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  1. Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister woke me up to tell me that my aquarium was flooded to the brim with water. It looks like the return pump expelled almost all the water in both its chamber and the media bag/box chambers onto the main display area. I took out the water and I took out my pump aswell to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't find anything wrong. But I did have trouble putting it back onto the same place so the tubing kinda expanded which made a bit more noise. I honestly do not know what to do and I am desperately looking for help, should i buy a new pump and tubing? Or should I return the tank as a whole to get another one which is a bigger problem because my lfs is like 30 minutes away.
  2. Hi! We just purchased a 60 gallon tank. Our two little boys were begging for us to fill it with saltwater fish! (We're still on the fence with it.) We've been doing a lot of research when it comes to caring for a saltwater tank and our oldest is set on having a seahorse! Our youngest says he just wants a lot of rainbow fish in it lol. After looking into it, we are interested in purchasing a male and female Mandarin Dragonet, one female coral beauty, and then the seahorse. We were looking into firefish or royal grammas, but we began to realize that's a lot of fish to just dwell on the bottom, We want compatible fish that are vibrant but still can be found throughout the tank. We're afraid if we keep buying the fish that like to hide in the sand and eat off the floor, they will feel crowded and won't thrive. We were also hoping for more schooling fish, like the guppies that are usually found in freshwater tanks. Advice would be great, especially any stocking suggestions you may have. Thank you! Some useful information: We plan on keeping water temperature at 74 degrees with a low flow level. We are thinking about buying a fan for the seahorse? Not sure how necessary that it though. PH level at 8.1-ish Salinity level 1.023 We'd like a reef habitat. We plan on purchasing live rocks and live sand. It is definitely a lot of care that we are still on the fence about, but we know for sure once we sign up we will commit.
  3. I am finishing up my fishless cycle and will soon be needing to finalize my stocking list/order. I for sure want a pair of Clowns and a Tailspot Blenny, but unsure if I have room for more. Planning to keep Softies and some hardy LPS and will accommodate with a 20% weekly water change. My stocking list below and will add in the following order 1x Tailspot Blenny CUC - Undecided (If I have room) 1x Yellow Watchman Goby 1x Pistol Shrimp 2x Ocellaris Clownfish It ultimately comes down to if I have enough room for the YWMG and the Pistol Shrimp. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  4. So my wife has decided she wants to get me a larger tank 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 I am leaning towards the red sea max e260 and was wondering how loud it is and if the stock protein skimmer is decent. My other option is the reefer 250 but I’m still deciding
  5. Uriwllpz


    Help, doing maintenance by mistake broke the back panel of my aquarium, I am thinking of making a custom panel, the question is can you help me with the measurements that are marked, what protrudes from the water level and part 6 where the water passes, is an aquarium aquamedic cubic 150 liters, attached image if you can help me
  6. Looking for some answer. Currently have a 25 gallon lagoon tank running AI hydra 32 at about 30%. I have lost some hammers over the last couple of months, they start off great then next thing you know the skeleton starts to show and boom! Dead a couple of weeks later. No sign of brown jelly. water chemistry as of today is salt 1.025 temp 77.6 to 78.0 nitrate 10 to 15 am 0 nitrite 0 phos 0.09 cal 440 mag 1410 alk 9.0 ph 8.0 nothing looks out of wack here I know my Alk has swung from 8.4 to 9 over the last two weeks not sure if that is the cause. If it is how do I stop that. flow in tank is alright not blowing the hammers around to much I dip all corals and no sign of flatworms in sight. I do a 5 gallon water change every week and a 10 gallon water change ever third week to clean sand if needed. appreciate the help!! Down below is a picture of the hammer.
  7. Aellery

    Hammer coral dying

    Looking for help! Not having any luck with hammer corals in my tank. They seem to do great for a week or two then next thing you know they close up then slowly die. Currently have a 25 gallon lagoon tank that has been running for 7 months. Levels are normal and when I mean normal nothing is too high or to low. Coralline alge is starting to grow so tank has to be settled in. currant parameters are temp 77.5 to 78.2 swings now a little due to the cold salinity 35ppm nitrate is 5ppm to 10ppm Ph is 8.0 alk is 7.8 dkh (thinking this is the issue) mag 1350 sometimes 1400 cal 420 nitrite 0 amm 0 flow is two Nero 3 pumps running at a high of 35% max low as 10% depends on flow pattern. lights are hydra 32 running at about 30% fish are doing great looking for any advice if possible. Maybe LPS are not made for my tank. Have lost two branching hammers and looking like I may loose a wall hammer. And one head on my torch coral. looking to stop the bleeding. Thank I’m advance.
  8. Hannahhhh

    Coco worm care

    I recently got a coco worm (Protula bispiralis) from my LFS. They convinced me that it’s easy to care for them and so I bought it. After doing more research I realized I really shouldn’t have bought it, as my tank is new and I’m relatively inexperienced. I’m wondering if any of you have experience caring for coco worms, specifically protula bispiralis, and if so, could you let me know? If you know anyone else who has cared for them, could you tag them in this post? I’d love to have a few people that I could contact and ask if (and when) I run into problems with my worm. My care regiment for it it has been feeding two or three times a week with either reef roids or two little fishies marine snow. I do weekly water changes, sometimes bi weekly. It seemed pretty happy for the first few days I had it, but now I find that it’s retracted about ~50% of the time that I see it (it’s possible that it’s out much more often than that, I’m just basing that number on when I walk by/look at the tank).
  9. Froge


    For some reason, all my coral seems to be retracting. This tank is a first for me, and I can’t understand why the coral seems to be closing. All my parameters seem fine, and some of my euphyllia seems to be closing, and skeleton of it is starting to show. Some sort of brown algae is staring to grow on the Gorgonian I have, and some of my hermit crabs seem to be dying (Shells going upside down with crab disappearing into either shell). All the fish seem fine, I might be overfeeding a bit, but I’ve backed down on it. The tank is currently 6 months old, and i’m completely lost. I did a water change yesterday to see if it would help, but nothing has happened. Think it could be the lighting, and i’ll post pictures of the tank, along with parameters below. Tank is stocked with 2 clowns, a neon goby, 4 hermits, an Aiptasia eating blenny, 2 Nassarius snails, and 3 turbo snails. Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm pH: 8.0ppm (Tested on API testing kit) ^ Entite tank ^ Gorgonian ^ Frogspawn^ Hermit Crab
  10. EddWaldo

    Is my puffer a danger?

    Hi all. I’m sort of new to marine tanks, been a fresh water scrubs for too long. a few months ago I set up my 75 gallon tank. Cycled for 2 months. Then I added two Wyoming clowns and a bristletooth tang. The tang didn’t come out at all and just seemed to hide all the time. A week and a half later I added a Royal gramma, algae blenny and a valentini puffer with some hermits. a few days after adding the new fish my tang died but I believe this is due to it not feeding well and my friend saw it and said it was didn’t look good from the shop. But today now a week later I’ve just come home to my royal Gramma now dead, it was very young but seemed to be feeding well. but for a past week the puffer has just been following the clowns around everywhere they go and also pushes them to the sand trying to be close to them. firstly could the puffer have killed my gramma and secondly is the relationship it has with my clowns going to hurt them? They are the reason I got the tank and if the puffer would harm them then he would be gone tomorrow. the blenny just seems to be chilling on the rocks but he did used to use the same cave as the RG, maybe he could have squashed him? any advice would be appreciated. also parameters good, only thing I am lowering tomorrow is salinity which is 1.026 and I want 1.024 thanks.
  11. JRC

    Coral ID help

    Can anyone help ID these coral. I got them in a frag pack at a trade show and can't for the life of me figure out what they are. Coral #1 Coral #2
  12. Hello, thanks for looking! I have two questions; 1. How long should I wait to add the first invert critters after cycling is complete in my new setup? 2. I'd really like to add pinwheel plate corals at some point in the future. What cuc candidates should I look at that will play along with them? Or maybe an easier ask, what doesn't ?
  13. bones6966

    Ignorance Induced Issues

    Hey all, So due mainly to my ignorance and lack of reading prior to making decisions I have caused my self and more so my mollies a few issues. I was talking to a guy at the pet store that told me I acclimate my mollies to saltwater. So over the course of a week or two i have slowly added the salt to the water I change out and am now at proper reef salt levels. I neglected to read up on any of this and I noticed my mollies rubbing on the side of the live rock I just put in the tank. I believe I messed the cycle of the tank up and am now starting over in my cycle. I bought a proper test kit to see where I'm at and how much I messed it up. The numbers are concerning to me and I am looking for some help on how to fix them and how to keep my fish comfortable/safe until the cycle is sorted out. I feel absolutely terrible for neglecting to think ahead and now my fish are the victims. Tank is 30 Gal and home to 5 mollies and a few guppies. I have about 9 Lbs of live rock in the tank and 3 inch of crushed coral substrate in the bottom The numbers are as follows. PH - 8 Ammonia - 1 PPM Nitrite - 2 PPM Nitrate - 5 PPM Ammonia has gone up from 0.5 last night, Nitrite up from 0.5 Nitrate up from high 5 last night. Should I change a large part of the water? Will that hurt the cycle? How do I move forward? Thanks for your help guys.
  14. ahouseofscales

    Adjusting Powerhead Flow?

    Hi all, I need some help with my powerhead. I have two points of flow generation in my tank (a 10 gal nano reef w/ GSP, xenia, palys, zoas, and a mushroom): a 10 gal Aqueon Silentstream and an Aquatop MaxFlow CPS-1 Powerhead. The Silentstream has very minimal flow, which is why I added the CPS-1, which has a flow rate of 256 gph. However I find that this is a little bit too strong for my tank. Is there any way to adjust the flow of this powerhead?
  15. Saltwater scrub

    Mushroom ultra green

    So I had an ultra green mushroom coral in my nano. Was doing great than the mushroom started pulling over it’s self. I had a fuzzy mushroom that was going threw a splitting process the prior week, so I let the green mushroom do it’s thing. I don’t like moving my corals or really bugging them at all once placed. Turns out it was slimming of the shell it was fragged too. Sooo he floated to the bottom of the sand bed I had some shells around for him to potentially match on too everything looked ok, as ok as it could anyway. Today I went and really looked and it almost looked like he was falling into the sand so I went to pick him up and there was pretty much nothing left to this coral. I thought they were pretty well impossible to kill soo figured he’d be ok 😞. He is now up on the rock work. Anyone know if he’ll come back from this? He didn’t smell dead that is for sure. Should I have not had him directly on the sand?? Why whyyyy didn’t I put my hand in sooner I feel sooooo bad 😫😫😖😖
  16. i bought this little piece of coral 2 weeks ago and i feel like it’s turning more and more brown. I don’t know why or what’s happening and i can also see the sides turn white.My water parameters are:Ph: 8.2Sa:34.2Kh:8.3Ca:420Mg:1215No2:0No3:<0.05Po4<0.02I also feed my corals red sea reef energy plus coral nutrition AB+
  17. LucasYes

    Emerald crab molting? Or dead

    Hi, I’m new here, so I won’t be writing a 3 paragraph essay, as I don’t know the community. My emerald crab, turned brownish, and he’s just sitting there, not moving a muscle. I’ll include a picture, but I hope he’s not dead. https://www8.online-convert.com/dl/web7/download-file/5b3d0395-02b8-4071-b2ec-a9e4a08a5734/image.webp Here’s the picture, sue me if it’s a virus.
  18. I was wondering if someone could help ID this coral. Purchased as a Acan but now I am thinking Favia. Please let me know what you think. Also how do you guys tell the difference?
  19. Hartland97

    Help With Zoas!!

    Hello all!! I recently added 2 zoa colonies to my tank with no luck! i have been cycling my tank for around 3 months before adding the zoas and the parameters are stable with a 10% water change every week! as soon as i add the zoas they open up in full bloom and then close the day after, lighting is steady 7-4 and the clowns are thriving. Help please Parameters SG 1.025 +- 0.001 PH 8.0 Temp-27 Celsius Ammomia 0ppm nitrites- 0ppm nitrates- 20ppm
  20. i got a pair 4 days ago and they are always on the top left from my aquarium, never seen them go anywhere else and they seem to struggle with the flow. They have been eating since 3 days but only small amounts. Are they just getting used to the tank or is there something else wrong i have a blue marine reef 60 with an additional pump. Brand is tunze but I forgot the what the exact one was?
  21. Hi, a week ago I bought a royal gramma, it has refused to eat and hides whenever I come close to the aquarium. I've noticed that it has been aggressive towards my clowns, and roughly 5 days after I had bought it, I found my tuxedo urchin floating around, and a day after that I found my cleaner shrimp in pieces on the sandbed. Could my gramma royal have done this? I checked my ammonia and it's 0 - so couldn't have been ammonia.
  22. I have had this monti frag for a month or two, seemed to be content as far as I could tell until this morning. I noticed a slime trailing off of it and after work today it had a coat of slime in one area, was discolored, and looked completely different. I haven’t made any changes other than adding some zoas and a ricordea. salinty is 1.027~ Temp is 79. The only water test I have is the API 5 in 1 but based on that all looks good- low/no nitrites or nitrates, ph and kh are same/consistent. the only odd thing that has happened is the loss of a blue legged hermit this morning. My son did knock the frag off the rock like a week and a half ago but no damage and it wasn’t encrusting on the rock so just the glue came loose. I have lost two blue legged hermits and an emerald crab over the last 2-3 weeks but one was injured and not much for them to eat. any idea what’s going on? Anything I can do? thanks!
  23. hippie_gambino

    Reef Lighting 60g tall

    Hello, I am new to reef tanks and I bought a 60 gallon tall tank to start my reef tank. I am looking for suggestions for lights that will grow coral. Also I am having trouble figuring out a filter, I have heard that hang on back overflow boxes are dangerous, while canister filters sound like the way to go, My tank is not drilled. The dimensions for my tank are 48.5 in W x 12.75 in D x 25 in H. I'm really excited to start this tank. I really need help with a strong enough light for how deep the tank is and that is somewhat budget friendly.
  24. FrancineJ

    Where to place wavemakers?!

    So I have no clue where to put my wave makers... they are 2 aqamai kps’ i attached pictures to see what you guys think... I really don’t know how much flow they should be set to each (each one goes to 1050gph) i have livestock coming so any help would be appreciated.... I basically know when to set it for feeding mode and night mode and that’s about it... not sure is they should be set to constant or a different pattern or even different patterns from each other (maybe one constant and one something else?) not sure if if I even have them in a good spot or where a good spot would be... Thanks if anyone cares to help! I’d appreciate it top picture is left side- output side pointed at rock bottom picture (with really red line) is right side- intake side (it is placed between the 2 intake holes... and pointed at the back of the rock
  25. Machu

    10 Gallon Fish Stocking?

    Looking to stock my ten. Right now its just macro algaes and gorgonians but id like one or two fish to fill it up. Not a fan of gobies or blennies but id like something a bit more oddball for the tank. I know a ten is pretty limiting but if anyone has stocking ideas let me know.
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