white spots off the fish but I was encouraged by the results. Assuming this infection is going to continue to persist to some degree after dipping the fish I am hoping that repeated dips might slowly allow the infection to lessen and the fish to have a chance to fight it off. (Yes it will live on in my tank but it could starve off in time if all the fish are healthy enough to avoid infection no?) bottom line. I do plan to dip this fish again as needed to prevent it from ever reaching a point of no return but I’d like to be as aggressive as I’m able. How often can I dip my fish? Twice a day? Every couple days? Every couple weeks? Etc.
  3. I got my first fish, a royal Gramma, almost three weeks ago. Other than being being a bit shy at first, it ate readily and seemed to be doing well. Several days ago though I noticed some white spots, at first I wasn't too alarmed because I hadn't been able to get a close look and thought it could just be sand particles or something, but shortly afterwards, I realized it was obviously ich. Eventually I was able to get it transferred to a hospital tank with medication, but less than 48 hours later it was dead. Needless to say i'm pretty bummed to lose my first ever salt water fish, especially because with the exception of a hair algae problem which has now largely died down, everything else seems to be going relatively well. It will be at least a few weeks until I will be able to add fish again, so this is the first really bad thing that has happened thus far.
  4. I got my first fish, a Royal Gramma around two weeks ago. He/she/it seemed shy but otherwise healthy for the first week and a half for so, often hiding but eating regularly. A few days ago I noticed it had some white spots, I bought ich treatment and have a 10 gallon hospital tank set up, but my problem now is that I can't actually catch the fish. Every time I try it dashes back to a hole in the rock in a split second. Is there any way I could trap it? What would people recomend I do? I can't treat the tank directly because that would kill all the invertebrates in it.
  5. Hi, my citron goby appears to have ich but is showing absolutely no symptoms of it aside from the white spots. It’s readily eating the food I offer it, it’s fins are moving normally and seems to have no problems with breathing. Should I do something or just let the fish fight it off?
  6. Hi guys, Over the last couple days I noticed my Blue Damsel was actual not his usual self and saw a few white marks on him, so started my white spot treatment, got home yesterday and he had already succumbed and now my tomato clown is covered. Is this White Spot, Velvet or something else and what's best to treat. He is the only fish in the tank now along with 3 coral (Kenya Tree, Pulsing Xenia and Trachyphyllia), 3 small Red Legged Crabs and several various snail species. Aquaone Nanoreef 35, parameters as tested last night. SG - 1.025 Temp - 25.5 Phos - 0 Ammonia - >0.25 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5>10 KH - 11 These levels have been constant for a long as I can remember and no signs of stress that I've seen, the fish got along together other than squabbling at feed time. Only changed in last 3 weeks have been — Oct 31st Trachy added. Nov 7th 2 x Banded and 3 x White Trochus added. Fingers crossed the little fella is still with us when I get home. Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated. Tony.
  7. I have had everything in my tank that’s in for about 3 months now, setup’s been up for 9. Flame angel was most recent addition 3 months ago. Everything has been good aside a diatom bloom and a few temp fluctuations. I woke up this morning and lo and behold, my flame angel is covered in ich. I don’t have a QT and I have corals so I can’t drop salinity or any treatments. I also have a Clarkii clown, a blue damsel and a yellow watchman goby. Suggestions?
  8. I’ve had my yellow tang for about 4 months and he’s been doing great. We have a kole tang, tomato clown, and two small clownfish and of course our yellow tang. We’ve recently moved out 90 gallon tank from upstairs to downstairs and put all of them in a tank to keep them there until we put them back in the 90. The 90 is all set up and everything is good, but I’ve noticed some extremely small brown spots near my yellow tangs eyes, going down his head. It’s not white, or black so I don’t know what this could be!! If someone could please respond I would greatly appreciate it!!!
  9. Hi everyone! Kind of a long story, but I’ll try to be as brief as possible. Please stay with me! Lol i set set up my 37gal tank back in May. Started the tank with 2 clowns, dragon goby, yellow tailed damsel, blue sided fairy wrasse, and a neon dottyback. Not all at the same time. Live rock, live sand. The wrasse was sold to me sick and didn’t make it. Had to get rid of the dottyback because, well, he was a jerk and no one told me! Everyone else has been fine. I added a tang recently. The Tang caught what I and my LFS think is ich. Little white specks all over him. But he was still eating like a champ and swimming just fine. Yesterday, I noticed he had some dark purple/black blotches on him. Weird thing is they were going away and reappearing other places on him within minutes. I’d walk away, check on him 20 minutes later and the blotches would be in totally different spots. I called my LFS and they said it’s probably just a secondary infection from the ich and as long as he was still eating and swimming, not to do anything different. Well today he’s been laying on his side next to a rock almost all day. He came out to eat, but I don’t think he got more than one or two pieces in his mouth. And now my Goby has been laying in his den all day and his color is weird. He came out to eat and swim around a bit, but not as much as usual. I don’t see any spots on him. LFS is closed today, so I’m going to be there as soon as they open tomorrow. Just thought I’d ask here to see if anyone had any opinions. All my water parameters have have been perfect, even salinity. Also, this may be completely unrelated but I’ve noticed a bunch of little brown logs on top of my sand. I’ll attach a pic, but it’s hard to see. Not sure if it’s some sort of parasite or just someone’s weird poos! Lol any help will will be appreciated!
  10. I got home today to find my Wyoming White fish with a white speck near its mouth. I sat there and examined the rest of its body to trey to detect any other speck since its mostly white itÂ’s a little hard to tell but it seems that the one near his mouth is the only one. I have another clownfish that shows no signs of ich as well as a yellow watchman goby. I do have a 10 gallon tank but have no equipment for it. Not even a light. At the moment I canÂ’t afford to buy the equipment so my question is, is there a good way to test him without a quarantine tank. What IÂ’m thinking is soaking the fish pallets with garlic and seeing if itÂ’ll ride out on its own with the fish gaining a stronger immune system. I also heard vitamin C would help too but donÂ’t know how people soak the pallets with that, if you can give me some tips on that too I would grately appreciate it. I just tested the water and have been testing frequently and my levels are all fine, I do regular water changes. The clownish is eating very well, as a matter of fact heÂ’s the first to go For the food. He doesnÂ’t seem to be rubbing himself or anything other than the white speck heÂ’s demonstrating normal healthy behavior.  If the garlic doesnÂ’t work I will try to gather the funds for a quarantine tank as soon as I can to treat with copper but donÂ’t know how long that will be. IÂ’ve also been reading about freshwater dips but IÂ’m not sure if theyÂ’re too risky. Does anyone have any experience with that??  Please help with any advice you can give!!!  Â
  11. Hello, I'm looking around for an Ich or velvet treatment for my FOWLR tank. I have a 10 gallon quarantine but all 1/2 of the fishes in the DT have ich. Do you have any suggestions which medication really works beside dosing copper on my DT. My fishes are quite big and putting them in that 10 gallon QT is not a good idea. Please help.
  12. Three months ago I bought some gumdrop Coral Crouchers and I decided this time around to do everything as "right" as I could. I have been Quarantining my fish for the past year. I used my frag tank as the Quarantine site for my Gumdrops as there was live food available to them in there - such as tiny shrimp like things. I figured they would fare a better chance in there with that along with subsidised feeding - I had to train them to eat frozen. So at the end of the month I was considering to add them to display, but when I took them out I noticed small white spots. UH OH! ICH! What I had done was add a couple snails to the tank during their quarantine - without thinking - New lesson learned - quarantine everything. My frag tank does not have the best light so not all corals can do well in there. So I cannot treat that tank with anything (as it is a frag), but after some googling, hyposaline seemed to be okay, if i kept it at 1.009 (I think that was the numbers) So I put the gums into the hospital tank and immediately dropped it to 1.009. They did not have the spots at this time, so I was banking on I left the issue behind in the frag tank. Due to the hypo conditions, I had to seriously feed these guys and well they were still being a bit difficult about accepting frozen. I had to deal with my PH and alk swinging everywhere too. Due to fearing for their lives due to lack of available food at the third week I started to increase the tank from Hypo to display conditions. Ordinarily I would have kept them in the hospital for two weeks to a month after to observe, but I felt like they would starve. I decided to risk it and put them into the display as soon as the parameters matched. That was a month ago - actually about a month and a half. SO far, no one has developed any disease and the gumdrops are still doing okay. Where they hide means I can feed them only once a day - since the corals they hang out in (trumpet and hammer) are full and fluffy during light hours. What I am saying is, Quarantine - and observe, and treat if necessary - preventive treatment is okay too. But I did not bring in the disease into my display. It may be good to also quarantine the inverts as well - if that was the case of the ich getting in on snail shells. This to me was proof that Quarantine and hypo worked and it should be adopted by everyone. Just keep an extra tank, heater, and filter handy.
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