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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, So I know that this guy has been in my tank, I've seen glimpses of him when the light has been on and more active at lights out of course, but never this active! I noticed that he was worming his way around for at least 10 minutes. Can't tell if this guy is harmful or not....I'm leaning towards safe? Pictures attached and a youtube link. https://youtu.be/Iu4Wwt9K_4I -Kpatel28
  2. Hello Nano reef community! I started a 10G reef gallon a few months ago and added some more live rock recently. On this piece of rock I found this Hitchhiker that looks like a little door or some sort of clam. It is definitely alive as when I shine light at it, it moves. When I spoke it with tweezers, it has a hard feeling and not soft or spongy. I cruised many ID threads but could not find anything similar. Any clues or help is really appreciated before I take drastic actions against it, thanks!
  3. I am pretty new to this. my tank in cycled ammonia, Nitrite, 0. and Nitrate 1-5. I had tiny black worms in my tank, they looked as if they were just sitting on the sand maybe dead. They were a bit thick and only about a 1/4 long. I am not sure what they were I just vacuumed them all out so I dont have a picture. Any idea what they are?
  4. So starting to actually get more CuC for my 2 tanks since my 125 is going fallow for about 3 months. I came across one of my remaining snails with what I can guess is a barnacle. Question is, based on research I find that they can be beneficial but can also be detrimental to a system if they get out of hand. Rather than get rid of it im keeping it, but as its just a single barnacle, do I need more than 1 to have a "outbreak"? Or is one gonna spread over time and then become a nuisance? Regarding that for a reef tank ( my 36g bow front reef ), would they harm/kill any soft corals or would they just attach to hard skeleton corals and be like a filter feeder among the coral ( i have hammers and soon to be some more acans/acros )?
  5. Percy Jackson

    What is this shrimp / isopod?

    Found several of this guy in under the rocks, Search through several guides still couldn't ID it. Any idea? Is it harmful?
  6. Hi everybody, I’ve recently started my very first saltwater tank and purchased live rock through KP Aquatics. So far I’ve been very happy with the rock’s shape and the amount of life that came on the rock. However, during a water change I spotted what seems to be a cirolanid isopod alive and well on the filter sock. Although this is the only one I’ve seen, I want to assume there is more of them in the tank to be on the safe side. At the moment I have added 0 livestock to the tank as it’s still cycling (added live rock and sand 4 days ago), so I’m thinking I could starve them out if I wait quite a while to add any livestock (longer than the cycle)...? I’m wondering if anyone has any experience in this situation, how long starving them out would take (if possible) or if they feed off anything else in the tank that would sustain them even if there’s no fish in the tank. Also wondering if I’d be safe adding members of a cleanup crew once the tank is finished cycling or if these would feed of all snails or hermit crabs? Thanks everyone.
  7. Idontgiveashart

    Can anyone ID this please?

    Does anyone know what this is? It started growing on my live rock when I first got the rock. I’ve had the tank for around 2-3 months and it isn’t spreading a ton. Is it A majano anemone?
  8. Manifest_reef

    Weird white tentacles on rock?

    I have these small clear tentacles growing on my rock. Some even have tulip shaped cups on them? Is this the apocalypse? Someone please ID if you can!
  9. One of my turbo snails has a strange hitch hiker on its back. It looks like another shell. At first I thought it was one of the baby snails on it's back just chilling. But then I saw what was in the snail and got concerned. The flesh did not look like the other snails, it was black. And it would occasionally stick out and poke around. I have no idea what this could be and researching hasn't helped me either. Would really appreciate some help. Here is a video of the hitchhiker:
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