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Found 151 results

  1. Brock9999

    Coral placement help!?

    Was wondering if any one could give me advice on where to put these corals I just ordered
  2. Hey guys I bought an already established tank (nano reef) in the fluval evo 13.5g. I have 2 questions one more important than the other but wondering on both. so I transported the aquarium with a few inches of water in it and the inhabitants in bags (1 hermit crab, 2 slugs, 2 bubble tip anemone, 1 anemone shrimp, tile of gsp, some zoas, live rock and live sand) the live rock was in a 5g pain with the tanks previous water. I also picked up 2 clownfish and 1 blue damselfish my brother bought me a hammerhead coral. so got home and added the previous water to the tank, then let the bags all float and acclimate. Then made more salt water and checked salinity, all salinities of previous, new and the fishes marine store water similar within .01-.02 of each other. I slowly added the anemones clean up crew etc. I added a bit of the tank water to the fish bags then sat for 5 min or so and then just let them sort of swim out when they were ready. I tried following the directions best I could. so In the tank things look good, the coral is slowly opening one anemone moved completely and the other is ok same spot bit open but closing up maybe because it’s night now? Do they do that? my main concern is that the 2 clown fish are staying primarily in the one top corner. The blue damsel is sort of swimming back and forth from one rock arch to another rock cave and seems fine not going to the top at all. I don’t see anything particularly concerning about the clowns except they are mostly at the top and more in one corner. First question is should I be concerned? I want them to acclimate well and be happy and healthy I’m so paranoid can’t sleep. Is there anything specific I should watch for to catch any warning signs and help? second question I can’t seem to keep the back chamber same level as the main, it’s about an inch or more lower. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Bonus question should I have the pump nozzles aimed more at the anemones and coral or above them, away from them? I feel like I did so much research and now I’m the moment I’m just panicked on night one praying everyone is happy inside! Help 😮
  3. Hi anything helps here, I’ve had my tank setup for almost two years and bought a new zoanthid frag a week ago. The tank parameters are in check and all of the other corals are doing great but a few days ago some of the polyps turned pinkish/white and have not opened since. If anyone has any suggestions to please let me know!
  4. Hey guys I am looking at purchasing a 12g fluval edge in great condition and I am wondering if I can turn it into a nano reef. if so what do I need to add and what can I use? I only want some live rock and anemone(s) And a clown fish or 2. Maybe a small clean up crew and some small corals as I grow but want to keep it minimal so that it is sustainable. I’m just not sure what I need in terms of hardware that the edge doesn’t already have. thanks in advance - pic more for aspiration not mine
  5. So in my 125g tank I have around 8 peppermint shrimp, and a cleaner shrimp. On my cleaner it looks like it has a white moss where its two claws(pincers?) are, and upon looking at the peppermints they have that same white spec/moss thing on them as well. I dont know if its just food that they are eating ( since I feed my shrimp half shelled clams( whatever is left over from my butterfly fish and angels eat )). If it is a moss/mold thing how would one go about removing it without harming the shrimp. Also question on wether cleaner shrimp lose their little whiskers often?( my bottom of the tank has atleast 14 that seem to of fallen off that i mistook for feather dusters )
  6. Reefer-begginer

    Stocking on a 125g tank

    Hey all, so once I get rid of the ich that's plaguing my 125g FoWLR tank, I had wanted to add some new fish into it. Currently there's only 6 fish in the tank ( + 5 shrimps and 2 starfish ). I have Emperor angel Raccoon butterfly Coral beauty angel Foxface rabbitfish 2x tomato clowns about 2 inches big atm. I was considering adding the following but wasn't sure if this was a good idea 1x fairy wrasse 2x pink squirrel fish 1x scopias tang 1x yellow tang 1x hawaiian kole tang And maybe a blue mouth trigger. I should also mention I am about to start doing the triton method for my tank, i have a 500g skimmer, and soon to be a refugium that ill place in my trigger system ( 1st space ), vs doing media like ceramic rings, bio-balls etc. Any and all suggestions will be a huge help.
  7. Hey all. So yesterday ( I would think ) I somehow introduced ick into my 125g saltwater tank. I just noticed it today on my coral beauty and emperor angel ( coral beauty is covered in it, while the emperor has small dots here and there ). My current treatment as I dont have a QT tank atm is kordon herbal Ick-attack and raising my temp up to 84°. About how long does ick normally last on fish during medication periods + high heat?. ( note this tank has shrimps and starfish in it atm and I don't want to dose copper into the tank to ruin my chances of keeping them in the future ). Also what would be some ways I can help the fish out if I feed them twice a day ( all fish eat currently none are refusing to eat etc ). As well as should i remove my filter floss in the tank? I dont know if that removes the chemicals within it and I don't know exactly how long to be using the medication on the tank ( as im sure my raccoon butterfly and foxface probally have ick as well ). The only thing is I have to turn my skimmer off so if theirs anything else you can suggest to me please let me know
  8. NicoB0817

    Hurt Yellow Watchman Goby

    Help, I recently got a Yellow Watchman Goby and it got into a fight with a hermit crab when it was trying to drag the hermit crab into its home. Its mouth is torn in halve and he has a bit of a red spot by his face. Is this going to cause an infection and will I have to go to my fish store to get anything? Thanks.
  9. Wondering what shy, colorful, and or personable fish I can keep in a 30. I’ve read a pretty extensive article covering just about everything I can think of, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a bunch to learn! Just assume I know the Uber basics, as I’m sure I’m missing something. I know because I’m posting this. Thanks in advance, -milex
  10. HingleMcCringleberry

    Leopard wrasse care

    Hi all. ive been trying to plan fish for my 32 gal bio cube. I think a leopard wrasse would be awesome but some places say they’re really hard to care for. Why is that? Do they eat pellet/flake food or need live pods? Also some places say they’re listed as difficult because they struggle to survive shipping. Are they hardy once acclimated?
  11. I've finally got my 10g saltwater tank set up and I plan on getting a pair of clownfish and I've seen conflicting statements on if other fish are possible Also if anyone sees this what inverts yall would recomend I'm very excited about starting saltwater
  12. He freaked out and swam right into it for a second, got stung and swam away. He seems to be fine swimming around, but is stressed. he is around 2 3/4 inches. Any experiences like this for anyone? Any advice or tips to make sure he is okay? Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone, Was hoping everyone could provide me with some tips and suggestions on a new 10 gallon build I want to do. Right now here is my plan: Tank: UNS 60S shallow aquarium (24x14x7) Light: Kessil A80 Rock: Stax and marco rock Heres where I need help. I’m stuck between filtration options. I would like to build a sump, but have never owned a tank with one, and don’t even know where to begin with overflows/drilling/plumbing let alone building the sump itself. Other things I am considering is using a canister filter and cleaning it often, or just an AC. I just love the clean look of this tank, and would like to be able to keep the filtration, heater and ato out of the view area if possible. Would like to keep the tank as close to looking “empty” looking as possible. I also would like a solution that won’t kill my wallet, however I know this hobby and am expecting it to at least get a beating. My stocking plan: bit of LPS/Softies 1 fish (either Azure Damsel OR a pygmy angel) 1 blood red fire shrimp I am attaching a picture of what the tank looks like, and the second picture is the aqua scape I want to follow. I basically want a shallow lagoon look, with lots of open sand areas. Essentially what I am asking is what would you guys do with this tank? How would you filter it? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the more detailed the better! thanks in advance!!
  14. Hi there guys! I hear this group is very helpful and I definitely could use some help. Testing parameters: 0.0 ammonia 0.0 nitrites 0.1 nitrates 7.6 dkh 420 calcium 0.15 phos 1350 mag 1.025 salinity My clownfish has been swimming around and laying at the bottom. It’s like his back half doesn’t want to swim. He can’t go up even with the flow turned off. He tries to eat. White stringy poop. I dosed prazipro and it doesn’t seem to be helping. This has been happening since Thursday night. The first video is of last night. The video in the breeder box was about a two days ago when I was trying to feed him and made sure he wasn’t picked on. That didn’t help. When I released him back into the DT he seemed less stressed so I left him be. I also have tried feeding hexsheild and he doesnt seem to take that - but he will go after baby brine shrimp since they swim in front of his face. I'm at such a loss. I ordered Seachem Focus, Metro, and Kana but that wont arrive until friday. Their diet is: TDO Chromaboost Live baby brine shrimp Frozen mysis So in total so far I have done: Dosed prazipro on Friday June 12, 2020 Attempted to feed Hex Sheild Did a freshwater bath / epsom salt bath What can I do? Videos are below:
  15. Nakaxx

    Clownfish Skinny

    I got a new pair about a few weeks ago. Everything was going good. Both of them happy and moving great. But I started to notice the male becoming skinny, not moving as much, and seems to always be hungry. I give them mysis shrimp daily and some omega one pellets. I switched over to some brine shrimp and still no luck! I was thinking maybe it's mouth is too small so I cut all the food in small pieces. However, now he seems uninterested in everything. Really getting worried and even asked for help at LFS and they told me he'll eventually eat it but it's really concerning now. Any advice? Female is perfectly fine.
  16. noahwood

    Frogspawn not opening up?

    Hi there, I have 2 frogspawn in my frag tank that no matter what don’t seem to want to open up. I have had one of them for a few weeks and has been open since last week and the new one hasn’t opened anywhere near what it was like at the lfs. My parameters are: salinity - 35ppt alk - 11.5 (using Red Sea pro) calcium - 450 mag - 1350 25*c phosphate - 0.03 My zoas, monti and Seriatopora look happy but I just can’t get the frogspawn happy. any help would be appreciated!
  17. Starfishie99

    need some help! corals?

    got these two corals and i need some help figuring out what they are one is soft almost like an anemone the green one is harder thats really all i can say about them
  18. Hello everyone, I have been reading here for a few months now and have learnt a lot from you guys. This is my first post here! About my tank: The tank is 60L, 4 months old since completion of cycling. It has 10kg of white porous rock (the one imported from the US I think?) and a sandbed of 2-3cm thick. It has 3 snails, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 peppermint and 2 small clownfish. Fish is growing and shrimps are doing fine. I also have 1 trumpet coral, 1 Duncan and 1 mushroom - all growing like crazy (2->8 heads for trumpet and 2->10 heads for Duncan). The tank only has a pump (Jebao) and does not have any HoB filter or sump. I have a blackbox lighting which has been working fine for me. The tank has been fine, despite some hair algae which is in control thanks to my hardworking snails... I use Redsea blue bucket salt and aim for .025-026. I do 20% water change every week, and refill the tank with RODI water every day to compensate the water loss. No Ammonia, no nitrite. Nitrate is undetectable by testkit. PO4 is also undetectable. I do not have testkits for testing other elements, but they should be close to what Redsea blue salt indicates on the bucket (I know in theory I can never fully recover the consumed elements over time).... So my guess is: Alk: ~8.0 / Ca: 400 / Mg: 1220 .... About the Stylophora coral in question: I have bought a stylophora milka SPS coral last Friday and put it on my sandbed after acclimation and coralDx dip. The 2nd day every polyp opened. But since Monday it has been getting worse and worse everyday. You can see a pic comparing Sunday (left)/ Wednesday (middle) / Today (right). More and more polyps diappeared from their 'holes' and the coral body becomes more 'pale' day by day. I also got a Montis Cap frag last Friday and all polys of it are open so I assume it is happy. I do not plan to get any SPS that is difficult to keep with my system. The only reason I got the Stylophora is that I read it is an easy SPS and can be kept in system like mine. The Stylophora receives mid-flow and mid-light (~200PAR). I am running out of options now and desperate to find anything I can do to make it better. A few things I have thought about: 1) Flow too low - I tried to give it a little more flow but it did not help; 2) Light too low - Do you think I should put it to the top of the rock (~350 PAR)? 3) Mg too loow - I know my Mg may be a bit low for SPS, but I am using the mixing ratio on the blue bucket for 'SPS dominant tank'. Is the dosing my only option now? 4) Nitrate too low - I've also read Nitrate ~0 is bad for SPS. But I wonder if this is the issue here? ........ I would be really grateful if you can let me know if any of the above 4 (or anything else you can think of) could be the issue and to hear any advice you can give so I can try to help the stylo. PS: Some holes show no sign of polyps - does that mean those polyps already died? Thank you all! Cheers, Deisler
  19. GlasgowReefer

    HELP URGENT please - salimity

    So i set up my Nano tank and have fish in it 2 clowns who seem happy. Started with atm colony for bacteria. my red sea refractometer out of the box ive mixed to 35ppt i just got a hanna salinity checker - calibrated (twice because of reading) and its coming out at 46ppt !!! What do i do. Which do i read as true. Im terrified i lose the fish. cant get to a fish shop to have water tested by them till monday now.
  20. He has this weird black spot inside. Only one spot though, all the other posts talk about multiple spots. I have a red shrimp and other cleaner shrimp in the tank and am scared that this thing can spread to them? Any advice on what it is or what I could do. I posted a picture. Thank you!
  21. Reefer-begginer

    Clownfish being to aggressive

    So I know im not to active on here and I should probably scroll around to see if anyone else has had this issue before. But as I am more confused and concerned than just curious about it, ill make a post instead. Give or take about 2 months ago I got myself a Green LTA to try to host my 2 clownfish. All seemed well until one of my clownfish kicked the other out of the anemone. Thinking nothing of it I just let the 2 clowns be and they seemed to be getting along. Fast forward a few weeks and the anemone moved closer to some corals so I move them, unlucky move for me as the clownfish that hosted the anemone started to bite and fin smack my hand. ( cute but tingly ), thinking its territorial I just gently move the anemone away from the corals and everything is ok. Fast forward to about 3 days ago and still going on today, the clownfish has started to attack my inverts and starfish. ( my brittlestar and fire red shrimp to be exact ). I'm worried that this clownfish may end up killing my inverts and wether or not its mated with the other clownfish, im unsure if it has become a female ( they are both the same size ) and became more territorial due to the anemone being put in there. Is there a way to kinda help my inverts out? Or would my option be to remove the "female" clownfish and get another one instead?
  22. MidwestReefer1989

    Trochus Snail Died

    Hello fellow nano reefers. I have had my tank up and running for about a month. I had noticed that my trochus snail was not moving but today I noticed a white film around his base and pulled him out and he smelled awful. I assumed he died because he had not moved for a few days. My question is... I have a 13.5 fluval evo with 2 clowns, 1 skunk cleaner, and 2 conchs. All parameters are good with nitrate increasing but I assume that is due to the fish I added (adjusting biofiliter). Does anyone know what would have caused him to die suddenly? He stayed on the rock formation mainly and cleaned the algae coat off of there and never really crossed the sand. Any guidance and any suggestions on clean up crew members would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Gagej12

    Algae Bloom Help

    Hi everyone , I recently had a pretty bad algae bloom. After trying various methods I eventually bought a UV sterilizer. Thankfully the sterilizer cleared the water up in hours. However I still have algae on the rocks and parts of the glass. Should I add to my clean up crew to help or just give it time. I also don’t want to run the sterilizer for too long because it’s only a 10g and I’m worried about killing off too much. Not too sure what to do and need advice.All water parameters checkout and livestock is all doing well also.
  24. LucyLucy

    HELP -- my tank is so ugly

    Basic tank water parameters are in check, but I've struggled keeping up with the appearance. Its not like my tank has bad water or pests or anything to serious, its just a little dusty. What can I do to make my tank shining like others on this forum. Story behind tank - I've had this particular tank running about a year. I always keep up with my water changes and feed sparingly, I just had so much going on I wasn't able to keep a very close eye on things. Now my tank has good water but is kind of ugly. I want to start looking into corals again soon (I had a crash after I went on vacation in December) but I want to make sure I get everything is in check first. I probably wont even try to add coral until the fall anyways. The only things I can think of doing is physically deep cleaning the tank (taking out all the parts and scrubbing) or adding more inverts, or both? ( I literally have one small hermit for my 20 gallon). I would like to be as gentle as possible for my fish's sake. I kind of fell out of the hobby with school and am just at a loss because I want to get back into it after being so inspired by some of the tanks on this forum. Please I need your help!! Problems: - the gravel in my tank is covered in brown stuff like diatoms, but I thought they should be gone by now. Maybe it is because of the tank crash everything had to sort of recycle? IDK, just throwing ideas out there. - My rock is covered in this grey-ish green looking fuzz, only on the top though near the light. I loved the nice clean purple look of the rock when I got it (it was artificial LifeRock), and I would love to bring that back - Part of me thinks I just need to wait out these problems, because the tank is relatively new, part of me thinks I need to act before these problems get worse. I used to be super dedicated and knowledgeable about this stuff, but to be honest I forgot a lot of information and neglected my tank for a while. Basically I'm asking what steps should I take to get it looking crisp, and should I get some better equipment (more details on my tank on my profile). I'm not expecting miracles and I know these processes take a while, but I want to get my tank refreshed and looking less sloppy. Also, if you see any major red flags please let me know. Hopefully this thread will not only help me, but help other people who are experiencing the same problems. Images:
  25. TheMikeLane

    New Reefer Advice

    I started my first reef tank a few months ago. Its been through a cycle and it looks like it's doing good! The tank is 10g with Kessil a80 1 Kenya Tree 1 Meteor Shower Cyph 1 Clown 1 Firefish 1 Nassarius snail (laying eggs like crazy) Parameters: Salinity- 1.024 Calcium- 490 PH- 8.1 KH- 13.5 - 14 (hard to judge) NO2- 0 NO3- <1 PO4- .03 Ammonia- 0 Mg- 1400 Fe- 0 - .05 K- 400 I2- .07 - .08 I was dosing NoPOx (.2ml and <) to control algae and high PO4 before adding fish for about 2 weeks. At the same time dosing RS Reef Energy AB for the tree and cyph, which look healthy. I havent started dosing RS Foundation or Trace Elements. I have them both and my knowlege base is expanding quickly but I need some guidance. Thanks!
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