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Found 25 results

  1. I was recently presented a Flat Clawed Hermit Crab (Named Jeff) and I decided to keep him because of all the interesting things attached to the shell he's wearing. Several snails and barnacles for the cleaning crew, plus an anemone. (Score!) But there are also at least 4 much smaller crabs that tagged along. I apologize for the poor photo quality, but does anyone happen to know what these little orangey stripey crabs are? Google isn't helping. I found one similar picture on one site saying it was a "cherry striped porcelain crab" but nothing close comes up searching for that specifically. Caught in the Southeastern US.
  2. Tferr9599

    Hitchhiker pests

    Bought some crabs and snails online for my sons nano reef tank a couple weeks ago that looked suspicious, now my tank is filled with these tiny little bugs that are giving me the heebie-jeebies. they seem to be multiplying, there must be 30-40 of them. Anyone know what they are, if they’re dangerous, or how to get rid of them? The crab is doing well so I’d hate to have to start the tank over. They crawl all over the sides of the tank, I have a video, will try to add. THANK YOU!!
  3. Hey hey, just received some live rock and trying to identify this little dude. Is he a mantis shrimp? And if so, do you think he will kill all the freakin gorilla crabs if I allow him to live?? Thanks in Advance!
  4. I picked up a rock from my lfs today and was shocked to find a small hitchhiker in the form of an anemone which i think is a bta... Hard to tell from the picture. The foot is a dark red and the tentacles look teal and purple. Right now, I'm trying to dislodge it from the rock. I was just wanting to add some more rubble to my fuge Should I take it back? I don't know if my tank is stable enough to handle an anemone.
  5. undertheseaquarium

    What... is... THIS!?

    I have a video LSS: I cleaned my bedroom nano tank of algae, with a water change and in the morning I found this interesting lil guy. Idk what it is, has anyone else ever seen one. Any identification?
  6. Gravity

    ID: Ball Anemone

    Found a few of these throughout my tank. They look like an anemone or some sort of mushroom. Any ideas?
  7. Azure Phoenix Reefing

    Unknown Critter hiked his way into the DT

    Hello fellow reefers, here I am again, this time with an unknown critter that hiked it's way into the display tank. I figure it came with either the Leptastrea or Torch coral I recently added. My first guess would be it is a baby serpentstar of some kind, however I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Apologies for the quality and blue color. Again, it was almost light out when I first noticed it and I had to zoom in quite a bit to have it in view.
  8. RebeccaAnnBaselice

    Ball or Ghost anemone/coral? Tiny!!

    So at first I thought aptasia, but upon more research, this may be a tiny coral or ball/ghost anemone....IDK. When I say small, this thing is about 1/8” in diameter. Any thoughts? I don’t want to kill it if it’s harmless. 😑
  9. So i noticed that an aussie lord I have is not as healthy looking as my other two frags, so I inspected around it for any Aiptasia. I noticed somethings growing on its side. Not really sure what they are, I don't see any tentacles, however I do see movement when my damsels swim by it. Some purple looking things. Also noticed qhat looks like the same thing starting grow on the side of my Frogspawn, which is definitely no bueno. Anyone know what these are? Should I be fine just dipping both frags, do i need to scrape these things off, rely on some critter that eats whatever these are? Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. Michael_

    Feather Dusters?

    Hello guys, Once I was messing around with my live rock and I saw a colony of small worms that I think are feather dusters. They keep spreading, and they don't seem to do any harm. Their skeletons are soft tubes. Any idea what they are?
  11. I have had a Biocube 32 up and running for four days now, and just this morning I saw that the glass was covered with many small white dots. Looking closely some appear to have little legs or hairs coming out from the sides, though their size makes it difficult to tell with any real clarity. What might they be? copepods? Spirorbid worms? eggs of some kind? I know the picture is not that great, I might try to get another and post it as well.
  12. i found this worm its really tiny about less than 2 inches which is too small right now to cause much harm so i will ask now i uploaded a photo its mostly grey-black with a bit of a grey-orange stripe what is it? should i remove it? and what should i do if i need to remove it? and is it safe with inverts?
  13. Anyone know what this could be? It looks like some kind of shrimp and I see 4 of them in my tank. They are super small and I first noticed them months ago when I would turn off all my pumps and they would just be floating on the surface until I poked at them. I do have a cleaner shrimp in my tank but I’m not sure if these could be the babies or something else. Hope it’s not a bunch of mantis shrimp.
  14. sapling

    Hitchhiker coral?

    So I've had one originally a long time ago, but now i have several, I assumed they were cup corals, but they aren't speckled like I've seen on melev's reef. maybe this is just a different morph? I've seen them all over now, including on my GSP, and in between my zoanthids, and they mostly come out at night. Should I be worried these are not cup corals or at least benign? I actually thought one of these was an aiptasia for a moment the other day cause there was a larger one behind my LR I saw when i decided to do a night look. I saw the bubble tips however, and never seen an aiptasia like that. anyways a couple pictures I apologize of the quality. I also have an incredibly bad bubble algae problem.
  15. Stoops718

    Help Me ID This

    Found this on the base of my Candy Cane coral I just got over Memorial Day weekend. At first I thought they were tiny baby zoa polyps but upon further investigation (poking it with a stick) it's hard. The pic is a little blurry but it's reddish brown with a baby blue ring. I looked around a bunch on the interwebs but couldn't find anything.
  16. ihglifelol

    what is this

    i got a live rock and i saw this little guy. I first thought it was some sort of tuber. but it has no shell. it just closes in the rock. i dont think it is a hydroid as it hasnt bud in the past month. any idea what it is
  17. Joevember

    What snail is this?

    I found a couple of these little guys in my sump glass and wanted to know if I should chuck them or keep them in my display. I only have nassarius snails in my display right now, and this is not one of them. As you can see they have a zig-zagging brown and white pattern on the shell.
  18. Hello everyone! Totally new to the forum here,I have a 17 gallon with around 16.5 pounds of LR, I was hoping someone could help me Id this thing,I suspect it’s a sponge but while doing research could not come across anything that looked like this,it has been on the rock since I put it in the tank,I didn’t remove it because I thought maybe it would grow into something neat,but the black on top has me suspicious that whatever it is has died,should I remove this? Thank you,I’m totally new to saltwater as you can tell
  19. Found hiding in a coral covered rock, LFS has no ID on it. Color is a deep red and green strip/splotches. Definitely a blenny of some kind.
  20. CarolinaShoreReef

    *Anemone* hitchhiker on nassarius

    Hi everyone, with school going on I can't sit on my computer for an hour or two trying to find out what this might be. It came attached to my nassarius snail's shell and looks kind of like a mushroom to me but it has what looks to be tentacles that retract. Should I remove it from him, as he spends most of his time burrowed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  21. I'm testing the waters with my first coral. Just a blue mushroom. I have the new coral in question in quarantine for now, but I noticed a small anemone looking thing on the rock with the coral. I didn't see this before until today (it's been about 4 days in quarantine) and I 'm not actually sure what it is. Part of me is concerned about it being aptasia 'cause I don't want to unleash that on my tank. Any help is appreciated.
  22. MakisupaWisdom

    ID this crab

    Can anyone help ID this crab? Found it living in maidens hair i got from live aquaria.. It has been in my tank for a while and didnt even know it was there until i saw it poking out tonight..
  23. This thing fell out of a torch we added a couple of weeks ago. It looked like leftover food so we left for a bit then it disappeared. It adheres itself to a rock and is very well attached, not easily removed. The tentacles waving above it are out all the time during the day. Safe or not?
  24. Master Reefshi

    sponge or algea id?

    Hi everyone! new here! just set up a 10 gallon nano with a 5 gallon sump. got some live rock and there are some interesting things on there... got rid of some bristle worms but i noticed a white fish net like substance on the rock i purchased from a LFS. the tank has been running for about 2 weeks and i am starting to get diatoms here and there. if anyone can help me id this that would be great! thank you!
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