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Found 7 results

  1. Instant_taco

    hermit situation

    I have a little bit of a situation lol Someone just molted and think he can rock the big shell how do I get him out lol The shell is why too big for him idk what he's thinking it's also wedged in there so he can't move it. Also it has one of my mushrooms on it.
  2. sr2z

    Blue-legged hermit

    Something hermit about this crab...

    © sr2z

  3. NuisanceAlgaeCultivator

    Baaaaaby Hermits? Do do, do do do do

    Today with all the aquariums lights out, I noticed my clown, psuedo, and coral banded shrimp start flipping out. I frantically checked pumps, temperature, and electrical connections...nothing. I turned on the light to see what was going on, they were eating something really tiny. Copepods were introduced about a month ago, but the fish have never had an interest in eating them. Then I noticed something just a little bit bigger than brine shrimp, they look like really small mosquito larvae, or kind of like fish fry, and move in a very jerky manner while floating through the water column. I assume they’re hermits because I don’t have two of any animal except snails and hermits. Can anyone identify? Also how do I take care of them? As of now there are about 5x in a small quarantine with some algae thrown and no flow, while the rest are roughing it out with the the crew of the main tank. Thanks!
  4. Was it a bad idea that I added a Halloween hermit to my evo 13.5 tank? He is the only crab in the tank. I have a small few snails, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 1 citrinis clown goby plus some soft corals. I did put some empty shells in the tank. Here is a picture of the guy and an older picture of my tank layout.
  5. Laurenscube

    Clam damage and survival ??

    Hope someone has experienced something like this and the clam has survived ....? I brought this clam a few months ago. Seemed to be doing well extended nicely, showing beautiful colour etc etc couldn't see anything which could tell me the clam wasn't doing great. Brought x3 red legged hermit crabs on Saturday. This morning noticed my clam turned other way and when closer looked half the mantle has been removed and the exhalent siphon has been removed just leaving a gaping hole. My question really is Has anyone experienced this or similar for example mantle damage and the clam survived ?? Water parameters are in check, phosphates correct etc Just would like to see him through it if he will make it 😞 Added a 'before' photo of the clam so you can see how much is missing, the certain 'red legged'hermit is on top of it, have only ever seen the hermit clean the outer shell previously but now probably will finish him off i guess with the state that he is in
  6. So I got two hermit crabs a about a month maybe two months ago. Everything fine one was really active the other just lazed around. About a week ago the active one started changing shells. He tried three or four of them in the span of a couple days but ended up back in his old shell. I came in today and he was out of his dead. I don’t know what could of caused him to die. I have everything how it should be and the other one is doing just fine. He is even more active not by much he still just lazes around but he is outside his little house more. What could have caused him to die?
  7. anniebanana267

    ISO hermit crab shells please

    IM not sure if this is the right place for this, but I’m looking for someone to sell me some unused, empty, medium to large hermit crab shells asap. I have no car and no way to get to the store, and two of my hermit crabs are fighting for the larger one’s shells. They already switched once and then switched back. I really don’t want them to die or kill each other for the shell or anything. Please help! I’m doing what I can to separate them for the time being but I’m not sure what else I can do.
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