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Found 59 results

  1. Floundering_Around

    Need a new light

    Unfortunately, as I was moving back to college after winter break, all of my plugs and cords for my tank's equipment got wet. Some of the equipment just uses standard plugs so after drying off, they were able to be plugged right back in and continue working. However, my new aqamai kps and the adapter and timer for my light currently do not work. I am unsure if they'll start working after drying out some more but as of right now, my tank has had no light since Sunday (other than sunlight from a nearby window) and a backup pump for flow. Up until now, I've been using the stock light for the fluval evo 13.5 and it's was working out well. If I can't get a new adapter from fluval (the actual light is fine), then I will be looking into a different LED that's appropriate for the evo 13.5. I'll also need a lid for the tank as I want to 1) minimize evaporation, 2) keep my fish from jumping, and 3) keep my roommate's cat out of the tank. If this is cheaper than getting a new stock light or at least comparable, any suggestions would be appreciated!!! 🙂 I need to get a light back on my tank as soon as possible. current tank stock: - softies (GSP, mushrooms) -LPS (acans, duncan, torch, goniopora) -SPS (pocilipora) - inverts (RFAs) - NPS
  2. Hello everyone and Thanks for reading, Objective: I am new to saltwater but I am ready to learn and do what is necessary to have a stunning tank filled with coral and livestock. Size: This will be standard ten gallon tank from Petco. I do not have any knowledge of getting the bottom of the tank drilled in order to have a sump and from what I have read, it does not appear to be necessary with a nano tank. Background information: I am a college student living two hours away from home. I will keep the tank at home with my brother doing maintenance while I am away. Equipment: I am looking for quality equipment that is not going to break the bank. After hours of research, this is what I have thought about getting. Ten Gallon Standard Tank - $10 Air Pump - Hydor Koralia Nano 240 - $24 HOB Filter - Aquaclear ?? - What size should I get? I have seen AC20s AC30s and even AC50s. ($22, $29, $37) Heater - Probably going to get a 50 watt aqueon pro - $30 Light - Help me pick out a light please. I am not trying to spend more than $150, but I want a quality light that will grow all corals. Refractometer - $23 Test Kit - API Reef Test Kit - $18.50 Total before stocking: $142.50 + Light Substrate: 10-15 Pounds of Live Rock Live Sand Livestock: Not definite on anything yet. Some ideas I've had though Fish - Clownfish, Damselfish, Royal Gramma. Note: I am aware that I cant put certain fish with others. Coral - Anything that has nice color that can grown from the light I use. Nothing advanced Inverts - Snails
  3. I was wondering if I could take off the plastic on the bottom of the Fluval evo 13.5. It’s kind of bothering me. It wouldn’t be hard to remove because it’s only held on by 6 silicone dabs, thanks!
  4. If_Only

    Stocking a 25g lagoon

    So I was thinking about a dwarf angel and a yellow corris wrasse but I feel that my tank will not be big enough for those fish. I know I'm doing a reef with mostly softies and some hammers and frogspawn which are my favorite. Pretty much I think I have made my final stock list. Remember I don't have the tank yet and I am just dieciding if this size tank will house the fish and corals that I like. Corals -leathers -frogspawn -hammer -zoanthids -GSP (separate rock) -Maybe a torch -mushrooms -Might add somemore Equipment -Ghost skimmer -one filter sock -media caddy with chemipure blue, matrix, and poly filter pad. -Ehiem jager heater -Return pump (don't know which, suggestions?) -Powerhead (cheap one till I upgrade to an Eflux) -AI prime HD LED Livestock -1 firefish -1 goby shrimp pair -1 clownfish (heard this is OK) -1 yellow clown goby - 2-3 Trochus snails - 2-3 nassarius snails -1 Cleaner shrimp Sorry for the long thread, any help is much appreciated
  5. DylanCutchin1

    Montipora Setosa Bleaching

    I have a Montipora Setosa that was doing great, and recently some of my LPS were closing up and so I did some water test, and my nitrates or outrageous along with my ammonia, I have been doing water changes every three days until they go down, doing water test later tonight and will post results of those, but could it be nitrates and ammonia, and/or lighting. I have two compact T5s 50/50 10k daylight/actinic. Thanks for any info you can give.
  6. FrancineJ

    Where to place wavemakers?!

    So I have no clue where to put my wave makers... they are 2 aqamai kps’ i attached pictures to see what you guys think... I really don’t know how much flow they should be set to each (each one goes to 1050gph) i have livestock coming so any help would be appreciated.... I basically know when to set it for feeding mode and night mode and that’s about it... not sure is they should be set to constant or a different pattern or even different patterns from each other (maybe one constant and one something else?) not sure if if I even have them in a good spot or where a good spot would be... Thanks if anyone cares to help! I’d appreciate it top picture is left side- output side pointed at rock bottom picture (with really red line) is right side- intake side (it is placed between the 2 intake holes... and pointed at the back of the rock
  7. Heydude

    Friend or foe?

    Hi guys, Anyone able to id this for me, just noticed after repositioning my newish Xenia, was dipped prior to putting in tank with nothing found. Any help appreciated. Tony.
  8. Anem-mom

    Wild Sea Nem, Help!

    Hi all… I’m very much a newbie to this hobby, and am in somewhat of an unusual situation… I really could use some pointers, so please please please bear with me... The extremely condensed version of my story is that I was unwittingly thrown into this hobby when I found a wild sea anemone washed up on the beach (in June) and decided to save the little guy. (And before you give me the lecture about making an “informed decision”, please take the time to read the more detailed account of my situation, which I’ll put at the bottom of this post.) Here he is the day I found him: After some foundational research and a successful trip home, I set him up (temporarily) in an old 1gal tank I already had. I did go out and buy a small Tetra Whisper power filter for the tank and later added some arag-alive sand. He was bleaching big time for a few weeks after the ride home, but once he was in the tank and not being handled he seemingly fully recovered. After the ride home, waiting for the new tank to filter - he seemed okay! After some research, I’m 85% sure that he’s a Tricolor Anemone - Calliactis tricolor - but have SCOURED the internet and found next to no information about them, save a symbiotic relationship with certain hermit crab species. I recently bought a 5gal as an upgrade as I know they need a LOT of space, and it’s currently being prepped and cycled before I add him to it. Knowing about the space thing I would’ve bought a bigger upgrade tank, but a.) he’s pretty small - I’ll attach some pics, and b.) it’s all I can afford right now since I didn’t get any prep time to plan out my tank. The Marina kit that the tank came in had a power filter, an LED hood, and I bought a small Tetra heater to put in there as well. My water quality has been relatively constant since I’ve had him, and after some experimentation I’ve set his routine at feeding once a week (bits of raw shrimp from the local grocery - frozen when stored, thawed when fed) and full tank water changes once every 2 weeks. I know it wasn’t a good idea to do full-tank changes, but he didn’t like to be bothered once a week, even if it was for a 1/2gal change, and like I said - the tank was only 1gal. My reason for sharing all of this though, is that recently he’s seemed to lose a bit of his vitality… He deflates and inflates relatively frequently - I know that’s pretty normal - but it seems almost convulsive… not in its speed, but in its shape-? I’ll attach pictures of what I mean - these are from a few weeks ago... he improved since then, but worsened again. Recently, however, he’s almost always a little deflated and his tentacles haven’t been inflated in quite a while (days). He is due for a water change, but I’m hoping to get him in the new tank very very soon (hopefully later today) but he seems to be in a fragile condition and I don't want to shock his system too much. I’ve tried to keep up with everything and replicate wild conditions as best I could given the circumstances, and I think he’s done fairly well thus far otherwise… Do you see anything that I’m doing that’s totally wrong? In essence, I’m hoping to get some advice/thoughts/tips from anyone about what I should do in terms of equipment, routine, and/or anything that you think I can do to help improve life for my wild nem… Thank you so much! More details: So here’s what happened: I was at the beach with my family this past June, and my cousin and I found a live sea anemone attached to a venus shell that’d washed up after a storm. Being the marine bio enthusiast that I am, my first inclination was to return it to the wild after showing it to my other family members. However, I soon realized that - since there was nothing but sand on the beach (i.e. no rocks or anything the nem could attach to) - ‘returning it to the wild’ would only result in a seabird winning the mealtime lottery. Now I know that death is a natural and vital part of an ecosystem, but I figured I had the foundational knowledge to keep this little guy alive until I could learn more, and hell- those birds were getting plenty to eat from the lady throwing bread down the beach. I only describe all of this for whoever’s made it this far into my post (bless you!) to know that I didn’t make the exact rookie mistake of saying “ooh! I wanna keep it!” Now I’m by no means an expert, but I do have a passion for marine biology and even did a summer program at a coastal university last year to study marine bio - in which we briefly studied anemone’s - so I already knew a little about what I was dealing with. So I brought him home and set up the makeshift tank, and after about two weeks he was in the best condition I’d ever seen him in! I’d put some other shells from the beach in the tank and it was so funny to see him exploring around the tank, climbing up the walls and the filter tube (it’s okay, I turned it off), and falling over on himself while trying to ninja-roll over a shell (yes, I have a video :3). He eventually chose one of the shells and hasn’t moved since. We established our routine and stuck to it, but now he isn’t doing too well. I haven’t seen him in his normal, opened, inflated state in days, almost weeks - and he’s never since matched the liveliness of that second and third week (I don’t mean the wandering, I know that’s not a super frequent thing). My profile pic is of that time frame. Also, he's been doing this thing where he appears to shed a layer of white-ish filmy skin-? I read that that could be a normal way of expelling a coat of bad bacteria, but have come up with mixed responses... If that IS the case, should I leave it be until it entirely detaches from him or can I clear what's only hanging on by a thread? And if this isn't normal, please give me your best guess. I realize I make it sound like he's expelling zooxanthellae, and he's done that a couple of times, but this is different. And finally, in the last couple of days there has been stuff that's seemed similar to zooxanthellae that he's expelled through his mouth - it's also white/clear but a little thicker... I would think it's shrimp but I haven't fed him in a few days... Help?
  9. moweryj3

    Nanobox retro 16 biocube

    Just set up my new nanobox led retro fit from intank ... Everything looks great other than I have no white lights ... I'm pretty sad ... I've mest with all the settings on bluefish2 app ... Everything is working fine other than the whites ... Dim everything to zero turn whites all up down and nothing ... UV light comes on ...??? Have I hooked something up wrong or is it faulty please help anyone
  10. Floundering_Around

    Something's wrong

    We've got some trouble in paradise. So as some background, my most recent water change was this Saturday, three days ago. Ca was at 440 and all other parameters were fine (don't have my own test kit so I got my water tested at the pet store when I went to get more saltwater. Waiting for a good one to go on sale). Before doing the water change, all of my new zoas were acting up (Radioactive dragon eye, eagle eye, and utter chaos). They were all closed up or half closed, not fully opened and pretty. At this point, all of them have been in my tank for about a month; the UC was always open and it was the RDEs and the EEs that were giving me problems. On the advice of another zoa keeper, those two got a peroxide dip. Nothing had happened in the tank other than a hermit crab knocking my Fat Head Den on top of my UC; even then it was still open though. Following the peroxide dip, my UC polyp starts acting up, Mind you, it was fine before and didn't receive a dip. Now after the water change on Saturday, UC still has not opened up and the polyp looks likes it regressing? At the same time, my Monti cap (which was also fine on Saturday during the water change) has started bleaching?! The Monti has also been in my tank for a month and was totally fine. Its mounted on a magnet so I have it at the surface of the water where the par is the highest. It's directly across from my wavemaker so it's getting good flow. And, I feed the tank a mix of benepets and Reef Chili so there is food in there small enough for it to eat. I've been checking for flatworms on both but I see none or any eggs. Any clue as to what's going on? I don't want to lose either of these corals!
  11. So as the title says,I'm converting to saltwater tanks. I definitely have a tight budget because I want to get my feet wet,not just cannonball in. In my 10g,I've already upgraded my aquarium with the Aquaclear powerfilter 110V. My tank currently stays around 76-77 degrees. I definitely want to house a pair of clownfish and a cleaner shrimp...and corals in the near future. I'm so scared of lighting and don't want to buy the wrong thing for corals. I'm getting a custom glass lid so I can't have anything clipped to the tank in the back,so for now I prefer the lights that slightly hover above the aquarium cover. Since price is strict,here's some lights I've run into on Amazon...let me know what you guys think ? Green Element EVO 18"-22" LED Aquarium Light Fixture - Reef Capable 10x3W https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00APBO2XU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_nFPtBbHM2NND9 EVO 12 LED Aquarium Light Nano Marine Coral Reef Cichlid 6x 3W 3 Watt 30-40 cm by Odyssea https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N0PJK0S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TFPtBbVPXKD1Q SLR Lighting LED Aquarium Lighting – All Sizes for Fish Tanks, Terrariums, Vivariums – Plants, Coral, Seaweed – Natural Night & Day Light Patterns w/ Brackets & Remote Control [Size: 14-22 In.] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0759NLDSB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_dGPtBbAF0Y92Y
  12. Floundering_Around

    Injured RFA

    As the title says, one of my new RFA is injured. A little backstory... Day1: I just got six RFA from Reefapalooza this past weekend. By the time the plane landed and I was done acclimating, it was the wee hours of the morning. I just dropped everything into the tank, holding the RFAs against the rock for a few seconds so they would stick. Didn't even think to take my historically voracious peppermint shrimp out, mistake number one. Saw the male/larger of my shrimp go after one of the nems but it was already situated in the rock so it just closed and reopened. Day 2: It's now Tuesday morning and my pink nem is not on the rock and has fallen/moved underneath it. Into the shrimp's lair. I pick it up and move it back to the top of the rock and it seems fine. Fast forward to the evening and I need to go to work. Nem is back under the rock but looks fine so I rush out to, mistake number two. Day 2 (night?): came home from work at three in the morning and I don't see the nem at all. Looking under the rock, I see the male shrimp happily picking away at something. That something happens to be the foot of MY NEM. Yank the nem out and put it in its shipping cup and stick the cup in the first chamber of the tank's sump (AIO tank). To late to do anything so obsessively check the nem about five times before going to bed Day 3/current: Woke up, tore up my tank apart, and yanked out both of the stupid shrimp. Stuck the little brats in a bucket with an air stone. Nem is still in the back of the tank. Doing a little prodding, it looks like the shrimp ate directly through the mouth and through the foot. Saw on another forum to do the good ol' sniff test to see if the nem is dying. Smells fine, still has it's color, has light from my fuge light, but is all curled up on itself. Is there anything i can or should do??? I know RFA can be pretty hardy but this is one of my favs and was a gift so I'm pretty bummed out
  13. Can anyone tell me what this is. I just saw it in my tank, a worm with tentacles on its head and was able to siphon it out
  14. Hey everyone so I've posted on here before it's been a full month since I cycled my tank with a clown fish so two and a half months. Just added a cuc a cleaner shrimp four nassarius snails and four Mexican turbo snails. My big question is what is going on with the snails. At first they all seemed fine went to some part of the tank the Nas. Went under the sand kept there little organs out. After a few days and two feedings the shrimp molted he seems to hide most of the time only comes out to eat and at night occasionally just coming out for no reason and two turbo snails keep sticking to the top of the tank one even comes out of the water on and off. The turbos just don't seem to be moving very much and one Nas snail looks dead but the rest haven't come to eat it so maybe it's just dying ? I read online snails can just be crazy and not make sense. Tested the water yesterday before water change everything was good temp stays from 77.4 to 77.8 pH 8.2 a little low I keep using a buffer in 8.4 in my sump. Nitrite 0 nitrates 0 ammonia .25 I'm guessing idk .25 and .5 are super close in color to me. Any advice from seasoned experienced fish enthusiasts would be greatly appreciated. If your not very knowledgeable please don't respond or at least let me no so I don't take advice from someone who thinks they can help ,? thank you pictures are the questionable dead Nas snail. The turbo snails hiding at the top and just general pics of the current tank for better help
  15. I got this favia about a month ago from the LFS, doing great, but around 1 week ago, I started to notice that these little white spots appeared and today it really spread and looks bad, I did some reading and I think it's bleaching or white band disease. Any help on what it is, and treatment I already have the light off less. Thanks!
  16. GuelphPico

    First Reef, 5.5 Gallon Mixed Pico

    Hello Nano Reef Forum, I wanted to post to this community to seek out some advice and wisdom in running my first Pico reef. I have had the tank running for approximately 3 months with no substantial coral growth. I have also recently discovered an outbreak of rust coloured flatworms. Additionally, there is a fair coating of brown and green algae along the glass even though nitrates, nitrites and ammonia all read 0ppm. My calcium, mg and alk levels are all within normal ranges. I am running a cheap Amazon led reef light in addition to white leds for fuge. Two ac hob filters mini and 30 as well as korilia 425 power head. Current inhabitants include: Royal gramma - plans on upgrading to 12 or 22 long. Cleaner shrimp Blue and red legged hermits x4 x1 Naussarius x1 Unknown species of scavenging snail x2 Astrea x3 Coral: Red Monti cap Torch Rainbow acan Devils hand Kenyan tree Utter chaos zoas Cheato algae in mini refuge Any input is regarding my apparent nutrient, pest and stocking problems are really appreciated. Looking to upgrade in the near future. Cheers from a student reefer!
  17. TonySpumoni95

    Hammer Coral not opening

    Hello All! I recently purchased a 2-headed hammer coral frag from a local LFS that I thought would be a perfect addition to my tank. I've had poor luck with hammer corals in the past, as a frag I purchased months ago died within the first 48 hours of purchase. My parameters and every other coral in the tank were fine at that time, so I thought I was just dealt a bad hand. With regards to the frag I want to talk about in this post, I've had this frag for roughly 5 days, and it just doesn't want to open. The flesh doesn't appear to be deteriorating, but the mouths of the coral are agape and just doesn't appear to be in good health. Any help with regards to possible insight and solutions would be greatly appreciated. Tank specs and other inhabitants listed below. Thanks everyone! Tank: JbJ 28 gallon LED nanocube Flow: 2-266 gph pumps (connected to wavemaker that alternates pumps every 30 seconds) Light: 25W of 14K LEDs w/ 4W moonlight LEDs (meant for low-moderate light specs) Parameters: Salinity - 1.026 P.H - 8.2 Calcium - 430ppm KH - 170ppm Nitrate - 0 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 Phosphates - between 0 and .25 ppm (All parameters except salinity were measured with API kits) Fish: 1 Percula clownfish & 1 Photon Clownfish (Bonded) 1 Male Mandarin Goby 1 Yellowtail Damselfish 1 Purple Dartfish Coral/Invertebrates: Toadstool Leather Elegance Coral Red/Green Trachyphyllia Kenya Tree Coral Pink-tip green bubble anenome various polyps and zoanthids (honestly don't know all of the names) green-tipped pocillopora (hitchhiker frag with green-star polyps, has grown well) I also have a few photos posted of the tank itself and the hammer coral in question
  18. hoodle


    I am participating in a competition where we make brine shrimp, algae and aiptasia ecospheres in a jar. Within 5 minutes, the 1 cm anemone had killed most of the brine shrimp, so I'm hoping that there are some unhatched cysts and I'm moving the anemone to another jar. Does anyone have any advice on this? Can aiptasia survive under a grow light ( I know people know more about killing the stuff than keeping it, but still...)
  19. DylanCutchin1

    Clove polyp crushed and bent

    I have a really small thing of clove polyps and one of my turbo snails has been trying to get up on top on them and today he did, and when I got him off, half of them were crushed and/or bent, and I was wondering if they could recover and if there is any way I could improve that chance. Thanks
  20. StephDaReefer

    Temp drop! What to do??

    So I had an emergency. My sister got sick yesterday and asked me to take her to the hospital which caused me to neglect the tank for a day. And I finally got home this morning. Well I guess the water evaporated fairly quickly during the day. Causing the heater to be a bit more than half way out of the water in the return pump chamber of my fluval 13.5. Temp was at 72.9, I’m in a huge rush to work didn’t have a time to check the water params but my salinity wasn’t too bad. It was 1.027. I topped of the tank and brought it back down to 1.024. My question is how do I go about the temperature, is it bad for it to go up too fast? The heater is submerged and doing its job again. I have another small heater I use to heat up the water containers for water changes. Should I add that one into the mix too to get the temp up to normal (78 degrees) faster? Or would that be a bad thing?? I currently have 2 clowns and some LPS and softies. btw I know I should buy an ATO but I’m a full time college student with a part time job that barely covers this semesters books, once I recover from my school expenses that will be the first thing I will buy.
  21. Segalplayer

    Coral recessing

    Hey guys not sure what’s up but some of my corals look like they’ve been getting munched on (at the base of my Duncan’s for example), and acans receeding and lost one. I have no fish on my tank. I have 3 nassarius snails, 2 reg snails. The only thing moving about are copepods. There are a bunch of them in the tank as nothing eats em. In the tank is Purple tipped frogspawn, Acans, rock nem, Aussie Duncan, Duncan’s, 3 baby scolys, baby clam and a mushroom I just picked up (noticed The base of corals before adding the mushroom). I dip everything in Coral Rx multiple times. I am going to put both affected corals in some seachem revive tonight for about 10-15 min. Then put the scolys, shroom in a diff container and use rx on em (newer). sat another dipping? When I do my Dipping rn I will be taking out some sand bcs I eventually want to go bare bottom so I can see anything unusual. Stats: 78 F, 1.025, 8.5 dKH, 400-420 Ca, 1350-1400 Mg, P04 0.03-0.1. Dose daily and feed 1-2x per week never had any problems with anything. Super confused. Thanks for any help!
  22. Abeal1117

    Wrasse ID

    So I wen to a local LFS and noticed they had 2 wrasse. Both labeled as "flasher/ fairy wrasse". Now I can tell one is for sure not either a flasher or a fairy but appears to be closer to a Halichoeres Sp., but the other looks like a fairy but I couldn't ID it. Anyone know, or have a suggestion to what they could be?
  23. Hey guys i just got an 18inch current orbit led light and has a bunch of cool settings sunrise/sunset / night / day/time need help what’s best light quality to run like how much percent white blue green red and what would be a good on and off period just general full setup help if anyone got experaince please
  24. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile a list of very helpful videos for beginners. This will also involve channels as a whole and should cover a variety of topics!! You are welcome to link this to beginners as well as contribute your own thoughts and videos! Also try not to use many abbreviations since this is for MEGA BEGINNERS Make sure to like their videos FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Part 1 Complete Builds THE Bulk Reef Supply 160 (BRS 160)This is all of the BRS 160 and it covers much of the fundamentals involved with this hobby. The Marine Depot Drop-Off Build (75 gallon) Mass Aquariums Nano (10g) Part 2 Coral and Anemone Galor (REQUIREMENTS) Tidal Gardens Part 3 Aquascaping Saltwater Scoop Primo Reef Acrylics Thats All For Now! I'll update this later, make sure to comment if you have additions!!
  25. Hey guys im new to salt water tanks, and didnt want to go straight in to having a massive tank, plus i like the concept of smaller reef tanks. I come here today in hopes of finding more knowledge on starting and maintaining my tank. Earlier today I purchased an aqueon 100w heater as well as the aqueon 500 pump. I was wondering what a good 10 gallon tank would be as well as a good light and some filters. Also im curious.. are supplements needed in a tank? I plan on having a few corals, and later an anemone. Again i'm VERY new to saltwater tanks in general and i love the challenge. Thanks in advance!